The Hurrican Series
By Kitkat

Storm Warnings

Song lyrics in this one, "Truly Madly Deeply" is from Savage Garden's self titled album. "What Would Happen" is from Meredith Brooks' album, "Blurring the Edges."

Kitkat walked slowly through the store, the place itself looking as if the storm had already hit.  Water, flashlights, batteries, all gone.  She had snagged the last couple of gallons of water, and was guarding them closely. She made her way over to snack food aisle, for her favorite munchies.   As she reached for the last bag of Doritos, her hand collided with someone else grabbing the bag.  She was about to let loose on a tirade, no one got between Kitkat and her Doritos, until she realized who her shopping companion was. Short blond hair, hazel eyes twinkling, full lips surrounded by a slight whisper of stubble. Cupid. Her eyes widened and she looked at the billowing trenchcoat he was wearing to conceal the wings.  She noticed that they both had let go of the bag, their fingers now entwined. He took his free hand, placing the bag in her cart, and leading her toward the checkout.  As they waited in line, he stood closely behind her.

"I'm going to make you scream as I fuck you," he kissed the side of her throat.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Kitkat asked, looking around to see if anyone would notice or care if she came right then and there.

He laughed, his breath hot over her already warm skin. "No, of course not. It's your turn."

She placed her items on the counter, blindly paying for her purchases. Cupid lifted the bag in one arm, keeping the other around her shoulder.  Walking to the car, the wind picked up, opening the front of Cupid's coat slightly. He wore no shirt, and Kitkat spied an already peaked nipple just begging for a

She got into the driver's side, as Cupid slid into the passenger seat, watching her intently as she started the car.  Music flowed from the small speakers.

I want to stand with you on the mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Kitkat drove carefully, sneaking glance over at Cupid, who had opened his coat, running his fingers up and down his smoothly muscled chest.

"Stop that, please."  Kitkat cried as his hand reached down to the bulge in his leather pants. Times like these, she wished cars came with autopilot, so she could jump Cupid right on the highway.

"Well, I'm bored." He pouted, and it only made Kitkat's urge to kiss him senseless even greater.

"We're stuck in this traffic, there's nothing I can do," she looked over at him pleadingly.  She certainly didn't want him to disappear now.  A moment of pure lust ripped through the both of them, and Cupid sprang into action.  His hand ran light touches up her thigh, reaching the button of her jeans. Popping it open, making quick work of the zipper, he reached into her panties finding her clit.  Massaging her, he used his other hand to pull down the pants, lifting her up to get them down to her knees.

Kitkat idly wondered if anyone was watching the show they were getting, but then his fingers were probing into her, and she didn't care. She was naked from the waist down, in a huge traffic jam, being finger fucked into oblivion by the God of Love. She would have laughed but the only sound she was capable of were moans somewhat resembling Cupid's name as he lowered his head, so his tongue could join his fingers on the assault of her clit. She leaned back, allowing his head more room under the steering wheel, as she lazily moved the foot or so that traffic was moving. She began moving her hips, thrusting in time to the music

What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips?
Would you run away?
Would you stay?
Or would I melt into you?
Mouth to mouth
lust to lust
Spontaneously combust

As the music crested, Kitkat threw her head back and howled in pleasure, Cupid lapping up the evidence of her orgasm.  Sitting back upright, lips glistening with her juices, Cupid looked at the deadlocked cars, then leaned over to kiss her.  She could taste herself mingled with him as their tongues discovered each other.  Needing air, and hearing a rather irritating horn behind her, Kitkat broke the kiss. Kitkat smiled, as she noticed that traffic was once again moving at a normal pace.

They quickly reached her house, Kitkat barely managing to pull her pants back up before Cupid dragged her into the bedroom.  How he had known, or for that matter how he'd unlocked the door were  unimportant when Cupid began to strip, and she got her first good look at the feathery wings, slowly stretching now that they were free.

He pulled her to him, pulling off her cotton T-shirt and bra, so they were skin to skin. Hard nipples brushing against each other. She shivered from the contact, trying to meld her skin to his, as her hands began to open his pants.  Wiry curls wrapped around her fingers as she made contact with his erect cock.

