Change In Attitude
By Kelly

For once, there was a change in attitude.  Gone was the cocky and in control god of war.  In his place, a kneeling man sucking cock with his powerful hands bound behind his back.

Not even his name sounded familiar to his own ears.  *Ares, God of War* had no meaning for him now.  Only the names his lover called him.  Slut.  Cocksucker.  Whore.

Ares sucked his lover's cock hard, licking up and down the slender upturning shaft as the head rubbed against the back of his throat.

Ares felt fingers twining roughly in his hair, and pulling his mouth down to suck harder on the cock in his mouth.

"Good little slut," his lover whispered.  "Take it all in, cocksucker... you know you want to."  And yes... Ares wanted to.  He opened his mouth wider, sucking the cock harder and deeper into his throat.

His tongue slid up and down the shaft, flicking across it, then the tip ran up and down his lover's cock as he helped it slide deep into his throat.

"Good slut," his lover said again, his voice rough and throaty.  The fingers in Ares' hair twisted tightly, and he immobilized Ares' head as he fucked it hard.  Ares relaxed his throat, relaxed his body, and let his lover control him.

Ares' eyes closed, and his lover slapped him.  "Look at me, cocksucker," he whispered.  "I want to see my whore's eyes while he sucks me off."  Ares moaned around the cock in his mouth, his lover's words filling him with need and tremors.

The fingers in Ares' hair twisted painfully tight, and Ares could feel his eyes watering.  The ties holding his arms behind his back seemed to cut into his flesh, and that throbbing of his wrists was echoed in his cock.

Ares moaned again, and his lover jerked his cock out of Ares' mouth.  He wrapped his fist around his cock slick with Ares' saliva and pumped it hard, stroking rhythmically as he rubbed the head against Ares' bearded face, grunting at the rough hair scratching against it.

Ares opened his mouth to catch the head, and he earned another gentle slap.  "Whore," his lover grunted between strokes.  "You don't choose... I use you, remember?"  He kept stroking his cock, rubbing it all over Ares' face.  Ares panted heavily, his cock throbbing as his arms strained against the bindings on his arms.

He moaned as his lover's hot come hit his face, his cheeks, dripping down the bridge of his nose and onto his full lips.  He turned, and streaks of cum hit his hair, matting the luxuriant curls together.

His lover kept pumping, squeezing every shot of cum out onto Ares' face, even until it dripped down his chin and onto his face.  But still hard, his lover knelt down, rubbing their cocks together, pumping them both hard as he ground his palm against Ares' balls.  He leaned down, smearing his own cum across Ares' chest, marking him with it as he pulled more out of both of them.

He stroked himself and Ares harder and faster, and Ares screamed as his cock jerked, and cum spurted out again.  His lover caught the cum, smearing it on Ares' lips, his nipples, his stomach.  His slick hand kept pumping his own cock, and as Ares' orgasm finished, his own started again, and he dropped shot after shot of hot cum onto Ares' chest, shoulders, even his hair again.

Cum was matted in his sideburns, his hair, his beard.  His face was dripping with fresh cum, with dry cum caking on his skin and lips.  His chest was tight with drying cum, his nipples throbbed with it.

Sovereign reared up over Ares, pushing him onto his back and surveying his handiwork.  "Good little whore," he spat out.  "I always knew you were a cocksucker, and now everyone is going to know it.  They're going to know that the god of war is my little slut."  He dragged Ares up, keeping his hands bound behind his back as he shoved Ares out the doors and into the main room of the temple.

Ares tried his best to shake his hair down to hide his face, but the cum-matted curls wouldn't cooperate and he was forced to march through his own temple and out the doors, into the empty courtyard and into the Sovereign's waiting wagon.

The End