War Vs Lust
By Kayla

It was hot, so very hot.  Gods aren't supposed to sweat, but he was sweating.  Ares could feel it running down his chest.  He wiped his brow again.  Today's battle was a success.  He had never been happier.  He drank of some water offered to him by a solider.  His  thoughts continuing to be invaded by that beautiful woman he had seen earlier in the Roman's camp. What was wrong with him?  Mortal woman didn't usually effect him like this.

He walked along the beach, he could the fever rising in him, he needed to find that girl.  He searched sending out his godly senses to find her, that vision of loveliness he had seen in the village during his warlord's raid. He knew she had run off in this direction.  Where could she have gone?

Damn, it was hot!

He reached out again, with his senses ...

Then, he felt her, she was running down the beach, he was after her in a flash.  Chasing her down like a wolf.  He was running down the beach, so consumed with finding her, he forgot to step into the Aether.

After a while, he figured out that he wasn't making very good time, and she did have quite a lead on him.  He stepped into the Aether, and re-appeared on a cliff high above the beach.  He saw, with his godly eyes, the figure of a girl running far away.  Had to be her.  He smiled. Now, to catch his prey. So he snapped his fingers, and a beautiful black Stallion appeared.  He mounted up, and wiping his brow again, took of his leather tunic, and threw it away.  Muscular chest exposed to the cool breeze, he felt better.  He snapped his fingers again, and a large glass of cold water appeared in his hand.  He poured it down his hair and his head, shaking off the excess. "Better ...." he thought to himself.  The droplets of water running down his chest.  He looked down at the beach below.  Further still out to the turquoise Ocean.  He rarely took time out to enjoy things anymore.  He breathed in the fresh air. Smelling the sea, the salt, the wind, the whole aroma.  Getting lost in it...

 Suddenly, his horse moved under him, bringing him back to the cliff.  He urged on his powerful stead, and off the cliff they jumped, he relished the feel of the air on his face.  They landed with a thud on the sand and the mighty horse took off, prodded on by his master.

They rode quickly, the sand flying up around him.  What a sight to behold! The powerful God of War on  his war horse flying through he water!  Zeus himself, could not cut such a magnificent image.

Finally, he spotted her, he urged on his stead, and before she even had a chance to scream, he had lifted her up into his powerful arms.  They rode away together.

When they finally stopped, he was beyond the point of reasonable thought. He pulled her off his mount, walking to the soft ground near the beach's end.

He laid her down, and with a flash, her clothes disappeared.  He looked at her body, slave girl.  He saw the marking on her arm.  "Gods, you take my breath away.  Do you have any idea what you have done to me?  Are you an enchantress?"  She looked at him, like she didn't understand him at all.  So he changed languages, to Roman.

That she understood.  She said: "Who are you?  What do you want of me?"  He smiled, should I tell her, he thought to himself.  He laughed at the reaction he usually gets when he says I am the God of War, either people think he's a loon, or they pass out.

"My name is Ares.  Your people call me, Mars"  he smiled.

She did neither, she just looked at him.  "You don't look like a god." she eyed him warily, then laughed herself, he liked her laugh, "Do some thing godlike"  He just looked at her, Mortals ...

He sighed.  "Trust me, I am.  Where are your clothes my dear?"  she looked down, shocked noticing for the first time her dress was suspiciously missing, "Allow me to demonstrate my godly skills"

He was on her in a second, he claimed her mouth in a kiss so passionate, so filled with desire, she was convinced instantly.  He ran his hands down her body, he sucked on her tits, he licked her everywhere, just as she felt ready to die, he would stop and move on to another part of her body.  He slid between her legs, and buried his face there.  He licked until he heard her moan, then increased his tempo.  He slid a finger inside her, then two, she bucked against him.

He finished with her, then, he laid on top of her, entering her with such speed and skill, she hardly felt anything.  He pounded into to her.  Faster and Faster, he was like a wild animal.  She loved it.

Finally, when they were done, he rolled beside her, and pulled her to him. "What is your name, my pet?'  he asked her.


"Do you have anything," he kissed her neck, "that you would like from me? You have pleased me well.  Do you want money, my protection ..." kissed her again ...

She sat there, quietly a moment.  He could hear her thinking.  "well ..."

"You have but to ask me, my darling."

She sat and whispered in his ear.  When she leaned back, he looked at her a moment, the let out an uproarious laugh.

"So you shall have it, and my protection as well.  Because after we are done, you will need it."  he winked.

He wrinkled his brow a moment, as if deep in thought, then smiling, he snapped his fingers, and a bright flash appeared.

Alex smiled.  There in all his naked glory stood her captor, Caesar.  "I trust you are well, my Emperor."  Ares grinned.

"Ares, my lord" he half bowed.  Such a cocky little mortal, well not so little, Ares looked down at the naked man in front of him.   Gods bless him, Caesar wasn't even embarrassed. Ares thought to himself.   "Look I am busy..." he stopped dead when realizing that his new little toy sat beside Ares.  Uh oh.

Ares smiled as realization hit his favorite student.  He felt like giggling, but that was not God like.  Besides, Alex was laughing her pretty little head off.  "You?" Caesar looked her, the calm in his voice, belying not the slightest bit of  nervousness he felt.

Alex composed herself, and looked at her new found protector, "My lord, you did promise" she smiled sweetly.

"Oh yea." he stood and grabbed Caesar by the hips, bending him over in front of Alex.  He smiled.  Caesar, raised an eyebrow, and looked over his shoulder at Ares, who was grinning.  "My Lord, what is going on here?"  same calm voice.  Smug SOB.

"Fulfilling a request.  Apparently you have been teasing my new darling over there, she wants the favor returned." Alex moved forward and grabbed Caesar's cock, which was now rock hard, and began to suck him off.  He groaned a bit.  When she really started going after him, Ares slammed into Caesar from behind.  Ares was actually losing it himself.  He spread his legs, and braced himself by holding his hips tighter.  As Alex sucked and Ares fucked, Caesar felt himself slowly coming to climax.  It just felt so good.

"You want it, then you can have it!"  Caesar moaned as he shot his cum down Alexandria's throat.  She slurped it up, and drank it down.  Ares kept fucking Caesar, his balls slapping against his ass. That was it for Ares, the pure look of joy on her face sent him over the edge.  He shot his own seed inside his Emperor.

They all collapsed in a heap.

Caesar and Alex fell asleep, being fucked by God of War was draining.

All of a sudden, Ares felt different.  Like something was lifted from him, "FUCK!"  Off in the distance, Ares could have sworn he heard a laugh.

Far up on Olympus, Aphrodite laughed!  "Score!"  She smiled at Artemis. "Told you.  Lust conquers all, even Gods"

"Ohhh fine, you win, but I would have you remember that lust has never conquered me."  She turned to walk away, then spun around, "DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!"

Aphrodite's laughter filled the Halls of  Olympus.

The End