Pulling the pants down with one quick motion, his erection was free.  Lifting her in his strong arms, Cupid placed Kitkat on the bed, removing her pants, tossing them along with his own.  Kissing her, he ran his hands all over her body, making her squirm with anticipation.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

That's exactly what he did.  Thrusting his cock into her with an almost animal abandon. Kitkat's hands roamed his back, leaving small red crescents where her nails dug in as a particularly hard thrust brought her to another orgasm.  Hearing her call his name as she came, sent Cupid spiraling into mindless pleasure as he thrusted and came, filling her.

He lay on top of her, kissing every inch of skin he could reach, echoing her moan of loss as his softened cock slipped out of her body.  He rolled off her, gathering his things.

"You don't have to go, do you?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid I do."

With that, he disappeared, and the first bolt of lightning streaked across the sky. The storm had begun.

Storm Surges

Song lyrics used within, without permission of course, are from Melissa Etheridge's self titled album, released around 1989. The songs are "The Late September Dogs" and "Don't You Need" "Watching You" and "I Want You".

Kitkat watched the candle's flame flickering in the humid air. The power had been out for a few hours, and the storm was still raging.  Pounding rain and winds beat at her door, effectively keeping her prisoner in her own home.  A bright bolt of lightning startled her, her quick gasp extinguishing the single candle that she had been so intensely watching.  Suddenly, the candle was lit again, and her stereo was playing, Melissa Etheridge's voice coming strongly through the speakers.

Come on let it rain
let it rain down on me
Let the rain fill my eyes
Let the rain set me free

She nearly threw something at the stereo, but a long shadow near it stopped her cold, or more accurately, stopped her hotter than hell.  Even with only that small amount of light, she knew it was him, the dark energy surrounding him rippling through the air, caressing her right to the core of her being.

He stalked toward her, his face a study in shadow, light glinting off his earring, like a beacon. He was standing right before her, a dark force, drowning the lone light.  He took the candle from her hand, placing it on the table.

"I want to see you." Kitkat said, amazed that she could speak, let alone form a sentence.

The room was bathed in light, the most exquisitely scented candles filled the room, making the room as bright as day.  Now Kitkat could get a clear glimpse of her enigmatic companion.  Ebony hair, shining like black fire, curling around a tanned face, cruelly handsome, dark eyes alight with passion and power.  Full lips were pulled back to reveal an almost feline smile. Strong neck and shoulders, broad chest, nearly bursting out of the leather vest he was wearing.  Her eyes traveled to his waist, and his tight leather pants, and the codpiece he was wearing. It was beautiful, she had never really seen one in person.  She reached out to touch it, and he grabbed her hand just as she was about to touch the ruby encrusted piece.

"Wouldn't you rather touch the real jewels?" he smiled as his clothing disappeared, his erect cock looking as if it were straining toward her outstretched fingers.

"Well, it's certainly ruby red." she smirked as she slid to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth.  Running a tongue over the head, one hand worked his shaft, while the other massaged his balls.  The salty liquid weeping out of the head drifted onto her tongue. His hands were sifting through her heavy hair, pulling, but not painfully so. He was making soft sounds, a countermeasure to the loudness of the weather.

He called out her name, thrusting into her hot mouth as he flooded her. She swallowed as much as she could, but a small trickle fell down the side of her mouth. Ares slid down, kneeling before her, and licked the small amount of himself from her face, Then he took her face in his large hands, and kissed her.  Their tongues danced along with the music that was still playing as he undressed her.

Don't you want to ride the storm
and then sleep inside the calm
Don't you want to get that high
Don't you want to be satisfied

His lips met her throat, and she arched her head back, and he pulled away. She looked at him as he grabbed one of the candles, his eyes holding all sorts of dark secrets. Bringing the candle to her heaving breasts, he lightly tipped the candle, until a single drop of wax fell onto her hardened nipple. Swiftly kissing the abused piece of flesh, Kitkat couldn't be sure what was hotter, the wax or the searing kiss from the God of War. He repeated the action on the other nipple, still shockingly erotic, Kitkat craved the flash of heat.  He placed the candle back on the table as he lay her on the soft carpet. Licking and nibbling down until he reached her soaking wet clit.  His tongue snaked out, lightly brushing against it, and a bolt of pure need ran through her.

"Fuck me now, Ares, please."

"Well, since you asked so nicely."

