The Hummingbirds 1-13
By Kelly

"Rob!  Rob!"  B.S. came flying down the hallway, trying to catch up to Rob Tapert.

"B.S.  What can I do for you?"

"I need to see Jerry Patrick, Paul Robert, Bob, and Alex."

"Why do you want to see them?"

"Rob... didn't you hear them yesterday?  In the bathroom?"

"What are you talking about?"

"They were in the bathroom, all four of them!  They started humming together! And it was magnificent!  Somehow, the speaker system got screwy and the humming went through the whole office!  And now... every woman in this office is DYING to know who it was!"

Rob shook his head.  "I musta missed that."

"Well, I didn't and believe me, I know a hit when I see and hear one!"  BS leaned in close to Rob, as if confiding a secret.  "Do you know that Jerry is the lead singer?  He is.  He's got the best range of all of them.  And also...we're going to capitalize on Jerry's looks, his physique, all those things that the women love.  I watched him yesterday, Rob, and he has to STEP BACK from the urinal!  Tell me he's not going to sell this band."

"B.S.!!  That's a LITTLE more than I *ever* needed to know about Jerry!"  Rob sighed.  "Fine.  I'll get them together, they'll meet you in about half an hour.">>

Part 2

Rob rolled his eyes.  "I can't believe BS is doing this!"  But he went around the office gathering the guys BS asked for.  He opened the broom closet in the conference room, and drug out Alex and Bob.  "Come on, you morons.  BS wants to talk to you about the bathroom thing."

Bob and Alex exchanged lost glances, but followed Rob.  Paul Robert was next. "Paul!  Wake up, dammit!" Rob said, shaking the hungover writer.  "Come on, Paul.  Meeting with the head honcho."

Jerry Patrick was the last one.  Jerry wasn't in his office, that Rob could see.  Suddenly, a steely arm circled his throat.  "Identify yourself!"

"Jerry, it's me, Rob!"

"Rob who?"

"Rob Tapert, your producer!"

"You can never be too careful," Jerry said, releasing his chokehold on Rob. "What's your mission?"

Rob sighed.  "You're wanted in a meeting with BS, Paul, Alex and Bob Orci."

"Those losers?  And that sniveling coward?"

"Yes.  It's about the bathroom thing," Rob said, his eyes dropping quickly and involuntarily to Jerry's groin, remembering what BS had said, then slamming his eyes back up.  ^Not going there, Rob...^

"What bathroom thing?"

"The humming."

Jerry nodded.  "Debriefing."  Rob took the four mismatched hummers to BS' office and opened the door.

"Here you go, BS."

"Thanks, Tap."  BS looked at the men in front of him.  "Oh, yeah.  Jerry...look at you!  Squeezed into that black bagging at all!  But those pants... they've GOT to go tighter."

Jerry looked up at BS.  "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Sex, Jerry!  You're going to sell the Hummingbirds like crazy!"  He laughed. "Look at you!  Get rid of the tobacco, and you're... HOT!"

"THE HUMMINGBIRDS???" chorused all four men.

Part 3

"Sex, Jerry!  You're going to sell the Hummingbirds like crazy!"  He laughed. "Look at you!  Get rid of the tobacco, and you're... HOT!"

"THE HUMMINGBIRDS???" chorused all four men.

Rob choked down hysterical laughter at the looks on Paul and Jerry's faces. Paul was terrified and Jerry looked like someone had just stomped on his balls!  Alex and Bob... were wallpaper, just like they normally were.

"Yeah, the Hummingbirds!" confirmed B.S.  "It's gonna be great!  I can see it now!  Black silk jackets, little hummingbirds embroidered on them, a whole acoustic bathroom setup..."

Jerry looked over at Rob, who was whooping hysterically.  "B.S.  You can't be serious!" Rob choked out.

"Yeah.  Ain't no way I'm goin' along wit this," Jerry said through his chaw. "No way in hell."

B.S. looked at Jerry.  "I'll raise ALL your salaries PLUS give you thirty percent of merchandising."

"You got a deal!" Jerry said.  Rob hit the floor.

Jerry dragged him back up.  "Just what do you think is so funny, soldier?"

"'re not a Hummingbird!  You're.... I don't know what you are." The two men were nose to nose, and Rob was being pressed between the wall and an angry Jerry.

"Yeah, right..." Jerry held Rob against the wall and looked at the other three men, staring at BS in openmouthed astonishment.  "What do y'all think?"

Paul stammered.... "Well...this gig means more money.  More money, more to pay off debts... that means I get to keep my knees!  Fine by me!"

Bob whispered in Alex's ear, and Alex nodded.  "Whatever.  We're game."

BS clapped his hands.  "All right!  Let's go!"

"Go?  Go where?"

"Costuming!  Jerry...come down later.  You'll need special attention."

BS herded everyone out, leaving Jerry and Rob alone together.


Alternate Part Three Ending.

BS herded everyone else out, leaving Jerry and Rob alone in the office.  Jerry still held Rob against the wall.

"Just why do you think it's funny that I would be considered sexy?"

Rob gulped.  "It's not funny....just surprising.  I mean... I didn't witness the whole humming thing, I don't know what's going on!  I just don't see you as something called a Hummingbird!"  Rob couldn't help himself... just mentioning the humming thing brought BS description to mind, and his eyes fell down to Jerry's groin again.  'He had to step BACK from the urinal, Rob!' echoed BS' voice.  Against his will, he started to SEE this scene in his

Jerry's powerful arm let him go, and Rob started to breathe again. "Well... I will have you know that I was considered VERY sexy by my high school.  I was voted most likely to get screwed."

Rob snickered, and Jerry's arms knocked him back against the wall again. "What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing...." and suddenly Rob was remembering how Jerry's body had pressed hard against his before.  It had been hot, and hard....and he was NOT going there again!!!

Jerry narrowed his eyes at Rob.  "Just what are you thinking about?"

"I, uh, nothing."

"You're thinking about me!"

Not that I would admit that... "No."

"You're thinkin' that someone couldn't be attracted to me!"


"I'll show ya!"  Jerry spat the chaw out in the trashcan beside the door before grinding his mouth on Rob's.

Jerry's tongue forced Rob's lips apart, and it roughly stroked the ridge of the producer's teeth before moving through to stroke the other tongue.

Rob tasted the earthy scent of tobacco in Jerry's mouth as his hands braced against the shoulders ready to burst the seams of the black t-shirt rippling under his hands.  Shocked, he found his palms resting on Jerry's nipples.

As Jerry kissed him, Rob's hands massaged him through the shirt.  Jerry moaned into Rob's mouth.

"What the hell are we doing, Jerry?"

"It's called sex, Rob."  Jerry had moved his mouth down to Rob's neck, but when Rob asked that stupid question, he moved back to his lips.

'I know that,' Rob thought, then quit thinking as Jerry's strong hands ripped the buttons of his shirt in his haste to take it off him.

