Wings Of Love And War
By Kitkat
Ares stalked into the temple, pouting with a vengeance. Zeus had just reamed him out again.  Why in Tartarus is everything that goes wrong his fault, he asked himself.  Just for once, maybe I'd like to not be held responsible, to lose control.

"'Dite!" he yelled in the seemingly abandoned place. She was just about the only Olympian that would have anything to do with him lately.  He heard the crackle of energy that signaled a god's arrival and turned around.

Instead of Aphrodite, he saw Cupid, and Cupid again. Two Cupids?  His mind was spinning as he took in the men before him.  Same face, but different as well.  One face was soft, compassionate.  The other had a harder edge, making the countenance more angular. The eyes were ostensibly the same color, though they were shaded differently, one with light, the other flecked with darkness.  His musings were stopped by Cupid's question.

"Hey Unc, what up?  Strange, isn't it?"

The other Cupid remained silent, in a warrior's stance, hand hovering over the hilt of his menacing looking sword. Then everything clicked. This different Cupid was from the alternate universe, where they all had doubles but their personalities were opposites.  He shivered as he remembered hearing that he was in that reality, the God of Love.  Which would make this new Cupid the God of War.

He looked into the waiting face of light Cupid, considering that was how his mind was addressing them now, light and dark Cupid.  "Strange doesn't even cover it, where's your mom?"

"Cupid's grin died on his full lips. "She got sucked into that vortex thing, that's how he got here." His eyes wandered over to the other Cupid, shining with emotion, and not a little lust.

"Then I guess I'll be going" Ares said, heading for the door.


The first word he had heard from the Winged Warrior stopped him cold. The voice had the same tone, but the texture was darker, richer.  He shivered again, this time due to the fire that was slowly building within him. He slowly turned around, only to find himself nose to nose with that handsome face.

"We will need your power to open the gateway back to my world."

"What's in it for me?" Ares asked, watching as Cupid's tongue drifted out to lick his lips. "It had better be good." he finished.

Cupid's hand snaked down to brush against Ares' leather covered cock. "Oh, it will be better, I promise that."

"Really?" Ares asked, any further comment was stifled by Cupid's tongue invading his mouth.  Their tongues dueled, tasting the danger and power of the other.  He could feel Cupid's hands removing his pants, and then his own, bringing their erections into full contact.  Ares leaned into the sensations, almost whimpering when Cupid broke the kiss. "Let me give it to you, you know you want it, give up the control, become an instrument of passion, of sensuality. Feel the power of submission." Cupid's voice purred into his ear, as if he had read his earlier  thoughts.  He had barely nodded his assent when he felt his arms lifted. wrists shackled, attached to a chain dangling from the ceiling. He was about to ask where that came from, but Cupid's finger covered his lips.  "No more talking, mine, just feel."

He was more aroused by Cupid calling him 'mine' than he could have ever imagined.

"How does it feel, War God, do you want to touch me" Cupid licked his ear lobe. "Do you want to fuck me?" he moved to cover a nipple with his mouth. "Or are you strong enough to admit to yourself that there is a part of you that wants to be dominated?"

Ares growled at the last statement, the truth of it filling him with a peace, then a passionate flame.  He remained silent, his only answer was to spread his legs wide, waiting to be taken.

"Good." the Warrior Cupid said.

The other Cupid had been watching the whole scene with a soft grin on his face.  Mom always said Ares was a born submissive.  But he couldn't let those two have all the fun, so he walked over, taking his place kneeling before Ares' cock, while the other man positioned himself behind Ares.

Ares groaned as Cupid's mouth engulfed his aching cock. He could feel the tongue swirling around the shaft, torturous in its gentleness. Slight sucking and licking brought him to the edge many times, but Cupid always sensed this and pulled back slightly.  Meanwhile, the other Cupid was busy marking his shoulders and back with bites, his erection digging into the cleft of Ares' ass, but still making no move to enter him.

Cupid's mind was spinning. He was sucking Ares' cock. In a million years, he'd never thought he would.  Now the smoky taste of the God of War took over his mouth, the weeping precum as good as ambrosia to him. He could feel Ares about to cum, and though he wanted to swallow every drop, he knew that his counterpart was waiting for the liquid so he could fuck Ares.  He felt Ares still, the tension bursting as he filled Cupid's mouth. He quickly went under Ares' spread legs, taking the other Cupid's cock in his mouth, making it slick with Ares' cum and his own saliva. The two winged gods then kissed, transferring what was left of Ares' seed to the warrior Cupid, who quickly bent over and coated Ares' opening with creamy liquid and swipes of his tongue.

Cupid crawled back between Ares' legs, watching the other Cupid enter Ares in one quick, hard motion.  Ares' erection, which had been building again, wavered slightly, but Cupid brought it back to attention rapidly with his mouth.  As Cupid fucked Ares', Ares quite roughly fucked Cupid's mouth, responding to each thrust with one of his own. Cupid reached down to his own erection, stroking it in time with the thrusts.

Ares came again, tightening his muscles around Cupid's cock, feeling it tighten in anticipation of orgasm.  One or two hard thrusts later, he too fell over the edge, roaring as he filled Ares.  The sight of his two lovers' release, sent Cupid spiraling into climax. Ares opened his eyes, wings completely filled his field of vision. They slowly encircled them, as his bonds were released and the lovers held each other on the floor.

Ares was the first to awaken, and looked at his two companions. In sleep, the differences between them were harder to discern. Though even in sleep, Cupid, War God, held himself differently. He had a leg thrown between Ares' thighs, but it seemed more an embrace of possession than comfort.  The other Cupid, though, was trying to meld himself into Ares' side, an arm over Ares' chest, his sticky genitals nestled against Ares' hip.

"So, are you ready to open that portal now?" came a somewhat sleepy question from Cupid.

With a sigh, the three men rose, dressing quickly.  They gathered in the middle of the temple, using all their powers to open the gateway.  As the blue light swirled, Aphrodite ran through it, rushing to greet her son.  She passed Cupid, God of War, smiled and said, "Go on, honey, your Ares misses you terribly."  With a quick look towards the two men, he disappeared into the light.

Noticing the men's disheveled appearance, and the chain that still dangled from the ceiling,  Aphrodite smiled and said, "What have you been up to?"  Ares' just smiled back at her. "That's for me to know..." he laughed as he walked out the temple.

'Dite looked at  Ares retreating form, then back at her son. "Really? Way to go, Cupie! Now you can see why I put up with him." She pulled the shackles off the chain, and handed them to her son.   "Here, for next time."

"What makes you think there will even be a next time?" he asked honestly.

"Oh honey, once you've had a piece of that, you will find a way to get more." she said. "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" she asked.

"It's definitely hot, mom. Let's go find some fun." He ran out of the temple, the shackles jingling almost musically in his hand.

Aphrodite let him go, she was  just too tired for any more fun today.  She went to her palace where she dreamed of a gentle Ares in white leather.

The End