Candlelight Remembrances
By Kitkat

Iphicles lit the final candle. The flickering light sparkled through the highlights of his hair and the unshed tears in his eyes.  Today would have been her birthday. But that was not to be: his beloved Rena was dead.  She had met her end alone, without her husband by her side.

"Oh Rena," he whispered in the silent bedchamber.

"You really loved her, didn't you?" a soft voice inquired.

Iphicles turned, his dark eyes a storm of sorrow and rage at the fool who would dare to interrupt his grieving.  His sensuous mouth gaped at the sight before him.

Blond hair, luminous hazel eyes, a gorgeous mouth surrounded by the lightest kiss of stubble.  Iphicles was still confused as to how this stranger got into his room, then he saw the wings, their purity shimmering in the candlelight.  The king felt the tips of his fingers itch with longing to caress their downy softness.


"The one and only." Cupid bowed his head in a respectful greeting.

Iphicles didn't know what else to say. He certainly was curious about the reason for the god's visit, but he also felt the same stifling sense of insecurity that he felt around his demigod brother.

"You always think so little of yourself, Your Highness. Why can't you see how wonderful you are? Hercules may have divine blood, but you are splendid in all your mortality."

Iphicles realized that Cupid had been reading his thoughts. He tried to clear his mind, but his brain wasn't listening. Images of Rena danced through his psyche.

"Make it stop!"  Iphicles roared, the sudden burst of anger leaving him drained. Sinking to the floor, he felt strong arms surround him. It was like slipping into the calm center of the hurricane. He could still feel his pain and sorrow, but it was secondary to the comfort he found in the circle of Cupid's arms.

"Shh, shh, love, you're safe and cherished with me. Free yourself."

When Cupid called him 'love', Iphicles' head snapped up, his sad eyes searching Cupid's. Whatever the king had been looking for he found.  He lifted his lips to Cupid's kissing him lightly.

"Are you sure, Iphicles? I couldn't stand it if you ever looked back at this with regret."

"Regret?" Iphicles laughed harshly. "I have a thousand of those, but the only one I'd have about tonight would be if we didn't make love."

Cupid moved his lips over Iphicles' slightly opened mouth.  The gentleness was still prevalent, but there was a fire burning underneath, turning the kiss more serious.  Cupid's nimble fingers unfastened Iphicles simple garment, leaving his powerful chest open for attack.  His hands stroked the chiseled pecs, tweaking the hardening nipples. When Iphicles reluctantly broke the kiss for air, Cupid started a hot and wet trail of kisses down the man's neck, shoulders, working his way down to the waistline of his pants.

Looking up at Iphicles with a mix of lust and humor shining in his eyes, Cupid used his teeth to untie the king's pants, pulling them down with a quick tug. Freeing Iphicles' erection brought a sigh and a moan from the man. He moaned again, as Cupid's pink tongue began to lap at the fluid leaking from his cock.

He licked up all that Iphicles was offering as if it were ambrosia.  Iphicles had thrown his head back, so he was unprepared to Cupid's mouth to totally engulf him.  The sensation was almost too good, he was riding that razor's edge.  Remarkably, he didn't cum. Instead he luxuriated in Cupid's tongue licking and sucking, while his fingers made patterns as they massaged his balls.

Finally, he could take no more.  With a shout, he came, his seed gushing into the god's mouth.  Cupid did not complain, as Rena once had, about the taste of him.  The god lapped up, a feline grin on his face.  When he removed his mouth from Iphicles softening cock, the king groaned with the loss.

The lover cuddled, enjoying the closeness, until Iphicles felt Cupid's still throbbing erection bump against him. In all his excitement, he had forgotten that Cupid had not come.

"You don't have to do that," Cupid said as Iphicles began to sink lower on the bed.

"I want to.  I may not have your skill and experience, but I want to please you."  The puppy dog look on the king's face was priceless.  Cupid smiled, spreading his legs to allow Iphicles better access.

Iphicles felt the heat radiating off the cock just a breath away from his lips.  Once again, his insecurities raised their head, but just at that moment, Cupid reached down, running a hand through his curls, silently encouraging him.

"I can do this," he thought as he placed his mouth around the tip.  He had a very small amount of practical experience at this kind of loving, so he only had Cupid's reactions to guide him.  He loved the taste of Cupid, hot, sweet and addicting.  Using his hands the same way Cupid had on him, he felt the stirring that was a portend of orgasm.  Readying himself, he heard the shout and felt the warm substance sliding down his throat.  Pulling his mouth away, he used his tongue to bathe Cupid's now flaccid cock clean.  Sliding up to hold his lover, Iphicles kissed him soundly, then began to descend into sleep.

The next morning, Iphicles woke up alone, sad but strangely peaceful.  As he walked over to the basin, he thought he heard the wind whisper, "I love you" but then one of his advisors came barging in about some problem, and thoughts of love would have to wait.

The End