My Mane Man 1-2
By Spooky

The heat and the noise was the first thing to hit Ares as he materialised beside the head of the table in the main hall. He ducked a low flying peach, totally forgetting for a moment that no one could see him - no one except one man.

"Quite a party you have going on here," he remarked dryly.

"Chill out, Ares." Iphicles said carelessly. He was sitting with one leg flung over the arm of his chair, a goblet in his hand. Ares thought the pose looked familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. The king was drunk enough treat the god as a mortal - a friend. He was also deep enough into his cups, not to be surprised that Ares had just turned up after several months away. Ares pondered. Perhaps the king was getting too complacent. He should find something to put him firmly back in his place.

"You're lucky it's your birthday and I'm in a good mood, mortal," he said silkily in his most dangerous tone of voice.

Iphicles just grinned again and waved a casual hand "Join the fun."

"Fun?" Ares raised a brow and cast a disdainful eye over the revellers "This looks more like Bacchus' idea of fun.

Iphy got up from his throne and staggered toward him. He reached for his vest. "Come on Ares... loosen up. You have a face like a wet weekend."

Ares didn't know why but he found all this extremely funny. He started to laugh then had to reach out to grab hold of the tipsy king. He grabbed the goblet of wine the King had and sniffed at it. "This isn't Greek wine."

"Nope. It comes from Egypt. A good friend of mine sent it as a birthday present."

Ares raised an eyebrow. "Good friend?" He set the king down on the throne.

Iphy giggled in a very undignified way. "Yeah...kama...kema..kamahwet - you know, the pheromone."

"Pharaoh," Ares said patiently

He burped. "That's the guy!" Iphy said enthusiastically "I went over there while you were gone. We became good friends. He sent me lots of presents for my birthday."

"How good?" Ares asked, dangerously

"You should see all of them." Iphicles moved his hand toward the gift table. "How good, what?"

"How good a friend did you become? I might just have to have a word with Set, if he became too... close."

"Not THAT good." Iphicles rolled his eyes. "Honestly, Ares. You're too jealous." He threw his arms around the god, who turned his head at the blast of sweet Egyptian wine from his lover's lips. "Besides, he's totally in love with Sekhame't. Those two are together all the time. It's sickeningly cute! I helped him out with sending some soldiers along, to help with the latest war against Nubia and he was grateful."

Ares eyed all of the gifts. "He seems overly grateful, if you ask me."

"Hey, he's a generous man." Iphicles scowled. "Besides... if he didn't give me anything, I'd have got nothing... no one remembered it was my birthday. I even had to organise my own party." Iphicles looked mournfully into his cup and held it out to be refilled by a passing serving girl.

Ares flushed guiltily

The king was obviously feeling sorry for himself. "You forgot all about me, and so did Herc, and that cute little blond guy that he hangs with."

"Iolaus" Ares said, tutting under his breath. How could Iphicles forget that annoying little excrescence Hercules hung about with?

Iphicles took a deep drink of wine, before sighing. "He has the bluest eyes."

"I think you've had enough to drink." Ares said taking the goblet from Iphicles' hand.

"Hey. Give that back!" Iphicles reached for the cup and Ares quite deliberately spilt it over the front of his tunic and down his pants. Iphicles reached for the goblet, despite the fact it was now empty. "No... mine!" he said, before falling over into the gods arms. "Oops. Sorry. The room keeps moving." He snickered.

Ares sighed and materialised fully, much to the surprise of the thirty or so revellers in the room. There was a brief silence and several stares, before the partying continued in nervous earnest. Ares smiled. Everyone was studiously ignoring him, probably hoping that they really hadn't seen the god of war holding an inebriated king in his arms.

Ares propped the drunken king up and steered him to his throne "Sit still and don't try to move!" he ordered. Iphicles shrugged and asked for the goblet to be refilled again.

Just then, there was a blast of horns and the room fell silent for the second time.

As Ares watched, a strange man walked into the hall, holding a leash in his hand. On the other end of the leash was a large and magnificent adult, male lion with an unusual black mane that sparkled with gold motes.

The stranger was obviously Egyptian by his dress - the long white, perfectly pleated calasiris, the golden collar and jet black, waxed, long hair and heavy eye-liner. He approached the throne and made a deep bow.

