Symphony For The Devil
By Kitkat
Nicholas woke with a shout of ecstatic pain.  He could smell the sweat and cum that covered his body, he could hear the baby crying in the apartment down the hall.  These dreams had always left him super sensitized, even the silk sheets brushing against his limp cock was agonizing.  He had started having the dreams right around puberty. While most young boys dream of wild sex, with the male or female of their fantasies, Nicholas' dreams were wet with blood.

Born to a couple of pacifist professors, Nicholas was taught from infancy to abhor and avoid violence.  Yet, in his dreams, he craved it, the blood, the fear, the fucking.  The dreams were growing in their intensity and frequency.  Tonight was the worst, and also the most clear. He had finally seen his own face in the dream, but it was the other faces that he had seen which haunted him.  Faces like two sides of a coin.  One man, with red gold curls and sad, pain filled eyes.  The other man had the aura of power around him, and somehow Nicholas knew he was not human.  He had dark curls surrounding his bronzed skin, and eyes that burned with passion and approval as the dream Nicholas dug his nails into the other man's back, pounding fiercely into the tight ass.

Shaking his head, trying to make the lurid images go away, Robert walked into the bathroom.  Looking at his face, he took stock of his appearance.  Short dark hair, hazel eyes, a mouth most would deem sensual. He knew he was attractive, and he didn't mind using it to its greatest advantage.  His mother said that he had a manipulative streak. He simply did want he wanted.  He was so lost in his thoughts that the light touch on his shoulder almost went unnoticed.  The hand stroking his cock, though, was not to be ignored. Jerking his head up, he saw two dark figures behind him in the glass.  On his left, stood the dark god from his dream.  A menace in black leather, his hand roaming freely down Robert's chest, pulling experimentally on a nipple ring, their eyes locked in a battle of wills. Nicholas looked away first, when he felt a wet heat engulf his cock, working it into full hardness.

Nicholas thought the night had been bizarre up to this point, nothing prepared him for seeing his own face going down on him.  The not him used a highly skilled tongue to torture Nicholas.  Bringing him to the brink of orgasm for what seems the hundredth time, the stranger retreated, as did the dark god who had been leaving crimson bites around his neck and shoulders.

Crying out in desperation, Nicholas blindly reached down, pulling up the toned body that had been pleasuring him so totally.  Looking at the stranger with his face, he saw both the similarities and differences.  The angles of the face, and body type were identical.  The two main differences were subtle, but definitely there, if you looked.  The eyes, while having a similar color, glowed with an unearthly fire.  The other difference became apparent when he smiled.  His teeth were dazzlingly white, straight, except for the canines, which really were fangs.

Vampire.  The word skated around Nicholas' brain.  There was at least one, possibly two vampires in his bathroom, doing their best to make him cum until he was unconscious.  He looked again at the vampire that resembled him, shivering with a mixture of anticipation and dread as the fiend smiled at him. Nicholas could only whimper as the keen teeth pierced his throat.

The barrage of images that assaulted Nicholas were intensely violent. Death in every conceivable form.  Decapitations, disemboweling, flaying, crucifixions. All the sights overlaid by a layer of blood and the shining eyes of the demon drinking from him.  He felt unconsciousness creeping up over him, the heat of the body above him contrasting from the cool tile floor.

He woke up in the same position, stretched out on the hard floor, only now he was totally alone.  Strangely calm, despite the previous night's events, he made the plans mechanically, his mind's eye still reliving the pleasure-pain of those fangs invading him.

Making his way to the airport, Nicholas felt like he was on the verge of something important.  Like he was searching for a part of him that he hadn't even known was missing.  He hoped like hell that he would find it, and his devilish obsession in Macedonia.

Part 2

Landing in the crowded airport, Nicholas quickly disembarked from the plane. It was then that the panic hit him.  What the hell was he doing? Leaving his entire life behind based on one very surreal and sensual experience. His hand snaked up to the small, healing wound at his throat. As he ran his fingertips over the indentations, the panic
lessened until he returned to the almost dream clarity that had taken over him that night in the bathroom.

Looking through the terminal, something else hit him. He was going to need to find someone who knew the language.  In the airport, there were signs in both the native tongue and English, but he didn't know what to expect once he left the building. The language was a mixture of the various cultures of the area, all of it unknown to Nicholas. He must have looked very panicked to the other travelers, because he could see concern and sometimes fear when he allowed himself to meet their eyes. Schooling his expression back to its usual cold confidence, he made his way out of the terminal.

