Where I've Been All This Time
By Kelly
Kelly walked into Ares' throne room.  Ares was reclining in the throne, legs slung casually over the arm, smirking at her with an irritatingly self-confident smirk.  For some reason, that smirk was the final straw.  Kelly slowly and deliberately walked up to the throne, and stopped within a handsbreadth of Ares.  She reached out and wrapped her hands around one of his biceps.

Ares watched her with smoldering eyes as she touched him, then wrapped her hands around it.  Little did he expect the powerful yank that dragged him off the throne.  His ass hit the floor, and he literally flew into a rage.  Kelly danced back as Ares got to his feet.  "You!  You are going to regret that!"

Ares advanced on her, and Kelly danced just out of his reach. She ran around him, and to his utter astonishment and disbelief, planted herself on his throne!  He walked up to her and dragged her out of the chair, tossing her to the floor.  She hit the stone floor with a grunt, hair spilling into her face.

She looked up at him, and he said, "Yesssss..... I think I like you down there."  He snapped his fingers, and a leather collar appeared around her neck, attached to a leather thong that Ares held.  He used the thong to pull her towards him.  She balked, but was forced to follow the humiliating lead when it began to choke her.  She closed her eyes against seeing his domination of her, when she sagged backwards suddenly, released from the thong. "You!  You dare!" Ares shouted.  She gasped for breath a moment, and looked up to see Ares battling a green and purple clad figure holding a sword. They were whirling too fast for her to make out details... all Kelly could see was green and black blurs.  She ripped the collar from around her neck and waited for a break in the fighting so she could see who her rescuer was.

Then, when cool hands touched her back, she amended it to "rescuers."  Plural. A familiar voice whispered in her ear.  "Come on... while Ares is distracted." Hands pulled her to her feet and led her out the door while Ares and the other rescuer still crossed swords.  The bright light in the corridor blinded Kelly and she couldn't see who was leading her to safety.  A hand came up to shield her eyes from the light, and she focused in on a mustache and chiseled cheekbones.

"Autolycus?" Kelly asked, confused.  "Then who...?"

"Who do you think?  Chris!  I'm not stupid enough to go up against Ares! Besides, he likes fighting with him... he told me so while y'all were fighting Xena."

Suddenly the party in question skidded to a stop beside the couple.  "Auto, Kelly, you, uh, you might wanna scram," she said, as a bolt hit the wall and sent rocks tumbling down.

"What about you?" Auto asked?

"I'll be fine," Chris assured them. "I think.... now, go, before he gets back!"  Auto pulled Kelly into a run behind him while Chris turned to cross swords with Ares once again, blades sparking as they fought.  When Auto and Kelly were safely gone, Chris dropped his sword and Ares pulled his thrust up short.  "They're gone.  Dammit, Ares...WHY did you have to leash her like that?"

"Because she had the audacity to pull me off of my throne!"  Ares projected the scene to Chris, who saw it play in his mind's eye.  "It's not funny," he said as Chris laughed.

"Yes, it is, because you've no idea how many times I've wanted to do that exact thing myself!"  Tears were beginning to run down his face.  "I'll talk to her, see if I can get her to come back, okay?  But no bondage... that's what I'M here for."

"I just might take you up on that," Ares told him.  "If you're good."

"When am I ever GOOD?" Chris scoffed.  Then he got serious. "Ares... she's not like me.  She doesn't go in for rough foreplay.  You want to get to her, you be nice.  Smooth.  Like Au--"

"Mention his name and I will snap your neck," Ares said darkly.  "I constantly hear that name echoing through the halls of the Temple.  And when it's not echoing in the Temple, it's the only name on your lips.  Enough!"

"Jeezo peezo, babe... don't get your leathers in a loop.... what?" he asked, seeing the god's glare.

"You're talking like that idiot nephew of mine... stop it!"

"Ease off, man... I'm going anyway."  Chris flashed him an irritating grin before he walked off, and Ares went back and flopped into the throne.  He found Kelly and Autolycus waiting for him outside of the temple.  "Hi, guys." Auto and Kelly hugged him.  "Easy on the hugs, will ya!  One at a time!" he smiled.

"You're okay!" Autolycus seemed surprised.

