Prude Tries to Retaliate
By Kim

As I lay asleep recovering from the rescue and deprograming of King Iphicles the good and oh so proper ladies of P.R.U.D.E. decided to kidnap us one by one in retaliation.  I awoke to find myself tied to a very uncomfortable chair covered in horsehair with a hard back and cushion.  I was covered with goosebumps as it was very chilly with only a tiny fire going in the fireplace.

There was dirge like music playing in the background.  The members of P.R.U.D.E. entered and informed me that as they hadn't been able to save King Iphicles from our evil clutches, they were going to attempt to reprogram the smutketeers to lead virtuous pious lives (NOOOOO).  I laughed and told them that their scheme would never work as Ares and the smutketeers would rescue me.  They told me that plan was to force us to sit in cold rooms to help cool our overheated blood and feed us strained prunes to counter the effects of the chocolate in our systems.  Basically they wanted to turn us into PRUDE zombies (pretty diabolical - huh?).

I was getting colder and colder as they put the fire out and started trying to force me to eat the prunes.  I kept spitting it back out at them and getting covered in prune juice in the process (ewwwww).  All at once there was a bright burst of light and there was Ares holding his extraordinarily large strong sword (not that one!).  The leader of PRUDE Grizelda Prunier screamed for her followers to stand strong and moral but their eyes were glazing over at the sight of such Godhood encased in leather (who could blame them?  Not me!)  The door behind them opened suddenly and smutketeers and King Iphy entered armed with extra large bottles of chocolate syrup.  Mayhem ensued at PRUDE realize that they were surrounded.  They started trying to climb over the furniture to escape but kept bumping into each other.  There were many a bruised head and bloody nose as a result!  They finally made there escape into hall where they went shrieking with horror into the night.  I was released from my bondage and as I tried to thank everyone my teeth were chattering so badly that no one could quite figure out what I was trying to say (blue isn't one of my better qualities!).  Looking at Ares and Iphy was starting to unthaw me but it wasn't quite enough so Ares whisked all of us to a sundrenched tropical island.

Iphy declared that he kinda thought that he just might need some more of our special treatment to keep from reverting to drinking with his pinky extended. Laurissa, Rohanna and Kelly noticed some really large strawberries growing nearby and started to gather them.  Karesia decided that Iphy, strawberries and chocolate were a natural together (yumm!) so Atalanta, Chris and Arebella pushed him (nicely of course) to the ground and started stripping him naked. Rynne, Thiel, Thamiris, Dyevka and Amethysta started drizzling chocolate all over him as Kathryn and Xenara started to strategically place the strawberries all over him.  Everyone then proceeded to lick and nibble head to foot.

As I was still covered in prune juice (shudder) I just watched and ate some berries after swiping some chocolate off Iphy.  Ares then took me to a waterfall to clean up - he promised with an evil grin to wash my back clean! The pounding of the water felt like hundreds of fingers massaging my whole body.  After I rinsed off the juice Ares said that he'd help warm me up! His smile was the last thing I saw as he lowered his head to fulfill the promise of his words. He framed my face with his hands as he slowly traced the outline of my berry stained lips.  He started dipping his tongue into my mouth to tangle with mine (ok I'm starting to feel a little warmer).  He increased the pressure of his mouth wringing small desperate sounds of pleasure from me. He moved his hands over my breasts and down my trembling body to linger between my legs.  As he uses just one finger to trace the folds I begin to gasp for air.  Just as I think that my legs will collapse from under me he lifts his head to look for a more comfortable place to continue.  By this point I'm past thinking!  He takes me to a sun draped rock over which a soft fur throw appears.

He starts to lay me down on it but I switch places.  After a deep kiss I slowly lick my way down his neck my nipples brushing the fine hair on his chest sending tingles down to my toes.  My hand slides with agonizing slowness over his hips and thighs and back to his straining arousal.  My  lips search out his nipples before continuing down tasting the salt of perspiration on stomach.  Finally I am down to his throbbing hardness.  I lick my lips in anticipation of the taste of him. As I cup my hands around the twin sacks at the base I lightly run my tongue down the ridged length of him and back to the top where a drop of pre-cum glistens in the warmth of the sun.  My tongue darts out to swirl over it.  As I finally suck him fully into my mouth the top of his erection touches the back of my throat.  At his growl of pleasure I can feel wetness running down legs.  Abruptly he pulls free and rolls us over and thrusts his tongue into my mouth.  Licking his way over my jawline he swirls his tongue in my ear.  Moving down to my aching nipples he pulls them deeply into his hot mouth.  Ares continues moving down my body until he buries his head in the soft curls between my legs.  Wetness and heat invade my senses (was I ever cold?)  I feel consumed by need and desire.  Need that seems to come from within and without.  Licking along nerves and gathering into a force not to be denied.  Ares alone could quench this desire.  After what seems like an eternity and an instant Ares slides back up my quivering body he plunges his tongue into my mouth to dance with my tongue.  I can taste myself and him in his kiss.  Parting my legs I arch under him begging for him to fill the aching emptiness.  As he thrusts deep within me the muscles on his arms taut supporting his body he slides his lightly furred thighs between mine.  He was a predator barely in control, his moist breath gasping in my ear.  He laid siege to my body - as his mouth nibbled my nipples I could feel a spark connecting us.  The heat grew beyond bearing as I surrendered my will to his.

I felt his growl of triumph against my throat.  Fire. Ares became a living flame and I willingly cast myself in to be consumed over and over.  I had one thought no mortal took me but a God among Gods!  As I felt myself shattering around him I could feel his tense inside me as own flame consumed him as well.

As I gradually became aware of my surroundings I realized that I had my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.  Ares held me tenderly in his arms. So different from before yet the same.  I could still feel my blood singing. Blazing desire had been transformed into embers of contentment.  I knew if ever I was cold again I could pull on this memory and burst into flame once again.

The End