Choices of War
By Kitkat

Part 1

Xena looked warily over the valley.  This had been a rough year both her and Gabrielle. Now, in a way, they had come full circle.  The rift between them was healing, and now once again, Xena was raising her sword in battle against Caesar.  At least they were far away from Britannia, thank the gods, Xena thought.  She began to feel a presence, a change in the air.  Ares.

"You're going to need help to win against Caesar."

"Yes, but your help I neither need nor want."

Ares quickly pulled back the hand he was reaching toward his former warrior-lover.  He briefly wondered how, even now, she could still sting his black heart. He covered the disappointment on his face, even though she had not yet deigned to look at him. "Fine, just remember that my temple is always open when you realize that you're sending yourself, your bard, and whatever fools that may help you to their graves."

 Xena stiffened slightly at the mention of Gabrielle, but she remained silent.  Ares knew there would be no changing her mind right now, so he disappeared. She released the breath she hadn't known she was holding. Gods, Ares could still stir feelings in her that her rational mind wanted gone forever. Bloodlust, battlelust, and just plain old carnal lust all tingled throughout her body whenever she came into contact with the War God.  She knew then that she had to finish this battle with Caesar, it was the last tie to the old Xena.  She had heard the reports of Caesar's  conquest of Gaul, and rushed to find the resistance and join.

The soft touch of Gabrielle's hand drew Xena out of the past.  They kissed briefly, then continued on the path to battle.

Strife had watched this exchange intently under the shield of invisibility.  Ares was so oblivious sometimes, he thought.  Ignoring the devotion right under his nose, choosing to chase after someone totally unattainable.  The darker parts of Strife told him that he was doing the same by longing for Ares, but he told that part of him to shut up.

Caesar's Camp

She was coming.  At first, it was simply rumors, easily ignored. Now, the stories of Xena's  plans to lead the rabble that the local government called an army, came from reliable sources.  He looked into the small tub that he used for bathing.  A confident leader looked back at him from the calm water. Another shape appeared behind him in the water, causing him to smile.

"Have you come to watch the carnage, or perhaps are you going to plead for your pet Xena's life?"  This time, Caesar was even more determined to not lose control.

"Don't underestimate Xena, it's been the destruction of many a great warrior." Ares answered simply, patently ignoring Caesar's question. As he looked at Caesar, Ares noticed a small cord around his throat, almost hidden by armor and other battle gear.  "So, you still wear this?" as he pulled the cord to reveal the medallion he had left as a reminder of their most recent liaison.

Caesar turned to look at Ares, laying a hand on each of the god's rippling biceps.  "I keep it as a reminder of an amazing night that I never want to happen again."

"Never is a long time, for mortals and immortals, alike, Conqueror" Ares whispered as his lips brushed the mortal's mouth.

Caesar's temper raged at Ares' gentleness.  He just could not keep up with Ares' mood changes.  When he said he never wanted Ares again, he had expected rage, or even nonchalance, but not this unexpected tenderness.  The caution was beginning to waver as Caesar deepened the kiss, and his hands found their way inside Ares' vest.  Ares' hands undid the armor easily, reaching under the tunic to caress the rapidly hardening cock. Just as Caesar moved his hands lower to mimic Ares', the god pulled away and looked curiously at the man before him.

"I thought you didn't want to do this anymore?"

Caesar was at a loss for an answer. He had said that, yet now with all his blood rushing at the speed of light to his cock, his brain could not come up with a suitable reason for his change of opinion. He simply removed the rest of his clothing, and allowed Ares to see his desire as it gave his skin a dusky rose hue. His cock stood out proudly from a nest of dark curls, the head weeping and red with the blood that pooled there.

"I'm impressed" Ares said, "but I want more. Touch yourself for me, Caesar."

Caesar's hand unerringly found his straining cock, pulling at it experimentally.  The thought of doing this private act for Ares brought him close to the edge.

Reading the man's thoughts, Ares said, "No, you can not cum until I tell you to, understand?"

Caesar nodded and continued to stroke himself.  When he thought he was too close, he would try to think of something mundane, yet his mind refused to leave any thought without putting in a touch of eroticism. Thoughts of how many slaves he needed for his new palace became images of sweaty young bodies working under the noonday sun. Thoughts of battle only brought the memories of Ares thrusting into him deeply to the surface. He was now stroking himself quickly, thrusting eagerly against his hand.  When he thought he could take no more pleasure he looked up at Ares.  In a silent conversation permission was asked and granted.  Caesar came with a howl covering his hand with his own seed.

Now I want you to prepare yourself for me" Ares growled.  Caesar saw that Ares too was now naked. Ares' body was definitely divine.  Strong arms, powerful chest, a gorgeous cock. The god stood with his well defined legs slightly spread, as if he were some sort of sentry guard.  Taking the creamy fluid covering his hand, Caesar began to probe and stretch his opening.  As aroused as he was, he opened quite easily to first one, then two slick fingers.  When he brushed his prostate he arched slightly and looked to Ares to let him know he was ready.  Ares' erect cock glistened with some kind of fluid.

Caesar fleetingly thought that he really should pay more attention to what exactly are a god's powers.  Then he didn't care about anything but the god behind him, because he could feel Ares' pushing his way into him.  Caesar immediately began to thrust back against Ares, but the god held Caesar's hips steady, allowing both of them to enjoy the sensations.  Then Ares started to move. He penetrated Caesar with total confidence and control.  Caesar's steady stream of moans only encouraged Ares to probe deeper into the man.  Ares reached around to find Caesar's cock hard and waiting again. He pumped it in time with his thrusts.  Caesar came quickly this time, already having been so stimulated.  Caesar's ass muscles clenched tight around Ares, ripping the orgasm from him.

Ares slipped out of Caesar, running his fingers lightly down the man spine, revelling in the shivers it caused.  "Remember" Ares said into Caesar's ear. Then he was gone.

Remember? Remember what? One of the most intense experiences of his life, the feel of that hard cock possessing him totally, or was he talking about not underestimating Xena. Caesar wasn't sure of any of it, but he knew he would remember it all.  Exhausted, but unable to rest, Caesar dressed again, to speak with one of his generals about the next attack.  As he walked out, he fingered the medallion gingerly and slipped it under his clothes.

Part 2

Xena's camp

As Xena rode into the soldiers' camp, they surrounded her like she was some sort of savior.  This made her uneasy, these men, boys really, were not a cohesive group, confident in their skills. Their obvious dependence on her already made her decisively uneasy.  She walked into the tent they had given her, and turned her troubled eyes to Gabrielle.

