A Spanking Good Time
By Kitkat

Ares sulked in the corner of the hall.  He had been suckered into yet another of Aphrodite's festivals.  The mortals and gods alike were dancing quite lewdly.  A woman the others called Thamiris just pulled the King of Corinth, Iphicles up onto a table.  She gyrated with him as she stuck her tongue so far down his throat that she must know what he had for breakfast.  Ares had to admit that the king was quite handsome.

KitKat, a small but very loud woman rang a large bell to get everyone's attention.  "Welcome, one and all to the festival. I can see that you are all having a good time" she looked directly at Thamiris, whose hand was gently massaging Iphicles' rapidly hardening cock.  She tore her eyes away from the sight long enough to continue. "Unfortunately, Aphrodite is unable to join us, but she has sent a quite satisfactory envoy, Cupid."  She stepped back as Cupid entered the room and stood next to her.

Impulsively, KitKat ran her hand over Cupid's ass, giving it a slight pinch.  He simply smiled and gave her a promise for later.  Feeling a little confident, and a lot drunk, she pulled Cupid down, and imitated the kiss Thamiris had given Iphicles.  She pulled back, embarrassment written on her face, but if anything Cupid smiled brighter as he handed her a key and told her that he'd meet her in one of the hall's back rooms as soon as he finished the job his mom had sent him to do.

Ares was not a happy God of War.  Aphrodite had whined for hours to make him come to this festival, and now she couldn't be bothered to show up?  He was about to go find Aphrodite and give her a piece of his mind when a gentle hand on his arm stopped him. "Mom's really sorry she couldn't make it, Uncle Ares" Cupid said quietly, an innocent smile on his face. Ares thought of all the wild stories he'd heard about Cupid, mainly from his nephew Strife.  He shuddered at the memory of one particular story involving Cheez Whiz and restraints. The restraints were ok, but Cheez Whiz? He just did not understand that nephew of his.

The music started again, a persistent beat, warlike drums with a soft melody.  It was unusual and beautiful.  "Let's dance, Ares." Cupid asked.  Before he could respond, Ares was on the dance floor, Cupid's slender, yet muscled body close to his own. Their eyes locked, permission asked and granted as Cupid tentatively brushed Ares lips. Their tongues met, moving slowly, learning the taste and texture of each other.  They danced slowly, moving toward a dais in the center of the room, never breaking their kiss. When they reached the dais, with everyone's attention on them, Cupid broke the embrace and began to speak.

"Welcome one and all to this celebration.  As immortals, we don't celebrate birthdays, per se, but sometimes we like to gather to revel in our existence. This is one of those times.  Tonight's guest of honor is. . ." Cupid looked around, smiling at all the curious faces, "Ares!" he finished.  "And as is one of Olympus' most notorious traditions, each partygoer gets to deliver one spank to the God of War."

The cry of joy swelled from the crowd, as the line began to form.  Ares looked around, at the lustful faces that surrounded him.  He knew that if he didn't submit to this he would be forced to walk around Olympus in one of 'Dite's frilly dresses for a whole year. Pink is not Ares' color, so he turned and undid his tight leather pants.

Cupid was first in line, as it was his paddle that was to be used.  He lightly tapped Ares' ass, watching it turn slightly pink. Contrary to Ares' thoughts, most everyone else thought this shade of pink hit Ares quite well.  Next was Thamiris, she stepped up to Ares, and delivered quite a good whack, kissing it softly before she was grabbed by one very jealous Iphicles.

No one saw Tham that night, but it was said that her own ass was a bit sore the next day.  KitKat was next, delivering a soft smack, she nearly missed, cause Cupid was giving her a 'fuck me now' look that was damn hard to resist.  There was some rumbling in the line as someone only known as the Mistress of evil pushed her way through the line, to deliver a very hard smack to Ares' divine derriere.  She was quickly escorted away by security, still vowing revenge against Tham for something or other.  Miz Kelly gave a demure hit, Chris walked up with the Sovereign, complete with his own paddle.

Ares felt every hit, the tenderness spreading through him. He was going to get 'Dite for this.  Next came Atalanta, Strife following closely.  The faces began to blur under the flurry of blows, Kathryn, CW, Sarah, Erin, Laurissa, who had a man a handsome man named Lawrence with her, Arebella, Marina,  the regulars each had their turn. Then came the lurkers, those were the ones that frightened him.  After what seemed an eternity, each party attendee had had their turn.  Ares rose, not bothering to put on his pants, giving everyone a eyeful of his weeping erection. All the guest reached out to touch Ares love rod, but he quickly smacked their hands away.  He pulled Joxer up to the dais from where he had been hiding, and they both disappeared leaving a most disappointed group of listsibs.

The End