Cable Guy!
By Kelly

Knock, knock, knock.  "Cable guy!"

I roll my eyes.  JUST what I need.  A Jim Carrey wannabe when I really need my cable fixed so I can watch Young Hercules in an hour...Ares and Strife are gonna be on, along with little stud that plays Young Jason... Chris something or other.  (Yes, I KNOW it's Conrad.)

Walking to the door, I am already considering calling Alex to see if he'll just tape it for me.  Opening the door... I have a heart attack.  It's NOT Jim Carrey... it's Ares.  Or his twin.

"Hi.  I'm Harry, the Cable Guy."

Harry my ass.  Try Ares, the Cable Guy.

Then a voice starts echoing in my head.  *But we don't want anyone KNOWING that, do we, my dear?*

"What the--"

*Watch your language.*

Okay... so this is too weird even for me.  Ares is here to fix my cable.  I need a drink.  *Pull me out a Heinikein while you're at it,* he thinks at me.

"Bottle or glass?"

"Glass if ya got it."

Finally, he speaks!  But oh, sweet mother of Zeus, that voice!!!  That voice slides into me, and it does things to me!  My hand is shaking as I pour the Heineken into a glass and hand it to him.  It only mades the head foam... and GODS, get my mind out of his pants!

*Why?  It's at home down there.*

It's almost worse in my head!  Because it doesn't filter through my ears and it shoots straight to my gut and lower!

I hand him the glass of beer, and his fingers brush against mine... SPARKS! Literal silver-blue sparks jump from his fingers to mine.... and STRAIGHT down.  His eyes sparkle as he pulls out his little magic tool and disappears behind the TV, that beautiful ass wiggling as he moved behind the TV, doing his... thing.

"That should do it."

Gods, that voice again.  How does he manage to make that sound like "Go ahead, fuck and suck me!"???  "Thanks."

"My pleasure.  Try it."

~Oh, can I????~  Then I mentally slap myself... NOT what he was talking about. "Okay."

Switching on the TV... oh, yes.  That's my Pale baby!  "Thanks, Ar--uh, Harry."

"You're welcome.  Call me anytime--I take care of everything."

~Believe me, I will!~

The End