"They think that I can save them from Caesar" Xena said sadly. "Well, what do you think you can do for them?" "I think that unless some sort of miracle happens, I'll be leading those boys to their graves." She shivered as she remembered Ares' words to her the previous day.  She didn't want to admit it, but the only way she was going to help these people, and keep Gabrielle and herself in one piece, was to figure out some way to make Ares want to help her.  The flip side being, that by accepting his help, she'd be setting herself up for a fall from all the good things she's done. She didn't even want to imagine her punishment if she somehow tried to double-cross Ares.  She had learned her lessons well. Memories like those are forever.  She could almost feel the sting of the leather against her naked flesh.  Even worse, she could recall the gentle kisses and passionate sex afterward.  Why now, when she was as happy as she could ever remember being, were these ghosts from her past trying to destroy her?  These were her thoughts as she walked past Gabrielle, took her sword and walked into the village nearby.

Walking quickly, she hardly noticed when she bumped into a small man coming out of the tavern.

"Excuse me" the man said with an obviously inebriated smile.

He walked away just as Xena realized that he had dropped his purse.  "Wait!" she called after him, walking swiftly until she caught up with him in the center of the village.  She handed him back his bag, and after profuse gratitude, he left.  Xena looked around, preparing to go back to the encampment, maybe Gabrielle could help her clarify her thoughts.  It was then she saw what looked like a dilapidated temple. It was not abandoned, she could see candles lit inside.  There was no outward appearance to whom the place was dedicated.

Xena figured maybe a quick prayer would help her cause. She was a close friend of Hercules after all.

As soon as she entered the place, the power tickled the fringes of her senses.  Blood stained the walls, the only furniture in the place was a stone altar and an intact and intricate throne with bone, metal and velvet pieces.  She looked at the altar, confused at the lack of blood on it.  Instead it looked stained with something else, something clearer.

"So, you decided that you needed a little help from a friend?" Ares asked arrogantly.

Xena opened her mouth, not really knowing what to say. "Ares, I didn't know this was a temple of yours, until I walked in. Now, I'm walking out."

Ares reached out, grabbing her arm.  Xena wheeled around to face him, eyes burning with anger.  When she looked to face him, his eyes were burning also, but with passion, not anger. As she opened her mouth to insult him once again, Ares descended, invading her mouth.  His hands began to roam down her back, resting on her ass.  Xena, still in shock, was now responding to the kiss that she never realized she missed.  She pressed herself firmly against that chiseled body, her own hands curling into Ares' hair.

Ares' eyes were closed.  He could feel her returning to him, yet he felt empty.  For so long, it only took the thought of Xena coming back to him to make him smile.  Now, with the object of his desire in his arms, it felt wrong.  In his mind's eye, Xena's bright blue eyes, turned darker. Caesar's eyes.  The force of the realization hit him swiftly as he pushed Xena away.  It was in this very place that Ares had been fucked by Caesar. He could still remember the sensation of being filled while watching Caesar realize that he had never had control of the situation.  That look of wild frustration had made Ares cum hard.  He returned to the present, looking into Xena's eyes.  The confusion was practically etched on her face.  Without so much as a word, Ares disappeared.

Xena was still standing there when Gabrielle walked into the temple. Gabrielle touched Xena's shoulder when she hadn't responded to hearing her name.  Xena stood rigidly but softened at the look of concern on Gabrielle's face.  She knew she had to tell Gabrielle the truth. Lies between them had caused enough trouble.  Even knowing this, she knew it would be hard both to tell and to listen to the afternoon's events.  She took Gabrielle's hand, and said "I have something to tell you, but not here. Let's start back to the camp."  Gabrielle looked even more concerned, but simply nodded her assent.  As they reached the outskirts of the village, Xena began her story. "I was feeling very confused this afternoon, so I went for a walk.  I know, I should've talked to you, but I wanted to get my feelings about it straight before I told you."

"Feelings about what?" Gabrielle asked gently.

"Caesar, my obsession for him..." Xena's words trailed off.


"Yes, my overwhelming need to destroy Caesar has nearly destroyed us. When Ares, came to me"

"Ares?" Gabrielle interrupted.

"Please, let me finish, Ares came to me yesterday, telling me that he might want to help me finish things with Caesar.  I was, I am so desperate for that last tie to my past to be severed, that I did something I hope you can understand, so maybe you can help me do the same.  I turned him down, but memories of our time together kept interfering with my thoughts.  I walked into the village, and ended up in front of the temple. I didn't know whose temple it was, so I decided to say a prayer, gods know we will need them against Caesar.  I realized it was a temple to Ares, and suddenly he was there. We talked briefly, and I kissed him." She knew she couldn't look at Gabrielle now, if she saw that hurt expression, she'd never be able to finish her tale. "I felt myself surrendering to him, giving in the that seductive darkness I loved for so long. I would have went anywhere with him, but he pushed me away and disappeared."

"Ares left you, when he was about to win you back? He gave up on the goal he's been reaching for since you left him? Why?" Gabrielle fired out her questions, the manifestation of her curious nature.

"I honestly don't know.  What worries me more is how easily I succumbed to him. Never before had I felt so overwhelmed by him, even when we were on the same side. Something about him has changed, when he kissed me, it was like he was holding something back. But at the same time, he was more free, like he didn't need me. I'll never understand any of the Olympians, but we have more pressing things at the moment. Like getting us and as many of these people out of this disaster alive."

"I'll need some time to think about this, but you're right about more important things. Just remember that I love you, Xena."

"I love you too, Gabrielle."

Ares' Palace

Ares paced in front of his throne like a caged animal.  Eyes glided from one object to another restlessly.  He had just turned his back on the thing he had wanted so very badly. Yet he did not regret his decision.  Introspection was not something Ares indulged in often, but this situation required some real thought.  He thought about his complicated relationship with Xena.  On the surface, it appeared that Ares simply did not want to lose such a great warrior. That was true.  Some said, he did not want to lose a lover.  That had also been true. Why then, when he kissed her, did he see another's face?  Clarity then came to him like one of Zeus' lightning bolts.  He enjoyed playing with Xena, a game of cat and mouse.  Winning would mean that there would be no more games to play. He knew then that he would not allow Xena to die at the upcoming battle. Neither would he let Caesar meet his doom.  He did not allow himself to think about why he felt so compelled to keep the mortal around. He needed a distraction, fast. "Strife!"

Strife materialized as if he'd been waiting for Ares' call.  "Yeah, boss?"

Ares looked at his nephew, then shook his head. "Never mind, I'm leaving."

With that he disappeared, leaving behind one very disappointed Strife.

Caesar's Camp

Ares materialized in Caesar's tent. He was unprepared for what he saw.

