For The Love Of The Blood
By Kelly

This one picks up where Godsferatu left off at, and once again, Lestat is borrowing my computer.

Well, well, well... what can I say, but I am back!  I hope that you all have missed me... the Vampire Lestat has been a busy boy, but I had to take a moment and drop in on my favorite people again.

For shame, Louis!  I read your response to my story... as always, you seem to take such a delight in maligning me.  C'est la vie.  It has always been so with us... will always be so with us, will it not?  Is it not why you call me the damnable creature, echo Marius' brat prince?   Had I only known you were with us that night, ma cher.  Had I only known... I would have brought you along... would have shown you what the blood of a god can do.

My friends, as you may know, those of you that are familiar with my books, we vampires... don't work the way you mortals do.  Shall we simply say, we are impotent.  Not even Viagra could get a rise out of us.  Unless... you drink the blood of a god.

A nice little side effect, that.  A god's blood will return your potency to you for as long as the blood remains in your body.  Once it is gone, dissipated into your tissues, your potency is as well.  Ah, my Louis, you do not know how I wished for you that night.

Ares and I... well, I should say Ares, I simply followed him around--went to two houses together... the first, was that singular beauty Iolaus.  The second... Joxer.  The god of war shared Joxer with me, shared him with me in every way, and for that... I shall be grateful to him.

However... when we left the second house, something changed in Ares.  He was not the snarling god that had gone into two lovers' homes.  No, he was pure god now, scheming and calculating.  I knew then that I should have gone, but I could not, I was too fascinated with him to leave.  Besides, I am Lestat!

I must say, your god of war surprised me then.  His hand shot out, grasped me around the neck, dragged me over to him.  My strength is nothing to be sneezed at... I have drunk from the old ones, from the Queen herself... but the God that held me was even stronger than I.  His fangs sunk into my neck, draining me.  Then, he dropped me to the ground.  I felt no fear, no weakness... I knew that whatever this god had in store for me, it was going to be good.

A silver dagger appeared in his hand, and he drew it across his wrist.  He held the dripping gash to my lips, and I sucked my own blood back into my body... but it was now mixed with his.  My body arched as the new blood hit my veins, rushing and seeming to burn inside me like fire in my veins.

He pulled me to my feet, and it was as though nothing had happen.  I had my strength back, my color, my blood... yet as his body rubbed against mine, I felt something I had not since my Maker took my life.  My cock was coming to life... it was hardening, shuddering with each rub of his skin against mine.

I was absolutely delighted.  I stopped in the middle of the deserted street, looking down to watch it rise beneath my jeans, to feel it chafing against the denim.  (Oh, yes...that's right.  Lestat is definitely a no underwear vampire, boys and girls.)  I looked over at Ares and the god smiled.  "For the love of the blood, Lestat," he said, seeming to read the question of "why" that floated in my mind.  "For the love of the blood."

I nodded, I could understand that.  "The giving, the taking, the draining and the drinking... the love of the blood."  I knew that Ares could have cared less that for the first time in centuries, I had a hard on.  He had done it, just to see what it would feel like, and now he knew.  He wrapped his black cloak tightly around him, and he seemed almost to vanish into the darkness. The constant heat by my side was the only reminder of his presence.

I could stand it no longer... reaching out, I dragged the god into the first abandoned home we came to, shoving him into the front door of the home and into the deserted living room.  A fold out couch dominated the room, and I shredded the cushions in my haste to open it.  Ares simply stood with his arms crossed over his chest and watched me.  I came back to him, ripping his cloak from his shoulders, pushing his arms down I tore the vest off and glued my mouth to his nipples, teasing them with my fangs, rubbing them with my tongue, blowing my breath across them as Ares moaned deeply.

I pushed him down onto the couch, stripping his boots and leather pants off, leaving him naked before me.  I did not know what I wanted to do first, I wanted to do so many things.  I settled for kissing him, sliding my tongue in his mouth as I slid my hands down, rubbing our cocks together, taking them both into my hand and stroking them.  The vibration of Ares' moan against my tongue was exquisite, and at that moment, I wished for you, Louis... I wished for you to be there, I wished to be able to make love to you as I intended to do to this god.

My hand was slick with precum from both my cock and the god's, and rubbing the slickness onto my fingers as well, I slipped one inside the god's anus, stroking slowly.  I remembered from my youth that tightness, the pain of my first breaching with Nicolas.  The god would feel no pain, I knew, or if he did he would relish it, but old habits die hard.  And to be honest, I liked the sight of the god writhing under me.  The power, the heady feeling of control... all of the things that I love, I had them over a god!