And when Jerry's mouth found his nipples, his brain shut down entirely and his body took over.  He slipped his hands in Jerry's hair, trying to pull that delicious suction back to his mouth, but Jerry wouldn't budge, only letting up enough to change from one to the other.

Jerry looked up and smiled, hearing Rob's small pants echoing in his ears. His own cock was hard, and he looked down, and saw that Rob's was, too. He peeled the rubber pants down and then the khakis and boxers, leaving him bare from the waist down.  Reaching down, Jerry stroked Rob's cock with one hand while opening his own fatigues with the other.

His erection sprang up, and he stifled an amused giggle when Rob's reaction was "Sweet Jesus, Jerry!"

Rob's eyes widened at the size of Jerry's pulsing erection.  His own wasn't anything to be ashamed of, but damn!  And he wanted to stick that thing WHERE??  Rob's eyes widened further.

Jerry's hand was still insistently stroking Rob's erection, and when he came, Jerry spread the warm semen on his cock and turned Rob facing the wall. Jerry took one of his slickened fingers and pushed into Rob, stroking a little roughly, preparing him for the next step.

The next step being Jerry suddenly moving Rob, bending him over the long conference table and thrusting into him in one stroke.

Rob cried out as Jerry's huge cock stretched him farther open, seeming to split him apart as he pushed deeper and deeper in.  Jerry smiled behind Rob and reached around to capture a nipple between nimble fingers as he continued to push.  Rob shuddered beneath him, and Jerry realized that he'd hit that ONE spot, and started leaning into him, making sure that each thrust brushed that same spot, making it sing through Rob's body.

As Jerry thrust into him, Rob pushed his body back against him, rocking in time with his thrusting.  The two men rocked together a few moments, and then when Rob was starting to grind his ass on Jerry's cock, Jerry slipped a hand under him and grasped the erection pulsing against the cold table.

His hand slid up and down the hot flesh in time to the thrusts in his ass, and when Rob came, he came screaming Jerry's name and covering the other man's hand with sticky semen.

Jerry came at the same time as Rob, the clenching and shuddering of Rob's body around his cock drawing the orgasm out and deep into his body.  Jerry gave a hoarse cry as he leaned onto Rob, bracing himself on either side of Rob's head.

Rob rested his head against one of Jerry's beefy arms.  Just then his head snapped up as the doors to the conference room opened.  Beth walked in, and took in the sight of the two men together, Jerry resting on top of Rob. "I'm sorry... did I interrupt something?"

Part 4

Beth walks into the room, and sees Jerry and Rob together.  "I'm I interrupting something?"

"No, uh, no...we're just finishing up," Rob said, trying to hold onto his dignity, but still feeling Jerry buried inside him.  "Close the door on your way out."

Beth looked at Jerry.  "When you're done here... come downstairs.  I need time with the Lead Hummer.  We've got to get that costume just right."

"I'll be there."  Beth closed the door on the way out and Jerry thrust a last time into Rob before pulling out and closing the seal on his fatigues.  "Now that we got that out of the way... I'm goin'. See ya."

Rob watched as Jerry walked out the door, and wondered how the man could move in such tight pants.  Then again...they did wonders for his ass... NO.  You are NOT going there, Rob, don't even think about it.


Beth was waiting for Jerry down by the elevator.  "Jerry... I know you're desperate, but Rob?  Surely Captain Happy would be better off in something nice and soft..."

Jerry rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses.  "You don't give up, do ya?"

"Not when there's a nice, solid reward to be had."  She rubbed her ass against Jerry's crotch as they waited for the elevator.  "Oooh.  I see the stakes are rising."

"Have mercy."

"Oh, I will... but only after you beg me for it."


"Come on in, Jerry...we're finishing up with the rest of the boys, we'll get right to you in a moment." Jerry followed Beth in, and the first thing he got an eyeful of was Alex.  Naked.  In front of him. Staring.

Jerry looked the kid up and down, and quirked an eyebrow.  'Not bad,' he thought to himself.  'A little more body hair, a workout regimen...boot camp...he might pass for human.'  Then he stifled a snicker as Alex's eyes dropped to his own penis, then to Jerry's groin, and then back up again.  'Damn.  EVERYBODY musta heard.'

Jerry's eyes followed Alex's.  Alex wasn't badly endowed, for a skinny guy his age.   Jerry allowed himself a quick thought of 'How in the hell does he stay balanced with that thing?' before watching Beth's ass wiggle as she walked into the back of the storeroom.

"Hey, uh, Jerry?"


"The thing...about the step it true?"

"Whadda you think?"

Alex's eyes fell back on Jerry's crotch, stayed there long enough for the Captain to stir again, and then back up.  "I think it's probably a bunch of bullshit.  Something you started to get the rest of us going on about you."

"Like I give a rat's ass for any of you."

Alex knew he was tempting fate, especially with Jerry being so much bigger than he hell with it.  He wasn't Joxer!  He had a backbone!  "Then prove it."

Bob looked over at Alex when he said that, and left!  He didn't want to see his buddy get the shit pounded out of him...more importantly, he didn't want to get caught up in it!

Before Jerry could say anything, Beth came out and looked at him.  "Strip for me, Jerry."

Jerry obliged, and peeled off the black tshirt.  His muscled arms seemed to sigh in relief as the confining cloth was removed and they could expand!  The heavy jackboots came off next, and the thick black socks.  Then... the fatigues.  Beth sucked her breath in as Jerry's hands unbuttoned the cammies and then unzipped the zipper, pushing them down his hips.  Beth bent down to help slide the pants down his calves and he stepped out of them.    She looked up, and the Captain was  standing at attention!

"I'm gonna need a bigger tape measure."

Part 5

Beth left, and Alex and Jerry were alone.  "Okay.  NOW I believe it," Alex breathed, getting a good look at the Captain.

"You little... I oughta...."

"You oughta what?  Kick my ass?" asked Alex.  He WAS tempting fate!

"No... I oughta FUCK your ass so you know what a MAN is like!"

"You don't have the balls!"

"I'll show you who has balls!"  Jerry reached out and grabbed Alex, dragging him over.  He shoved Alex down to his knees.  "Look at those beauties, would ya?"

Alex couldn't help it....he was shoved face down in front of them!  They weren't like Bob's... Jerry's were huge!  He tentatively touched one... and the sac surrounding them was soft and hot.

Under Alex's soft touch, the skin contracted, tightening.  A throb pulsed through the Captain, and Jerry let his breath out through his teeth.  To hell with the little bastard for doing that to him!

Alex looked up at Jerry.  "Still want to fuck me, Jerry?"

Jerry stared down at the tousled brown head level with the Captain.  Wordlessly, Jerry twisted fingers in Alex's hair and dragged his mouth to the Captain.  Alex opened his lips and Jerry pushed in.

'He's done this before,' was Jerry's first thought as Alex's tongue lapped delicately at his head and then trailed down the shaft with gentle licks.

'And I thought Bob was big!' was Alex's first thought as Jerry tangled his fingers harder in his hair.