Caesar was thrusting furiously into a lithe body beneath him.  Caesar sensed he was being watched, and raised his eyes to meet Ares', seemingly unsurprised by the visitation.  He blew Ares a kiss as he made one last push and came.  He pulled out quickly, practically forcing the young man out of the tent naked.  When he was gone, he turned to face Ares, still gloriously naked.  "i know you like to watch, so how was that?" Caesar asked smugly.

Ares stalked closer to Caesar, still silent.

"You're angry, I can tell. The question is, what are you going to do about it?" the mortal asked defiantly.

Without so much as a word, Ares scooped up Caesar, carrying him over to the bed. He lay the man across his lap, the nearness causing both erections to bloom.  He smoothed his hand over the tight ass, before he raised it and delivered a sound spank.  Caesar's yelp of surprise turned quickly into a moan as Ares slipped a wet finger into his ass.  A spank followed, then another caress, each action growing in intensity. Caesar was on the edge, and both men knew it. One final slap, followed by a hot tongue invading his body pushed Caesar over that edge, sending him spiraling into comatose bliss.  He placed the man on his bed, and walked out with a satisfied smirk.

Strife watched as Ares left the sleeping Caesar. He had thought for sure that Ares would've hit the roof when he caught his newest boy toy bonking someone else. This Caesar was going to be more competition than he thought. Although, he did have some understanding of why Ares stuck around, that man had one bitchin' cock. He ran a hand along his still tender ass as he disappeared.

Part 3

The Battle Field

The time had finally come, the battle would be joined soon.  Xena could hardly believe that it had merely been a few days since she came to this place.  Her soldiers, if she could call them that, were as prepared as she could make them.  Which wasn't saying much. She was as confused as ever about the previous day's events with Ares.  Now, to make things worse, Gabrielle was nowhere to be seen. Xena left strict instructions for the final preparations as she went to find Gabrielle. Walking out of the valley, she could see Caesar's banners and the accompanying army camp.

Gabrielle could also see the marching soldiers coming towards them.  She shivered, she had heard many gruesome stories about Caesar's wanton violence.  A strong body pulled Gabrielle off her feet. She tried to scream, but a large hand covered her mouth.  She was roughly turned around to face a very large Roman soldier.

"Be quiet if you want to live" he said simply and lifted her onto his horse.

She thought of calling to Xena, but she knew she was a good distance from the camp.  She had needed time alone, to sort out her feelings on the revelation she had received yesterday.  Part of Xena, still and would probably always want Ares.  More shockingly, she felt jealous, that Xena could still get the god's attention.  Sometimes, when she closed her eyes, she could see that dark figure, all leather and muscle.  Hear his laugh, see the fire in those dark eyes.  As she was carried into Caesar's camp, she thought she saw Ares, smiling at her,  but she dismissed it as an illusion.  She was dropped unceremoniously onto the floor of Caesar's tent, memories of their last encounter still with her.  She gasped as Caesar entered the tent, the heat of the day covered his body with sweat, the simple toga he wore clung to his frame.

"So, Gabrielle, friend of Xena, we meet again" he said pleasantly. "Tell me, does Xena know your name by now? I would think so, since you write so much about her."

"Go to Tartarus" Gabrielle answered, surprised at how tight her throat felt.

In one fluid motion, Caesar had his sword at Gabrielle's throat. "Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now, and send your body to your precious Xena?"

"What fun would that be?" a voice from the entrance to the tent asked.

"Ares" Caesar said quietly, as Gabrielle's eyes widened greatly. She didn't know whether to sigh in relief, or to beg Caesar for a mercy killing.

Ares walked over to Caesar easing the sword away from Gabrielle.  He pushed himself between the two of them, facing Gabrielle. The god could feel Caesar's erection trying to push against the cleft of his ass. He could also feel Gabrielle's heat coming off her in waves.  He smiled as he chose his plan of action.  He turned to face Caesar, kissing him deeply.  As he broke the kiss, he said, "Now it's your turn to watch."  With that, Caesar found himself on his chair, unable to move.

Ares turned back to Gabrielle. "Do you want me?" he asked.

A simple question, yet it could change Gabrielle forever.  Her experiences with Dahok, those were forced on her, she had no choice.  Ares, though, was asking, and she somehow knew that if she said no, Ares would not take her. That would hold no allure to the god, he wanted her to want him.  That was the true pleasure for him.  He was no more than a breath away from her.  His erection pulsed against the tight pants, his eyes burned, not for Xena, but for herself. Her decision was made. "Yes."

Ares' hands encircled Gabrielle's wrists behind her, while he opened her shirt.  He lowered his head, tongue lightly flicking each nipple.  The electricity of the touch shocked Gabrielle into arching further into that hot mouth.  Satisfied that he had her cooperation, he released her wrists, her hands flying into his hair, her pale fingers weaving through its silky darkness.  His mouth worked its way up her shoulder, reaching the tender throat and marking it.  Breaking contact just long enough to smile at the imprisoned Caesar.  Ares captured Gabrielle's open mouth.  He could feel her giving in to her desire, in the form of her hands frantically trying to open his pants.  He made things easier for both of them by making all of their clothing disappear, including Caesar's.

Ares maneuvered them over to the rug right in front of Caesar.  Laying Gabrielle down, he covered her easily and spread her legs with one of his muscular thighs. He entered her quickly, efficiently, and began to thrust in a rapid rhythm.

Gabrielle had never felt like this before.  She was not very experienced when it came to sex, but she knew that this was more than mortal sex. If sex was always like this, nobody would ever get out of bed.  She could feel his cock inside her, pulsing with power. His hands were seemingly everywhere, he knew all the most sensitive spots, and just how much stimulation each of them needed. She turned her head, to see Caesar with a pain filled expression on his face. His own erection was bobbing, yet it seemed he could not even move enough to relieve himself.  She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him, she had better uses for it at the moment. Like moving enough so she could latch onto a nipple.  She was delighted by the groan that escaped the until now silent god.

Caesar watched as Ares cock continued to thrust into the woman.  He soon realized that the power that had kept him immobile had dissipated. He could easily get up. To do what? he asked himself.  Push Gabrielle away? Join them? As he thought about it, he realized how aroused he had been just watching.  He decided to stay seated as he heard Gabrielle's loud signal of climax. He then heard Ares' subsequent orgasm.  As they both lay panting, Caesar rose.  "Bravo, quite a wonderful performance. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find Marcus to help me get rid of this swelling I seemed to have developed." He draped a cloak around his naked form and left the tent.