That arrogant look was back on his face. Kitkat wished she could come up with some witty retort, but his careful ministrations had reduced her mind to pudding.  She had to have that now hard and throbbing cock thrusting hard and deep in her now, or she would die from the wanting. Kneeling between her spread thighs, he plunged into her heat.  He drove deep, reaching far into her, and it was still not enough. Kitkat's hands clutched at his shoulders, leaving angry marks as she tried to get him to go even further.  Her quivering thighs wrapped around his waist, blocking any escape. Not that Ares was going anywhere at the moment. His face was locked in a look of determination and lust. The small growls were eclipsed by the wild storm and Kitkat's escalating cries of ecstasy.

Ares lowered his head, kissing her as she groaned her orgasm into his mouth. A few quick thrusts brought Ares over the edge.  He collapsed onto her, keeping the greater part of his weight balanced on the lower part of his body, between her spread legs.

Then he was gone, along with the candles he had brought. The only sounds in the room were Kitkat's breathing, and the sad song playing softly.

I keep watching you
Until I see right through
I keep watching you

Rolling over, she fingered a small spot of wax stuck to the carpet. Smiling, she rose, gathering her clothes.  Then the power totally came back on. The storm was over. All except the storm raging in Kitkat. She had tasted the War God, and she wanted more.  Blowing out her own candle, she skipped to the last song on the CD, as she went to dress and assess the storm's damage.

Since that night I'm not the same
Desire breeds an ugly stain inside me
Satisfaction never comes
It's always dark, and yet still I run
Even when I close my eyes
You torture me with shameless sighs seduction
Walking in a chilling sweat
Pounding heart inside my chest I'm screaming

I want you
I want you....

Storm Survival

Bonnie's stalled. "#1Crush" is by Garbage, from the "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack.

Kitkat looked out her window, the sky was still dark and menacing, but she once again had power, and she hoped the worst was over.  She picked up her phone, it was still out.  Her table was littered with the evidence of her boredom.  Candy wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper, along with her flashlights, candles, and the rope she had used to tie some things down in her backyard.  Her hand strayed to the rope, fingering the individual strands as she listened to the music playing.

I would burn for you
Feel pain for you
I would twist the knife and bleed my aching heart
And tear it apart

I would lie for you
Beg and steal for you
I would crawl on hands and knees until you to see
You're just like me

"I bet if we'd tried really hard, we could find something really interesting to do with that," a male voice whispered in her ear.

Trying to turn, she was stopped by a strong pair of hands holding her firmly. Then another, more slender pair of hands took the rope from her turning the rough cords into soft strands of silk. Her eyes met the dark gaze of Strife. He leaned closer and kissed her. The cool metal of his tongue stud only making the heat they were creating even more prominent. She was so intent on learning every inch of Strife's mouth that she didn't notice the silk going around her wrists, to rest behind her back. As she felt a strong erection nestling between the cheeks of her ass, she once again wondered who her second lover was.  Reading her mind, Strife produced a huge mirror, ornately decorated with naked bodies writhing in every sexual permutation known to man. She gazed into the glass, noting her flushed cheeks, and rapidly dwindling wardrobe, as Strife removed her shirt, leaving her breasts vulnerable to whatever Strife could imagine. She watched as his dark head lowered to her nipples, taking one into his mouth, while the other was rolled in strong and pale fingers.

Tearing her eyes from that delicious sight, she got her first glimpse of the man behind her.  Black wings swayed in the cool air of the room, a bare chest, leather pants, open, an erect cock surging out of the top of them.   Strife's hands slipped into her pants, pulling them off in one quick motion, exposing her wet cunt to the cool air, and Strife's hot mouth.  Licking her clit, using the piercing with every swipe soon had Kitkat cumming into Strife's waiting mouth. Strife then slid between her quivering thighs, to take the fluid in his mouth to coat Cupid's cock and her ass with the slick substance. She had barely recovered, when Strife rose, his now naked body coming into full contact with hers, and he entered her.  His throbbing cock pulsing with need inside her, as if it were a separate entity needing release. Cupid, now pushed the large head of his cock into her ass, slowly, killing her with pleasure by degrees.  Once he was balls deep in her, he pulled back, and began to match his rhythm to match Strife's purposeful stroke into her sex.

She imagined the two cocks brushing each other through a thin layer of skin, as they both filled her.  The two men were kissing each other over her shoulder, their moans echoing through her ears, nearly silent when compared to the pounding of her heart.

