A Healthy Competition
By Kitkat
Ares walked through the village, feeling pretty pleased with himself. He had three separate wars going nicely, and he had just fucked a beautiful young woman into unconsciousness. Life was good.Just then, a group of young women walked by, talking quickly.  One ofthe women, Thamiris, was obviously the leader, and telling quite a story.  "When King Iphicles was licking his way up my thigh, I swear to Zeus that I thought I died and went to the Elysian Fields, and remember ladies, I've had 'em all, including Ares."  The group quieted immediately at the mention of the God of War. Ares thought back, and remembered the woman.  Things went well, as far as he could recall. As Thamiris continued extolling the virtues of the King of Corinth, Ares' temper grew mightily.

"You mean you're trying to tell me that Iphicles is a better fuck than Ares, you must be drunk" Miz Kelly said.

"I just don't believe it" another woman, known as Kitkat said.

Thamiris' eyes glazed over, "I wish there was some way to show you all that Iphicles is better than Ares."

"There is" said a fierce voice from behind the group.

The women turned and saw Ares in all his leather clad, muscled, bad boy glory.  He walked over to Miz Kelly and Kitkat, kissing each of them deeply. "That was for your loyalty.  Later, I shall repay you both in full."  He turned to face Thamiris, "So, you would prefer this mere mortal Iphicles to me?"

Even when faced with a semi-angered God of War, Thamiris had to speak her mind. "He may be mortal, but there's nothing mere about that man" she said softly as she fanned herself.

"We'll see about that" he growled, calling up a surge of power, and suddenly they were in the royal bedroom in Corinth, looking at a peacefully sleeping Iphicles.

Iphicles must have sensed the presence of someone in his bed, as he opened his eyes slowly, and smiled as he recognized his former lover, Thamiris.  "Tham, are you really here?" he asked, running a hand through his tousled hair.

"Yes, I'm here, let me do that" she answered as she climbed onto the bed, running one hand through his hair, while the other began opening his shirt to feel his muscled chest. Their lips met hungrily, as the layers of clothing that separated them grew fewer.  Finally, their skin made contact, and both groaned slightly into the kisses that they were sharing. Iphicles relinquished her mouth, only to nip and suck his way down, until he latched onto a nipple, causing Tham to arch into Iphicles. Tham herself was busy running her hands wherever she could get them, until she reached his throbbing cock.  Iphicles quickly moved his hand and began to plunge into her.  Slowly thrusting, so that she could feel every inch of his considerably sized cock.  Somehow the man was able to bring himself to the edge of orgasm, and bring himself back. He felt Tham's impending climax, and almost simultaneously, they both came loudly.  Cuddling afterwards, they both fell asleep, satisfied and happy.

When Tham awoke, she was no longer in Iphicles' chamber. This new bed was iron, and had black and red sheets of the finest silk.  Ares.  It had to be, she thought as the door opened to the room. "How was your little frolic with the king?" he asked.

"Jealous, are we, Ares?  Green really is not your color." she answered, knowing she was playing with fire, enjoying the thrill of taunting a god.

"Enough!" he ground out as he pounced onto the bed. Instantly he was naked, and spreading Tham's thighs.  He pounded into her already sensitized sex, while he bit, licked and sucked just about every inch of her body,even places she could figure out how he got to.  As he came, he instantly became hard again.  "It's a god thing" he said between thrusts.  This went on for quite sometime, due to Tham's remarkable stamina, for a mortal. But Ares was, and always will be a god.  As she neared what Ares figured would be the last orgasm the woman could still have before she passed out, he asked her, "So, who's the better fuck now, Thamiris?"

"You, Ares, You are the best fuck in all of the world!" she said as she slipped into unconsciousness. This sent Ares over the edge, and he came for the last time.  He slipped out of Tham, and sent her home to her own bed.  As he dressed once again, Ares felt reassured of his place as the Studmuffin of the Ancient World. Of course, this was due mainly to the fact that since Tham was in her own bed, he didn't hear her say, "Ares, you are the best fuck, but Iphicles makes love."

The End