"You doubted it?" Chris asked.  "For shame, Auto, for shame."  He turned to Kelly.  "He's just a little ticked off, is all.  He's more pissed at me, now. I laughed when he showed me the scene. Priceless, little girl.  You don't know how often I've wanted to do just what you did."  He wiped the tears out of his eyes.  "You ought to go back in."

"WHAT??  Are you crazy, or just out of your mind?  We just got her out of there and you want her to go back in??" Auto asked, disbelieving.

"Contrary to his image, Auto, he's actually quite a.... conscientious lover. I've not heard complaint one yet.  And he never bruises you unless you ask for it."

"Ask for bruises?  I don't wanna know," mumbled Auto.

"Good, then... I won't have to tell you.  Really, Kelly... he's worth it.   I promise he is.  And I'll be on call if he gets too rough."

Kelly walked back into the Temple and was immediately engulfed in strong leather-clad arms.  "Welcome back, my enchantress."

"Ares," she said, forcing herself not to melt in his embrace as his presence threatened to overwhelm her.

"Come with me," he instructed, leading her into his bedroom. His bed was draped in black leather and silk with four great horns for legs.  It said on a raised platform at the far room, with three steps leading up to it.  Ares swept Kelly up into his arms and carried across the room.  She nestled into the god's broad chest and laid her head over where his heart should be.  There was silence...the god had no heart!  Her arms wound themselves around his neck, and the fingers played with the curls reaching down over his shoulders.

Ares liked the feel of her hands on his hair...it pleased him.  The mortal body offered so many incidental sensations it was easy to realize why he liked this form.  This form allowed him to experience multiple stimulations at once, like the feel of this woman against his body and her hands on his hair.  His hair... it seemed to fascinate every man or woman he bedded.

Kelly couldn't take her hands away from his hair. It was thick and glossy, and jet black.  It fell in waves and curls down his shoulders.  It was so different from the coarse hair on his face that tickled her as he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.  As he kissed her, he made her clothes disappear from her body.

Kelly felt a cool breeze on her body and looked down at herself... she was naked! She looked at the god standing over her and he smiled at her, perfect white teeth peeping out at her.  She reached out for him and he moved in closer to her.  She grabbed the two halves of his vest and pulled, shoving the warm leather off his shoulders and onto the floor.  She unbuckled his sword belt and it fell to the floor also.  She quickly unlaced the ties of his leather pants, and peeled them off, the leather fitting him closely like a second skin.  His chest was covered with thick black hair, which grew down his washboard-like stomach and into his groin.  His cock... Kelly's eyes widened. "Sweet mother of Zeus!!" she whispered.  His cock was huge...easily ten inches, she thought to herself.  And he was wide and throbbing.  The mere sight of him erect like that made her immediately weak.  Ares laughed low and climbed on top of her.  He grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, and kneaded them together, pinching the nipples.  He crawled further up her body, and pressing her breasts together, he began to slide his cock in the small hole there.  His cock was rubbing against her nipples, and she was writhing, the friction of his burning heat against her sensitive  nipples making her sensitized to everything he did.

Ares smiled to himself to see this woman writhing beneath him.  He had her now...she was at her most vulnerable.  Now, she would pay for humiliating him and for dragging him off his throne.  He released her breasts and while she lay there for a moment trying to catch her breath, he waved his hand over her body.  Shackles and chains appeared, chaining her spread-eagle to his bed.

Kelly couldn't believe what was happening! A moment ago, he had been gentle and tender, and now she was bound to his bed like a slave.  She looked up at him towering over her.  "There's no one to rescue you this time, my pretty. Your... thief," he said, as if saying something distasteful, "is out of the way.  You're mine.  And you will pay for what you've done."

Part 2

Kelly felt the cold hands of fear touch her.  "Ares... no.  don't hurt me,"she begged.   "I'm afraid of you when you're like this," she said to his back. He wasn't looking at her, he was getting something out of a black dresser beside her.

"You know," he said, snapping the bullwhip above his head, "Chris was surprisingly docile after I got this out....I wonder, would the same thing work for you?"  Ares continued to snap the bullwhip, Kelly feeling the breeze of it every time it cracked over her.  "Let's find out."  Ares cracked the whip very close to Kelly, and she flinched.  "Oh, so you ARE afraid of something.  I was beginning to wonder. Now... are you going to behave?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, my lord," she whispered, hoping that it was the right answer.

