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Salem of Normandy
First Lesson
(03/10/01)   A young Iphicles explores Ares and sex.  PWP; NC-17; slash; sex with minor.  10k.
Sacrificial Seed
(01/03/01)   Ares finds a way to break Hercules, Iphicles, and Iolaus. Slash.  NC-17; non-consensual sex (very thin line, could be classified as pure rape).  20k.

Sarah Saint Ives
Change of Life
(11/12/00)   Gender switch story, with Hercules and Ares.  Slash, issues of consent, mpreg.  R.  58k.
The Hunter
Continuation of The Kiss and The Spell.  Slash.
The King and Iolaus
Erotic encounter between Iphicles and Iolaus.  Slash.
The Kiss
A kiss between Hercules and Ares escalates.   Slash.
Learning to Swim
YHerc teaches YIolaus how to swim.  Slash.
Iphicles, Herc and Iolaus get drunk.  Slash.
HTLJ/Poltergeist: The Legacy crossover.  Slash.
Saving Iolaus
Herc goes into the past.  Romance. Slash.
The Spell
Picks up where "The Kiss" left off.  Romance.  Slash.
A modern-day goddess invokes Ares and Iphicles.  Het and slash.

Ares, Iphicles, and the Warrior
Ares and Iphicles learn about manipulation from a warrior.  Het, slash.
Dark Desires
Ares engineers then watches a man's tormented sleep.  Slash.
Divide and Conquer
Divide and Conquer II
(7/19/00)  Sequel to Ares, Iphicles and the Warrior.  Alexandra has left Iphicles and Ares, and has headed to Hercules and Iolaus for help in reaching her ultimate goal:  Caesar.  Ares/Iphicles, Herc/Iolaus, Iphicles/Alexandra, Caesar/Mark Antony,  Caesar/Pompey.  BDSM, NC.  Het, slash, OFC.  157k.
Hades' Request
Sel brings Ares and Hades together. Het, OFC, slash.
Just Another Day At Work (well almost)
Sel is visited at work by Ares.  Het.
A Letter to the King
(08/20/00) King Iphicles receives a letter from his lover. PWP.  Slash. 7k.
Setting the Record Straight
Iphicles tells the real story. Slash.

A Little Of What He Wanted
Herc, now a god, is forcefully seduced by Ares.  Slash.
Payment in Kind
This story is set directly after the end of season four of H:TLJ and season three of X:WP.  Ares is made mortal.  Adventure.  Violence.  Gen.
Slippery When Wet
Strife returns.  Brief.  Slash.

Beauty and the Beast
A voyeuristic piece in which the watcher struggles to come to terms with his love for Ares, his jealousy and his own insecurities, whilst the God of War faces his true self.  Implicit m/m sex, violence and angst.  Slash.  Ongoing.
To Serve Is To Please
Ares has his nephew, Strife, where he belongs.  Violence.  Slash.  Ongoing.

Best Revenge
Ares punishes a rogue ISP.  Het.
Dark Desires
Erotic encounter with Ares.  PWP. Het.

Bright, Shiny and New
After being injured, Ares operates on his back-up personality.  Comedy.  Implicit slash.
Brotherly Love
Hephaestus consider his relationship with Ares as he watches the wargod and Hercules in bed. Angst, romance.  Slash.  16k.
A Comedy of Terrors
(8/11/00) Based on the New Zealand telefilm Lawless. Continuation of One More Second in Sanctuary. John gets a free ride back to Terry, if only he can get Terry to himself.  Comedy, slash.
Comfort and Joy 1-6
Comfort and Joy 7-8
(09/24/00)  Hercules does a little spying on his brother and finds out more than he bargined for.  Mild slashy situations.
Set after Stranger and Stranger.  Hercules mourns Ares' death. No rating. 18k.
Discord's Ally
A young boy, Discord and Ares talk about Strife's death.  Gen.
Enthroning the King
Iphicles retains his seat of power. Slash. 5k.
An Equal and Opposite Reaction
A change of scene for Ares and Hercules changes both their lives, forever.  Slash.  506k.
A First Time for Everything
(09/24/00)  Iph and his God's first time.   Iphicles/Strife.   NC-17.  Slash. 28k.
The Guest
Someone dominates, someone is dominated.  Dubious consent.  Slash.  6k.
I Cried to Dream Again
(11/12/00)   Fic featuring the characters from Lawless.  Too much ketamine isn't good for one.   Gen, but with slashy implications.  20k.
In Absentia Deo
(11/12/00)   Ares wants a bit of a change.   Slash.  R.  85k.
King's Rook to God's Pawn
The hidden truths surrounding Jason's marriage to Alcmene... Slash.  47k.
The Last Word
(08/12/00)  Ares talks about his betrayal.  Spoilers:  Motherhood. PG-13 for implicit violence, implicit slash.  15k.
The Offer Series
Ares breaks his heart, and breaks Zeus' too into the bargin.  Gen.
One More Second in Sanctuary
Based on the New Zealand telefilm, Lawless. A trip abroad provides a new beginning for an ex-cop from Auckland...And an old enemy too.   Slash.
Over Reaction
(7/26/00)   Sequel to An Equal and Oposite Reaction. Ares and Herc are still happily together, and Xena and Gabs died on their crosses. Then, as Joxer dreams of Xena and Gabrielle, returning from the dead, the Gods bend over backwards to keep his sanity intact. Because Ares and Herc want them to. (And the 5th season never happened in my little a/u world ).  Slash.  Ongoing.
Practical Parenting Series 1-4
(08/20/00) Ares has a baby, if only he could remember having it.  And if only it'd stop screaming.  Gen.  Ongoing.
Requiescant in Pace?
(03/10/01)  Ares lets his Aunty Demeter bring about the return of the Gods and avenge them into the bargain.  R. 16k.
The Right Time and Place
Ares has a boon to ask and Hercules wonders why he should get to ask. In honor of Samhain.  Gen. 15k.
Study Buddy
Hercules, Ares and Iolaus discuss slash rules. Comedy. Gen. 9k.
Swapping Notes
Two almost-brothers talk..  Gen.   Ongoing.
To Ride the Fire 1-III
To Ride The Fire IV-V
To Ride The Fire VI-VII
(09/24/00)  Cupid finally loses his temper.  Swearing, violence, heartbreak. N-C.
With Unjust Cause 1-3
(11/12/00)   Lawless.   Sequel to "I Cried to Dream Again."   Gen, but with slashy implications.   Ongoing.
Vengeance is Mine
(11/12/00)   Hercules hears about Ares' sacrifice.   Slash, NC-17, violence. 31k.
The Wolf and the Man I
The Wolf and the Man II
A wolf, a secret, and some men...Gen. Ongoing.

