Yes and No
By Kobra

Apollo stretched out on the sand languid as a cat. This was his favourite beach: quiet, secluded. No mortals to interrupt his enjoyment. He was drowsy, fucked out, drained for now, after hours and hours of great sex with the Muses. The sand cradled him gently, the sun warmed his naked flesh and the sound of the sea lulled him closer and
closer to sleep.

He let his mind wander back to the Muses; to His Girls, as he liked to call them, remembering the taste of them, soft lips and breasts, nipples hardening as he sucked and nibbled. Muscles tightening around his cock as he slid into the soft, warm dampness between their legs and fucked them. Converting their modest reluctance  into acceptance of his pleasure. Their gasps and cries. "No. Apollo. Please. No. Pleeeeease."  Incoherence.

He shivered as a feather-light touch ran down his spine, and delicately traced intricate patterns across his back. He wriggled his hips slowly, burying himself deeper in the soft sand and stretching arms and legs wide. His cock stirred. The touch became a fingertip slowly circling the sensitive spot above his buttocks before descending into the cleft
and playing backwards and forwards there. He spread his legs wider, allowing easier access. This was a good dream.

The finger gently probed the small opening, arousing him, but what he needed now was sleep not sex. "Don't," he mumbled. "Stop it." Movement stopped. Apollo sighed and settled himself comfortably again. No sound but the sea.

A light kiss tickled one shoulder. Soft lips brushed the nerve centre at the nape of his neck with a flick of wetness from a tongue tip. Nice but.....

"Not now! I'm tired. I need to sleep, " he muttered, irritably. He heard a whisper of a giggle, away beyond his feet. The mouth and tongue kissed their way down his spine with exquisite slowness, rousing him more.  No-one could sleep through this.

"I'm not in the mood," he snapped. "Stop it." and rolled onto his back away from his persecutor. The other closed in quickly, blocking out the light. The soft lips pressed against his own and a tongue demanded entrance to his mouth.  He felt a light scratching on his cheek and hard studs and leather against his chest.  Weight held him down. The studs caught at his nipples. The friction rubbed them hard. He opened his eyes in panic to see black curling locks. Something hard and leather clad pressed insistently into his side. He bucked and twisted trying to throw his assailant off. Ares grabbed his wrists and held on, grinning evilly down at his sibling. He leant down.

"OK pretty Polly," Ares whispered in Apollo's ear. "You can give it out but can you take it?"

"Ares, get off. I'm really not in the mood for this!"

More giggles. Louder and all around them.

"But you're enjoying it. I know you are."  Soft leather brushed the side of Apollo's slowly hardening erection and his dark sibling began kissing the blonde god's jaw. It was very, very nice.

"Just relax," the war god murmured. "It's easier when you relax."

Apollo opened his mouth to protest that he didn't want to right now.  The words died unspoken. There was something wrong with this dialogue.  Ares was saying the things he usually said whenever he showed a reluctant virgin priestess what 'being possessed by the God' really meant. His lines. He tried to think of something new but Ares teasing one of his nipples with his teeth made it difficult. Tartarus but the God of War really knew what he was doing!

"Ares," Apollo tried to be reasonable. He knew now if he wasn't careful he'd be fucked. Literally. And he prided himself on being the fucker not the fuckee.    " Look. I'm really not ready for this now. Maybe later. Ow!" Ares bit him.

"Sorry," the God of War smiled and kissed the sore spot. His clever tongue soothed the offended part and Apollo tried to continue his protest. His eyes closed as Ares moved his mouth to the other nipple and continued stimulating the erect one with his fingers while he slowly rubbed his hard groin against the blond's thigh.

"Ares! Stop it. I don't want to. Let me go!" Apollo didn't like the note of panic in his voice. He heard laughter around them and felt the God of War's rumble against his chest as Ares joined in.

"I'd say you do want to."   A woman's voice. His eyes snapped open. The Muses were around them. What were they doing here? Nine pairs of eyes stared intently at his groin and the positive proof of his enjoyment of Ares' activities. One of the blonde ones was holding his wrist. That's why Ares seemed to have too many hands! Why were His Girls helping his bastard brother?