Alex's mouth moved skillfully over the huge cock in his lips, slicking and sucking until Jerry came, shooting salty semen into Alex's throat.

Alex pulled back, and the fluorescent lights shone brightly on the saliva-slicked hardness.  Alex kissed the head softly, and then turned around, his back to Jerry.  Jerry's hands gripped his shoulders and he drove hard.

Alex gasped as Jerry's cock pressed into him, then sighed as he began to stroke.  "Don't be afraid to fuck me," Alex whispered.  "It's not like this is the first time I've been fucked."

Jerry heard and started to pound harder.  He could feel Alex's body shaking from the force of his thrusts, and only once did he think he might have hurt the other man.  Alex cried out, and then pushed back on Jerry's cock hard, and that's when Jerry came.  Blindingly.

When Jerry could think again... Alex was kissing him, tongue caressing his lips.  "Wake up, beautiful.  Here comes Beth."

Part 5

Alex's hand caressed the Captain quickly as he stood and then steadied Jerry. By the time Beth got back with the tape measure, Jerry's breathing had slowed to normal and Alex was half-dressed.

Alex flashed a quick grin at Beth and Jerry, grabbed his shirt, and left.  Rob flagged him down outside.  "Come with me."

Inside, Beth looked at Jerry.  "Am I missing something here?  Since when did the Captain start saluting the men around this office??"

Beth started measuring Jerry as she continued.  "First I catch you bending Rob over the conference room table with his pants around his ankles them next I catch Squishy-White-Boy there coppin' a feel as he walked by! Alex I knew boiked boys, but you, Jer?"

Jerry grimaced.  "That was nothing, Beth... you saw nothin'."

"What I SAW was you fucking Rob and Alex both within an inch of their lives, and I can't get you to look twice at me!  Do I need to grow a dick to grab your attention?"

In answer, Jerry grabbed Beth and yanked her into a passionate kiss.  His tongue pushed past pliant lips to taste the bubble gum she'd been chewing.

Beth placed her hands on Jerry's chest and pushed him backwards.  He landed on his back, and she straddled his hips.  Her hands whipped her shirt off quickly, and Jerry's hands immediately found her nipples, teasing them into hardness.  Beth let her head fall back as Jerry's hands caressed her.  She lifted her hips and let him slide the skintight pants off and down, kicking them and the heels off to the side.  Naked, she once again straddled Jerry, and pressed him down when he tried to roll over.  "Stay, boy."

Beth's hands slid down Jerry's chest, pinching his nipples lightly, then sliding down to caress the upstanding Captain.  "Captain Happy seems glad to see me, at least," Beth pouted.

"He's ALWAYS happy to see you, darlin'."

Beth hmphed.  "Not lately he hasn't been," she said, lightly thumping the head with her index finger.  Jerry grunted.  "But he is now, isn't he, Jerry?"

Jerry grunted again, and bucked his hips.  Beth clamped her thighs around him and held her position.  "Forget it, Jer.  You're NOT getting on top this time."  She scooted down towards the Captain, and Jerry's hands locked on her hips, lifted her, then slammed her down, impaling her.  "Damn, Jerry... forgot how BIG the Captain is!" Beth panted, giving her body a moment to adjust to the pulsing length inside her.

Jerry looked at her over the rim of his shades.  "Now how... damn.... could you... forget??"

Beth smiled, and started to move on Jerry, sliding herself up and down the hard length of Jerry's cock.  Jerry's hands closed on her hips as she braced herself on his shoulders, using the leverage he presented her to slam down harder on his length with every thrust.

As she rode him, Beth clenched her muscles even tighter around the Captain, and Jerry yelled.  "HAVE MERCY, BETH!!!"

"No mercy, Jerry... no mercy," Beth panted.  "I'm gonna fuck you... within... ah, damn!... an inch of your life!!"  She tightened her legs around Jerry, and started to sway slowly back and forth as she rode him.

Jerry's hands moved back up to her breasts, pinching the nipples then rubbing them together as Beth let her head fall back, throat straining.  "Damn you...Jerry," she growled.

"Sexy... when you... growl."

Beth was shocked when Jerry sat up straight, then pushed her backwards.  She was so surprised that she let him do it, and finally, Jerry was back in his element as he thrust into her.

"No fair, Jerry..."

"Fuck fair," grunted Jerry.  His arms bulged as they supported his weight above Beth, and he slammed into her.  Her nails gouged his shoulders, and he felt her come, and let himself hammer her a final time, then shuddered in her arms as he jetted his orgasm into her welcoming flesh.

Jerry's head rested on Beth's shoulder.  "Was it good for you, Jerry?" she asked.

Over the rim of his shades, Jerry rolled  his eyes.

Part 6

Outside the fitting room, Rob snagged Alex.  He yanked him back down the hallway to the elevator, and back up to the conference room.  "What kind of costumes has she cooked up for you boys?"

"Well, the rest of us... me, Bob, and Paul Robert--are going to be wearing tight black jeans, white tshirts, and black silk Hummingbirds jackets.  Jerry Patrick is going to wear a black tshirt and skin-tight cammies."

Rob tried not to stare at Alex as he talked.  "So let me get this straight...she's dressing the rest of you Songbirds in fancy duds but Jerry gets to wear his own clothes?"

"Sort of.  They're gonna be custom fit on Jerry Patrick to make sure there's NO excess material anywhere.   You know, capitalize on his sex appeal."

Rob briefly flashed back to the conference table.  "And boy does he got it." At Alex's surprised stare, Rob flushed bright red.

"Damn.   You too, Rob?  Never woulda thunk it."

"Whaddya mean, me too?" asked Rob defensively.

"You and Jerry Patrick."  Alex sniggered.  "I always pegged you as a ladies' man, Rob."

"Well... I AM a ladies' man," said Rob.  "I just... took a quick detour."

"And quite a detour it was," smiled Alex.  He noticed that Rob was studiously avoiding looking him in the eye.  "Get a taste for it, did ya, Rob?"

Rob's head snapped up at that question.  Alex hadn't put his shirt back on and Rob's eyes fell on flawless white skin, barely marked from Jerry's ungentle touch.  Pale nipples drew Rob's hands, and slowly Alex moved into the other man's touch.

Alex's soft brown eyes caught Rob's dark ones, and his eyes flared as Rob tried to pinch color into the wan nubs.  "Do you want me to kiss you?" asked Alex softly.

Rob nodded, shakily.  He hadn't realized before that just maybe he'd ALWAYS wanted Jerry to fuck him or he'd ALWAYS wanted Alex to gently claim his lips in a light kiss but he knew now that it WAS what he wanted and his hands slipped down to cup Alex's buttocks through the denim.

When Alex felt Rob's hands on his ass, he pulled the other man closer, dipping his tongue into Rob's mouth.

Rob's busy hands found the buttons of Alex's jeans and opened them.  Unzipping the fly, he reached past Alex's briefs to cup his balls, then to gently but hesitantly caress Alex's cock.