"I was hoping for 'master' but 'my lord' is good enough," he said, coiling the whip and hanging it on his belt, which had reappeared around his waist. "Now...what am I to do with you?  I don't want you thinking that you can get away with humiliating me like that...but I don't want to hurt you TOO badly. Oh, but I do so like the fear on your face."  Ares sighed.  "I need time to think about this," he said, and sat down beside her on the bed.  He drummed his fingers on her stomach, then started curling her pubic hair around his finger.  His touch on her was driving her mad...she already wanted him, and even through her fear, she still wanted him. "Why do I feel as if I am forgetting something .... I am!"  He snapped, and the leather collar from before  appeared around her neck.  "Not that I suppose you need it...but I just like the way that it looks."  He snapped again, and a length of black leather appeared in his hands.  He tied it over her eyes. "No...I like seeing your fear in your eyes," and the blindfold vanished.

Kelly was miserable.  She didn't know what he was going to do to her next.  He was deliberately playing with her.  He was tormenting her with his indecision. She wished that he would make up his mind because once he did she knew that she could deal with whatever it was, but the uncertainty was killing her.

Ares loved this game... he had played it hundreds of hundreds of times before, but it had never given him the delight this woman was.  She was, he reflected, just as much fun as Chris to torment.

A knock on the chamber's door surprised both of them.  Ares petted Kelly gently and said, "Stay," as he went to answer the door.  "Yes?"

A messenger was standing at the door.  "King Iphicles of Corinth respectfully requests an audience with your lordship...he is waiting in the Temple foyer for your convenience."

"Show him in," Ares instructed the messenger. His eyes darted from the god to the bound and naked woman on the bed, but he didn't argue.  He nodded in acquiesence and left to bring Iphicles to Ares.  Ares walked back over to his captive.  "We're going to have company, m'dear. Look sharp," he said, settling comfortably on the bed beside her, reclining with his back resting on her shackled arm.

"King Iphicles of Corinth," the messenger said, ushering the king in with a bow.

"Yes...what can I do for YOU?" Ares asked.

Iphicles thought nothing about being received in Ares' chamber.  He had received supplicants in his chamber before....but when he entered the room, he was NOT expecting to see Ares reclining against a shackled and naked woman. "What can I do for you?" Ares asked him.

Iphicles found it difficult to speak for a moment, losing his kingly composure.  "There is a war coming to Corinth.... I want to win it.  If I don't win, my kingdom will be lost, and my people subjugated under the rule of a tyrant."

"This war you refer to... I know about it.  I ENCOURAGED it.... why would I stop it?  The man out to conquer your kingdom is one of my most faithful warlords."  Ares spoke to Iphicles with composure, casually trailing his fingertips along Kelly's thighs.  Iphicles tried to look everywhere else, but when the god spoke, your attention was on him.  "Give me a good reason why I shouldn't let Beckarus wipe Corinth off the face of Greece."

Iphicles tried to think, his mind clouded by the beautiful woman on the bed. "Because of Hercules? To lord over him that you helped his brother?" suggested the woman on the bed.  A leather gag suddenly appeared in her mouth.

"When I want you to use that mouth, I'll let you know," Ares said causally, turning back to Iphicles, who was staring at the gag between her lips, and her crimson skin.

Kelly was hot with embarassment when Iphicles came in.  It was bad enough to be in this position, but to have someone else witness it... it was killing her.  Her skin was hot and red, and she could feel Iphicles's eyes on her. Didn't he even have the decency not to stare??  When Ares asked why he should help Iphicles, she dared to speak.... she knew that it would draw attention to her, but ANYTHING to get him out of there.  As soon as she'd spoken, a leather gag appeared between her lips and cruelly stretched her mouth. Her tongue tried to dislodge it but couldn't.  She felt Iphicles' eyes on her again, and began to squirm under his gaze.