Gabrielle, in the mean time, had reawakened. She looked at Ares, then rolled away, shock and horror written on her young face.  Not so much shock at what she had done, but at how much she had wanted to do it.  The depth of her need surprised her.  She reached for her clothes, but felt them materialize with a wave of Ares' hand.  She looked at Ares, still naked, smiling lazily.  She then ran out of the camp, Ares' laugh following her.

Part 4

Gabrielle was running blind, how she managed not to fall and kill herself was a mystery. Her eyes could only see Ares chest, nipples hard and glistening with the sweat of their shared passion.  Finally, she could run no more, collapsing on the hard ground, she slipped into a dreamless slumber.

Caesar walked back into the tent feeling exhausted, relieved of his tension. The burning that consumed him ever since he laid eyes on Ares raged even higher. This constant yearning had to stop.  These emotional spurts were not how he wanted to be.  All rational thought stopped as he noticed that Ares was still lying naked on the rug of the tent. Pointedly ignoring the god, Caesar called in one of his men to discuss the upcoming battle.  Caesar sent out a small party to find Gabrielle, and then dismissed the man, who nearly slipped in his own salivations over the naked god on the floor. Caesar then walked toward the back of the tent, picking up his sword, running
through some practice maneuvers.

"I could help you prepare for Xena, you know, I did train her," Ares answered, now dressed in his usual black leather.

"Help? I need no help. Not against Xena, her emotions make her a weak opponent."

"You are wrong, Conqueror, it is her emotions that give her the strength to win. It is her weapon, stronger than her chakram." With that last word, Ares unsheathed his sword, and lunged toward Caesar. Caesar's sword rose to meet Ares' thrust. They circled each other, meeting each other move for move.  The action was so symbolic of there tumultuous sexual activities that both men grew hard. They danced closer, finally dropping the swords in favor of thrusting their tongues in each other's mouths. Caesar had held his own with Ares when it came to weaponry, but in this duel of passion, Ares was definitely the master. His tongue drew Caesar into a match of rough thrusts and cool caresses. Ares knew the mortal needed time to recover, so as he broke the kiss he asked, "Try again?" as he gestured to the discarded swords.

Xena was getting more and more worried. She still hadn't found Gabrielle.  She knew that Caesar was not above using his knowledge of her emotions to get to her.  Flashes of what Caesar could do to Gabrielle caused Xena to urge Argo just a bit more. She needed to find her friend.  She desperately called Gabrielle's name,  until she saw a familiar form on the ground near her.  Gabrielle.  Jumping off her horse, Xena was instantly at her friend's side, trying to rouse her from the deep sleep she was immersed in.  Gabrielle had just begun to stir, when Xena heard a group walking toward them.  As she looked up, she saw Caesar's face, followed by blackness.  The small scouting party carried both the women back to their camp.

Xena and Gabrielle woke to the sounds of a sword fight.  Caesar and another man were practicing.  The warriors heard them awaken as they turned to face them.  Both women gulped air loudly when they realized the other man was none other than Ares.  Gabrielle ducked her head down, the blush rising to her fair skin.

"What's the matter, dear Gabrielle? No kiss hello for me? Or are you embarrassed to admit that we fucked like animals on this very floor, in front of your precious Xena?" Ares asked patronizingly.

Xena's eyes grew wide.  This had to be a lie, but as she looked at the faces of the three people in the tent, the weight of the truth landed on her.  Caesar gave her one of those condescending smile that she longed to wipe off his handsome face.  She reached for her chakram, to find it gone.

"Looking for this?" Caesar asked, twirling the weapon around in his hand.  "It's a well made weapon, good material, maybe I could melt it down into a set of matching cock rings for Ares and myself."  The two men shared a brief smile, then their gazes returned to Xena and Gabrielle.  "You've tried to beat me before, Xena, yet I keep on living. Now the time for play has past.  We must have our battle, so go, prepare your pitiful army  for their annihilation."

Xena rose, her eyes never leaving the chakram in Caesar's hand.  With one of her battle cries, she leapt toward Caesar, grabbing her favorite weapon.  Taking Gabrielle by the hand, she began to pull her out of the tent.  Before they could escape, Ares kissed Gabrielle deeply, as he watched Xena's eyes burn with cold blue fire.

Part 5

Xena was moving rapidly, nearly pulling Gabrielle off her feet.  The wild look on the Warrior Princess' face frightened Gabrielle.  Would this be it? The final, unforgivable betrayal?  Where would she go?  She was so engrossed in her thoughts, she barely noticed the rough way Xena threw her up onto Argo's saddle.  At least she wasn't dragging her on the ground this time, she thought briefly.

Xena was angry, angrier than she could ever remember being.  The rage was eating away at her.  But it would not obliterate her mind, the fates were not that kind. She could see every second of that passionate kiss between Ares and Gabrielle.  What she hadn't seen, she could imagine in great detail.  She remembered the pounding feeling of Ares' cock inside her, his hands, rough from war, stroking her nipples ruthlessly. Could someone as peaceful as Gabrielle appreciate the savage look that overcame the War God as he came. No, she thought, but then again, maybe she really didn't know Gabrielle at all.  Xena tried to dismiss these disturbing thoughts, she needed her mind to be focused totally on Caesar.  The image of his smirking face brought her mind back to the task at hand.  She rode into the camp, barking orders before she even stopped, still
completely ignoring Gabrielle.

The camp was a whirlwind of activity. Gabrielle watched it all intently.  Especially Xena, the newly crowned queen of denial.  She could not worry about Xena now, she had way too many of her own problems.  The hatred she felt towards herself was so great she might drown in it.  Not only had she betrayed Xena, more fundamentally she betrayed herself.  All her life, she's worked for peace, trying in her own way to make the world a better place.  One look from Ares, and she turned her back on all that. The more carnally minded part of her reminded her what a look from Ares it was.  She quickly told that part of her to shut up.  It did have a point though, yes, she had fucked Ares, given the choice, she'd probably do it again.  Yet, she was still the same person, she was not about to become some rampaging warlord.  Maybe she needed that animal part of her, a balance to her usual goodness.  Maybe, Xena needed it too, and working to totally suppress it was doing more harm than good?  She thought of how Xena seemed to have changed recently. She was always right, according to her, everything was black and white. She no longer seemed to remember that the world is full of gray areas. There was no time to discuss it now, the battle was about to begin.  She just hoped they both lived long enough to talk about it.

The stage was now set.  Two bands of men stared at each other, ready to kill and to die. Xena unleashed one of her mighty war cries as she launched herself toward the Romans. All Tartarus broke loose then, bodies flying, blood coating the ground.  No one could really tell who was who, you just tried to kill anyone in your path. Xena quickly forced her way through the infantry, running men through with an ease she hadn't thought she was still capable of doing.  The faces of the dead registered on her the surface of her thoughts, she was looking for one special face, she longed to see it twist in the grip of death.  She saw a purple cloak, seemingly out of place with the rest of the men, and followed it.