Alex groaned and Rob jerked his hand back.  "Jesus, Alex... I'm sorry--"  he didn't get any further before Alex's hand covered his lips.

"You didn't.  That was a good groan."

Sometime during the day, Rob had lost his fly-covered vest and rubber pants, and stood clad in only his shirt and slacks.  Alex made sure the door to the room was locked before turning back to Rob.

Alex started unbuttoning the buttons of Rob's shirt, kissing each expanse of skin as it was bared.  Rob trembled under Alex's gentle lips.

Alex slowly slipped the shirt from Rob's shoulders and tossed it over the nearest chair.  He knelt in front of Rob, and Rob steadied himself on Alex's shoulders as the kneeling man slipped the producer's shoes off, then slipped his slacks down and off.  They joined the shirt on the chair.

Alex stood again, and soon his jeans and briefs lay with Rob's shirt and slacks.  He'd noticed before that Rob wore no underwear, and he brought Rob's face to his for a gentle kiss.  "Wait here."  Rob nodded, and watched Alex's graceful body move across the room.

Alex opened the mummy-shaped cabinet and searched the shelves until he found a canister of Rob's hair cream.  He carried the canister back to Rob and then turned him around.  Scooping some of the cream onto his fingers, Alex parted Rob's cheeks and spread the cream, sliding a slick digit into Rob, spreading the cream inside as he stroked.  With his other hand, he rubbed some of the white cream onto the head and length of his erection.

Rob shivered.  "Why are you doing all this?  Jerry--"

"Sssh.  Jerry is a brute.  He doesn't know what he's doing.  He just fucked you... I want to make love to you."  Alex kissed the back of Rob's neck, then pushed him down on his back.  He tilted Rob's hips up, and slowly thrust in.

Rob cried out to Alex, and Alex leaned in to again kiss Rob, swallowing his cries and whimpers as Alex stroked.

Rob moved his hips under Alex, and it caused the head of Alex's cock to hit his prostate gland.  Rob's cry was muffled against Alex's mouth.  Alex's hands held Rob still, and each stroke hit the gland.  Alex smiled against Rob and whispered into the kiss.  "That's right... let yourself go, I won't hurt you."

Rod nodded and wrapped his legs around Alex.

When he did that, Alex gently took Rob's hard length in his hand and pumped it.  "Don't stop," whispered Rob, and Alex tightened his grip on Rob's cock and continued to pump it until he felt it throb.

As Alex watched, Rob's cock erupted with jet after jet of hot semen.  Feeling the tremors in Rob's body, Alex came hard, resting his head on Rob's shoulder.

Part 7

A knock on the locked door shattered the afterglow shared by the two lovers.  "Hey, man, open up in there, Mr. Tapert!  It's me, Davy!"

Rob dropped his head and sighed.  "What do you want, you moron?"  He felt Alex withdrawing from him and reached back to caress the other man's body as he pulled away.

"Hey, I found somethin' on the Internet that I thought you might want to see!" Davy shouted, his voice muffled through the door.

"Fine, fine, all right… I'll be there in just a minute."  He sighed, and he turned around.  Alex stood, pants still open and riding low on his hips, holding Rob's clothing out to him.  "Alex, I…"

"Don't sweat it, Rob."  Alex leaned over and kissed him, then slipped into his broom closet to finish dressing… Rob hastily pulled his clothes on and  yanked the door open.

"Where's Melissa?"

"Dunno… she and Liz were neckin' on the couch last time I saw 'em."  Davy shrugged.  "Hey, anyway, I found something while I was surfin' the 'Net you oughta see!"

"Well, what is it?"

"You know the guy, Kevin Smith, that plays Ares on the show?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Well… seems like there's this whole groupa fans out there, and they have all got the hots for our boy!!  Well… come on, I'll show you what I mean."  Davy dragged Rob into the back room of the office, where the computer terminal was set up.   "Lookit."

"What am I looking… holy mother of Pearl!!"  Rob's jaw dropped as he read the story Davy'd pulled up.  "Who the heck writes this stuff?"

"The fans, man… the fans write this stuff, and some of the ideas they come up with… boy, I hate to say it, Rob, but they're better than Liz or Jerry, Paul, or any of the others you got working for ya!!  And I'll tell ya somethin' else… if you can get these chicks and these guys to dig JPB the way they dig Smithy, you are NOT going to have a problem sellin' the 'Birds."

Rob shook his head, trying to piece together what Davy had just said.  "You're saying there are a bunch of rabid, apparently sex-crazed men and women out there, who are dying to fuck Kevin, who looks amazingly like our own Jerry Patrick Brown?"

"Yeah, that's 'zactly what I'm sayin, man!  And check this out… they've got their own mailing list, and I joined you up!  You're"

Davy clicked on the little mailbox, and email started pouring in.  "Here's your welcome message to the list… you'll get a kick out of it!!"

Rob opened the email and started to read.

"There is an actor named Kevin.
 Whose bod, we agree, is pure heaven.
 As Ares, we love his curls, his smile, his bedroom eyes,
 His laugh, his arms, his manly thighs,
 His chest, his lips, his naked rear,
 And yes, it's true--his godly spear.
 When we worship, no rules apply.
 If you don't like it, say goodbye.

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"Mad Ares storms, subduing the people and polluting reverence."
 --From Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes

"What a welcome message!"

"Tell me about it, man!  And this slash stuff… I checked some of it out… it's guys doing guys and some of it is  HOT!  And hell, I LIKE women and I get hard reading it!"

Rob sighed.  "Get Jerry in here, right now."

"Kewl!"  Davy left, and Rob started to read some of the emails.  "Here's one from this Tham person… let's see what she's got to say, she seems to be the ringleader…"  Rob opened it and started to read…

"From: Thamiris

Hiya listsibs...

Cock.  Thick, hot, leaking, suckable, fuckable, edible, throbbing cock. That's all I think about these days, just like the rest of you.  Of Ares ramming his massive cock inside my wet cunt, fucking me with brutal intensity, forcing me to cum a thousand times while he bites my nipples and I claw at his back.

Cock.  I think about sucking it, taking that blood-filled head into my mouth, licking it until Ares is groaning over me, forcing himself deeper down my throat, while I stroke his heavy balls and think of his cock inside me.  When he cums in my mouth, and I drink his hot semen, my body shudders with desire.

Tongue.  Wet, soft, smooth, slick, probing, exploring, sweet tongue.  That's all I think about these days, just like the rest of you.  Of Ares sliding that tongue onto my clit, lapping at it until I scream, moaning as that tongue penetrates me, fucking me, tasting me...

Fingers.  I think about his fingers spreading me open, parting the pink lips of my cunt before he fucks me, before he licks my wetwetwet skin.  His fingers are so thick, so long.  Each one feels like a mortal's cock as they enter me.

Fingers. I think about my fingers on his swollen shaft, stroking it, wanting him to cum, not in my hand but on my breasts, on my belly, in my hair. I touch his balls, his ass, his curls, his full lips, his nipples, pinching, tugging, squeezing, scratching...