Ares saw her begin to squirm, and smiled.  Her hot skin was evidence that he was succeeding...he was humiliating her.  He tried to hold back a laugh. "You're right, Iphicles.  It would be something that I could...annoy our brother with.  Let me think about this," Ares said, pacing around the bed. Iphicles was standing uncomfortably in the middle of the room.  While Ares paced, Kelly followed him nervously with her eyes, unsure of what was going to happen next.  While he paced, he passed Iphicles.  Kelly's eyes fell on Iphicles, and she was drawn in by his eyes... so like Ares' and yet not, being more soft and less cruel.  Everything about Iphicles seemed the opposite of Ares.... Iphicles seemed to be soft where Ares was hard, gentle where Ares was cruel.  She felt a draft on her body and realized that Ares had opened the door and was calling on his priestesses to bring him weapons.

Ares caught Kelly's eyes on Iphicles.  That was NOT what he was here for.  He uncoiled the whip from his belt and shook it out to its full length.  As he waited for his priestess to bring him his weapons, he lightly tossed the whip up, letting the bulk of it land on Kelly's naked body.  He began to speak to Iphicles in a civilized tone of voice.  "My priestesses are bringing an assortment of weapons for you to take back to your army.  These will insure your victory against Beckarus."  Ares pulled the handle of the whip toward him, allowing the length and the fringed end to draw lightly across Kelly's body.

Kelly watched as Ares uncoiled the whip.  She whimpered but it was lost underneath the gag.  He shook it out and she cringed, expecting the lash to fall on her.  Instead, she felt something land lightly on her chest.  She opened her eyes and saw the lash lying across her body.  Ares pulled lightly on the whip and it began to move, the fringe at the tip drawing across her body, raising goose bumps.  Still she watched Iphicles watch her.

Ares saw this, and was less pleased.  Curtly he dismissed Iphicles, telling him to wait in the foyer and the priestesses would bring the weapons to him there.  Iphicles left and Ares put the whip to the side.  Instead he brought out a smaller tawse, totally fringed, and dragged it from her shoulder to her stomach.  She shuddered under it, and Ares smiled.  He took the tawse and laid it over her breasts.  "You disappointed me, Kelly...you took pleasure in something that I meant to pain you."

The fringe of the tawse felt like a hundred fingers tickling the skin of her breasts. When he drew the tawse toward him, each fringe stroked her nipples, teasing and hardening the flesh more and more. He dangled it directly above her nipples, the leather barely brushing the flesh.  To her mortifcation, her body moved itself, trying to cause the leather to stroke her breasts again. Ares moved the tawse, forcing her body to chase after it.  He laughed at her tears.

Kelly was sobbing.  Her mind was churning with anger, frustration, humilation and desire.  Her body was flushed and sweating, straining against the shackles to reach the teasing leather.  Ares laughed and lowered the tawse to tickle her nipples.  She twisted underneath the leather, her body and mind warring. Her body writhed toward the leather, her mind forced her body AWAY from it...  it only served to expose more sensitive skin to the leather.  She cried out to Ares, and he stroked her hair softly, then kissed her gagged lips.   His Priestess of the Armory came in.  "Where is King Iphicles?"

Ares looked at her.  "He's in the foyer...and WHAT are you doing with those??? THOSE are MY **PERSONAL** weapons!  He's to be given the ones WITHOUT magic in them!!"  Ares dragged the priestess out of the room behind him.  Kelly relaxed her body, sobbing with relief that Ares was gone and she was alone.

Part 3

The door creaked as someone pushed it open from outside.  Her head turned to the door and she saw Iphicles enter.  He looked quickly around for Ares, and when he saw that Ares wasn't there, he moved over to the bed.  "Beautiful woman..." he said.  "Why are you here?"

Kelly couldn't speak over the gag in her mouth.  Iphicles' gentle hands removed the gag and his mouth touched hers in a soothing caress.  He comforted her bruised lips, gently slipping his tongue into her mouth.  She wanted to close her arms around him but couldn't.  Instead, she pressed her head closer into his, and his hands held her head still, close to him.  His hands slipped from her hair to the shackle on her wrist.  He tried to break it, but couldn't.  Not for the first time he wished for the strength of his half brother.  He couldn't force it to open, either...they were magical.  They would come off when Ares removed them, not before.  But the collar...Iphicles took his dagger and slit the leather collar in half, slipping it from around her neck.  "Thank you," she whispered.