The figure ducked into Caesar's tent, either not noticing or caring that Xena followed closely.  Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the tent, she saw Caesar looking at her, sword at the ready.  She closed the distance, and they began to fight, metal hitting metal as their sword crossed.  Kicks and other blows were dealt liberally by both combatants. One swift strike to Caesar's wrist knocked the sword out of his hand.

Sweeping the legs out from under him, Xena put Caesar on the ground, straddling him, her sword raised and ready to plunge into his heart.  She was quite disappointed when she saw no fear in his eyes, only acceptance and a bit of amusement.

"So, reformed Xena, where are all your good intentions now, as you prepare to kill an unarmed man?"

He smiled again, laughing quietly, as if to himself.  Xena could take no more.

"That's it, you bastard!" she yelled as she ran him through with her blade.  The smile never left his face as his eyes fluttered and closed in death.  She pulled out her sword from the still form, cleaning the blood off with Caesar's cloak.

"Bravo" a voice behind her said.

"Ares, you mean you're happy that I've killed your latest protege?  I didn't think you would have tired of him so quickly."

"Tired of him, oh no, he is just beginning to open up to his true potential.  What makes me happy is that delicious rage I can see seething from you."

"Are you blind, Ares, the man is dead not ten steps from you!" she yelled, hysteria creeping into her voice.

"Look again, Xena" he instructed.

Her eyes looked at the body, her eyes widening as it rose.  Slowly the face grew paler, more  angular.  Strife.  He laughed maniacally as the transformation completed and he was once again in his usual black attire.

"Well done, Strife, keep this up, and you might just get a reward."

"A reward?" Strife asked, eyeing hungrily his uncle's leather covered cock. "Yes!" With that he disappeared.

Another figure walked into the tent. Caesar. At least it had Caesar's face.  Xena watched as the two men kissed fiercely.  Caesar began to remove his blood covered armor.  "That dismal excuse for an army is now destroyed, Xena.  Why don't you go and try to find all the pieces of your bard? I have heard you enjoy putting puzzles back together?" he asked as he looked at her.  Yes, this was the real Caesar, Strife just couldn't capture the cruelty of the eyes.  She took off out of the tent, praying to whatever force may be listening that Caesar was lying.  She needed  Gabrielle alive, no matter what arguments passed between them.

"Did you really kill her?" Ares asked as he pressed against Caesar's sweaty back.

"Not personally, no. Actually I do not know if she's dead at all. Nor do I care. I just wanted Xena gone.  I heard you mention a reward to that nephew of yours, do I get one as well?"

"Oh yes" Ares growled as teeth bit into salt-tinged flesh.

The sudden tingle of Ares bite, turning into a fierce nuzzle sent a wave of lust through Caesar.  He quickly pulled away from the god, turning to face him.  "No, not that way. I want you to take me in your mouth, Ares. I want you on your knees. That is the reward I want." He stood there, not letting his eyes waver as Ares seemed to contemplate the request.

No one was more shocked than Caesar when Ares slowly slid to his knees, tongue reaching out to delicately lick the weeping head of his cock. As Ares mouth slid further around him, Caesar began to thrust into that hot mouth.  Ares firmly took hold of Caesar's hips, efficiently stopping all movement.  Even on his knees, Ares held the authority of a god.  Caesar looked down, seeing a fully clothed god doing his best to swallow him whole, that coupled with the exhaustion of battle, led to a quick climax for the man.  He filled Ares' mouth, watching a small trickle slide  down
the corner of his mouth.  Ares removed Caesar from his mouth as he felt the mortal slither to the floor.  He smiled briefly at the sleeping man,  disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Part 6

Xena ran through the valley, madness dancing in her eyes.  Faces everywhere, but not the one she sought desperately.  Voices, cries of the dying, Ares' smug tones, but not the voice of Gabrielle.  A glint of gold struck the corner of her eye, begging for her attention.  She slowly walked over to the prone form, eyes widening in fear and recognition. It was Gabrielle, breathing, but her leg was twisted in a clearly unnatural angle.  She touched Gabrielle's forehead, and as if on command her eyes fluttered open.

"Xena?" the voice a soft whisper calming the storm of Xena's soul.

"Yes, I'm here, I'm going to get you out of here." The anger receded as quickly as it had formed.

"Don't hate me" Gabrielle started weakly.

"Hate you? Never again.  I was angry, at everything, when I realized what had happened with you and Ares. I was mostly angry at myself, if we'd never met, you would have never met Ares or Caesar..." she drifted off as she recounted all the trouble Gabrielle had endured in the name of friendship.  She also knew that she had to tell Gabrielle the other factor in her anger, secrets between them were the most venomous poison.  "I was jealous."

"Of what?"

"That Ares wanted you when only the day before he had rejected me.  For a moment, I thought that you too had rejected me for Ares, he's nothing if not seductive, when he wants to be."  Xena noticed the slightly dreamy look on Gabrielle's eyes, but continued anyway. "Add to that the desire to destroy Caesar, and that makes for a very volatile Xena."

"I still don't understand why I wanted Ares so badly. Yes, he is seductive, but this was not our first meeting.  In the past, I have felt myself being pulled toward him. Yet this was different, he was different, in a way he seemed, and I know this isn't the right word for it, but he seemed happier, more at peace with himself."

Both women smiled slightly at the thought of a peaceful God of War.

"Ok, enough confession for the moment, we need to get you bandaged up and out of here." Xena said firmly.  The trip back to the remnants of the camp were slow but uneventful.  Xena practically carried Gabrielle, whose leg was kept immobile by a makeshift splint composed of some broken spears that littered the valley.  Fortunately, the camp was pretty much intact, and thankfully free of corpses. They settled into their tent, in companionable silence, resting before discussing recent events further.

Ares rematerialized in his palace, vibrating with tension.  He needed to fuck something, and fuck it hard.  "Strife!" his rich voice resonating through the empty space. Surprisingly, Strife was nowhere to be found.  He focused on Strife's energy, taking him to stand in a luxurious bed chamber.

Strife was mewling with pleasure as a muscular body thrust into him wildly.  He watched the muscles play along this familiar yet still unnamed back, his ass hard, thighs that would feel delicious wrapped around the god's waist.  His gaze wandered back up over those proud shoulders, draped in sweat, just kissing the fall of the man's red gold hair.