Iphicles' eyes widened and he spat his wine back into his cup. "What the..." he said.

"Greeting, Iphicles of Corinth. Khamew't-Amun-Di-Neh't, Pharaoh and living god of Egypt and his consort, the Pra'ikem, Sekhame't-Anubeh-'Ikem-Di-Reh't send you name-day blessings."

Iphicles smiled and seemed to draw himself into, at least, a semblance of sobriety.. "Kefre, how is your brother?"

"He's good," Kefre said, standing upright and grinning, all formality gone.

"And Sekhame't?"

"He is well. Having a good time, kicking Christian ass all over Egypt"

Ares who had been silent up until now, grinned. "Your king and his consort sound interesting."

Iphicles swung at Ares, hitting him in the leg. "Shhhh!"

Kefre bowed. "You must be lord Ares," he said.  "The Pra'ikem is Gothic, my lord. He doesn't... how would he say... 'give a flying fuck', about slaughtering innocent followers of the light. A warning to you. Perhaps you should start doing the same."

He looked down at the lion by his side and touched the ebony mane gently. "Anyway. That's not why I'm here. I'm here to present you with this lion as a gift from the royal couple."

"The lion?" Iphicles' voice came out sounding rather squeaky, much to the god's amusement.

"The lion is the sacred guardian of kings in my country. Khamew't thought you might like one. His name is Atsu and I trained him myself. He's friendly and will also serve as a guard." Iphicles got up and went forward, approaching the lion warily. "Don't be afraid of him." Kefre continued. "He' s very well behaved. He's been with me for over a year and I've trained him to do some... interesting things."

Ares, feeling rather left out of the proceedings, scowled. "Like what?"

"He's as good as any hunting dog and also, if anyone draws a weapon in the king's presence, he'll immediately attack unless he orders him not to."

Iphicles blinked. "He beautiful." he said. "Thank you very much. This is a priceless gift."

He reached out tentatively and ran his hands through the black mane, shining softly in the light and scattered with gold dust. Little sparkles of it billowed out and whirled in the warm air. Iphicles dropped to his knees in front of the lion and stroked him around the muzzle. Atsu immediately started licking his hand.

"You're right." Iphicles laughed. "He's very friendly." He got up and clapped the Egyptian on the back. "You've done well," he said. "Thank you. Tell the pharaoh and the Pra'ikem that they have my gratitude and that I hope to see them very soon."

Kefre bowed once more, then handed Iphicles the gold chain that tethered the lion. He bowed to Ares, almost as an afterthought and left.

The silence in the room grew to a buzz, then louder as the celebrators around the room once more continued their interrupted partying. Iphicles got up from his knees and went back to the throne. The lion followed obediently. Ares sat down on the throne and pulled Iphicles into his lap, uncaring that everyone could see them. Let the Corinthians know their king was a slut to the god of war. He was angry and jealous that he hadn't come up with such a gift and curious about Iphicles' relationship with this upstart Pharaoh.

He scowled as he looked at the lion, sitting there calmly, in the chaos around him, licking a huge golden paw. "Why would the king of Egypt be sending you something so... personal?" he asked.

"Personal? A lion?" Iphicles hiccuped. "What's personal about a lion?"

"He sent him to protect you. Someone else already had that job."

"Yeah? Who?"

"Me!" Ares glared.

Iphicles just laughed at him. "You? You're always off on your Wars. I don't see you for months."

"I'm here now." Ares summoned all his godly powers of direct, angry stares at his lover.

Iphicles carried on oblivious of Ares' fury. "And when I do see you, you fuck my brains out, then fuck off back to another war, leaving me alone."

Ares pointed his finger at the king. He shifted, wanting to argue the point, but the king was right.

"Speechless, Ares?" Iphicles snorted and attempted to get off the god's lap.

Ares grabbed the back of Iphicles' neck and pulled him round to look at him full on, restraining him effortlessly. "You know, you're such a horny little slut when you whine like that." he growled pulling the king into a kiss. If he couldn't get his own way with being angry, then he'd try another way.

Atsu snarled softly.

"Oh shut up!" Ares snapped back.

Iphicles laughed and jerked away from Ares' kiss. "Not here," he said, trying to wriggle from his lover's lap. "I have to maintain some dipni... dinig... ditnigy." He hiccuped gently. Ares just chuckled, regaining his sense of humour.