He covered her mouth with his fingers.  "Do not speak," he warned.  "You do not want to draw Ares' attention back to you."   Iphicles reached underneath her and drew out a blanket.  He covered her with the blanket and tucked it in around her, his hands feeling warm against her body.  "There... you should be more comfortable now."  Her eyes communicated her gratefulness to him.  He leaned in for another kiss and intended to depart.  He didn't expect her to draw his tongue into her mouth  and suck on it.

Kelly's body ached from the strain and positioning.  Iphicles took her collar off, and when she tried to thank him, he warned her not to anger Ares.  Then he drew the top blanket out from underneath her, brushing against her buttocks in the process.  He laid the blanket over her, covering her nakedness. He leaned in for another kiss, and Kelly realized that she wanted Iphicles to make love to her. She'd wanted it since she'd seen him come into Ares' bedchamber.  She still desired Ares....that desire flamed in her blood, raging like a fever.  But her desire for Iphicles was tamer... a wish for a gentle lover instead of the angry god.  When Iphicles kissed her, Kelly quickly drew his tongue into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, trying to tell him with her eyes and body that she wanted him.

Iphicles knew that without a doubt, this was going to end in only one way... he was going to make love to this woman.  Whether she belonged to Ares was beside the point.... this woman was obviously in pain, and Iphicles couldn't stand to see a woman cry.  He reached out to wipe away some of the tears that had fallen on her cheeks.

Her arm rattled the chain it was shackled to... there wasn't much slack on it, only a few links.  She wanted to reach out to Iphicles, draw him back down on her and kiss him again, but she couldn't. The frustration drew the tears out, and they collected on her cheeks and rolled down her face.  She felt Iphicles' warm hand wiping those tears away before lying down on the bed beside her. His body pressed in against hers, and she tensed.  Iphicles felt her tense and knew that she was afraid.  He didn't dare to speak, not to draw Ares' attention.  He didn't know how to tell her that he wasn't going to hurt her. He wanted to touch her, to know her body, but he also realized in a flash that
her body was too vulnerable.  There  would be no way for him to reassure her that he meant her no harm.  His chocolate-brown eyes met hers.

As Kelly gazed into Iphicles' eyes, she found that she could read them.  In them, she read that he wanted her.  He wanted her to know that he didn't want to hurt her physically or mentally.  He desired her body and he desired to stop her torment.  That was all.  Under his chocolate gaze, she melted.

Kelly melted under Iphicles' gentle eyes.  She nodded almost imperceptibly and Iphicles smiled, moving into position between her chained legs.  He was already hard...to be honest he had been since he'd seen her like this.  He slid his fingers into her slit, and was surprised to find her already wet and ready for him.

When his fingers entered her slit, Kelly's body jumped.  Her body was so sensitized that she felt every minute caress of his hands as they moved out of her slit, trailing the wetness up her thigh where it dried in the cooler air. Iphicles loosened the ties on his trousers and his erection sprang up... he was almost the size of Ares...almost.  He fell into her, driving his cock into her moist slit in a quick stroke.  She couldn't help herself--he felt so exquisitely hard inside of her that she cried out.

In the armory, Ares' head snapped up.  He was the only one that heard Kelly's cry...he and whomever she was with.  He was infuriated at first that she would dare to take her relief... then he recalled she was chained.  She couldn't...who would DARE to take advantage of the woman in HIS chambers??  Anger flooded his body with the very thought, sending blood pumping into his already-hard cock...the bloodlust consumed him.  Leaving his astounded priestess there in the armory, he burst into the bedroom with a thought.

Kelly was in ecstacy.  Iphicles' hardness was stabbing into her, slowly sliding against the heat that Ares had caused, his head brushing against her clit, exciting it into hardness.  He was stroking her slowly, listening to her quiet pants to judge when he should speed up, or delve deeper.  His hands pressed into the bed on either side of her, and his head was bent, suckling first her right nipple, then the left, switching quickly and often so not to torment her more than Ares had... and it always came back to Ares.  With that thought, she looked over Iphicles' shoulder a nd saw Ares standing in the corner of the room, wearing the smirk that had gotten her into this predicament... the one she always wanted to slap off his arrogant face.

Ares appeared in the corner of his bedroom without his customary fanfare of blue light, holding a drawn sword at the ready.  He did not expect to see....IPHICLES?? Iphicles was between Kelly's legs, steadily stroking her to the rhythmic pounding of her hips.  Ares caught Kelly's eyes, and gave her a knowing smirk, letting her know that
he was watching EVERYTHING.