Strife had felt the presence of Ares when he entered the chamber.  He was simply too busy being fucked silly by Iphicles to offer a proper greeting to his boss.  He could feel his orgasm beginning to form, that luscious tension filling him.  He managed look over Iphicles' shoulder to see what Ares' reaction was. He had been in such a strange mood lately, first getting so possessive over one mortal, while rejecting the one he'd been chasing for years now.  The look of hunger on Ares' face chilled Strife to the bone, bringing his orgasm out of him with a ragged scream.   Before he could even begin to push Iphicles away, Ares stalked toward them.

Iphicles was about to pull out of Strife's body when a strong arm came around his waist. The strength was matched only by the passion of the voice in his ear telling him to stay put.  Iphicles felt a power surge through him, and he was once again hard. Harder than he could ever remember being.  He felt Ares preparing him, and he was surprised at the care he was taking.  He shivered as he remember his one and only previous encounter with the god.  If Iphicles said he was fucked raw, that would have been an understatement.  He felt the head of Ares' cock pushing into him, setting all his senses on fire, causing his to lunge even deeper into the pliable body beneath him.

The three men moved like one of Hera's beasts, building a rhythm, moans creating an erotic symphony.  Ares' hand reached forward, grabbing Strife's previously neglected erection.  He knew the length and feel of this cock well, but it had never stirred him so much as when he saw the god being fucked by the handsome mortal king. He smiled slightly as he imagined what Caesar would say about his voyeuristic tendencies, which seem to be bordering on obsession as of late.  He had to admit it, he liked to watch.  As a god, he could have anything he wanted, he could know someone's mind completely, just by reading it.  Mortals, did not have that comfort, he enjoyed watching them complete each other in the only way possible for them.

Ares felt the tremor of impending climax go through Strife, felt it echo through Iphicles, finally singing through his own body. He thrust even harder, driving himself into Iphicles, and by extension into Strife.  As he felt Strife flood his hand, and Iphicles' muscles clench around his thrusting hardness, he let out a shout that thundered throughout the palace. One more swift thrust, and he too felt the rush of orgasm.

The three were still connected as they slid to the cool floor.  They were still touching and nipping at each other as someone burst through the door of the chamber. Before the lovers stood Hercules, looking like he'd been struck by Zeus' lightning bolts as he fell to the floor, fainted from sheer shock. Ares and Strife  grinned at each other, then at Iphicles as they disappeared.  Leaving him to explain to the newly arrived Iolaus, what it was that could possibly have caused, Hercules, Son of Zeus, to faint.

Part 7

“What in Tartarus happened to Herc!!” Iolaus yelled

“Well, my brother, saw something, and he just fainted.” Iphicles knew this was a lame excuse, but thinking of something rational after being fucked by two gods was simply not possible for him.

“Saw what, Iphicles? This is Hercules we’re talking about, he’s seen monsters and beasts of all kinds.”

Nearly giggling at the thought of saying “Well, Hercules never saw Ares’ real monster of a cock.” He blurted out “He saw Ares fucking me, while I fucked Strife, OK!”

Iolaus eyes grew so large, they looked like they were about to pop out of his head.  His mouth opening and closing without a sound.  Then Hercules began to stir, rubbing his head where he fell.  “Iolaus? are we in another alternate universe?”

“No, Herc.”

“Oh, OK” Herc mumbled as he left the room, the last words anyone heard from him were something about brotherly love.  Iolaus ran after him, not wanting to miss any of the fun. Iphicles quickly dressed, the velvet feeling overly soft running over his tender ass.  Calling for his most trusted advisors, he made plans to refurnish the temple of Ares in Corinth.


Strife appeared in the temple  pulsating with satisfaction.  Not only was the sex mind-blowing, but the look on that goody two boots Hercules’ face was priceless.  Ares materialized behind Strife, a strong arm wrapping around the godling's slender waist, lifting him off the ground. Soft lips mingled with teasing teeth scalded Strife's neck with kisses and bites as Ares carried him to the large bed. Laying Strife down on his back, Ares pounced on the smaller man, their weeping erections surging as they made contact.  Growling, Ares swooped down, deep throating Strife's cock. Strife cried out, barely keeping himself from cumming, Ares never took him in his mouth, and now that alternately rough and gentle tongue was running slowly over his head, while large, capable hands fondled his balls.  Strife's moans filled the chamber as Ares brought him to the razor's edge or orgasm again, and again, never giving release.  Finally, nearly mad with pleasure, Strife gathered all his strength and flipped them over, pulling his hard and aching cock from Ares' mouth.  Grabbing the vial of oil near the bed, upending it on Ares' tight ass, Strife plunged into the God of War.  The tightness nearly ended this before it began. Strife thrusted deeply, hearing Ares' making little noises of pleasure.

"Do you want me to stop?" Strife asked, making his body perfectly still.

Ares turned his head around, his eyes nearly glazed over. He was being blissfully fucked into oblivion, and he thinks I want him to stop?

"Fuck Me, Strife."

"Hot damn!"

Strife resumed his frantic pace, pushing deep and hard into his lover, hands roaming over Ares chest,  pinching the peaked nipples.  His tongue slid over one sweaty shoulder, the metal stud cooling the heated flesh. His hand straying to Ares erection, pulling swiftly and purposefully.  Strife felt the storm of orgasm coming, and he bit hard into Ares shoulder as he came, his groan vibrating through both their bodies. One more stroke, and Ares came, yelling Strife's name loudly.

Strife removed his softening cock from Ares, licking the bite he had left on Ares' shoulder. "Mine."

Ares smiled pulling Strife underneath him. "Getting possessive, aren't you?"

"Yes." Strife answered, sticking his tongue out at Ares.

"Don't stick that thing out unless you intend to use it."

"You know I will."

Strife's tongue was about to connect with Ares throat, when a flash of light came into the room.


"So you two finally got your shit together? I guess I'll be going." Cupid turned, not wanting his seemingly now former lover to see his tears.  "Cupid, love, wait." Strife rolled off the bed, pulling Cupid into his arms.

"The bed's more than big enough for 3." He looked over at Ares, smiling at the acceptance he saw there. Usually, Ares face was so hard, but when it was times like this when he just wanted to fuck the God of War senseless. Strife led Cupid to the bed, kissing him deeply, while Ares removed Cupid's quiver, placing it on the table.  Tongues dueled, cocks were sucked, asses were fucked. A good time was had by all, so good that no one noticed the shadowy form stealing the quiver from the table.

Part 8

Caesar rode hard, the large beast between his legs comforting and arousing.  The outskirts of Corinth loomed, and Caesar felt a spark of excitement.  The assassin he had sent to eliminate this king, Iphicles, had failed.  Caesar couldn't afford another failure, so he saddled his favorite stallion, journeying to Corinth.  As the countryside flew past him, Caesar's mind alternated between plans of death, and memories of passion.  It was said that the King of Corinth resembled the God of War.  Maybe he could play with the king before ending his life.