Experiencing her second orgasm, Kitkat rocked back and forth, pushing further onto the cocks that were the center of her universe at the moment.  Brushing her head along Strife's chest, she bit a hardened nipple, pulling on it. This added stimulation brought the godling to orgasm. His hands wrapped around to
clench Cupid's ass, as he too came.

The three bodies lowered to the floor, still connected, Kitkat's hands still bound.  Slowly, the men removed themselves from her, and brought her to her knees.  They smiled at her, and she shivered in anticipation.  A cloth blindfold appeared, and was placed over her eyes. She felt both sets of hands leave her, and she could guess that the gods were standing before her as they spoke.

"Let's play a game, you need to guess which cock is which, without being able to see, if you win, we'll be your willing sex slaves, if we win, we choose your punishment." Cupid's voice sliced through her.  She couldn't decide if it would be better to win or lose.

"OK, no god tricks, though." Kitkat said.

"Agreed." Strife said.

"Now count to 10 and then open wide."

Kitkat tried to steady her breathing, but she couldn't. Her mouth was growing drier by the second.  Finally, the 10 seconds were up, and she opened her mouth to receive whichever god was going to enter her.

She felt the head of a cock press against her bottom lip, and she used her tongue and lips to pull it further into her mouth.  Without the use of her hands, she could only lick and suck up and down the shaft, then move her mouth to bathe the testicles.  Making her way back to the shaft, she deep throated the cock, pulling back quickly as she felt him go totally still. He silently came, his semen spurting onto her face and chest.

"It was Cupid," she said softly.

The blindfold was removed, and she looked up to see Strife's angular face grinning at her.  She groaned as her mind raced at the thought of their opinions of suitable punishment.

Suddenly, she was flipped onto a hard lap, an ever harder erection grinding into her stomach.  Cupid's hand stroked her ass, before bringing it down with a resounding spank.  He peppered her ass with slaps, hard enough to sting, yet erotic enough that she began to crave more. She squirmed on his lap, the burn of the spanking running through her.

There was a pounding at the door, and they all froze.  Suddenly, Kitkat was dressed, and very alone.  She looked around, nearly crying at the loss.  Just before she turned the knob to kill whoever had interrupted her, she heard a whisper on the wind.

"Don't think this is over."

She smiled despite herself, as she greeted the evil neighbor that wanted to check up on her.

Storm Revisited

Today's musical selection is "Mouth" by Bush.  I listened to the remix on "Deconstructed" when writing this.

The storm was rising again, it's lonely voice howling like a wolf at the door.  The power was still on, but Kitkat chose to light candles, as she listened to her stereo. Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door, and Kitkat rose to look through the small window.  Standing there, legs wide, braced against the wind, stood a familiar figure with short dark hair.  She pulled the door open, the wind carrying the visitor inside.

As he passed her, he took her arms, bringing her to the center of the room. Swaying to the music, he began to kiss her. His tongue conquering her mouth, breaking only when Kitkat began to feel the tickling of unconsciousness, due to lack of oxygen.

"Caesar" a whisper as his strong arms held her weight, his erection digging into her hip. Keeping in time to the song, he began to undress her, nipping and sucking at each bit of exposed skin. He was marking her as his, and she was loving every second of it.

You gave me this
Made me give
Your silver grin
Still sticking it in
You have soul machine
Soul machine

The longest kiss
Peeling furniture days
Drift madly to you
Pollute my heart drain

You have broken in me
Broken me
All your mental armor drags me down
Nothing hurts - like your

Suckling her nipples as if he were trying to feed off her, Caesar's hand slipped into her jeans, fondling her ass.  He continued his descent downward, removing all obstacles as he went.  When she looked down to see him pulling her zipper down with his teeth, she nearly swooned with lust. Then he felt those teeth on her, as he pulled the offending jeans away, he bit her inner thigh, hard, and she yelled with the pain.

She looked down at him, and gasped at how fierce his eyes were. A gaze directed at her.  She had to look away, or forever be burned by his fire. He lowered his head, again, nibbling at the softness of her cunt, sending shivers through her body while purposefully avoiding her throbbing clit. She tried moving her hips, to get his tongue to go where she wanted it most, but he stopped her, pulling away.

"Now, if you won't stay still, I guess I'll just have to make you."  The grin on his face was full of confidence and menace. Hoisting her over his shoulder, he began carrying her to the bedroom.

She couldn't resist the temptation, and bit into Caesar's cloth covered ass. He merely laughed, the rumble resounding through his chest like the thunder that had been rolling all day.