Kelly couldn't take her eyes off Ares.  Why was he just standing there?  Why wasn't he ripping Iphicles off her body?  She couldn't figure out what he was doing, until she saw him loosen the ties of his breeches and pull his hard cock out.  She watched as Ares held her eyes while he stroked himself, falling into the same rhythm that Iphicles was stroking her to.  As Iphicles sped up, so did Ares, and Ares' eyes glowed with a soft amber light.

Kelly writhed under Iphicles' tender loving, finally arching her hips against him in a silent plea. Iphicles answered by kissing her and driving into her hard, almost splitting her with the force of his strokes.  Iphicles blocked her view of Ares, but when his lips moved back down to her breasts, Kelly's eyes were once more caught by the god.  His hand was flying up and down his hard cock, pumping it with regular strokes.  She felt her own orgasm beginning, and her arms ached with the strain of trying to break the chains.  Her body stiffened, then relaxed into the chains while Iphicles rode her with hard, jutting thrusts as his orgasm followed hers.  Kelly watched Ares' cock spurt its orgasm as Iphicles filled her with his.

Iphicles lowered his head to hers for a last sweet kiss.  "I will come back for you, darling," he whispered against her lips.  With that, he straightened his clothing and left.  Ares watched the king leave and when he was gone, he approached the woman in chains.

Part 4

Kelly's body was trembling as Ares approached her.  She knew he would be furious with her, and she feared what he might do to her.  She searched his face and his still-glowing eyes for some clue to what he was feeling, but he revealed nothing.

Ares kept his mask of calmness in place, but underneath... he was ecstatic! He had been thinking in the back of his mind that he might have broken her... and he didn't want to break her spirit, only her body.  When he saw her making love to Iphicles, he realized that this woman... ah, this woman.  She was so like his dear Chris... she thrived under this kind of treatment... not many did, and he was gifted with TWO!! However, as he drew nearer and saw the tracks her tears had left, he realized that her mind had not quite caught up with her body yet... that was fine.  He would have Chris talk to her later.  He stopped just out of reach.

Kelly watched thoughts play across Ares' face, and wondered what he was going to do to her.  He kept coming closer and closer, then stopped just out of his reach of her.  She closed her eyes in expectation of punishment, and after a few moments, when nothing happened, she opened her eyes to see his amber ones studying her intently thinking Ares only knew what.

Oh, yes, she was exquisite.  Her recent orgasm had flushed her body and face an appealing shade of pink, as if someone had spanked every inch of her body with a hard hand.  Her breath was coming in gasps still, and her breasts were rising and falling with each small pant.  He reached out to crush one of the breasts in his hand.  Kelly cried out, and he squeezed harder.  Her body was straining against the shackles, and with a wave he abolished them.  Her body sank into the feather softness of the matress before Ares whisked her into his arms and held her tight against his chest.  "My precious beauty," he whispered into her hair.  "Do you know how happy you've made me today?"

Kelly was shocked.  She was expecting to be punished--instead she was freed from the shackles and swept against the hard chest of her tormentor.  He whispered to her, and she turned her face to his.  He was smiling down at her, a smile so sensual that she melted into him. She didn't answer Ares but to say, "My lord..."

"Ssshh," he shushed her.  "You don't know how pleased I am with you.... you took my punishment better than I could ever have dreamed.  Not only that... you thrived on it, it gave you pleasure."

Her whispered admission of "yes," could barely be heard.

Ares smiled and crushed her against his chest.  He carried her into an adjoining  room and laid her gently on a fur covered table.  On her stomach, Kelly pillowed her cheek against her aching arms for only a moment before Ares pulled them straight.  She hissed as a cold liquid hit her hot skin, but as Ares' hands spread the oil around, it was quickly forgotten in the sensation of his hands on her body.

Ares deliberately poured the cold oil directly onto her skin, watching her hiss and arch her back. Then his hands began to spread the oil around, massaging it into sore muscles.  He started at her shoulders and rubbed, softening her skin and soothing away the pain.  He sat on the fur beside her, his hip pressing into her side as he worked his way down her arms, rubbing the upper arms most, working out the strain of the muscles.  He oiled the red marks the shackles had left on her wrists.  He moved backwards again, over her her shoulder and started on her neck.  Her throaty sighs sent blood pounding into his cock.  Removing his clothes with a wave of his hand, he straddled her legs and leaned forward, his cock rubbing against the crack of her ass as he rubbed her back.

