War's Lustful Refrain
By Kitkat
Ares materialized onto his throne in a flash of light.  He absently looked over the offerings and sacrifices left by his worshippers.  It was times like this that he missed Strife, his former right hand god. "And what a talented right hand it was," Ares thought almost wistfully. Thoughts of Strife and his "toy box" brought a slow grin to his handsome face.  But very quickly, boredom once again took precedence in the God of War's thoughts as he sprawled bonelessly on the impressive chair. "Maybe I could go run some interference with Xena and her little bard... or I could torment that self-righteous half brother of mine, have some fun with his sidekick. Aphrodite definitely had the right idea in calling Iolaus 'sweet cheeks'."  These wandering thoughts were cut short when a portal opened right in the center of the temple.

Ares leapt out of the throne as a figure emerged from the whirling vortex.  Memories of the last time he saw this gateway still fresh in his mind, he unsheathed his sword, ready to defend his temple and his reality.  He almost sighed with relief when he got a clear look at the face before him. Cupid. As he looked closer, he realized that this was not the Cupid whose arrows bring love and passion.  This Cupid wore black leather pants similar to his own, he wore no shirt, in deference to his wings, and his blond hair was tinged with dust. A touch of dried blood on his forehead completed the imposing figure before him.

"Who are you?" their voices clashed in the temple.

"The God of War." Again, speaking in unison.

Cupid moved slowly towards Ares, his eyes like a raging hazel storm, until the two gods were a breath apart.

"So, I must be in this other world that my Ares is always talking about. Where's he's the God of War, and I am the God of Love.ö He said this last part with a distinct look of disgust.

Their stares held until Cupid spoke again, "I must say that this look is much better than that white leather and silly flower petals, Ares.  The real question of course is are you as much of a coward as your counterpart is in my reality?"

Ares temper raged at this impudence. He hadn't felt this... alive in so long now.  "You, my boy, are in desperate need of a spanking," he said with a smirk on his face.

Cupid smiled lazily and answered softly with an insult he'd recently learned from a General he had under his wing, as well as other parts of himself.  "Bite Me."

So Ares did.

He quickly took hold of Cupid's waist, turning him around to bite into his leather clad ass cheek.  As his hand went around to unfasten Cupid's pants, one of his wings sent Ares sailing across the floor of the temple.  Cupid was on Ares  in flash, eyes blazing. The moment seemed to stretch out infinitely as Ares wondered if the angry god was going to hit or kiss him.

Favorably for both parties, Cupid chose the latter, lunging his tongue as far as he could down Ares' throat.  His hands roamed roughly over the darker man's chest, teasing the nipples with quick grazing motions.  Ares heard the leather cord to his necklace snap as Cupid broke the kiss and went to work on covering his body with bites and red marks.

Both sets of pants were discarded quickly as Cupid continued his sensual assault on Ares. As Ares saw that Cupid had become lost in pleasure and sensation, he saw his chance, and took it. He moved swiftly, so that Cupid was now leaning against the wall with Ares behind him.  Using blood from each god spilled during the fight, and pre cum from their leaking cocks, Ares coated himself and pushed into Cupid.

Cupid's wings thrashed wildly as Ares thrust into him. The feathers like a million fingertips running along the god's face and chest, hardening his nipples almost to the point of pain.  He fucked Cupid hard, feeling Cupid push back against his thrusts.   They started a rhythm while Ares reached around to pump Cupid's shaft in time with the penetrations.  Each push growing faster until they both reached the crescendo pouring their essence out of them.  Ares continued to milk Cupid's cock as the creamy fluid warmed his hand.  Both gods shivered slightly as their heated skin came into contact with the cool air as they separated.

"How do I get back to my dimension?" Cupid asked while he dressed.

"Last time, lightning worked, it should again" Ares answered.

If either man felt any unease about the situation, it did not show. Ares summoned his powers, and brought forth a fierce storm.  As the wind and rain surrounded them, once again, the gateway opened.  Cupid walked toward it cautiously.  As he passed Ares and walked into the swirling light, he kissed Ares fiercely, grabbing his tight ass at the same time. Then he was gone.

Ares walked into the temple, smiling.

The End