Left In The Dust
By Kitkat

Hercules stepped out of the room feeling very satisfied with himself. His most recent lover was still sleeping soundly after their heated encounter. He walked proudly down the hall until he collided with someone walking out of the next chamber.

"Ares" Hercules hissed, his previous good humor fading, "what are you doing here?"

Ares closed the door he had just exited and finished adjusting himself in his tight leather pants. "It was one of my priestesses' birthday, so I  gave her something to blow instead of candles" he grinned cheekily.

"You sound pretty confident in your abilities" the demigod asked casually.

"Of course I am, I'm the God of War, not some pitiful half-breed mongrel" Ares answered.

"Well this 'mongrel' just made the woman in the next room very happy."

"Yeah, when you left. Why don't we just ask my priestess how she liked her present?"

"I don't think that a woman who worships you would give an accurate assessment."

"Then I propose we agree on one person, tell about our most memorable sexual encounter, and let them decide who's better."

"Like who? 'Dite?"

"Nah, she's spending the weekend with Heph. What about Discord?"

"I heard that Falafel made a new dish out of her. I think he called it a  fricassee or something."

"Really, can't say that I'm grieving too much."


"Sure, where is blondie?"

Hercules was surprised at Ares' agreement to Iolaus, but went along anyway. "He's out fishing, he should be back soon, though."

Ares just snapped his long fingers, and Iolaus walked through the door of the inn. "That is how it's done, little brother."

Iolaus looked around, slightly confused, but when he saw his friend and Ares, he began to understand how he had gotten from the stream to the inn so quickly. "Herc, um, Ares, what's up?"

"Ares and I need you to solve a argument for us, Iolaus." Hercules grinned at his partner.

"Sure, big guy, what's the deal?" the smaller man asked hesitantly.

"We need you to decide who's the better lover, by us each telling of our most memorable experience" Ares said quickly.

Iolaus blushed brightly. "Are you sure I'm the right person for this? I mean, I'm Hercules' best friend, so I could be biased."

"He does have a point" Hercules agreed.

"Don't you see, though, he is the perfect choice. He has had both the pleasure of being fucked by me, and the misfortune of living with your feeble attempts at sex." Ares said as both of the other men stared at the God of War.

Hercules' face grew stormy as he accused Iolaus, "You and ... HIM??"

Iolaus blushed even more intensely, the shame almost overwhelming him until he looked at Ares. "Yes, I did.  When you ran off with goat girl, er, I mean Serena, I was lonely and Ares knew just what I needed." Whispering too softly for anyone with less than godly ears, he finished, "Boy, did he ever" as he shivered with remembered passion.

"All right, all right, I've had more than my share of revelations this night," Hercules said angrily and turned on his heel.

"If you leave, then I win. Not like I wouldn't have anyway."

Hercules sat down and pouted.  His pride couldn't let him leave without hearing that he was a better lover than Ares.

Ares sat down with a flourish. "And so it begins..."

Ares' Tale

The stench of death tickled Ares' nose like the caress of a familiar lover.  The beauty of the carnage aroused him greatly. He hadn't seen such bloodshed since Xena changed her ways.  Out of the fires that were cremating the dead, a figure appeared.  A new leader, for a new age, so he said.  A name that would resound through history. Julius Caesar.

Ares approached the dark haired man under the guise of invisibility. Watched his expression mirror the god's own joy at conquering another.  At the thought of conquering, his already hard cock surged, demanding release.  He would conquer this Caesar.  With that thought in mind, he dropped the cloak of invisibility and followed the mortal into his tent.

Caesar was washing the grime of battle off his tanned skin.  As he dipped the cloth into the water, a second hand joined his own.  The wet fabric slid up his chest while a hot mouth bit into his collarbone.  He tried to turn around, but strong arms held him; guided him toward the table and bent him over it, while quite an impressive erection pressed into the cleft of his ass. The man that was behind him continued to nip and suck Caesar's neck and shoulders, while a callused hand reached down to take a masterful grip of his erection. The voice in his ear vibrated with power, the words echoing throughout him. "I'm going to fuck you now, Julius Caesar." Simple, to the point, such as it was.  The warm, supple leather that had been at his back now seemed to liquefy and disappear, replace with flesh and an even greater heat.  Caesar's mind was spinning, sex with a man was nothing new to him, but he was always the dominant one in the situation.  He frantically thought about how it might feel from the other end, when he felt  a finger coating his anus with some warm liquid.  Again, the man spoke to him, "This is blood taken from today's battle.  Can you feel its life, its pain, my Caesar?"

Hearing his own name from this stranger startled Caesar, so much so that when two fingers now pressed into his opening he cried out. "Yea Gods!"

"So my conqueror does have a voice?" his unknown lover mused aloud as he was now pumping three fingers into Caesar.

"Are you ready for me? Do you want my cock inside you? Are you ready to be conquered?"


That was all Ares needed to thrust his blood covered hardness into the well-muscled ass before him. A fast, pounding rhythm quickly surfaced, as Ares' thrusts grew wilder. Another bite, drawing blood this time sent Caesar over the edge of orgasm. The tightening of the flesh surrounding Ares' cock  opened the flood gates of his climax, as he threw back his head and howled in pleasure.