Kelly was luxuriating under Ares' skilful hands when she felt him climb onto her.  She stretched under him, and when he settled down, she felt his cock pressing against her buttocks as his hands worked their magic on her back.  His hands started at the nape of her neck and moved out and down, constantly brushing the sides of her breasts as he worked down her body, hands finding the dull pain lodged in the small of her back.  His hands pressed and kneaded that spot as she sighed, and she wiggled under him in relief.  She felt his hardness rub her harder when she wiggled.

Ares found the tight spot in her lower back and immediately went to work on it, pressing and kneading until she sighed underneath him.  Then she wiggled under him, and he almost lost control of himself, almost shoving into her ass and pounding her with hard and hot strokes.  But he didn't, instead only sped up rubbing his cock along her crack.  He leaned forward on top of her, giving her a brief but hot kiss before turning around to work on her legs.  He started by kneading her cheeks until she squirmed.  Then he moved down the backs of her thighs, easing the stiffness out. He brushed the back of her kness and she bucked underneath him. "Oh, ticklish, huh?  I'll have to remember that," he said, dropping a heated kiss on the back of each knee before working on her calves, and the red marks of her leg shackles.  He stood above her long enough to order her to turn over.

Kelly complied, and when she turned over she saw Ares staring down at her, lips parted slightly, eyes glowing bright amber while his cock throbbed under her gaze.  He slowly dribbled oil onto her breasts and stomach and arms.  Under his gaze, her nipples hardened and puckered.  He straddled her waist, his cock pumping against her stomach as his hands slid down the fronts of her arms, relaxing the aches there.  His hands slid up her arms and her shoulders, and moved to her breasts.  He kneaded her breasts, rubbing the scented oil into the smooth skin, crushing the nipples between his strong fingers.  Kelly was twisting underneath him, stroking his cock with her body.  He released her breasts and moved down, sitting astride her knees now, his hands on her thighs.  He rubbed her thighs slowly, listening to her moans and cries as his fingers found the tight muscles and knots and pressed them out.

Ares watched as Kelly undulated beneath him, her supple body flexing under his.  He pushed her thighs apart and dipped his head down, running his tongue along the folds before parting them and sucking her clit into his lips.  He chewed and nibbled it, causing Kelly's hips to rise and fall, thudding against the table.  Ares felt her legs lock under his arms, then twine around his shoulders. He grabbed her waist and pulled her deeper onto his mouth, sending her in a torrent of screams as his tongue sucked her clit, teasing it until it was stiff.  Ares' cock was pulsing painfully.  Ares thrust his tongue deeply into her wet folds, and felt her slit tighten around his mouth as her orgasm wet his lips.  Grunting, Ares swung himself to top her and held her hips still as he drove into her in one splitting stroke.  He released her hips, and she ground her hips against his, meeting his strokes as he pounded violently into her.

Kelly's entire body was being pounded under Ares' violent thrusts.   His chest rubbed against her breasts, his lips devoured hers and his hands bruised her hips as he tried to hold her still.  Kelly moved under Ares as Ares made love to her, riding out wave after wave of orgasm as his strokes sped into her body harder and harder.  Her thighs were becoming slick with her orgasms as she reached around him and grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into her and holding him there.

Ares reached behind himself and brushed the undersides Kelly's knees, and she bucked again in reaction, lifting both their weights.  Ares caught her hips against his, and holding her bowed against him, he slammed her with stabbing strokes as his orgasm poured into her.  A primal scream ripped from his throat as he finally released himself.

Kelly jumped with surprise when Ares' hands brushed the back of her knees. Her body lifted them both, and Ares held her, back arched and hips pressed into his, as his white-hot orgasm pulsed through her body, blinding her and causing her to cry out, adding her scream to Ares'.  She passed out from the intense pleasure, and when she awoke, Ares was holding her on his chest, his cock still filling her, pulsing inside her as he kissed her gently.  "My sweet enchantress," was all he said.

The End