"You're drunk!" he crowed.

"No I'm not." Iphicles drew himself up in a comically proud manner. "I've only had one or two."

"One or two barrels!" Ares laughed. He caught hold of the king's red locks, thinking how amazing he looked, his hair all mussed and wild, his brown eyes soft and warmed with wine. "Here, my king. Have some more." He raised his goblet and slowly poured the wine into Iphicles' opened lips. Iphicles gulped at the thick liquid, then choked slightly and coughed, the wine dribbling from his mouth and all down his chest.

Ares roared with laughter. He then, quite deliberately poured the rest of the wine down the king's chest and into his lap. Instantly the tan tunic Iphicles wore was turned burgundy and he gasped at the shock of the cool wetness.

"You bastard!" he said, getting up and staggering for balance.

Ares just smiled at him. "Come here and let me lick it all off you," he purred.

Iphicles, instead, got a suddenly green look on his face. He shook his head and Ares instantly was on his feet. "Come on. Let's get you outside," he said. "You need some fresh air."

The atmosphere of the room was smoky with burning oils and incense, the stink of sweat and warm wine. People and heat filled the room. Ares knew it wasn't the best odour in the world for a drunk king.

He grabbed a cup of water from a serving girl and, holding it in one hand and supporting his lover in the other, he propelled him out into the corridor.

Iphicles was immediately and very noisily sick. Ares grinned, glad that he could never get into this state unless he willed it. As his lover stood up and leaned against the wall, groaning, he presented him with the water. "Here. Drink some of this and rinse your mouth out. You'll feel better."

Indeed, his lover looked a little better when he'd finished refreshing himself. Ares caught hold of his arm again and took a step backwards, almost falling over Atsu, the lion. He turned, patted the animal on the head and steered round him. Atsu got up and flanked Iphicles on the other side as they walked towards the gardens. Two guards made as if to follow them, as usual, but Ares waved them away.

The night was cool and still, but not so cool they were shivering. It was the height of summer and the warmth of the land still leeched out into the air.


Iphicles snickered as he and Ares walked out into the private gardens. He was leading Atsu with a hand buried in his mane, his arm entwined around Ares' waist. "Two lions," he said irrelevantly, "My lover and my pet."

Ares just looked at him, thinking that he looked a little better - still drunk though. "I've never seen you drunk before." he smiled. He led his lover to the arbour in the garden and settled down on the lush grass. Iphicles joined him and Atsu lay down beside them, trained to keep at his master's side at all times.

Iphicles looked through his lashes at the master of his heart. He felt that he was truly in the presence of two magnificent beasts. As his mind wandered drunkenly, he closed his eyes, still stroking Atsu. He started as he felt a moist, rough tongue wrap itself around his ear. He shivered and leaned closer, running his other hand up his lover's leg, softly, slowly.

Ares let out a breath and kissed him gently, tiny nipping kisses over his face and throat. The king realised that the tongue was still licking his ear and turned slightly, to find Atsu curled up beside them, purring like any house cat, his tongue rasping at Iphicles' hair.

He smiled a bit and sighed, as he sank back into the drugging kiss. Ares growled low in his throat and turned his head to run his lips over his lover 's jaw and down his throat. He ran his hands up Iphicles' chest, tugging at his nipples.

"So beautiful," he murmured.

Iphicles just pushed up into Ares' hand, wanting the soft touch to be more. His thigh brushed up against Atsu and the like spirits continued to stroke him, each in their own way. He moaned as the rough tongue bathed his chest, grazing over his nipples like sand. He reached forward and found one hand buried in Atsu' mane, the other tangled in Ares' wild locks.

Ares pushed the big cat out of the way and kissed his way down Iphicles' stomach, removing his clothes with a thought and leaving him naked on the grass.

The king gasped as he felt heated breath on his fast-swelling cock. He moaned as the heat moved away and began to plant small, teasing kisses along his thighs. He opened and closed his hands repeatedly, hopelessly tangling the ebony manes. Just as he thought he would die of the sweet torture, he felt a wet, rough tongue stroking his aching cock. When the kisses continued, his eyes flew open.