A second finger slipped in, I stroked with both of them, and Ares arched himself under me, pushing himself down on the stroking fingers, and I knew then he was ready for this.  Bracing myself on his shoulders, I pushed myself inside him, slipping easily past the stretched ring and pushing deeper inside him.

I thrust inside him with measured strokes, determined to remain in control, and I did, right up until Ares closed his eyes, and then clamped every muscle around my cock.  When he did that, I could not help myself... I began to ride him hard, ride him fast, slamming our bodies together as I used my strength to drive his shoulders down and push him harder on my cock.  Each stroke buried me to the hilt inside the god, and he grabbed my wrists, dragging my long nails down his chest, willing gashes to open under them.  I licked the blood flowing from the gashes, and surge after surge of power filled me as I rocked into the god, shaking both our bodies, and I suspect the frame of the house as debris started to fall on us, but neither of us cared.

Ares only cared that I go faster, and his hands on my buttocks insured that I would as he moved my hips at the speed he wanted, and I let him.  The hardness was my decision, and I gave it to him as hard as my vampiric strength and stamina let me.  A mortal would not have survived this coupling, yet my god and I were rutting animals.

His hand slicked itself in the blood from his chest, and then wrapped around his cock, jerking it with hard strokes, pulling it tightly, pulping the head between his fingers as he jerked.  Bellowing my name, he came himself in long spurts, covering both of us in hot semen.  His body tensed, trapping me inside him, and buried in that heat, I could not hold out, and I came myself, shaking hard as I steadied myself on the god's body.

A bright flash, and we were both cleaned and dressed, and then another flash and I was left alone.

I searched for you, Louis... I searched for you, but I could not find you.  By the time I saw you again, his blood had been long gone from me, and so was the only expression I could have given you of my desire, my need for you.  Please, Louis... do not think harshly of me.

For the love of the blood he gave me a gift.

For the love of the blood.

Part 2

For the first time in my eternal life, I want something that I can only get from someone else.  Any man or woman I wanted, I had only to crook my finger, and skirts would be raised, pants dropped, and bodies bowed before me.  I have the power of a god at my fingertips.  But this one thing I want, I cannot have.


Not just any blood, HIS blood.

I tried everything, but it was beyond my power.  I seduced a Bacchae.  I made a deal with Bacchus… but when he didn't come through with his end, I didn't stop Xena from slaying him.  I even sought out those like him.  But those like him that I found, that I sought out… they didn't have the power, the strength of blood he did.

And I could not get his deep blue eyes, his silky blond hair clubbed back at the nape of his delectable neck out of my mind.  I could not stop thinking of the soft texture of his pale cold skin, of his hardness as he fucked me.

In my mind, I could see the self-satisfied smirk as I came crawling to him, begging for his blood.  The patronizing grin as he knew I would not destroy him, that I needed what he had.  The thought of it made my fingers itch to wrap around his neck.


If my Louis had still been human, he would have flinched under my gaze.  As my fledgling, he simply returned my stare, smiling softly at me.  "Lestat.  Still thinking of that, still regretting what could have been?"

I propped my chin in my hands, nodding.  "I… who regret nothing… regret this." No longer able to look him in the face, I began to pace.  "Ma cher… I wish you had been there with me… could have shown yourself."

Louis shook his head, took my hand in his as he would not allow me to embrace him.  "Don't, Lestat.  I am a watcher, I have always been a watcher."

"Ah, yes… my Louis.  Always the watcher, always watching as life passes you by, letting things happen around you instead of getting into them."

"Please, Lestat… don't do this.  Don't begin an argument, not when one will find us so soon, as it always does.  Let us just enjoy this time together, when we are not at each other's throats."  Louis would not let himself smile
at his own joke.

I covered his hand with mine, and to my surprise, he let me embrace him.


A rustling in the curtains caught Lestat's attention, and I knew, without reading his thoughts, that he wanted it to be the dark god.  And so did I.  I have seen this dark god, I won't deny his handsomeness.  But… I have also seen a change in Lestat.  For once… he is concerned with someone other than himself… and surprisingly enough… it is me.  I would be lying if I said I thought that Lestat would change forever.  Soon enough he will forget his infatuation with me, and it will go back to the way it was…but for now… I wanted to selfishly enjoy it as much as I could.

