Added Dimension
By Kelly

Ares balled his fists in anger.  Iphicles couldn't wait for him... he'd taken another lover already.  He watched as the king pushed through the crowd of people on the docks, and pulled a darkly handsome mortal aside.    He followed the pair as the king led the mortal to a small inn and took the man upstairs to a clean room.  The mortal collapsed on the bed while Iphicles unfastened the clasps of his cloak and threw it aside.

Ares gritted his teeth as Iphicles' lips touched the other man's, and he resisted the urge to rip the king from the other's embrace and crush him in his own.  He smiled when Iphicles broke the kiss off, but growled softly when the king moved across the room to bring the warming basin and cloth, and began to bathe his lover with soft strokes.  ~That touch should have been on MY body,~ Ares thought angrily to himself.

He gazed hard at Iphicles, and when the king began to undress, and then lay alongside his companion, Ares' anger built more, but as it built, his cock began to harden.  He heard Iphicles whispering the other's name, Lawrence, and then as he began to plead with the other man to return to with him.

Ares watched the two naked bodies pressing and rubbing against each other, and his cock strained against the confining leather of his pants.  Disappearing the tightly-fit clothing, Ares reached down and rubbed his cock with his hand while Iphicles kissed and stroked Lawrence's body.

He listened quietly as the two men explored their hearts... who was needed, who was wanted.  When Iphicles spoke of everyone wanting the king, but not needing the man, Ares felt a twinge of something and almost made his presence known, to show Iphicles that he man was indeed wanted... by a god no less.

When Lawrence spoke softly, and reached up to embrace Iphicles, Ares' hand rubbed against his cock again, and it throbbed once, slightly.  Watching the king lick and suck the mortal's body, Ares could feel the king's teeth closing lightly around the skin of his nipple, hot tongue swirling it, and he throbbed again, getting harder.  He wrapped his hand around his cock, and pumped it once, then again as Iphicles moved down Lawrence's chest.

When the king's mouth encountered the other's cock, Ares' hand slid up and down the hard shaft, spreading his own moisture to slicken it, to ease the friction of the flesh on flesh.  He pumped harder and harder, and almost felt himself come when Lawrence did, remembering the king's talented hand milking his own cock.

Watching Iphicles slide a semen-slick finger into Lawrence's tight anus sent a shudder through Ares' body.  He'd never felt that before, only knew the feeling of Iphicles' tightness closing around him as he prepared to thrust in, and watched Lawrence's face closely, stroking himself quicker and harder.

Iphicles' cock penetrating Lawrence almost brought the god to orgasm again, but he pushed himself back from the brink for the second time, aching now with the need to cum but refusing to allow it, relishing the pain.  He watched the mortal's face as the king's cock stretched and possessed, throbbed inside him.

Laying one invisible hand on Lawrence's chest, he linked his mind to the mortal's and felt Iphicles' cock pounding into his own ass, and screamed silently as the king's hard stroke hit the sensitive gland.  Unable to move his hand from Lawrence's chest, Ares rode out double waves of pleasure as he was fucked by Iphicles and by his own hand.

When Lawrence came the first time, so did Ares, grunting unheard as his cock poured out stream after stream of semen.  The second orgasm was as intense as the first, draining even his godly cock of it's reserves.

Shaken, Ares removed his hand from Lawrence.  Without betraying his presence to the mortals, he disappeared, returning to his temple to wait for Iphicles to come to he always did.

The End