"So would I," the dark god confirmed, circling the tip of Apollo's stiff cock with his finger. The sun god groaned. "See you like that." Ares' hand grasped him firmly and Apollo's reflex thrust into the fist. His annoying sibling pulled his hand away.

"Let go of me, Clio,"  Apollo commanded.

The blonde shook her head. "I'm Thalia. I'm the blue-eyed one. She's Clio." She indicated another Muse with darker blonde hair and green eyes.

"I told you he doesn't know who we are," remarked a brunette.

" Just turns up whenever he feels like a fuck. Doesn't matter what we're doing..."

"..that we have duties too."

"It's 'Hi sweetie. I'm here..."

"And there you are bang."

"The Girls." Only Ares could weight the words with that mixture of irony and scorn, " decided it was time you learned what 'no' means."

"I know what it means. It means stop this right now." Apollo struggled again. Two Muses now held each arm. He switched to charm. "Please Calliope. C'mon. It's not like I go round raping - like he does!"

"I'm Terpsichore. And Ares doesn't rape."

"He kills and pillages. But we've never heard of him raping."

"But you.."

".. anything female..."

" ...and it's 'I'm the Sun God. You want hot sex?'"

"What about poor Daphne?"

"I didn't touch her,"  Apollo protested. More Muses were holding his legs now. Ares slipped off his vest and knelt between his legs.

"Only because she turned into a tree!"  Terpsichore replied.

Ares was kissing his way down Apollo's belly, inching slowly closer and closer to his hard cock. The tickle of beard and moustache was stimulating. The strain was becoming unbearable.

"If you're going to suck me. Get on with it ," the sun god ordered.

"Patience," Ares soothed. "It's better if you wait."

The Muses laughed again. Apollo tried to relax, as his obnoxious, unsympathetic older brother returned to his slow teasing and every tiny touch, every brush of moustache, increased the building pressure in his aching cock.

"And Cassandra."

"Did she really deserve what you did to her?"

"She was a tease." Ares had reached the golden hairs of his pubis.  Apollo's hands twitched. Oh to be able to grab Ares' head, hold it tight and fuck that talented mouth. Having his cock in a skilled mouth was one of his favourite ways to cum.

"She changed her mind. She probably thought you loved her."

Ares' mouth slid millimetre by millimetre down over Apollo's cock until it was all swallowed.

"Yes. Ooooh. Yes!" The sun god moaned.  That was so good. Ares released him suddenly and knelt back on his heels.

"Nooooo. Please. Please Ares."

"But she would've been just another casual lay. A fuck. A notch on your lyre," Another of the brunettes insisted.

Clio knelt and lifted his head to rest on her lap. Apollo could now see what Ares was doing.

"So when she decided she wanted a little respect, you had a fit of the sulks and cursed her."

"But he's got women all over the place," Apollo protested. " Are you telling me Ares has never forced anyone?"


"We know all the stories."

"We inspire the bards to write them."

Apollo saw Ares slowly undoing his cod piece.

"I don't have to," The God of War chipped in.

"You mean they fall at your feet begging?" Apollo spat sarcastically. Ares' huge cock was completely revealed making his younger sibling nervous.

"No. But I am God of War. War isn't all charging around, you know. It's about patience. Tactics. Respecting the enemy. Knowing when to advance. When to retreat. Retreat at the right moment and you can advance further the next day. Eventually, you may lose a few encounters but you achieve victory."

A redhead poured oil into Ares' hand.

"Thank you, Urania," Ares said. He smoothed oil on to his erection. The thick, tall, hard cock gleamed in the sunlight.

"You see. He knows our names."

Ares licked his sibling's cock making his brother squirm. When the adroit mouth engulfed him and sucked lightly, Apollo relaxed, letting the waves of pleasure carry him closer to release.  An oiled finger smoothly inserted itself into his ass and stroked him increasing his stimulation. He hadn't realised how good this could feel. The finger
slid out and returned accompanied by a second to help it stretch him.

"No. Stop. What are you doing?"

