What May Be
By Kelly

"Lord!  We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
--Ophelia, "Hamlet," W. Shakespeare
"I feel like I'm in a petting zoo!" exclaimed Iolaus.

"Shut up in there!" yelled the guard.  "The Sovereign said to keep you in there and to keep you quiet!!!"

"Oh, great," Iolaus muttered to himself.  His ankles were chained together and then chained to the bed.  A boa constrictor lay coiled in the corner, staring at him like its next meal, tongue flickering out to smell him.  He petted the kitten that had seemed to adopt him.  The kitten meowed softly, and Iolaus smiled.  "You don't like it here, either, do you?"

"Of course he doesn't.  He was put in here as food for the snake."

Iolaus tried to whirl and ended up tripping over his chained feet and the kitten went flying out of his hands.

Ares caught the little kitten and cooed at it.  "There, there, my boy... be calm.  You know, you should come to my Temple.  You would like it there.  No snakes try to eat you, it's all soft and flowery, and everyone will love you."

The kitten mewed at Ares, God of Love, and he laughed softly.  "No need for that kind of language!  You can go!"  Ares sent the small kitten to his Temple.  "Now... what am I to do with you?"  Ares sighed.  "I can't let you go, because then the Sovereign would be VERY DISAPPOINTED," Ares said, in uncanny imitation of the Sovereign.  "On the other hand... I can't leave you like this.  Not when you look so appealing."

Iolaus felt his cock stirring behind his absurd brown jester costume at the promise in Ares' voice.  He'd never told Hercules of his affair with the WarGod... and his body was reacting to the familiar face and body.  Ares' eyes were drawn to the swelling in the front of his pants.  "You must be quiet, Iolaus.  If you cry out... they will come in and it will go badly for you."

Ares moved close to Iolaus and slipped the man's pants down to his ankles. Then he picked him up and carried him over to the bed, laying him down gently. "The other Iolaus... he's not as beautiful as you."  His own cock was hard, and he probed Iolaus gently with his fingers as his other hand covered Iolaus' mouth.  Iolaus' teeth sunk into the heel of Ares' hand, and Ares grunted.

"All right, my beauty..." Ares slipped his fingers out and slipped his cock into Iolaus' ass.  The teeth tightened on Ares' hand as the god stroked the writhing mortal beneath him.

Iolaus' body welcomed Ares' cock inside, embracing the familiar contours in his tight ass.  He thrust back against Ares, and Ares bit his lip, groaning his pleasure to Iolaus' ears.  Ares came hard, flooding Iolaus' body with fire.

After Ares came, he kissed Iolaus softly and then kissed his cock.  At that feather light touch of Ares' lips, Iolaus' cock jerked once and then spurted. Ares lapped each precious droplet from the still-hard length.

"I'm sorry, my golden one... I have to leave before the Sovereign finds me here with you."  He lovingly caressed Iolaus' body from neck to groin, and then with a wave, Iolaus was clothed and clean again.  Ares disappeared just as Sovereign slammed the door open.

He cracked the whip, and it licked Iolaus' arm.  "On your knees, Iolaus." The whip lashed out again, and wrapped itself around Iolaus' ankles.  One pull, and Iolaus was on his knees, grabbing onto the Sovereign's waist to keep from falling on his face.  "That's my Iolaus.  Now... open your mouth."  Iolaus refused.  "You'd deny me my wedding present?  My last free time with you? I'm hurt."  Sovereign's hand opened his pants while the other wrapped the whip around Iolaus' neck.  "Open wide, my lover."

Iolaus was forced to open his mouth as the whip began to choke him.  When he did, Sovereign thrust forward and lodged himself in Iolaus' throat.

Iolaus' tongue tasted Sovereign's cock, and he almost cried.  This was Hercules, for all his brutality, and gods, he was the same as Hercules!!! Same taste, same shape... and Iolaus' body reacted to Hercules being inside him.  It forced his hands out to caress the Sovereign's body through the leather, to tease tenderly at the head, to lick slowly up and down the length...all the while, Iolaus cursing himself because it's NOT Hercules that he's with, it's the Sovereign!!

And when the Sovereign came... it was like Hercules coming inside him.  The same molten feeling passed through his body, he turned to liquid in the Sovereign's arms.  And the Sovereign picked him up off the floor and put him back on the bed, brushing his hair tenderly.  He kissed Iolaus, and sighed.  "You're not my Iolaus... I know that now.  But I can't let you go."

The End