Cum.  His semen--salty, sweet, creamy--dripping from my cunt, from my ass, sliding down my throat, trickling down my breasts, his tongue licking it off me, his fingers rubbing it into my nipples, his cock rubbing it onto my clit...

I love the god of war.


Rob sat back, his cock hard from just reading those images.  He unzipped his slacks, let his hand slide into  his fly and pull his hard cock out, stroking it as he read more.

Ares. he's all that I think about lately. It doesn't matter where I am, he comes.

If I'm in a restaurant and I close my eyes, suddenly he's there.

I can feel him under the table, pushing my skirt up, running his hands down my stockinged legs, pulling my hips to the edge of the chair. Slowly he parts my thighs, they tremble with the force of my lust, and nuzzles his way to the curly thatch of hair barely concealed beneath a gauzy peice of silk. I feel his hot breath against my even hotter skin seconds before he thrusts his tongue into my wet cunt, soaking the thin material of my panties. Thrust, retreat, thrust, retreat, he does this until I scream for release in a voice hoarse with desire. Sometimes he continues, sometimes he moves to start a new delicious torture. Sometimes he takes the swollen nub of my clit between his
teeth and bats at it with his tongue, leaving me writhing on my chair in the pleasure, oblivious to all but his mouth and the nearly painful ecstacy he's bringing me. While he does this, his long, calloused fingers reach up to enter me, stretching the silky fabric until it rips beneath his touch. The sudden shock of his calloused fingertips against the hot wetness of my cunt is all I can take and I come with his fingers buried deep inside my contracting flesh and my clit being sucked in his sweet mouth.

I smile nicely at the diners around me as I open my desire heavy eyes and see them staring at me. "This is some great chicken," I manage to croak out.

If I'm on a subway train and I close my eyes, again he's there.

I'm sitting on his lap, his enormous erection encased in slick leather is positioned between my thighs. I lift my skirt, its always a skirt with Ares, and slide myself against his cock, loving the feel of the leather against my pantyless cunt as I hump him. My legs spread wide and I hook my ankles behind his as one of his hands go down to rub across my wet slit and the other strays upwards to flick a hard nipple underneath my blouse. A finger slides between the slippery lips of my cunt and I arch against him, grinding my ass against his cock even faster. My fingers scratch furrows in the leather covering his tensed thighs as we both near orgasm from this exchange. Two more fingers slip into my cunt and they begin to fuck me faster, making sucking noises as they go in and out. I lean forward and reach between both our legs to fondle his rod as it jerks beneath me. His fingers tweak and pinch my nipple gently but more insistently as I come, screaming "Yes, gods, this feels so good... deeper, faster.  esyesyesyes !!! YEEESSSSSS!!! Oh oh oh oh oooooh fuck me!". Seconds after I come, he does as well, his hips thrusting beneath me and my fingers rubbing harder. He sinks those sharp white teeth into the tendons of my neck as his hot cum soaks through his leathers, slicking his fingers as they convulse inside me and I come a second time, even better than the first.

I pull down my skirt and cross my legs, smoothing my hair back into place and fanning the sweating skin of my face and neck. As people continue to gawk, I look down and run a hand over a thigh. "Do I have a run in my stocking?" I ask.

If I'm in a business meeting, you guessed it, he's there.

He appears before me as I'm about to deliver my winning statement. Sitting on the edge of the conference table before me, his thighs spread wide and that cock jutting out, I let my papers scatter and fall to the floor as I run a hand reverently over that huge rod. He reaches down and tears my blouse down the front, taking with it my chemise. My breasts are bared and the rosy nipples harden from the coolness of the room and the heat of his gaze as he devours them with lust darkened eyes. Leaning forward in my chair, I run the tip of my tongue over the rippled leather, feeling his hard flesh jerk beneath it. I part my lips and take as much of the bulge as I can into my mouth and stay like that for a moment, occasionally flicking my tongue across it. I know what my hot, moist breath is doing to him as it soaks through the slick hide and a glance upwards confirms it. Those gorgeous eyes of his are closed tightly and his mouth his open, small panting gasps escaping. I move my mouth against his covered cock, laying slow, sucking kisses on it as I would like to do to those red lips of his. His hips thrust forward ever so slightly and that prompts me to unlace the confining leathers. His turgid cock jumps every time a finger accidentally touches it as I release him. Finally that glorious rod springs out like a coiled snake, its vermilion head smacking against my chin, leaving a smear of pre-cum. I lap and lick at the mushroomed cap, my tongue washing him of every delicious drop as I milk his shaft for more. He's so thick that my fingers only just barely meet around his cock as I pump them up and down his throbbing length. I curl my lips around the end, my tongue delving into the weeping slit before I start to suck at it. He tangles his hands in my hair and forces his cock down my throat, thrusting his hips up to meet my face, faster as he starts to come. His cock grows bigger inside my hot mouth right before he explodes, shooting his salty sweet cum down my throat. I pull back slightly so he can see his juice dripping down my chin as I gulp it. When I've swallowed every last bit of cream he has to offer, I stand and pull his head down for a deep kiss so he can taste himself on me.

Turning to my fellow boardmembers, I pull my business jacket across my naked breasts. "And that, gentlemen, is my pitch for a revolutionary new cologne. 'Cum: For men'."

Why didn't I just fuck him in the restaurant, on the subway, and during the meeting? There were people there! What do you take me for, a pervert? :)


Rob's hand was flying up and down his cock, and his hips were lifting out of the chair, thrusting into his fist as he jacked himself off, reading these emails.  So wrapped up in himself, he didn't notice when Jerry came into the room, slamming his hands down on either side of the producer's chair.  Rob's body snapped back in the tilting chair, and Jerry's mouth came down to kiss Rob hard, his tongue thrusting in as his body pressed down on Rob's flattening them both until Rob fell out of the chair and onto the floor.  Jerry followed him, legs straddling Rob's as he pinned him to the floor.  Wordlessly, Jerry picked Rob back up and dropped him in the chair, then draped the other's legs over his shoulder as his hot mouth slid down Rob's cock, throating the length in one move.  His arms wrapped around Rob's waist, holding the bucking man still while his head snapped up and down the hard cock in his mouth.

Rob moaned loudly, begging Jerry to suck faster, to suck harder, then deeper. With Rob's legs over his shoulders, Jerry had access to the man's entire lower body, and stopping long enough to wet his fingers in his mouth, Jerry slid a wet finger inside Rob's anus, thrusting quickly as he sucked.  Rob arched his back, thrusting his cock deeper inside Jerry's mouth and letting his body bear down on the stroking finger inside him.  Rocking his hips back and forth, Rob cried out Jerry's name and came, shooting hard into the writer's mouth as Jerry withdrew his fingers and licked his lips clean.  "So, what got you so worked up in the first place?"

Rob was shaking, and he pointed to the computer screen.  Jerry half-turned. "Oh, that.  Ya finally found out about 'em."