“I wouldn't recommend going out there alone, Nicholas.” A voice spoke in slightly accented English.

Nicholas whirled around, his thoughts a jumble of relief at hearing a familiar language, and curiosity.  A sarcastic comment died on his lips when he saw the face that went with the voice.  Another face from his dream.  It was the suffering angel, his dark eyes as agonizingly open as in his dream. The light filtering through his fiery hair gleaming. Yet there were some differences, longer hair, leaner body, the tight T-shirt displaying the chiseled torso.

“Why not?” Nicholas was almost ashamed at how unsure his voice sounded.

“You know quite well why not, Beauty, you do not speak the language.” Stepping well into Nicholas’ personal space, the stranger wrapped an arm around Nicholas’ shoulders.

“I am Iphicles.”

“Iphicles?  I know that name, somehow.”

“Maybe in some of your history classes, Beauty, I was named for an ancient king.”

“Perhaps. What I really want to know is who told you my name, and why you keep calling me Beauty?” The questions were shot out so rapidly that it took Iphicles a moment to consider then answer the young man.

Iphicles didn't answer in words. He grabbed Nicholas’, bringing their bodies into full contact. “I know your name because I wish to know it. It is as simple and complicated as that.  I also have very keen sight. I can imagine how beautiful you would look as I fuck you. I thought my gods had abandoned me long ago, but seeing you, maybe there's some hope for me after all.”

While Iphicles kept up a steady stream of information about the area, he steered Nicholas out of the building into the warm night air.  Walking through the dimly lit streets, an eerie silence reigned. Suddenly, Iphicles stopped, his body as rigid as stone.

“He is here, for you, Beauty.”

“Who is here, and why are they after me?”

“Of course, how could I have not seen it before? You will be his link, you must be it.”

Nicholas still did not understand, but now he also felt the presence of something, tickling his senses.  It frightened and soothed him in equal measure.  Then it seemed as if the earth itself began to shake in anticipation.  He had arrived.  Nicholas’ dark obsession.  He stood tall, a flowing cape undulating around his body.

“He is mine” the dark vampire said flatly.

Iphicles laughed.  “He's yours, if you can catch him.”  With that, he gathered Nicholas to him, and launched himself into the sky.

Nicholas had fainted from the sensation of flight, and the shock of seeing Iphicles bare his fangs as he lifted Nicholas to the heavens.  When he awoke, he was on a sinfully soft bed, held in place by fine golden chains.  They looked as insubstantial as spider webs, but a tug on them told of their unaccountable strength.

“I had thought to rape you, destroy you, as he did to me.  I have dreamed many times of watching that face contorted in pain and humiliation.  But then I thought about it, without the filters of rage and pain, seeing the cold truth of the matter.  He needs you, he's finally found some way to bring Ares out of that tomb, and you're a major part of that plan. A plan I cannot let come to fruition.  Instead, I shall make you love me, adore me so much that you will be my destroyer, Caesar destroyed by his mirror image; it will be beautiful.

Caesar.  Now the demon had a name.  Iphicles had also let another name slip. Ares.  Ares, the name of the Greek god of war.  Two weeks ago he would have thought it impossible, but that was before he met these two vampires, one of which was slowly moving over his prone body, whispering his name as if in prayer.

Iphicles stopped, his full lips just a breath away from Nicholas’ cock as it strained against the jeans he was still wearing.

“Do you want me?”

Nicholas,  never one to deny his desire, arched his hips upward, and hissed, “Yesss”

Iphicles smiled. using his nimble fingers to release Nicholas’ cock, bouncing out if its confinement almost into Iphicles’ waiting mouth.  Iphicles dove right into his task, taking all of Nicholas in one hot lunge, using his tongue and his slowly lowering fangs to tease and pleasure the young man.

Nicholas was lost, floating on the sensation of the slight pain of the fangs, and the kitten-rough tongue.  He had thought that when Caesar sucked his cock, it was the ultimate, the surprise and uncertainty adding to the pleasure.  Now, knowing what Iphicles was, what he could do, was infinitely more exhilarating.

“Suck me, Iphicles. Take my cum, take my blood!” Nicholas howled as he came hard in Iphicles’ mouth.

Iphicles met Nicholas’ eyes, the vampire's glowing, a small drop of blood and cum mixed leaking from the corner of his mouth. “Your wish is my command, Beauty.”

Lowering his head, Iphicles nuzzled Nicholas’ inner thigh, then piercing the soft skin to drink.

Nicholas fell into a dreamless sleep, calm and peaceful, while his vampire lover stood guard until the sun began to rise.