Laying her on the bed, he took the nightgown she had left there, ripping it into long pieces. Securing her wrists to the bed, he then tied her legs, spread eagle to the remaining posts.  Confident that she was not going to be able to go anywhere, Caesar stripped, removing his shirt, then slowly removing his pants, the erection bouncing out like it was on a spring.  Kitkat giggled as a truly insane vision of Caesar wearing a Tigger outfit ran around in her lust-crazed brain.  He laughed again, and left the room.

Kitkat's eyes grew wide as she watched his marvelous ass leave the room. Where the hell was he going? Panic was about to set in, as she saw him return with a small tray. On it, was a bottle of wine, and her favorite flavor of edible body paint, chocolate. He opened the bottle taking a long drink of the wine.  Kitkat was fascinated by the muscles in his throat as he swallowed.  He took another long sip, then lowered his lips to hers, holding the back of her head up slightly.

She opened her mouth under his, the sweet wine mixed with the even sweeter taste of his tongue assaulting her mouth. He broke the kiss, once again, his lips traveling down her body.  Reaching her navel, he poured a small amount of the wine into it, lapping it up like a cat.  Then he grabbed the chocolate, swirling abstracts over her breasts and stomach, licking it thoroughly clean when he was done. Then he began to apply the sweet stickiness to his hard cock, and positioning himself so that the head of his cock brushed her lips, while his tongue once again plunged into her now dripping cunt.

She took him into her mouth, the saltiness of the fluid leaking from the head a sharp contrast to the sweet chocolate.  Sucking hard, she licked and ran her teeth down the sensitive flesh, as he mercilessly tongue fucked her.  She felt her orgasm shoot through her, and she moaned, the sound and her hot breath on Caesar's cock the trigger to his own release, as he flooded her mouth.  She swallowed the bittersweet fluid greedily, still tasting the hint of chocolate.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, sitting up and releasing her hands.  One more deep kiss, and he left the bed, gathering his things as he went.

Kitkat lay there, her ankles still tied to the bed, listening to the storm outside as she fell asleep.

Storm's Majesty

"Walking on Sunshine" is by Katrina and the Waves. "I Alone" is by Live, from their Throwing Copper CD "Nothing Else Matters" is from Metallica's Black CD.

Kitkat hung up the phone with a loud sigh.  The evil overlords of electricity said that the power might not be on until Tuesday. Thinking of all the food that was going to spoil, she turned on her small battery operated radio.

Now I'm Walking On Sunshine (whoa oh)
I'm Walking On Sunshine (whoa oh)
I'm Walking On Sunshine (whoa oh)
And Don't it Feel Good (Hey) (All right now) And Don't it Feel Good (Hey)

Pulling her hair out of it's neat bun, she shook her head, grabbing the radio. Opening the back door, she was about to toss the offending object out into the storm, when she saw the man standing calmly around the chaos of the night. Dropping the radio from nerveless fingers, she stepped out into the hot night toward him.  Her hair blew wildly, as her clothes stuck to her rain-soaked skin.  There was just enough light to make out the man before her.  Mysterious and gentle eyes, chocolate orbs aflame with ardor.  Hair, darkened by the water, but usually red gold and brilliant.  Kitkat watched one lucky raindrop slide down a curl gracing his proud forehead.  Even without any of the symbols of his office, the man exuded an aura of royalty.


Bridging the gap between them, Iphicles grabbed her arms. Pulling her close, she felt warmed by his body heat. The large erection pressed against her started building a totally separate heat in both of them.  Iphicles' soft lips brushed hers, the taste of him overwhelming the rain, and she opened her mouth under his.

Since he was quite a bit larger than her, effectively blanketing her with his warmth and strength.  His hardened nipples brushed against her, the thin cotton of his T-shirt molding to his chiseled body. Leading him backwards, they slowly made their way to the wall of the house, the brick cool against his back.  Turning them easily, cupping her head, so that it didn't hit the hard wall. Iphicles kissed her again, his tongue an intrepid explorer through her mouth. His hands scaled her sides, pulling up her shirt. Each rib a bringing his fingers closer to her sensitive breasts. He pulled back slightly removing his own shirt, the passion in his eyes almost scary. In that moment, everything stilled, the wind, the rain, even the pounding of Kitkat's heart seemed to quiet itself.  The only voice came from the small radio inside, the brooding voice soaring through the thick air.

