Fountain of Lust
By Kitkat
Kitkat sat at the edge of the fountain, idly throwing in a dinar or two.  It was said that this fountain granted wishes, and wishes were something Kitkat had a lot of to spare. Of course, she wished for the usual things, money, peace, love, but her most fervent wish was something much more intimate.  She wished for the God of War.  She had seen him once, and fell madly in lust with him. Those dark eyes, hair her fingers itched to run through, maybe pull a little in the heat of passion. Lips that could be kissed for days, she imagined what they would look like swollen from bruising kisses.  Broad shoulders, and a chiseled chest and arms, she needed to know what it felt like to be encircled in that embrace.  She noticed that she was down to her last coin, and through it in, the image of Ares' cock straining hard against his tight leather pants the only image in her mind.

She waited for the soft splash of the coin hitting the water, but only silence greeted her.   Then a loud rumble came from the water, and she turned to see Ares, soaking wet, shirtless, rising from the shallow fountain. His dark eyes met her blue ones, and in that instant, all was understood. This was her wish fulfillment.  He grabbed her wrist, bringing her into the cool water, which only made the heat rising off her body more apparent.  His lips claimed hers, tongue brushing her lips in warning before plundering her mouth.  Their tongues dueled, both kissing so hard that their teeth were banging against each other. Finally, Kitkat needed air, so she broke the kiss reluctantly. Which was when she remembered that they were in the middle of a very public place.  She turned wide eyes to Ares, panic written on her face. He simply unbuttoned her dress, leaving her naked as the day she was born.

"Don't worry, I've thrown up a shield of invisibility."

With that reassurance, she launched herself at Ares, knocking them both into the water.

"You're a bit of a wildcat, aren't you?" Ares asked before kissing her face.

"Grrrrr" she answered, biting his throat, just below the Adam's Apple.

He rolled them over, keeping her head above the water. Kneeling up, he slowly removed his pants, freeing his gorgeous cock from their leather prison.  Kitkat couldn't stifle her moan as she saw Ares' hard and ready to give her the fucking of her life.  He smiled smugly, he knew he was good. Then he took his hand, sliding it between her already spread legs.

Reaching inside her, fingering her clit, he asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

Kitkat's lust fogged mind was spinning even more. A question? This was not the time to ask her opinion on philosophy or anything other than the weeping cock so near to her.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

Now, Kitkat had always thought that there were no stupid questions. She quickly changed her mind.  "Fuck. Me. Now." was all she could say.

"You don't have to tell me twice."

He thrusted into her, pounding harder and faster than she had ever been fucked before in her life. She was lost in the rhythm, the water surrounding them making waves to caress her.  His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, her face, her breasts, running lightly down her sides.

She could take no more, the pleasure was becoming nearly painful.  With a loud cry, she came, her juices mixing with the water.  As her muscles tightened around Ares throbbing cock, he spilled his seed into her, calling her name in a hoarse whisper. He lifted her up out of the water, laying her on the ledge covering her with a blanket. One more brief kiss, and he was gone.  She woke up not long after, still covered by the blanket. She quickly wrapped it around her in a toga style, looking to see if anyone had noticed her sleeping there naked. No one seemed to care. She walked home slowly, sore but sated.

The End