He looked down at the unlikely pair of lovers that were taking him to new heights of pleasure. He heard Ares laugh, low and huskily, as the taller man pushed Atsu aside and sucked his cock deep into his mouth.

Iphicles arched his hips and pushed his length deep into Ares' throat. Atsu' s paw pushed playfully at Ares' head, almost as if the two beasts were battling for the king's attention. He grabbed handfuls of soft lion mane and pulled the animal away from Ares, finding his voice trembling as he told the lion to go away. Atsu did no such thing. He began to lick at Iphicles' chest, obviously liking the taste of the wine that had been spilled over the king earlier.

The rough tongue rasped over and over Iphicles' nipples, tugging at the hardened nubs. He moaned as the flesh contracted and tightened his hold. Ares was still taking long, slow sucks of his cock, but he lifted his head. "I think he wants to join in," he said.

"I'm... not a... pervert," Iphicles panted explosively.

"But I am!" Ares chuckled and went back down to tongue Iphicles' cock gently once more.

"You bastard!" Iphicles groaned. "Atsu... go away."

Atsu ignored Iphicles' command and nuzzled his head into the king's hip. "See he really want's you. What's the harm in letting him play?" Ares grinned evilly

"He's a fucking lion. That's why!"

"Shut your mouth, Iphicles. Just lay back and let us love you." Ares' voice was a deep purr, almost as deep as the lions'.

Iphicles shuddered and gave himself up to the feelings. Fuck, he had never felt anything like this before. His senses were on overload. He had to admit that both these beasts, pleasuring him like this was amazing - the rough tongue lapping at his chest, Ares' smooth one swirling round and round the head of his cock, warm, furred flank and naked skin, pressing against him.

Iphicles was lost, his body given over to desire as he whimpered his lover's name over and over. He writhed and the weight of a huge paw held him down like a kitten. He gasped as claws extended then retracted, pricking his skin deep enough to draw blood.

Atsu's tongue lapped out and licked at the droplets of blood. Iphicles gasped again, the sand texture irritating the scratches.

Ares reached down between his lover's legs and slowly inserted a finger into him. Iphicles cried out and parted his thighs, spreading himself open to whatever Ares wanted

 "You like that, my king? You're my slut - mine and Atsu's." Ares laughed as another finger joined the first.

Iphicles groaned and pushed back against Ares' hand. "Yes, yours... both please..." he moaned as Ares hit that spot. He arched, flinging his hands back over his head. "YES!" he yelped, uncaring that any stray party goers might hear them.

As Ares continued to finger fuck him, the lion moved downwards, sniffing with dry nose at Iphicles' aroused, leaking cock, obviously aware of the king's excitement.

Ares pushed him away. "Not now, Atsu... later. Right now, he's mine." He took Iphicles in his mouth and added another finger inside him. Iphicles yelped again, as he came, deep within Ares' throat. The god greedily swallowed it all and then moved up to kiss his lover.

Iphicles whimpered as Atsu continued to lick and paw at his flaccid cock. "Atsu please... stop!" he pleaded, his body aching with sensitivity.

Ares pulled his lover upwards towards him. Their lips met in a deep kiss. Iphicles welcomed Ares' tongue into his mouth, pulling and sucking at him. He could taste his come on the god's lips and pulled him closer as they each fought for supremacy. Iphicles finally gave into his lover and let Ares do as he pleased. Ares slowly nipped and sucked at Iphicles' tongue sending shivers of pleasure back to his cock.

He could already feel himself getting hard again. Ares released him, then caught hold of his hair and dragged him downwards. Iphicles obediently moved to his knees and started to lick at his lover's cock He enjoyed taking his time... tracing tiny circles around the head, languidly licking down the entire length and slowly working his way up toward the tip again.

"Spread your thighs, my king," Ares instructed, his hand stroking smoothly up and down his spine.

Iphicles quivered and did as he was told. Wrapping his hands again in his hair, Ares pulled him further onto his cock. The king whimpered and took all of his lover deep within his throat. He jumped, startled at the feeling of a large tongue rasping at his balls and ass. He moaned and whimpered and Atsu licked him again and again.

The raised tongue sent him almost over the edge, reaching under his body to lap at his stiffening cock, pulling back roughly over his balls. He squealed and shivered, unable to voice his pleasure. Ares was thrusting deeply into his mouth, whispering soft, velvet words of encouragement.