I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
Fear is not the end
I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
Fear is not the end of this!

The words of the song struck a chord in the king.  He fiercely took control of their lovemaking. His tongue scoured her mouth, moving quickly to cover the rest of her upper body while he removed both of their pants.  Pushing her jeans down, he encountered the lacy panties she was wearing.  Growling loudly, he ripped the garment away, showing her the shredded fabric.

"No more."

Nodding carelessly, she felt the dripping fabric cover her eyes.  It didn't totally blind her, but Iphicles became a shadow. Dropping ghostly kisses and animalistic bites all over her body. The rough brick digging into her, she felt the first brush of his hard throbbing cock near her cunt.  His hands roughly grabbed the cheeks of her ass, lifting her off the ground.  Wrapping her legs around him, she braced herself for the first thrust.  He entered her slowly, but with the authority of a king. Pushing himself totally into her willing body, he stilled, as they enjoyed the feeling of connectedness.

Once again, the soft voice of the radio tickled at the edge of their hearing.

never opened myself this way
life is ours, we live it our way
all these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters

trust I seek and I find in you
every day for us something new
open mind for a different view
and nothing else matters

Thrusting deeply into her, he kissed her open mouth, their moans mingling as their tongues mimicked other parts of their bodies. The wind blowing savagely around them, Kitkat screamed as orgasm wracked her small frame, pushing her even further onto Iphicles' large cock.

As she called his name, Iphicles felt his orgasm building a slow fire inside him.  Increasing the speed of his thrusts, he too came, filling her with his seed. As she slid to the ground, Iphicles soon joining her, he removed the makeshift blindfold, and looked at him.  The sadness was still in his eyes, she wondered if it could ever be totally banished.  Now, there was also a hopefulness to those dark eyes, making Kitkat smile sincerely.

She had been so into her musings, that she had missed him dressing.  Mentally kicking herself for not paying more attention to that gorgeous naked body, she took his outstretched hand and got to her feet.  Not even the slightest bit ashamed of her nakedness, she pulled his head down for a kiss.

"Be Well, My King" Kitkat said softly.

"Take Care of yourself, Beautiful. If you ever need me, I will find you."

He then walked out of the yard, and soon he disappeared from her sight. Gathering up the remnants of her clothing, she wondered if all her panties would fit into the fireplace.

Storm's Reprieve

The version of "One" that I used is from the X-Files movie soundtrack, this cover by Filter. "The Perfect Drug" is by NIN, from the Lost Highway soundtrack. The last song bit if called "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry.

Kitkat entered the crowded club, the calm night after the storm sending many people out into the night.  Reaching the bar, drink in hand, she scanned the cavernous place for any familiar faces.  The eerie sounds of Filter's contribution to the X-Files movie soundtrack echoed around her.

One is the loneliest number
That you'll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It's the loneliest number since the number one

"One is the loneliest number, isn't it Kitkat?"

Kitkat turned at the sound of her name and the familiar voice. Standing tall over her was Ares, in all his leather clad, bad boy glory.  His dark eyes burning, well shaped lips curved invitingly.  Male sensuality epitomized, framed by a tousled mane of black curls.

As he twirled her into his embrace, she whispered. "Two can be as bad as one."

Smiling, his teeth looking intimidating and enticing, he said, "You're right."

Another set of arms worked their way over her body, slender fingers slipping under her shirt.  Turning her head, her blue eyes met with dark ones bouncing with mischief.  A pale face, sharp and sexy, short dark hair.  She couldn't see the rest of his clothing, but the warm leather of his pants made the bare skin of her legs tingle as they made their way to the dance floor.

i come along but i don't know where you're taking me
i shouldn't go but you're wrenching dragging shaking me
turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
the more i give to you the more i die

and i want you

you are the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug

Kitkat watched as the two men danced, a leather encased sphere of lust incarnate. They kissed freely, their tongues very accustomed to the taste and feel of the other. She had always had a voyeuristic streak, but watching these two bodies entwined to the pounding of the music was unlike anything else she'd ever experienced. She had to get involved now, or cum just from watching.

Sliding between their hard bodies, she became entranced by the heat and hardness touching every part of her.  Leaning forward to kiss Ares, she whispered, a split second before their lips met.  "Let's get out of here."