"You… you knew?"

Jerry snorted.  "Of course I knew, soldier.  Hell, some of them people have better ideas than we do!"  He licked his lips again, and then stuck a chaw of tobacco in his mouth.  "So what'd you want me fer?"

Rob sighed, trying to think.  "Well, Jerry… everybody knows that you and this Kevin Smith fellow look an awfully lot alike… I was just thinking, this group might make a WONDERFUL fan base for the Hummingbirds.  Now… I could get in contact with this Tham, or whomever, and see what we can do about getting the lot of them down here for the Hummingbirds premiere concert."

Jerry rubbed his chin.  "Might not be such a bad thing, having a bunch of screamin' and droolin' men and women ready to drop their clothes for me."  Then he snorted.  "Well, why not!?  Go fer it."

Part 8

Shoving Jerry out of the way, Rob leaned forward in his chair to get at the computer.  Jerry, uncharacteristically jolly, moved behind Rob, sliding his hands down the producer's shoulders, slipping his fingers inside the buttons of the shirt to tease the other's nipples as he tried to write.

Re:  KsmithAres mailing list demographics.

"Dammit, Jerry, will you stop!"  He wiggled against the kneading fingers.

Dear Ms. Tham.

My name is Robert Tapert, and I am writing to you on behalf of Renaissance Pictures, and I would like to speak with you for a few moments.

"Jerry, take your hand off my dick, please!  I'm trying to work here!"  He tried to snap his hips away from the hand stroking his cock.

I have been reading your emails now, and I've noticed that your list seems to be centered around admiration of Kevin Smith.  Well, as you may know, one of our writers is almost identical to Mr. Smith in his appearance, and since that is the case, I have a proposition for you and for the members of your list.

"Jerry…damn, that's good… will you… ah, there… STOP!!!"  Rob pushed down on the invading fingers as he tried to write.

Mr. Brown, one of our writers, is participating in a new band, called the Hummingbirds.  Now, it is entirely up to you, but I was wondering if you would pass on to your list my offer to bring all the interested members down to  L.A. for their first concert.  They will have front row seating… or first however many rows it will take to accommodate your party, first class hotel accommodations , and full access backstage passes for before, during, and after the concert.

Robert Tapert.

Rob pushed back from the table and wrapped his legs around Jerry's waist, lifting his hips to the cock already free and probing him.  Jerry's cock slid inside the tight passage, and Rob pushed himself back, meeting Jerry's thrusts with pushes of his own.  The big man towered over him, fingers pressing and kneading nipples, pinching them as he rolled them.  Jerry grunted as Rob tightened his muscles around him, and Rob cried out when Jerry thrust hard
inside him.

Smiling, Jerry took Rob's hard cock into his hand, stroking it with the same pace as the cock fucking his ass, and when the man came, his legs and muscles tightened around Jerry, milking his orgasm out.  Jerry leaned forward, supporting himself on Rob's chair as Rob stretched up to playfully nip Jerry's neck.  Jerry growled.


Tham was working very quietly on her next story for the list.  "Gee…Mitch, what's another way I can torture Iphicles?"

"Have you tried to castrate him?" floated back the sarcastic reply.

"Castration…hmmm…."  Tham turned back to her keyboard and started to write, when an email popped up.  "," she read.

Chapter 9

"," she repeated.  "Okay, I'm game."  Tham clicked on the email and popped it open, reading down.  "Holy shit."

"WHAT!?" yelled Mitch in from the other room.

"NOTHING!"  She ignored Mitch's grumbling about her sanity, and reread the email.  "MITCH!!  GET IN HERE!!"  Tham showed her husband the email she'd gotten.  "Think it's for real?"

"There's only one way to find out."

Tham clicked the reply button and started to write.

"Dear Mr. Tapert,

I got your message, but I am not sure that I believe this thing is for real.  Before I involve myself any further or my listmates at all, I will require some kind of proof from you that this offer is not a hoax.  I leave it up to you to deliver this proof to me, at which time, I will pass your offer on to the list.


"Honey, don't you think you ought to sign your real name?"

"Not a chance until I know that this dickhead is THE dickhead.  Until then, Thamiris is good enough."

Rob was waiting for the email from Tham to arrive, but when it did, his hands were a little… tied up.  "Jerry, will you PLEASE untie me so I can reach my computer?"

Jerry just smiled, and straddled him.  "Nope."  Then he got off of Rob and walked over to the door, making sure it was still locked, and then walked back over.  Rob had inched the chair closer to the table, and was trying to move the mouse with his feet and click it with his toe, but Jerry grabbed his foot and started tickling.

Rob lifted his body out of the chair trying to escape Jerry's strong grip, but his hands tied down to the arms of the chair wouldn't let him move very far. His body was naked and his cock was hard, standing up and bobbing as his body twisted.  Jerry looked from Rob's hard cock to the producer's reddened face, trying to decide if he should go ahead and do it.  Rob tried to see behind the chromed glasses, but he couldn't see through the mirrored surface, and wondered just what the hell Jerry was doing with the can of hair gel.

He found out as Jerry took a handful of the gel, and slicked Rob's cock with it.  But instead of stroking it, Jerry straddled Rob's body, lowering himself on Rob's cock, steadying it with one hand as the slick hard length pushed it's way inside his unstretched body.  Jerry gritted his teeth, grinding them together until finally his body gave way, and the slick length of Rob's cock slid deep inside him.

"Jesus, Jerry!!"

"Have mercy!"

Rob's arms strained at the two elastic cords holding his wrists to the chair as Jerry rocked slowly on his cock, raising and lowering himself as he rocked back and forth.  Rob was panting hard, screaming out Jerry's name and rattling the chair itself as he tried to break free.  As he rattled the chair, his hips snapped up, and he pushed himself deeper inside Jerry, and the big man grunted.  Hearing that, Rob grinned wickedly, and pushed his hips up again and again, thrusting inside Jerry faster and faster as the other man's body seemed to almost throb around him.

Rob watched as Jerry's hands pinched his own nipples, and then slid down to start jerking his own cock in fast rhythmic strokes, and Rob sped up his tempo until both sets of strokes matched.  Jerry was groaning, grunting Rob's name out as Rob was moaning.  Finally, with a last, deep hard thrust, Rob buried all of himself inside Jerry, his cock spurting and throbbing out, filling the other man with molten cum as Jerry's own orgasm shot out onto Rob's chest.

Climbing off Rob, Jerry rubbed the cooling semen onto Rob's nipples, making them harden more as the cum cooled.  He slipped the cords from Rob's wrists, and kissed him hard.  Shaking, Rob's hand inched forward to click the mouse.

"Proof, Jerry."  His voice was hoarse, and he was still panting.  "She wants proof."

Jerry shoved a thick chaw into his mouth, then spat to the side.  "Give 'er some, then."

Part 10

"Well, what kind, Jerry?  It's not exactly like I can email myself OR you through the phone lines!"

Jerry just turned around and smiled at Rob.  "Got a camera?"