Reluctantly he withdrew when he felt the mortal lean more heavily on the table.  His clothes materialized, and he removed his necklace and left it near the sleeping man.  As he looked at the sky while he walked back through the battlefield, he smiled slightly and willed himself back to Olympus.

Ares looked across the table at Iolaus, whose face had taken on the glazed features of a statue.  "I'm finished," he said smugly,  almost feeling the desire rising off the hunter's skin.

"Oh, yeah, right" Iolaus recovered quickly.  "Herc? you ready?"

Hercules looked at his friend's flushed skin, and knew he had his work cut out for him. He guessed he couldn't beat Ares with a story of pure fucking, Iolaus would know if he added any ‘embellishment' to his narrative. So, he decided to go in a completely different direction.  "After Alcemene died, I went to Olympus, as you both know..."

Herc's story

Hercules wandered through Olympus, trying to decide what he was going to do about what his father, Zeus, had just told him.  That he had made his son a full god in order to help protect him.  He was torn between wanting to help his father, and just going back home.  He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice Cupid watching him from above.

"Hey Uncle Herc, congrats on the promotion," Cupid said cheerfully.

"Thanks" Herc responded distantly.

Cupid continued to follow.  "hey Unc, I got some new arrows, wanna catch a peek?"

The look on his face was so sincere, that Hercules didn't have the heart to turn Cupid down. "Ok, let's go" and they both materialized at a serene pool surrounded by flowers and swaying trees. It had Cupid's touch all over it.  Hercules felt drawn to the pool; he walked over and looked at his reflection in the calm water.  Cupid quietly stood next to Hercules and enjoyed the stillness of the moment.

What Cupid didn't know was that Hercules' mind was anything but serene. As he looked at the young looking man beside him, he felt a stirring in his heart and another lower portion of his anatomy.  The more he looked, the more attracted he became, the more he looked. It was a cycle repeating itself over and over until Hercules growled "oh, fuck it" and kissed Cupid with all his might.

Cupid might have been surprised to find his uncle's tongue down his throat, but he recovered quickly and began to return the kiss fervently.  Hercules' arms reached around the other man, running his fingers over the wings that he had been dying to touch, he just hadn't known it.  Cupid's fingers skated down his new lover's chest, while removing his shirt.  Hercules, then kissed down Cupid's body, quickly removing both of their leather pants.  Hercules looked up from Cupid's erection, and saw the hunger in the eyes above him that matched his own yearnings.  Spurred on by Cupid's hand on the back of his head, Hercules took all of Cupid into his mouth.  He worked the shaft with his tongue, while Cupid's hips began to thrust slightly.  He brought Cupid to the edge more than once, bringing him back slightly, only to drive him to the precipice again.  Finally, he lubed his fingers with some of his own precum, and began to stretch out his lover's entrance.  This new stimulation was all it took for  upid to orgasm, filling Hercules' mouth.

Hercules let Cupid's now softening penis out of his mouth, and rose to kiss him.  He took Cupid's hand and led him to the delicate grass.  He spooned up behind Cupid, burying his face into the downy wings.  Cupid was moaning softly, as Hercules gently entered him. They both enjoyed the sensation of connection, Cupid's moans growing as Hercules found his pleasure spot.  Cupid's muscles clenched as Cupid came again. The tight heat of the embrace forced the orgasm out of Hercules, as he gave a strangled cry.  The two gods lay peacefully together until Hercules slipped out of Cupid's ass.

Cupid turned to face Hercules, and was surprised of the tear he saw flowing down the god's cheek.  Cupid simply said, "This was our moment, now you need to go back." With that, Cupid disappeared, and Hercules heard Zeus calling for him. He quickly dressed, and heeded his father's call.

"And you know the rest of the story..." Hercules finished.  He could see the tears shining in Iolaus' eyes.  The man was truly a hopeless romantic.  "So, how long do you think it will take you to come to a decision?"

Iolaus shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. "An hour should do, I think."


"Fine" Ares agreed.

Iolaus walked up the stairs to the room he had rented for tonight to ponder his decision.

One Hour Later:

Iolaus walked back to the table, where it looked like neither Hercules nor Ares moved at all.  Confident in his decision, he sat down at the table and began to speak.  "I want you both to know that I seriously considered each of your stories, while I made my decision. At first, I was nervous, but a good friend helped me come to a decision that I feel is right. Ares, you are a great lover if you're looking for a unforgettable fuck. Animal magnetism, thy name is Ares.  And Herc, you are one of the kindest men I've ever known.  Your story only proved that point.  But in my heart of hearts, there is someone else who leaves you both in the dust, so to speak, when I'm concerned."

"Who??" both men shouted in unison.

At that moment another god materialized and kissed Iolaus deeply.  The mortal seemed completely enraptured by the man that obviously knew him intimately. "Sorry guys, but neither of you can compare to my man." He laid a proprietary hand on his lover's ass.

The two sons of Zeus stared as Iolaus and Strife dissolved in a flash of light.

The End