Zig Ah Zig Cluck
By Kitkat
Iphicles looked out his window onto the courtyard.  As was the custom on his birthday, there was to be a pie eating contest.  He watched as the participants began to gather.  One particularly caught his eye, due to the fact she was talking to a bird.  More strangely, the bird answered her.  He sent  one of his courtiers to find out more about this woman. Quite quickly the man returned with a story so strange it had to be true.  The woman had no name other than Scary Spice.  He looked at her again,and she did seem a bit frightening. Rumors said that the talking bird, was none other than Discord, it seems that she tried to steal Ares' two pet groundhogs, so he turned her once again into a chicken.

Hours later, the contest was done, Scary Spice having effectively terrifying her opponents, she easily won the contest.  Now it was time to open the presents.  Hercules sent him a beautiful lapis lazuli ring. Zeus only knows where he got the money from for it.  The man never works.  Iolaus sent some silk scarves with a note that said, "When we meet again".  He smiled warmly at the thought.  Someone named 'Joxer the Mighty' sent him what he supposed was a helmet, but looked more like the baskets cooks use to drain the water off noodles.  Various noblemen got him the expected gifts of   gold and other expensive items.

The festivities lasted long into the evening.  It was not until dawn that the king could retire to his rooms.  As he closed the door, he heard a strange sound.  He turned around to see a chicken wearing a leather bra.  It immediately began talking to him about Iphicles helping her get back to human form.  Iphicles barely held in the laughter as her little chicken head was swerving rapidly to keep up with her frantic pacing.  Suddenly, the door burst open, and Scary Spice launched herself into the chamber.  Without a word to Iphicles, she picked up Discord and jumped out the window overlooked a lake.

No one ever saw either of them again, but the next day, the carnivorous fish that lived in the pond looked mighty happy.

The End