Monkey See, Monkey Do
By Kitkat
Iphicles thrust into Laurissa, panting, their sweat mingling between their entwined forms. His hands roamed her body, knowing all of her secret places. Laurissa was also busy, running her fingers through his silky hair, her tongue bathing his neck and shoulders with loving attention. Laurissa yelled as she came,  her orgasm sending the king over the precipice of pleasure as well.  They snuggled as they looked out the  window toward the coming dawn.

"Iphicles, why is there a monkey watching us?"

"I don't know, but look at that diamond it's wearing."

"We should try to find out where he belongs, someone must be missing him, he's just kewl as."

The young lovers quickly dressed and called the court magician, to divine the mystery of the diamond wearing monkey.  Thamiris, the magician walked in, shivering as the scent of sex hit her full force.  She had always harbored a crush on Iphicles, but she had missed her chance.

"Yes, Lord Sire?"

"Thamiris, we need to find out where this monkey came from, do you think you could use your crystal ball?"

Thamiris nodded, not speaking because a truly crude remark about what she'd rather do to  Iphicles' balls lingered on her tongue.  Opening her handy dandy magic case, she took out the crystal ball. "Yes, I am seeing something, a pyramid? no wait, that's not right..." She shook the ball, cursing fervently at it.   Then she dropped the ball. "Oh my gods."

"What Thamiris?" Iphicles and Laurissa asked.

"Ar... Ares. This monkey belongs to Ares, and he's on his way to claim it."


Ares looked all over his palace. His monkey was gone!!!!!! His beloved Lita, missing along with the diamond he planned to give 'Dite next week.


"Yea, unc?" the slightly hyper godling appeared, but his speech was slurred.

"What's wrong with you? I can understand you even less than usual."

Strife stuck out his tongue, showing Ares the new metal rod going through it.  "Kitkat and Atalanta both insisted on me having one of these, and it's so much more fun when I obey them."

Ares looked at Strife, wondering what that would feel like on his cock.  Shaking his head, now was not the time to dwell on Strife's sexual skills.

"We have to go find Lita, she's missing."

Both gods disappeared focusing on the energy of the monkey.  Appearing in Iphicles chamber, both gods laughed in joy as they saw their favorite pet nuzzled on Laurissa's lap. Thamiris was staring open mouthed at the God of War, lust raging in her eyes.  Then she saw him, the alpha and omega of sexual desire.  Strife.  Her previous lusts for Iphicles and Ares were mere shadows of the all consuming hunger she had for the lithe but potent looking man before her.

Ares scooped up Lita, brushing Laurissa's breast, causing the nipple to harden.  She looked at him, and he looked at her and Iphicles.  Smiling darkly, he took each of their hands, and they disappeared along with  the jars of massage oil Iphicles kept around for Cupid's visits.

That left Thamiris and Strife alone with the huge bed.  The wave of true love  she felt was almost excruciatingly good.  Taking his hand, she kissed him, gently, not pulling too hard on the piercing.  Arm in arm, they walked to the bed, smiling.

The End