Iphicles was lost in the feelings, the emotions, his mind empty of thought. He only responded. He moaned and writhed as Atsu continued to lick at him.

The king reached down and rubbed Ares' balls. He could hear his lover moan, feel Ares' cock pulse and throb as he started to come. Iphicles pulled back and licked at the tip, letting the god's come cover his lips and face. His knees buckled as Atsu started to nuzzle his head into his ass. "Fuck... oh gods... fuck..."

Iphicles caterwauled as he started to come, Atsu's continued licking sending him over the edge as his seed spurted to the grass. He found himself beside his lover, unable to move. He smiled as Atsu continued to lick at both of them.

Ares' hand stroked and teased over his body as did that incredibly coarse tongue. Iphicles wasn't sure he could do this again. He was drained, but Ares had been too long without his man and he reached for him once more, tugging him roughly onto his side.

Iphicles moaned, too exhausted to do anything but his lovers bidding. He lay there dreamily, lost in the feeling of the god gently working himself inside his body, whispering words into his ears.

"Need you..." he heard him say softly. He smiled at those words. He had longed to hear them. He was lost in this dreamy, in-between world, between the wine and the lovemaking. He was startled once again as Atsu started licking and nuzzling at his balls.

He pushed the lion away, wanting just to feel his lover deep within. "No Atsu," he commanded. "Doesn't this lion get enough?" he asked, hearing Ares shake with laughter from behind him.

"I never get enough of you, how can he?" Ares asked

The lion just moved and repositioned himself in front of the king.  Almost defiantly, just like his lover, he started licking Iphicles' cock once again.

"I'm going to have words with Kefre." Iphicles groaned. He threw his head back and moaned as Ares slid deep inside him.

"I guess you like that," Ares teased.

"Fuck, yessss," Iphicles' voice was raspy with desire. He felt his body flush as Ares moved within him at a slow and tortuous pace.

Atsu continued to lick at Iphicles and the king found his hips moving forward to increase the contact. He couldn't believe this was so exciting, so erotic to his overloaded senses.

Atsu curled himself around the two lovers and Iphicles found himself almost smothered in lion fur. He moved until he rested comfortably on Atsu' flank. The lion moved his leg and the king's head fell to the side. He found his face against the soft smooth skin of Atsu's balls. He nuzzled them briefly and was surprised when the lion turned over slightly to give him more contact. Iphicles moved away, only wanting to feel what Ares was doing to him, what Atsu's tongue was doing.  His senses were assailed by the strong, musky scent of leonine arousal and he moaned softly, urging Ares on harder within him.

He jolted as Ares increased the speed of his strokes angling himself to hit Iphicles' centre over and over again and he jammed his knuckles in his mouth to keep from screaming. Atsu growled low in his throat as he flung his free arm outwards, grabbing hold of the lion's mane and tugging hard.

"Touch him, " Ares purred in Iphicles' ear, his voice tight and demanding. Iphicles released his fingers from the soft, thick mane and stroked the fur of the lions underbelly. Ares rammed him harder, almost viciously and Iphicles cried out around his knuckles.

"Feel him, stroke him, for me." Ares demanded and Iphicles blindly did as he was told, caressing and fondling the lion. His hand touched the incredibly long, damp unsheathed length and Atsu yowled softly.

"Yes... Yes!" Ares whispered harshly, his breathing fast and hard and he pushed deeper into his lover. "Make us come."

Iphicles reached both hands forward as his orgasm overwhelmed his body. Ares was pulsing inside him. Atsu throbbed beneath his fingers. He arched, rocking into Ares' unmerciful fucking, grinding his head into Atsu's thigh, tense and about to explode.

There was a combined roar within his ears as Ares came. The lion, too, growled and snarled loudly, making the king jolt in fright as his orgasm hit him. His own long, loud yowl of completion echoed in the night air and Atsu' s come splattered over his chest and thighs. At the same time, Ares sank his teeth deep into Iphicles' shoulder, making him shriek again.

The rough licking stopped, then the smooth, warm skin of Ares' hand wrapped around his cock to soothe it gently. Iphicles whimpered at the hot touch of his lover's fingers and shrank away from the teeth that still sucked and bit at his shoulder. His body continued to spasm and shake with reaction and he could only lay on the grass, wanting to stop the throbbing pain of his over-used cock.