Staying close, her hand slipped into Ares' waistband, reaching lower toward his straining erection, while Strife's cool fingers idly tweaked one of her nipples, the three of them left the club, oblivious to the smirk they got from the bouncer.

They walked slowly, frequent stops for kisses and nibbles impeding their progress.  Kitkat had walked the short distance from her house to the club, so she led the two gods down the dark street, taking the shortcut she never used when walking alone.

Kitkat could still hear the bass beat of the music as she felt the cool metal of Strife's tongue stud dragging across the back of her neck.

As they walked, Ares movement became more clipped, his eyes had a tinge of desperation to their dark depths.  Pulling Kitkat under a streetlight, he swooped down his tongue demanding entrance into her mouth.  His hands were running up and down her back, sending shivers down her spine. Strife was busy removing the necessary obstacles of clothing, keeping Ares' throbbing cock prisoner.  Ares groaned into her mouth as he was freed, the cool air caressing his sensitive skin.

Ares then moved back, Strife quickly restarting the kiss, as Ares stepped behind him.  Strife yelped as Ares' rough finger began to stretch him.  As Ares prepared Strife, the godling placed himself inside Kitkat, slowly sliding into her heat.  Ares then also began to slide into Strife, the small gasps of discomfort giving way to vocal cries of pleasure. Thrusting in tandem, Strife and Ares set a fast pace that had Kitkat feeling the tickling of oblivion at the edge of her senses. Her orgasm rolled through her like the thunder she had grown accustomed to hearing.  Calling out Strife's name, she came, and leaned heavily on his slender, yet solid body.  He thrust again, then came, whispering her name tenderly, his hands running through her hair. His softened cock slipped out of her, but they held each other tightly.

Ares continued to pound into Strife, the mingled cries of "yes" and "harder" sounding more erotic than any musical composition.  Ares' then came, wrapping his powerful arms around both his lovers. Dressing quietly, Kitkat tried to walk more, but she was just too exhausted.  She could barely keep her eyes open when her world shifted, and she was encircled by muscled arms, her head resting on a hard chest.

Pointing out her house, they made their way up the stairs, taking her spare key from its secret place instead of trying to get it out of the disaster area Kitkat called a purse. Without turning on a light, Strife  bounded down one end of the hall, his energy back and then some, while Ares carried Kitkat in the direction of her bedroom. Laying her down, he kissed her temple, then disappeared in the same direction as Strife.

Awakening not too long after, Kitkat stretched and found a slender thread of silver wrapped neatly around her finger. The strand ran on the floor, down the hall.  Picking it up, she followed the trail, her heart pounding in anticipation. Opening the door to her bathroom, her eyes widened at the soft wash of candles in the room.  Small, fragrant bunches of flowers were everywhere, even the tub filled with perfectly temperate water was sprinkled with rose petals.  She had been so taken with the still beauty that she jumped when a form detached itself from the shadows.

Standing, gloriously naked, was Iphicles.  His tanned muscles bronze in the candlelight.  His hair a halo of red gold fire. Reaching out for her, he swept her up and into the tub, his eyes searing and intense. Taking a sponge he carefully cleaned every inch of her, his touches maddeningly light, until she
stopped his hand.

"Please, I want you."

"I want you too."

That was all that was said as he pulled her out of the warm water, quickly wrapping her in a fluffy towel. Leading her down the hall, Kitkat smiled, running her hands anywhere she could reach over his magnificent body.

Reaching the bed, Iphicles lay down on it, a secret smile playing about his lips.  Kitkat returned the grin and pounced, scattering kisses and small bites all over his upper body. Sliding down his body, Kitkat reached his very erect cock, weeping and ruby red. Licking the head, she heard Iphicles' groan.  Taking that as a good sign, she swallowed Iphicles' cock, an impressive achievement for anyone.  Alternating licks and sucks over his shaft, while her hands massaged his balls, Kitkat quickly learned the most responsive places on the king's body.  He came with a shout, flooding her mouth with his seed.  She swallowed greedily as he pulled her up to hold her close.  Laying in the comforting darkness, Kitkat once again fell into a dreamless slumber.  When she woke, all evidence of the previous night was gone, except for a single flower with a small note. It was a lyric to a new song that she had fallen madly in love with recently.

Save tonight
Fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I'll be gone

She held the note to her chest, silent tears running down her face, as she decided to go back to sleep.  Outside, the thunder rolled again.

The End