The Hunter
By Sarah Saint Ives

There was no rational explanation for the love that had developed between Hercules and Ares.  Iolaus had watched it like a man on the outside looking in, wished with all his soul that he would wake and find it had all been a bad dream.  Hercules could not be in love with Ares!  The whole thing was unacceptable!

The hunter was muttering to himself as he broke sticks for the fire, wondered how long this rendevous would last.  Every time his heroic friend left with the god of war, he returned in a swoon, sighing, firegazing, quiet for hours.  Iolaus burned with jealousy.  Ares did not deserve him!

"What are you mumbling about, Iolaus?"  The voice surprised him.

Iolaus whirled to look at the dashing god of war.  "Ares!  Where's Hercules?"

"That's what *I* was about to ask," Ares answered. "I'd like to see him tonight."

"He went meet I thought.  He went that way."  Iolaus pointed down a crooked path.  "You mean you didn't have a date with him tonight?"

"No, nothing prearranged.  I just thought I'd drop in on him."  Ares was looking down the long path.  "I'll find him."

"Ares, wait!"

Ares paused in mid-poof.  "What?"

"I wanted to talk to you..."

"Can it wait until later?  I need to catch up with him and find out what he's up to."

"Sure, why not?"  Iolaus blew out in irritation.  He turned his back on the god of war and plopped down on a tree stump to sulk.

Seconds of silence passed and the hunter thought the god had gone in search for Hercules, but a throat-clearing sound behind him proved he was still there.

"What do you want to talk about, Iolaus?"  The lithe god perched himself on the corner of the broken stump, carelessly pressing his muscular body against him.  "Hercules can wait a while.  Talk to me."

Iolaus took a long breath of hesitation, then said, "Little by little, you're taking him away from me.  He's crazy in love with you.  He doesn't have a lick of sense any more.  All he does is sit around thinking about you.  He used to talk to me.  We used to be so close.  That was back when *you* were the enemy, and he needed me to hold him when he was hurt, or afraid, or having a nervous breakdown.  You were the one who caused all those things and now, he runs to you."

"You're jealous," Ares deduced without inflection.  "I understand."

"I'm not......okay, what if I am?  I'M jealous.  He should be mine.  You've taken him away from me and I want him back!"

"Iolaus, you might find this hard to believe, but I love him, too!  I've never admitted loving *anybody* in my life!  I love him!  Do you know what that means to me?  That I can say that?  I need to touch him, to feel his breath on my face, to run my fingers through his hair....."  The dark eyes studied Iolaus' forbidding expression and he went on angrily. "Don't you say a word, damn you!  Who are *you* to judge us?  You want him, too!  He's mine, do you hear me?  Mine!  And if you don't stop this jealous attitude, I swear I *will* take him away and you'll never see him again!"

Iolaus looked suddenly frightened.  "No, please.  Don't do that.  I can't live without him.  I need him, too, Ares."

Ares' eyes fell on rosy lips as they pleaded and felt almost instant regret.  "I'm sorry.  Forgive me." he whispered, and pulled him into a crushing embrace.  "I wouldn't take him from you.  I know you love him."  He kissed the golden hair, tasted the peach-fuzz of the soft earlobe.  His strong hands rubbed Iolaus' narrow back, feeling out the muscles, the spine, tracing it from top to bottom.  As the fingers slid gradually downward, there was an astonished gasp from Iolaus.  The hand dipped beneath the waistband of his pants, the fingers followed the spinal column to the tailbone and paused there to rub erratic circles.  Then, almost as if by accident, one finger slipped an inch lower and touched his anus.  Again, Iolaus gasped, arched forward into the embrace.

Ares drew back slightly to face him and gazed at him in concern for one hesitant second before he claimed his mouth in a ravenous kiss.  The finger delved into the opening, unable to attain depth because of the position.  Up to the middle knuckle, he was inside him, and that was enough to set them both afire.  The second kiss was wild and reckless, went on and on.

Iolaus held tightly to him, raised his knees to open himself to the probing.  "Oh, gods!" he moaned, climbing passionately into the dark god's lap.  "No wonder Hercules is so crazy about you!"  He opened his mouth for a deep kiss and was subdued by the questing tongue.

The war god gave a slight flip of his left hand and Iolaus' clothing disappeared.  Naked astraddle Ares lap, the blonde squirmed in anticipation.   The finger inside him plunged deeper, then withdrew so two fingers could be inserted.  The stretching process gave him a sense of mindlessness, of drug-like eroticism, and the ardency did not go unnoticed.  Ares smiled as he repeated the flip of the hand, and his own clothes poofed away into oblivion.