Rob sighed, and opened the door to the broom closet.  Alex lay on the bed, hand stroking his cock as he listened to them out there.  "Hi, Rob."

Rob closed the door behind him, and stroked Alex's cock while he spoke.  "You got a camera in here, Alex?"

Alex reached up to the shelf above the bed and handed Rob a 35mm.  "Harder, Rob," he whispered, as he popped the back and reached up a roll of film to put in the camera.  Rob closed his hand tighter around Alex's cock, and stroked it up and down, squeezing the head under his thumb as his strokes got faster and harder.

Alex bit his lip to keep himself quiet as Rob's hand worked him over, and when his hips started to thrust up, Rob lowered his head and sucked Alex's cock into his mouth, drinking the orgasm as it poured forth.  "Thanks, Alex."

"You're welcome," he panted softly.  Rob opened the door to Jerry's smiling face.

Jerry sniggered as Rob walked out of the room, but took the camera and checked it out.  "Yeah, this'll work."  Shoving the camera back into Rob's hand, Jerry started to strip.  Once he was naked, he turned to Rob.  "Well, what are ya waitin' for?  Start snappin'!"  Rob obediently began taking the nude shots of Jerry, making sure the man's erect cock was prominent.

"Okay.  That's enough, let's take 'em down and get 'em developed."  Jerry dressed and grabbed the camera, dragging Rob with him downstairs to the photo studio.  "Once we get 'em developed, we can scan 'em and we can email 'em to this woman to show the rest of 'em."  Jerry knocked the swinging doors open. "DAVY!  Get your slack ass in here right now!" he bellowed.

Davy came skittering out of the back, his dreadlocks flying every which way as he halted in front of Jerry.  "What do you need, boss?"

"We need you to develop this roll," Rob said, and then Jerry butted in.

"And not one word about it!"

Davy accepted the camera and pulled out the roll of film. "Come back in an hour."

Rob sat down in front of Davy's computer, and ignored the naked woman on his screensaver.  He started to type another email.


Dear Ms. Thamiris,

I have an idea for the proof that you need, but in order to give you the proof, I need your address.  I know you do not trust me as yet, but I am sending something along with this email that I hope will convince you.  It is my hope that once you see these things, you will realize that I am serious in this, and will send me your address so that I can send you your proof."

But before Rob finished his email, he heard Davy's voice yelling out from the darkroom.  "HOLY SHIT!!!"

Jerry pounded on the door.  "You better shut up in there, you little shit, or I'm gonna shove somethin' up your skinny little ass!"

Davy's voice quieted while he finished developing the pictures.  He snitched one of Jerry and hung it beside one that the security cameras had taken of Liz and Melissa with their faces in each other's slits.  The rest of the pictures he took out of the finisher and let them dry, then pulled them down off the line, and then slid them in a thick manila envelope.  Cracking the door open, he handed Jerry the envelope, and then turned back to the security feed he'd hacked into.  Liz had her thighs wrapped around Melissa's hand as their tongues played together.  They broke their kiss and Liz said something, to which Melissa laughed at, and Davy turned the sound up, and hit rewind.  "I'm so glad those two losers are going at it in there," and Melissa laughed.  "As long as they're in there, they won't be calling you."  Then Melissa smiled.

"Then I can be taking care of you."

Outside the darkroom, Jerry had spread the pictures out, and he and Rob were busy choosing.  They ended up with four photos they scanned into one big file, and Rob attached it to Thamiris' email and mailed it out.

Almost as soon as he had sent it, his mailbox popped up again.


Okay, Rob, you got a deal!  My address is…."

As soon as Tham got the email from Rob with the naked pictures of Jerry, she whooped loudly, and when Mitch came into the room, she sprinted over to slam the door in his face.  "Nothing personal, sweetie."

She forwarded the original email to the list, and then she forwarded the pictures to the list with a request for all the list members' addresses.

As soon as the pictures hit the line, the information started to pour in.

Rob read the email and he rubbed his hands hard on Jerry's ass.  "All right, it worked!!  We got her address, come on, Jerry, we're taking a road trip!"

Chapter 11

Rob slammed open the door to the foyer, and surprised Melissa and Liz just as his secretary had turned her head to lick Liz's slit.  "Melissa, get up, I need you to do something for me."

Melissa looked at Rob and then at Jerry, who leaned against the door frame, arms crossed across his chest and smiling at her.  "Go jump in a lake, Rob."

"Missy, I need you to call the airfield, and get the plane ready to fly to Vancouver.  Me and Jerry are taking a quick trip, and you're gonna be in charge until I get back."

The two women exchanged glances, and Melissa jumped up while Liz straightened her skirt.  "Okay, Rob.  Just get the hell out as soon as I make the call, all right?"  But Jerry had already dragged Rob out of the room.

Jerry slammed Rob up against the wall.  "Whaddya mean, road trip?"

"Well, Jerry, we're gonna take a flight up to this…" Rob shuffled through his papers… "Sue's house in Vancouver, and YOU, my friend, are going to be the proof she needs."

Jerry smiled.  "I can do that."

Rob picked up the cell phone on the plane once they boarded, and put in a call to the Information Listings.  He got Tham's phone number and dialed it in.


"Yes, is this Sue?"

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Sue, this is Rob, Rob Tapert, we've been conversing in emails."

Sue's eyes lit up.  "Oh, yes, Mr. Tapert.  What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd have this afternoon free for a little visit. We're on a location scouting trip, and thought that since we were in the area, we might stop by and chat, just to let you know we're serious about this whole thing."

Sue thought fast.  'I have to get Mitch out of the house for the night.' "Okay, sure thing, Mr. Tapert.  Come right down, I will be expecting you." Slamming the phone down, she called Mitch.  "Honey, I've got to stay late at school tonight, I know you wanted to go out with your brother tonight, why don't you go ahead?"  Mitch agreed, and Sue rubbed her hands together with glee.

Rob was rubbing his hands together, too, congratulating himself on a job well done.  Jerry just smiled, and pulled out his utility knife, cleaning under his nails with it.  "You think she's just gonna invite us in for coffee and cakes?"

Rob raised an eyebrow, surprising himself with his next comment.  "You don't think you're man enough for the both of us?"

Jerry's eyes glittered behind the chrome shades.  "I just hope she's woman enough."

As the plane landed in the Vancouver airport, Rob sent Jerry to rent them a big car with a large backseat in it and he dug through his papers and nude Jerry photos to find Tham's address.  Buying a map at the terminal, Rob met Jerry out at the front of the airport, where the loading and unloading loop was.  Rob looked the car over, along with the driver Jerry had apparently hired.  It was a long limousine, with a smoked glass partition and huge ass end.  Rob climbed in beside Jerry, and handed the address to the driver.  "Can you get us there?"

The driver nodded.  "Yes, sir, it isn't hard to find."

"Yeah, well, just go there, fast as you can."

