Feathers and Leathers and Cocks, Oh My!
By Kitkat
Cupid flew over the city, feeling the air flow over him.  It had been a good day, the sun was shining, and love was in full bloom. If he listened closely, he could hear the sound of two young people sharing their first kiss, and there, that was a woman giving herself to her lover for the first time. Whispers of love and passion danced on the edge of his hearing.  Shattering the calm, two loud and angry voices pierced Cupid's happy mood.  One voice, he knew. Ares.  The other was similar in its intensity but he did not know the speaker.  He flew down to investigate.

"I am Julius Caesar, a man that will be known throughout history, long after the names of you Olympians have left the lips and minds of man.  I shall fulfill destiny."

"A man, that is all you are, Caesar. I am a god, I could snap my fingers and you would disappear, can you not understand that?"

"But I know you won't do that, Ares.  What fun is that?  You want to win me, have me acknowledge your power. To bow before you.  You want my submission."

"Hold it boys" Cupid interrupted before Ares could respond, "The tension in here is intense, They can probably feel it on Olympus.  What we need here is a stress reliever."

"Like what?" both the other men asked.

"This" answered Cupid, as a long sash of violet silk appeared in his hand, and a persistent drum beat somewhere in the distance.  He reached out quickly, wrapping each man's wrist with the soft cloth, drawing the three of them together. Cupid's hips swayed, as he used the silk to keep each man close.  He twirled around, facing Caesar, pulling so Ares chest brushed against his wings. He placed his hands on Caesar's hips, bringing them into the rhythm he had started. As Caesar moved against him, their burgeoning erections made first contact. The sudden push of passion moved Cupid back slightly, where Ares' impressive cock strained against his pants, leaning into the cleft of Cupid's ass.

Pulling Cupid from that sensation was the feel of a sharp bite to his nipple. Caesar looked up and grinned at the god, then went right back to his previous activities. As Cupid arched his neck, he felt a rough tongue gliding along his throat. Cupid turned his head enough to be able to kiss Ares, their tongues dancing with the same sensuality as their bodies.  To anyone who might have looked in on them, they seemed to be of one mind, all hands, tongues and cocks pulsing with pure desire. Desire that needed to be unleashed.  Cupid used his powers to remove all their clothing. The liquefying feel of disappearing leather becoming the touch of hard, heated flesh.

The music faded to nothingness as the three men slid to the floor. Ares rolled Cupid over so that he was now between the other two men. He smiled lustfully when the two men looked at him with ardor in their eyes.  They quickly looked at each other, as if communicating a plan, and then they began.  Cupid took the southern route, his mouth carving a path of fire towards Ares' aching cock, while Caesar positioned himself so his own hardness was within the reach of Ares mouth.   Cupid engulfed Ares, while Ares sucked Caesar like a newborn babe.  Ares reached down, taking Cupid's cock in his hand, to complete the circuit. Pumping and sucking, each man felt the pleasant pressure building inside them.  With a shout, Caesar came, filling Ares' mouth.  The sound of Caesar's climax started a chain reaction, as Ares came in Cupid's mouth, and Cupid followed suit in Ares' hand.

The three of them lay panting for a moment, savoring the silence. Caesar rolled over onto his side, with Ares spooned against him, and Cupid at his back.  The mortal gasped as he felt the already hardening erection pushing against his ass cheeks.  Both gods smiled at the sound, they liked surprising these mortals with their immortal stamina.  Cupid reached lazily for his quiver, and pushed open a secret container at the bottom.  A musky scent mingled with the scent of sex hovering in the air.  He liberally coated his cock, fingers  and Ares' opening  before passing the vial to the War God.  Ares slowly stroked his cock, using the oil, while Cupid experimentally probed with one slick finger.  Ares actions mirrored Cupid's, only he didn't have all of the love god's patience, he quickly moved from one finger, to two, finally stretching Caesar with three coated fingers, brushing the man's prostate with each thrust. Ares was about to put the head of his cock at Caesar's opening when he growled to Cupid.  "Would you just fuck me already, Wing Boy?"

With a growl of his own, Cupid penetrated Ares with one strong thrust. As they adjusted to the sensation, Caesar let his disapproval of not being fucked known.  He pushed back suddenly, impaling himself on Ares' cock. The two gods fucked in tandem, with Caesar feeling the thrust of two gods.   Ares hand snaked around to grab Caesar's cock, bringing it into rhythm.  Caesar came again, and as he fought to stay conscious, he clenched his ass muscles around Ares, trying to pull the orgasm from him. Ares thrust once more, and with the added pressure Caesar was giving him, he roared and filled Caesar with his divine seed.  Feeling both men's sense of satisfaction, he picked up his pace, thrusting harder to bring himself to climax.  As the burning filled him, he spread his wings, letting them brush against both of his lovers. He leaned his head onto Ares' shoulder, not feeling a bit strange at snuggling with the God of War, and one of the world's greatest generals.

"So, is everyone feeling better?" Cupid asked, the smile in his voice both husky and jubilant.  He received no answer, Caesar was quite unconscious, and Ares had the strangest look on his face. "You know, I didn't think there would be anyone that could get through all your defenses to that lonely heart of yours, but there might just be some
hope for you yet, Ares." Cupid said as he dressed and picked up his quiver.   He only received a shocked look from Ares, his mouth open to deny what Cupid had said.  Cupid placed a finger over Ares lips, then quickly disappeared.

Ares brushed a hand along Caesar's cheek. He whispered into the man's ear, "maybe." Then he too was gone.

The End