Caesar had not seen Ares since the battle with Xena, yet he could still feel that powerful cock possessing him. Those bruising kisses that made him hard just from memory.  Urging his horse, he watched the outer edge of Corinth, rise before him.

Arriving at the local inn, he planned to rest the night before going on to the palace in the morning.  Laying on the hard bed, his hand slowly crept over his bare chest, bringing his nipples to attention.  Running his fingers lightly over his toned abdomen, he reached into his pants, feeling the wiry curls surrounding his semi-hard cock.  Removing the pants, he began to stroke himself lazily, luxuriating in the slow burn of arousal.  As his cock grew harder, he saw a flash of light from the corner of his eye.  Not looking over at the visitor, he stroked harder, mental images of Ares dark eyes and powerful body stirring the embers of orgasm.  Fondling his balls, while furiously pumping his throbbing cock with his other hand, Caesar came with a shout.

"What a show!" the voice said, followed by a burst of manic clapping.

Caesar's head whipped to the side, to face his audience.  Standing before him was Strife, a huge grin splitting his pale face.  Caesar watched in stunned silence as Strife undressed, his already hard cock bobbing slightly as he walked to the bed.  He hadn't expected the godling's body to be so attractive.  Light skin, toned muscles, with a delicious looking cock, and thighs that would feel wonderful wrapped around his waist. His legs were still spread, and Strife's limber body slid easily between them on the bed.  Using the pool of cum that still slicked Caesar's stomach, Strife coated his finger, inserting it into Caesar. Stretching the tight opening, Strife smiled, inserting another digit, barely brushing Caesar's prostate, but it was enough to have him arching off the bed.  Strife noted pleasantly that Caesar was once again becoming hard. Using a third finger, the godling determined the mortal ready. Using his own fluids and the remainder of the man's seed, he coated his cock, placing it at the small pucker.  He could see that Caesar had closed his eyes.

"Open your eyes, watch as I fuck you."


"Would this help?"  Strife's face began to change, dark hair growling longer, curls framing a fuller, darker face.  Lips grew fuller, surrounded by a dark goatee.  His voice, too, became deeper, darker.  "Better, My Conqueror?"

Caesar opened his eyes, unblinkingly looking at the face of the God of War.  The only difference was the eyes.  The color and shape were the same as Ares, but the fire in them was more desperate.  "I know that it's still you, Strife."  Closing his eyes again, he waited for a thrust that still hadn't come.

"How about this?"

Once again, the air surged with power as Strife changed forms.  Now, he was the powerfully built soldier, Marcus, that Caesar had fucked in front of Ares. His eyes widening, he began to wonder.

"So, you're finally figuring it out, huh? That was me you were fucking so hard in front of Ares.  Now it's my turn."

This time, Caesar did not close his eyes. Quickly turning back to his true form, he plunged into Caesar in one fluid motion.  Caesar cried out at the sudden intrusion, the discomfort turning to a sense of pleasant fullness.

Strife's rhythm was fast and hard, riding the mortal for all he was worth. Grasping the man's cock, Strife began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Their mingled moans filled the air, as Caesar flooded Strife's hand. Raising the sticky fingers to his mouth, he licked the hand clean.  One more hard push, and Strife came also, a wordless cry resounding through the room.  Pulling his softening cock out of the mortal, Strife's clothing once again materialized.  As he left the small chamber, he blew a kiss toward Caesar, who in turn hurled the vase from the bedside table at this disappearing form.

Caesar awoke the next morning sticky and sore.  Climbing out of bed, he narrowly avoided the shards of pottery littering the floor, and made his way to the basin of cool water.  Cleaning himself, he began to prepare for the day ahead.  He needed to be subtle to ingratiate himself into the king's court.  Iphicles was no fool, but the recent death of his wife and his mother had left him vulnerable.  Emotions were always a weakness.  Smiling as he thought of how to get close to Iphicles, he dressed, and left the inn.

There was a celebration today, so he easily slid through the crowd into the courtyard of the castle.  Listening to the chattering of the women, he rolled his eyes.  Then he heard the trumpets signaling the arrival of the king.  There, on a balcony above him stood a gorgeous creature, draped in velvet, the red gold of his hair blazing in the sun.  It was the eyes, though, that captured Caesar's attention.  Intense, confident, but tempered with a sadness that was almost tangible.  He knew now that he could get close to this man, close enough to kill.

Part 9

Moving easily through the happy crowd, Caesar met with the spy he had ensconced over a month ago in Iphicles' Court.  Due to the loudness of the party, the two men had to stand very closely, to be able to speak and understand each other without shouting.  Alexander was a handsome man, black hair that had a lustrous glow and blue eyes that were icy and warm at the same time.  He was also loyal to Caesar above all else.  This devotion had been cultivated, beginning when Caesar had chosen the young man to be his personal servant. Soft touches, discipline tempered with what seemed like compassion. But in reality, was a calculating plan to make the perfect agent.  Now, as they walked toward Iphicles' chamber he once again remembered a sunny afternoon in Gaul.


The sun tried to push through the heavy fabric of the tent, but only a dull glow filtered through to the man laying on the bed. Caesar's eyes opened, feeling the satisfaction of victory flow through his veins. His eyes traveled over the large tent, the gold tribute, worn and still unused armor.  Banners and robes littered the floor.  Finally, his eyes rested on a small form, curled on a mat.  The boy had recently matured into manhood, his muscles losing the softness of adolescence.  Caesar admired the raven hair, shining even in this dim light. The face was calm in sleep, but even with the eyes closed, his whole body screamed of awareness. The slightest provocation would have those eyelids snap open, and crystalline eyes of blue would be searching for the source of the disturbance.

Caesar pulled a feather from his pillow rising from his bed, walking softly toward the sleeping man. Crouching, he ran the tip of the feather along a strong, lightly stubbled jaw.  He watched Alexander's eyes open, the force of his questioning glance almost stifling. Running the feather over the young man's lips, Caesar unwrapped the blanket that had wound itself around Alexander's slender hips during his restless slumber. He watched as the first twitches of arousal began to harden Alexander's cock.