Rob and Jerry sat back in the plush seats, and the driver rolled the window up, giving the two men total privacy.  "Now what are we going to do with all this empty room?" Rob asked.  Jerry pulled out a pair of sterling handcuffs.

"Army surplus," Jerry explained, dangling the key in front of Rob as he snapped the cuffs around his wrists.  "Ain't nothing getting out of these suckers."  He sniggered, and dropped the key down the front of his pants. "Just pretend you're bobbin' for apples."

"Dammit, Jerry, let me out of these!"  Rob moved his wrists against each other, feeling the cold metal chafing against his skin.

"No way, boy.  I toldja, bob for apples and get the damn key.  Otherwise, you show up at the house like this as a nice little welcoming present."  Rob growled.  "Didja know you're sexy when ya do that?"

"I'll show you bobbing for apples!"  Rob spilled his body onto the floor, truggling with his hands bound in front of him to rise to his knees.  Jerry simply spread his legs to accommodate Rob as he finally got upright and moved  in between them.

 Rob took his tongue, and laved the zipseal of Jerry's fatigues.  He licked up  and down the cold metal, and then grabbed the zipper in his teeth and slid it  down, unzipping the tight pants.  He grabbed the tip of the waistband in his teeth, and pressing down with his chin, he pushed the button with his tongue and completely unfastened them.  He lifted his hands up, but Jerry slapped them down and Rob got the message.

He let his tongue slide out, and parting the unzipped zipper with his tongue, he conveniently found that Jerry wore no underwear under his fatigues.  His tongue slipped across the hot flesh, and Jerry moaned quietly.  Rob pressed his face tighter into Jerry's groin, his tongue sliding up and down his cock, around the base and even under the balls in search of the elusive handcuff keys.

Jerry shifted position, leaning back, and a small shaft of light hit the silver key as it rested against the base of his balls.  Rob smiled, and pressed his face close, his tongue sliding down and hooking around the small key, licking the ball it rested against as he sucked the key into his mouth.  Sitting back on his heels, he spat the key into Jerry's hands and held his wrists up.  "Unlock me, Jerry, and I'll finish.  Keep the cuffs on, and I quit."

"Damn you, Rob, finish!"  Jerry's cock was throbbing, aching, while Rob rocked on his heels, his arms utstretched.  Finally Jerry jerked Rob forward, unlocking the cuffs and dropping them on the seat beside him.  "Now!"

Rob took his freed hands and braced himself on Jerry's strong thighs as he inched the fatigues down around his ankles.  He then reached into his pocket, and pulled out the tube of lubricant he'd bought at the airport store and smiled.  He poured the clear jelly into his hands, rubbing them together and slicking his hands and fingers.  He kissed the head of Jerry's cock and then grabbed hold of it with one slick hand and began to pump it as the fingers of his other hand slipped between Jerry's thighs, and one pushed inside the other man's tight opening.  "Goddamn!" yelled Jerry, at the dual sensation of being finger-fucked and jacked off.

Rob's hands moved faster, jacking him off harder as a second finger slid in, fucking him with two fingers.  Jerry was screaming as Rob thrust his fingers deep, and the nail of one rubbed against Jerry's gland, and the man's body bucked off the seat as he pushed himself down on Rob's fingers.

Rob laughed, and kept jacking Jerry off while with his other hand he opened his own pants, squirting more of the jelly onto his own cock and rubbing it in well.  He leaned forward, pressing his cock into Jerry's squirming ass as he stopped jacking him off.  "My first time," Rob panted.  "Let me know if I do it right."

Rob rested his hands on Jerry's broad shoulders as he started pumping.  He used the bigger man as leverage, slamming himself deep and hard, pushing down on Jerry's shoulders and slightly twisting his hips with each thrust, ramming against the big man's gland with each stroke.

Jerry screamed Rob's name, felt the car swaying under him as Rob pounded into him, and he grabbed Rob by the back of the neck, yanking him down for a long kiss.  Their tongues thrust against each other, Jerry's tongue fucking Rob's mouth as fast and hard as Rob fucked him.

Rob reached down, grabbing Jerry's cock, jerking him off hard and fast,  pumping and grinding him as he kept thrusting, rocking his hips against Jerry until finally Jerry screamed again, his body locked around Rob, arms and legs gripping him tightly as his cock spilled over his fist.  Rob thrust hard against Jerry one last time, and as Jerry clamped his ass around Rob, Rob grunted and came himself, pumping hot semen into his lover.

As both men lay panting together, the driver came around and opened the door. "We've arrived," he said, his nose curling disdainfully at the scent of raw sex as it wafted out into the fresh air.

Rob got off Jerry, still panting heavily as both men tried to fix their clothes on the way to the front door.

Tham was watching for them, and as soon as the door of the limo opened, she let the curtain fall shut and she opened the door, leaning up against the doorjamb, watching them.

Jerry was rumpled, still working to rezip his fatigues over a still-hard Captain Happy and Rob was smirking, licking his hand as he walked up the driveway.  "You're Tham?" he called out, and she nodded.  "I'm Rob, this is Jerry."

"Oh, I know who you are," she said, a predatory gleam in her eye.  "Please, come right in."  The front door slamming behind them had almost the ring of a dungeon door clanging shut.

Part 13

Jerry looked from Tham to the closed door and back.  And grinned.  Tham grinned back at him, and then she turned her gaze towards Rob.  She looked him up and down, and then back at Jerry.  Jerry said nothing, only dangled the handcuffs from one finger and the keys from another.  Tham pounced.

"I've got my own set but nothing like these!" she enthused.  "These are real surplus!  Steel locking mechanisms, stainless steel pins, and deep etch grooves!"  She snapped them closed in the air.  "Oh, listen to that click.  Ain't NOTHING getting through these babies!"

Rob and Jerry stood together, and her eyes flipped back and forth between the two men.  Finally, she made her decision, and she jumped on Jerry, bowling him down and snapping the cuffs around his wrists.  She grabbed the key and dropped it down between her breasts.  "Come on, help me get him to the bedroom."

Rob stifled a snicker as he and Tham levered Jerry up off the floor, and they dragged him to the bedroom.  She pushed Jerry down, and unlocked one cuff long enough to cuff his hands to the headboard.  "Now all right!" Jerry shouted.  "You're my kinda gal!"

Tham leaned over and whispered something to Rob, and Rob grinned.  "You think so?"

"Why not?"

"Well... all right!"  Rob started taking his clothes off, while Tham looked in the dresser beside her bed.  From the top drawer she pulled out tubes of lotion, cream and jelly.  Scented oils, bottles of perfume, and a small leather-strapped ball gag.  A pair of nipple clamps and another set of handcuffs finished the layout.  "Here!" shouted Rob, and Tham caught Jerry's utility knife as it came sailing at her.  Tham grinned.

"My kind of toy."  She took the knife, and she split his shirt down the front, and then his camouflage pants were next.  "No undies?  Why am I not surprised?"

Jerry wiggled his nose, and slid his sunglasses down.  "Now what, pretty lady?"