Try A Little Tenderness
By Kitkat
Caesar walked through his palace, tired and horny.  He had spent the day in tedious council sessions, now he was ready to fuck and sleep. He walked down the hall, stopping at the door of his favorite concubine. He put his hand on the knob, surprised when the door was jerked open.

Before him stood a blond man, no make that god, Cupid, if the wings were any indication.  Past lovers had said that he resembled Cupid, but he'd never noticed.  Now with the god before him, he could see similarities. Of course the hair was different, but the facial structure and body type were close.  The main difference was the eyes. Where Caesar's were full of ambition and pride, Cupid's eyes danced with joy and satisfaction. Caesar looked past Cupid to see his concubine sleeping with a huge smile on her face. "What are you doing here?"

"Answering a prayer. I like to play rough sometimes, but sex doesn't always have to be a battle."

"Really?" Caesar tried to look disinterested, but the way he looked at Cupid's firm body gave the charade away instantly. "Yes, why don't you let me show you?"

Before Caesar could argue, the two men were ensconced in a velvet lined chamber, the only furniture a very large bed, posts of dark wood with sashes of silk curling around them, dancing in the slight breeze of the room.

Caesar then felt a gentle kiss on back of his neck, a darting tongue sampling him.  Caesar quickly turned around, capturing Cupid's luscious mouth. He pulled Cupid closer, breaking the kiss to begin biting the god's neck and shoulders.

"Tsk,tsk, dear Julius, gentle is the order of the day. Nibbling is wonderful, but I'm not your prey." Once again, Cupid took the lead, barely letting his teeth whisper on Caesar's shoulders, his warm breath causing shivers to run through the mortal. He slowly removed Caesar's toga, kissing every bit of newly exposed flesh. His hands cupped Caesar's ass, squeezing lightly as he lifted the man.

Lost in sensation, Caesar blindly wrapped his legs around Cupid's waist, the feathers brushing his ankles causing him to smile. He barely noticed the softness of the bed Cupid laid him on, the hot tongue on his nipple, and the straining erection stirring on his stomach were driving him to distraction.  What he did notice, were his arms being raised, tied to the bed by those brilliant silk scarves. Next, his legs were restrained leaving his legs spread ready for whatever the god had in mind.  He tried to struggle, but one look up into Cupid's expectant eyes convinced him that he neither wanted nor could escape his gentle captor. Cupid brushed a kiss along Caesar's mouth, running his tongue lightly along his lower lip before beginning to work his way down. Nipples, ribcage, navel, all were thoroughly inspected by Cupid's probing tongue, finally reaching Caesar's cock, rising hard and weeping from his thatch of hair. He ran his tongue lightly over the crown, laughing as Caesar arched and groaned loudly.

"Is this for me?" Cupid asked.

"Yes, now suck me!" Caesar demanded.

"Now, calm yourself, lover, firstly, you didn't ask politely, and secondly, you are in no position to demand anything."

Caesar closed his eyes, leaning his head back onto the pillow. Could he do what Cupid was asking?  The word please had never been a useful part of his vocabulary. He learned at an early age to take what he wanted. He wanted this, more than he could've ever imagined. He opened his eyes, Cupid now naked between his spread thighs, their erections just a breath apart.


Pleasing was what Cupid did.  He smiled, sliding down the bed, raining kisses down Caesar's legs, and then back up again, using the tips of his wings to raise goose bumps on Caesar's skin. Rising back to Caesar's cock, he said, "Ready?" then lowered his head, taking Caesar's cock into his mouth. Applying suction, his hand stroked Caesar's balls, while his tongue swirled around the shaft. Caesar tried to thrust further into Cupid's mouth, but a surprisingly strong arm wrapped around his hips, making his totally immobile.  Cupid removed his mouth long enough to say, "Gentle, lover."

At Caesar's cry of disappointment, Cupid went back to the task at hand, trying to suck every last drop of cum from the mortal's body. As Cupid's mouth descended once more, his teeth running lightly over Caesar's highly sensitive skin, Caesar came with a roar.

He flooded Cupid's mouth, a small trickle running down his chin. Cupid swallowed every drop, tongue darting out to slide over his full lips, leaving them glistening.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Julius." Cupid said casually, as he produced a jar of oil, coating his erect cock with it. Caesar could only moan as Cupid slipped a slick finger into him, pumping in and out. Next, two fingers stretched him, followed by three. Cupid began to brush Caesar's prostate, sending ripples of pleasure through the man. Caesar had never been so thoroughly prepared by a lover. On the few occasions he had been fucked, he got a quick lube, and was fucked raw. He'd done the same with his lovers, never thinking that the foreplay could be so gratifying. Caesar was as ready as he was going to get, so Cupid slid into him with one fluid stroke. He allowed Caesar a moment to get used to the new sensation, then began a slow pace of deep thrusting, nearly withdrawing before diving back into Caesar's tight ass. Pushing deep, giving as much pleasure as he was receiving, Cupid continued to fuck the mortal. Feeling the muscles around his cock tighten, as Caesar experienced his second orgasm, led the climax from Cupid, his wings spreading fully, gliding enough to slightly lift him from the bed.

Collapsing on his lover, Cupid lazily undid Caesar's arm restraints.  Caesar immediately shot up, nearly knocking Cupid off the bed, to untie his legs.  As soon as he was free, he pulled himself off the bed, to look accusingly at Cupid.

"What was that?"

"That, was probably the best sex you've ever had."

Caesar opened his mouth to disagree, but that would be a lie. He had never felt so sated.  Confident, I like that. Now I want to go back to my palace."

"So be it."

Caesar found himself in the exact place he had last been, standing before the door of his favorite concubine, Thamiris. Only now he had no need to wake her. He walked to his own chamber, planning how to use this new knowledge on her. She would be quite pleased.

The End