"Getting you ready," Ares explained, inserting a third finger and stretching him wide enough for it to be unpleasant.

"For what?"

Ares laughed.

"No." Apollo yelled. "No. It's too big. I can't take that thing inside me....."

"Of course you can," Ares soothed. "Just relax."

The fingers withdrew to be replaced by the tip of Ares' cock. This hurt, making Apollo panic and tense.   "See. It won't go in. It hurts. Take it out. Please." Apollo almost sobbed

"Sssssh. It will. Relax. Wrap your legs round me and kiss me. You won't notice then."

Apollo felt a tear slide down one cheek. Ares had him pinned down so the Muses could let go. The golden god took a breath to ease the tension in his muscles slightly and enabled Ares to slide deeper in.  The agony squeezed out more tears. He did as he was told. He concentrated on kissing the dark god. Ares was wrong. It didn't stop him noticing the pain. His ass was on fire by the time Ares filled it completely. He could hear himself whimpering.

"Please. Let me get used to it," he begged. "Please Ares."

Ares glanced down at the tearful blue eyes and round at their audience.  There was a muttering of reluctant assent. The God of War lay still while Apollo got his breathing under control and adjusted to the feel and size of Ares' cock filling him.

"Why are you doing this?" Apollo asked, quietly, as he experimentally contracted muscles to grip and release. Ares' eyes half-closed in reaction.

"Mmmmm. Sure you haven't done this before? You're a natural." Another of Apollo's lines was smiled ironically down at him.

"He's doing it because we asked him to."

"We thought it was time you felt what we feel."

"What every woman you've ever been with feels."

Ares withdrew halfway and thrust in again. Apollo gasped.

"What it's like to be the fuckee."

"Why didn't you just tell me you didn't like what I was doing," Apollo protested brokenly. Ares was thrusting faster and deeper. Apollo didn't know how much more he could stand.

"We did," they chorused. "You didn't listen."

Apollo was getting harder. The rhythm was stimulating and occasionally Ares' thrust brushed a spot which had him seeing stars. Apollo knew he was getting close to his climax and tried to grasp his cock. Ares grabbed the straying hand and a Muse held it. Someone seized his other hand.

Ares was approaching his own orgasm. Quick hard thrusts deep inside and Ares came with a loud shout of triumph spurting hot liquid into Apollo.  The shock of that pushed Apollo over the edge and he came too, covering his belly with cream.

"There. You see. You enjoyed it." Ares said, moving to one side and massaging the cum into Apollo's smooth skin.

"I didn't."

"You came."

"That doesn't mean I enjoyed it!"  Apollo snapped, sulkily. The Muses applauded.

Apollo  rolled on to his side away from the dark god. He hurt.  He didn't want to stand up yet. He thought he might have difficulty walking.

The Muses surrounded him and began to stroke him. Clio got sea-water and washed his stomach clean. He began to feel better.

"I don't think I'll be able to do anything for you," he said lazily.  His prick lay limp across his thigh.

"There are other ways," Ares grinned. " I've already explained one to the Muses and I know they're keen to show you. Goodbye Clio. Urania. Euterpe. Polyhymnia. Erato. Calliope. Terpsichore. Thalia. Melpomene." He kissed each one on the lips. Apollo felt jealous. They were "his girls". "If you need any more help, just shout. Thanks, pretty Polly.  I enjoyed that."

Apollo pointedly ignored him. He heard Ares laughing as he left.

"OK girls," he said. " I'd better go too."

He tried to stand and was thrust back on the sand. Urania settled herself with her knees either side of his head and stripped off her robe. Wetness gleamed in the darkness between her thighs.

"Careful, " Apollo protested. "You'll sit on my face."

"That's the idea," Clio explained, chuckling. The Muses all had expressions of glee on their faces. " The bards call you "golden-tongued," so show us how "golden" your tongue really is. You aren't going anywhere until we're all satisfied."

Apollo took one look at the set expressions and bit back his protests about not enjoying "that", about not being very good at it. He was going to get a lot better. He was going to have a lot of practice.

The End