Waiting For Ares
By Kitkat
Strife idly twirled the dagger as he waited for Ares to show up.  It seemed he was always waiting for Ares these days.  Ever since the God of War hooked up with Autolycus, Strife never saw him.  He began to grow even more impatient, so he went to the cabin he know Ares had set up for his rendezvous with the king of thieves.

The cabin was empty, thank Zeus.  Strife hadn't actually thought of what he would say if he interrupted Ares and his lover.  He looked around the large cabin.  A great bed, of course, covered with the finest silk and velvet.  Trunks full of clothes and jewels.  Something bright caught his eye. A blonde wig?  He tried to imagine Ares as a blonde, but he just could not comprehend it.  A row of bottles lay on the same table as the wig.  He checked each bottle until he found the one he had smelled on Autolycus when he had spied on them once before.  He was still holding the bottle when he heard a voice behind him.

"You know you shouldn't be here, Strife" the voice said calmly.

As Strife's mind struggled to identify the voice, he felt a feather run along the side of his  face.  He whirled around to face whoever was behind him, and breathed an audible sigh of relief when he saw if was Cupid.  "I was just, um, looking for Unc Ares, that's all. I think I'll be going now."  He stepped back prepared to leave, but Cupid grabbed his arm.

"We don't have to leave, Ares and Autolycus are enjoying a festival in Thebes.  I thought maybe we could spend some time together.  I've felt your unrequited love resounding through Olympus.  Ares is not the one for you, Strife, you need someone to guide you, not be your master."

"Guide, huh?  You got anyone in mind, feather boy?" Strife said shakily.

"You know I do" Cupid said simply, as his mouth descended onto the other god's.

Strife quickly joined in the kiss, freeing all the pent up emotions he had been harbouring lately.  His hands slid down Cupid's body, exploring all the firm muscles of his chest. Nipples were teased until they were hard.  They continued down until they were resting on the god's narrow waist.  He had never felt so free to explore, so willing to give of himself.

Cupid was trying to get Strife's clothes off, but was having no luck. In frustration, he grabbed the dagger from Strife's waist and made quick work of the outfit.  "Finally" he growled between kisses. He quickly removed his own pants, which brought the first skin to skin contact of their erections.

The sensations were too intense for Strife to last long.  He ran his fingers through his lover's blonde hair as he climaxed.  The feel of Strife's seed on his body caused Cupid to orgasm.  Both men leaned against one another as they slid to the floor of the cabin.

"That was..."  Strife was unable to articulate his feelings.

"Yes, it was" came the sleepy reply.

The two gods drifted peacefully into sleep, until they heard a dark voice over them.  "What in Tartarus are you two doing here!?"

Strife and Cupid stared blankly at Ares.  Then Cupid's eyes began to sparkle as he said impishly, "I was just about to fuck Strife's brains out, wanna help?"

The End