He removed the fingers from Iolaus' anus and, without effort, lifted him above his enormous, straining cock.  He lowered him onto himself, touched the slick head against the puckered hole and made a  gentle but forcible entry.  He paused when Iolaus grimaced, gave the muscle time to relax before he continued.  "You've never done this before," he murmured.

"No.  I haven't."  Iolaus was breathing rapidly from the mixture of pain and pleasure.  "But I want it.  I want all of you."

Ares took him at his word and dropped him.  The hunter grunted in pain, but even as he did, he smiled at the realization that Ares was balls-deep inside him.  "I can't believe this feeling.  It's so good.  So good."  He found footing on the stump behind him, raised himself a few inches and let himself back down.  The smooth friction was sweet as he began to ride him.

Inside him, Ares was rubbing the male gland, was stretching the muscle to its utmost, but no longer to the point of pain.

Ares allowed Iolaus to set the rhythm and leaned back to lazily watch his passionate expressions as he thrashed on the god's simmering cock.  After the entry, he had not moved other than to lean back farther.  The hunter was doing it all by himself, impaling himself desperately time and time again.

Finally, mercifully, Ares took Iolaus' cock in his hand and began to pump it.  The added touch was all it took to instigate an explosive, screaming orgasm.  Iolaus howled as he came, shot hot liquid onto the god's chest.

Ares was fascinated with him.  He was most definitely one hot little number.  Too hot not to keep around.  Very few lovers were so appreciative with their responses.

When Iolaus' blue eyes cleared again, he looked down at their bodies and a sense of dread overcame him.  "You didn't come.  Oh, gods, I don't think I can go on."

"Yes, you can.  Relax.  Just take it easy.  It's my turn now."  Ares lifted him up and laid him on the ground, situated the hunters legs on his bulging biceps.  "There.  Just relax, take deep breaths.  I won't hurt you, Iolaus, I promise."  He kissed him, still buried deep inside him, but unmoving.  "Does it hurt now?" he asked.

"No.  It doesn't hurt."  Iolaus was ready to whimper at the first hint of pain.  "I'll try.  I hope it doesn't take long."

"It won't take long."  Ares kissed him again, then latched his lips onto a nipple and sucked hard.  He nibbled and licked it until it was firm, then switched to the other nipple and attacked it in the same manner.  He kissed rings around his neck, back and forth, applying suction at the hollow of his collar-bone.  Then he found his mouth and kissed it again, thrust his tongue in deeply.

Iolaus was not even aware that he had begun to move again.  The strokes were slow and careful, but were incredibly thorough, the long cock withdrawn all the way, then sliding in until their two bodies were flush together again.  Iolaus had not suffered one second's pain.

Soon, he was raising his hips to meet the thrusts, and Ares was gaining momentum.  Now it was the war god's turn.  As his orgasm struck, he threw back his head and roared like a lion.  He pounded into Iolaus those last moments until multi-colors swirled around his head, and the juices that shot deep into the hunter's bowels felt warm and tingling.  Iolaus clung to him, took hold of his head and kissed him as the waves of Eros subsided.

Ares collapsed on top of him, released his legs so they could lay comfortably.  "Gods, I love you." he said.

Iolaus kissed him again.  "I love you, too."

They were silent for a time, then Iolaus spoke again, trembling.  "But what is Hercules going to think about this?"

"I think it's wonderful."  The voice brought them up with a start.  Hercules was standing there, had seen the whole thing.

"Herc, this isn't....."  Iolaus stopped himself in mid-lie.

"Iolaus, it's all right.  I'm happy that you two found each other.  I hope I'm still welcome in both your hearts, too, because I don't see any reason why we can't all enjoy each other."

Ares stood up and stepped close to him.  "You would do that?  The three of us could be together?"

"I think it's a great idea myself." Hercules answered, and leaned to kiss him.  "I love you.  I love Iolaus, too, although I've never been with him the way you just were."

"Do you want to be with me like that?" Iolaus asked.

"Yes, I do.  I'm beginning to be a little more open-minded.  I think the three of us could all be lovers.  Don't you?"

Iolaus rushed into his arms.  "Yes, we could." he said, and tiptoed to kiss him.   He threw one arm around Ares, the other around Hercules, and the three of them stood in a huge embrace.  "This is going to be a beautiful relationship." he said.

Ares smiled and kissed each of them in turn.  "No more jealousy, Iolaus?"

"Never."  Iolaus was beaming.  "You know what's wrong with this picture?"

"What?" asked the other two in unison.

"Herc is still wearing clothes."

"No problem,"  said Ares with a flip of his hand.

The End