Alexander spread his legs, inviting the touch. Caesar eagerly complied, running the feather over the man's throbbing cock, while his mouth closed over Alexander's. Their tongues touched, Caesar's intensity burning away Alexander's last vestiges of shyness.  He was now kissing Caesar, his passion a match for his soon to be lover. Arms became entangled as they rolled on the mat, their skin brushing against each other.  Their cocks bumped, and each man groaned in pleasure.  Knowing that they were both near the edge, Caesar gently rolled Alexander over, reaching for the oil he kept nearby for just such an occasion.  Generously covering his cock, Caesar began to probe Alexander's ass with one slick finger.  Waiting until Alexander was used to the invasion, he added a second finger, stretching the opening, thrusting slightly.  When the man began to push back against his hand, his body writhing, giving him a feline appearance, Caesar added a third lubed finger.  He brushed lightly against Alexander's prostate, smiling at the loud gasp that resulted from the action.

Positioning himself, Caesar pushed into Alexander, the tightness almost too excruciatingly perfect.  Thrusting deep, he whispered to Alexander, giving them both a chance to calm themselves.  "Does it feel good, to have my cock inside you?  Does my hand feel right around your cock?  Tell me, what do you want, my cat?"

Alexander smiled at the pet name, but found himself able to answer Caesar's questions with more than a whispered, "Please?"

"Please what? please fuck me? grab my cock? leave me alone? You must say what it is you desire."

"Please fuck me."

That is what Caesar did. Long hard strokes, that seemed to strike Alexander to the core of his being.  Caesar's battle hardened hands stroked Alexander's cock, a calloused thumb raking over the weeping head the final push that sent the young man spiraling toward ecstasy. As he howled, he felt every muscle in his body tighten and still, a moment frozen in time.  He thought he saw a flash out of the corner of his eye, but then he heard Caesar's cry of completion, and all thoughts were forgotten.

Pulling out of Alexander, Caesar retrieved the basin, washing the seed from both of them.  Alexander was looking at him so tenderly, Caesar had to smile, his plan was working perfectly.

Iphicles' chamber

Caesar walked around the opulent room, noting the lack of mirrors.  This would be to his advantage, no reflections to give away his presence to soon.  He once again checked his dagger.  As he touched the blade, it somehow slipped, causing his finger to bleed. He was about to raise the injured digit to his mouth, when another hot mouth surrounded it, erasing all pain.  Ares.

He watched the dark head as it worked meticulously on the small cut.  Wishing that it was something else Ares was sucking on instead, he pulled his finger away.  He was about to say something, when the door opened.  Iphicles entered, the aura of sadness still clinging to him.  Caesar turned toward Ares, only to find him gone.  Disappointed, but unwilling to admit it, he moved into position for his plan.

Part 10

Iphicles lit the many candles around the bed.  The sadness in him was beginning to overpower him. Only one thing could help him forget the pain for a while.  Alexander walked in the door, a silky robe flowing around his handsome form.  The two men smiled at each other, walking into a crushing embrace. Their lips met briefly, breaking apart for air and then to speak a few words.  Caesar watched from the shadows, wishing he could read the mens' lips.

"He's betraying you. At this very moment, he's telling Iphicles all about you and your plans."

Caesar half turned, drinking in the sight the war god made.  His hair was a ruffled mass of curls, one twirling over a smooth forehead.  The vest that he usually wore was replaced with a crimson shirt, left undone and swaying to some unheard rhythm.  His chest was as exquisite as ever, all muscle and power.  Swinging low from his waist, was his Sword, radiating divine dominance.

"Tell me why I should believe you, Ares?" Caesar sneered, without much conviction.

"Just watch, my Conqueror."  Ares settled behind Caesar, not touching but close enough to feel the heat coming off the man in waves.

Iphicles hands roamed over his lover, caressing him gently.

"See, that is what men like us could never give that mortal.  True gentleness. We may wear the guise of compassion, and we might even feel something akin to caring for another, but underlying it all is need.  We value ourselves too highly to submit willingly, or to gain real satisfaction from that kind of passivity."

Caesar watched as the now naked men kissed and cuddled on the bed.  Iphicles' muscular frame slowly inching over Alexander. Promises of love and forever passed freely between the men, as Iphicles began to prepare Alexander for the next stage in their love making.  Using a lightly scented oil, he inserted a finger into his lover, reveling in the sounds he heard.  What he did not hear was the conversation going on just steps away.

"I do not submit to anyone, Ares. I am Caesar, my destiny is to rule the world.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have a king to kill."

"No. Watch."

Ares wrapped a strong arm around Caesar, immobilizing him.  With his other hand, he freed his rapidly hardening cock from his pants and began to experimentally pump.  As Iphicles entered Alexander, Ares rubbed himself against Caesar, noting that the man was no longer struggling to get away.

Caesar could feel the god's leaking cock on his leg, and felt his own begin to pulse as well.  He knew that one word would bring about his pleasure, that if he would just say anything to Ares, that somehow they would fuck.  Yet, he could not do it.  He could not admit that he craved the god's cock more than the finest wine.  Instead, he watched, as the familiar face of his spy called out another's name, his eyes more alive than Caesar had ever seen.  As the king climaxed, so did the god, his seed trickling through his hand.  Ares released Caesar, as they faced each other.

"I'll be watching, when you decide you wish to speak."  Ares took his still slick hand, and outlined Caesar's lips with cum.  Then he disappeared. Caesar's tongue slipped out to taste the god's essence.

"Is someone there?"

Caesar froze as he heard the king's question.  He could jump out now and try to kill the king.  The question was who would Alexander side with in a fight. His lover, or his master?  Could Caesar even be considered his master, now that Alexander had chosen Iphicles.  He didn't have time to think about all this, so he quickly slipped back out of the chamber, not turning around as Alexander called his name.

Part 11:  Conclusion

Caesar rushed down the hallway until his chaotic thoughts finally allowed him to see.  He was Caesar, someone who runs from neither king nor god.  Walking back down the corridor,  heard bits of the shushed conversation between the lovers.  Whispered words of devotion burned his ears.  They were just beginning to rise out of the sumptuous bed when the Emperor returned.

Caesar calmly walked to Iphicles, knife clenched tightly in his fist.  "I'm going to kill you now, king, and there is nothing that will stop me."


Caesar turned abruptly at the roar that filled the room.  Ares strode to Caesar's side, pulling the knife out of the emperor's hand.

"Ares, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were somewhat attached to this mortal,"  Caesar said sarcastically.

When Ares made no attempt to answer, Caesar continued.  "If you're so taken with this gentle king, then I see no reason to stay.  I came here to kill him, but the only thing that is dying is what I thought was an immortal desire for you, War God."

Ares looked at Caesar's back as the emperor watched the view and waited for the god's decision.

He got it as he heard a breathy sigh, and Alexander's cries of mourning in the chamber.

For the first time in a very long time, Caesar truly smiled.  Ares was his.

The End