Lestat moved to pull the curtain back, and by the light in his face, I knew it was his dark god.  I tried to slip quietly out of the door, but he would not let me.  "Louis, stay," he told me, holding me tightly.  "Ares… take us somewhere quiet."  I nodded in agreement, and Ares vanished with Lestat.


My fists locked onto his vest lapels.  "Give it to me… you know what it means to me.  Give it to me."


I stood for a moment, shocked.  I had come to beg, and he was demanding it from me.  "Lestat.  You have to give to me, first."


I nodded.  Anything.  I put my hands on his head and his shoulder, tilting his head and exposing his neck.  I let my fangs sink into his neck, drinking deeply, draining as much of his blood as I could drink.  My lips fastened on the holes, sucking it out until he pushed me away.  Then he grabbed me again, pulled me close to him and shoved his tongue into my mouth, opening it.  His teeth broke the skin of my tongue, and he drank from me, his tongue probing at mine to keep the blood flowing.

When he was done, his head threw back, and he screamed as his teeth lengthened into fangs, his hair thickened more, became more lustrous.  His body shook, neck still arched, screaming in painful ecstasy as my blood worked on him. Finally, he stilled, his teeth gritted and his breath coming in harsh pants through his teeth.  His body was taut.


I pulled Lestat to me, sinking my fangs deep in his cold skin as my mouth worked, sucking his hot, spicy blood into my mouth.  It scalded me as it flowed down my throat, and I felt his strength, his power, his hunger and his need filling me as my tissues absorbed his blood… I drank until I was glutted, and then his hand grabbed my arm and sunk his fangs into my wrist, sucking.

The suction on my wrist was better than any mouth on my cock, and I throbbed as Lestat sucked the gash he'd opened.  The feeling in my body, the throb and the tingle that was better than sex, and the rush built to an almost orgasmic level as I trembled, keeping my body locked and finally with a roar, I tore myself away from him as my cock throbbed out sticky cum all over myself.  With a thought I cleaned myself, and I watched Lestat writhing on the floor as his own cock hardened, watched the blood flowing down.


In the midst of my changing, I had a blinding thought.  "LOUIS!!!" I screamed at him.  "You have to give it to Louis, damn you!"

The dark god crooked an eyebrow at me, cocky again now he felt in charge.  "I do?"

"You bastard," I hissed at him.  "You have to.  You have to let Louis feel this too, he has to be able to feel this!!"  I was yelling, but I did not care… my only care, at this moment, was that this bastard god share this gift with my Louis.


I heard Lestat's words.  In an instant, I decided I would grant this favor… for the love of the blood.  For the love of the blood, I knew I would be coming back, again and again and again… and I knew that if I failed to do this, Lestat would refuse me.

Without a word, I appeared in the room, Louis in my arms as Lestat watched… quickly, before Louis could protest, I bit him, sucking and draining him.  His arms slipped around my neck, clung to me as I drained him.  Carefully, I slipped his arms from around my neck, and Lestat caught him, held his head up as I opened my newly-healed wrist and let Louis drink from me, taking back his blood mingled with mine.  The orgasmic feeling did not come with Louis, only the feel of the drain of my blood, my strength.  After Louis finished, I felt the hunger in spades, knew I would kill tonight to sate my hunger.

Lestat pulled Louis to his feet, and into a kiss.  I heard Louis' strangled gasp of surprise as Lestat rubbed his hardness against him, heard Louis cry out in confusion as his own cock responded, hardened and rose.  I could not help myself, I turned to watch Lestat's skilled hands taking care of Louis' clothing.

I watched as Lestat's hands flew over Louis' body, ripping clothing and revealing flawless white skin.  As each section was revealed, Lestat touched it, teased it, nipped it.  I could not stop watching… it was as if Lestat knew he would only have a few short hours, and had to make the most of each one. He wouldn't let Louis stop him, and by the time the other vampire was naked, Lestat and Louis were both hard, and Louis did not seem to want to stop Lestat.

I knew I should not be watching, but I could not help myself.  For the love of the blood, I stayed and watched as Lestat made love to Louis, carefully embracing, awakening, touching, kissing, teasing.  For the first time… I think I truly watched lovers, instead of just fucking.  Lestat had no other intention than to please Louis, and I must say, watching them together was more erotic, more satisfying than watching them together.

Each of Louis' cries, as Lestat stroked his flesh, kissed his body, held him tightly, stretched, and then loved, was music to my ears.

Was it depraved of me to watch them?  Perhaps.  Should I have left them alone? Most likely.  Could I?  No.

Will I come back?  Yes.

For the love of the blood.

The End