Caesar in Love
Caesar falls in love.  PWP. Slash.
Dessert's On Me
You and Ares and dessert.   Het.
Iolaus speaks.   Slash.
Have You Ridden A Horse Lately?
Ares and Cupid and you.  PWP. Het.
The Men's Club
Ares appears to you...PWP. Slash.

Soul Spinner
The Mark of Strife
Strife is resurrected with help from some friends.  Adventure. Crossover TS/KF/HL/HTLJ. BDSM.  Het, slash.

Castling the King
Ares and Iphicles face each other over a chess board.  Slash.
The Good Death
Hercules and Iphicles reminisce about the past; Ares appears.  Character death. Gen. 8k.
My Mane Man
(08/02/00)   Iphicles receives an interesting birthday gift.  Warning:  bestiality (man/lion).  PWP.  NC-17.  Slash.  61k.
Unforgiven Soul 1-18
Unforgiven Soul 19-conclusion
Another fic in the "Soul" series which is on my page. Hercules needs help to find Iolaus,who has gone missing, but is something more important happening? Slash.

A Contest (No Fair Play in Love and War)
Ares in modern-day Greece.  Het, slash.
In Sickness And...
Ares visits a sick listsib... No rating.
Resistance is Futile
Ares plots to break up a couple.  Slash.
University Library
Ares visits Stageira in the library. Het.

The Ritual
(08/21/00)  A voyeur witnesses a ritual between Ares and Apollo (3-word challenge:  wish, ritual, closet).   NC-17, semi-consensual.  Slash. 7k.

The Last Prayer
Iolaus deals with betrayal and torture.  N-C.  Slash.  Ongoing.

The Inevitable
(08/23/00)  Ares loses control and Hercules takes the heat.  PWP.  Slash.  11k.
(09/24/00)   A murdered Iphicles yearns to find his killer as he struggles through love and death.   Slash.   Character death, NC-17.   74k.
(03/10/01)  Ares tries to get back at Hercules.  NC-17.   Vignette.  5k.
(11/12/00)  Ares considers his own mortality.  Not set in XWP Season 6.  PG, implicit slash.   8k.
Too Easy
(02/02/01)  Autolycus is disappointed in his plan-making abilities.  Ares/Autolycus.   Slash, NC-17.  19k.

Coffee Break
Erotic encounter with Iphicles.  PWP. Het.
Erotic encouter with Ares. PWP.  Het.

All in the Family
(03/10/01)    Half mortal Hellana, an original female character, meets her relatives at the Olympus family reunion.  M/f, OFC.   60k.
Love Workshop
(03/10/01)   The adventures of Hellena, an original female character.   M/f, m/m, OFC.   NC-17.  62k.
Soul of War
(03/10/01)   Cupid GOW kidnaps Hellana, an original female character, so she can show him his soul..   M/f, m/m, OFC.   NC-17.  62k.
Who Is Killing the Gods of Greece
(01/28/01)   The gods of Greece are being killed, and the dead gods are making life Hell for poor Hades in Tartarus.  Herc, Hellana (Hermes' half-mortal daughter), and Ares solve the mystery, and sparks fly!  M/f, NC-17, OFC.   131k.

Borias and Iphicles tease and torment a bound war god.  Slash.  NC-17.

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