"Fuck, that was intense," Ares purred, licking and nipping at the king's ear like a playful kitten. He hissed, jerking away and Ares withdrew from him.

Iphicles finally got the strength together and rolled over, groaning. The god seemed to realise what the problem was and got off of the couch, going to a nearby fountain. Using a hastily conjured cloth, he dipped it into the water and returned to his lover, laving his burning cock and balls in the soaked linen.

Iphicles sighed deeply and looked at Ares through slitted eyes. "That feels wonderful," he said in relief and was rewarded by Ares' slow, feral grin.

Once more, Atsu began to lick and purr into Iphicles' ear. The king pushed him away and sat up. He groped for his clothes and put them on, hoping the smell of sweet wine would mask any lingering scent of sex from the animal.

"Iphicles. That was amazing," Ares said, looking at his lover with eyes that were for once soft and almost tender. Iphicles reached down and took Ares' chin in his hand. He kissed his lips briefly.

"For you, my god, anything." He leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "Once, out of curiosity is enough, but no more... drunk or not... as erotic as this was, I'm never doing that again!" His voice held an edge, letting Ares know exactly how he felt.

"Are you angry?" Ares, for once seemed to actually care about his feelings.

Iphicles laughed. "No. Like I said, this was intense, but I prefer my lovers to be... at least in human form, besides, Atsu has sharp claws." He looked down at his chest, touching the neat set of claw marks, still dribbling with drying blood. "These hurt!"

Ares smiled and took his lover by the arm. "Let me get you into a bath and a proper bed, my king."

Iphicles followed his lover from the garden, Atsu going with them into the private chambers. ___

Part 2

Iphicles was bored and it didn't help that the rolling thunderclouds and sticky air of Corinth was giving him a pounding headache. He went to his bed chamber and had the servants fill a lukewarm bath. He hated this weather. He couldn't concentrate on his work and it was too close to move.

As he bathed, he thought of the god of war who had stayed long enough to fuck his brains out at his birthday party, then had left again. That had been three weeks ago and the king hadn't seen him since. He felt sullen and used. Why did he keep letting that disdainful, cruel god into his bed chamber - not to mention all the other places where he'd been taken, literally?

He sighed deeply as he lounged in the bath then with a sudden, water-sloshing movement, got out of the tub and reached for a towel. He would try, once more, to work and take his mind off his loneliness. He might even invite Hercules to his castle. Yes. He hadn't seen his half-brother for a long time and he might just be the diversion he needed. He enjoyed a good fight and his goody-goody brother was always ready for a bitter slanging match.

He wrapped himself with the towel and lay down on his bed with the ever-present Atsu, the large lion who had been a gift to him from his friend Khamew't, the king of Egypt. Once in a more comfortable position, leaning against the big cat's ribs, he started to pen a letter to the demigod.

But all that went through his head was Ares. He was desperate for the touch of his lover, wanted to feel him kissing and stroking him, then taking him roughly, just the way Iphicles liked it. His cock start to fill and stiffen as he lay there, fantasising. He put a hand down, unwrapping the towel and caressed himself, brushing a finger over the head of his cock, rubbing gently at the sensitive flesh, feeling the slick wetness of his arousal.

He shivered, goose-bumps coming up all over his body. He hadn't given himself release for a long time and the unfamiliar touch of his own hands was exciting to him. He continued to caress himself, gently, touching his nipples, his ribs then down again to his cock, not holding it, just touching. His hips raised involuntarily and he moaned, liking the slow anticipation of his own pleasuring fingers.

A heavy weight shifting underneath him made him half open his eyes. He'd forgotten Atsu was there, his fanged mouth half open in the heat. Iphicles groaned again and turned away slightly, too turned on to stop his gentle touches. He felt the hot breath on his spine then the rasp of the long, rough tongue along his ribs and down to his hip.

"No Atsu..." he muttered, uncaring. His breath was getting faster, more ragged. He couldn't stop now, but the lion was determined, nuzzling into him, a paw with slight prickles of withdrawn claws nudging at him. The small pain sent desire shooting through the king's balls and he gasped.

At the sound of his pleasure, Atsu began to purr, the sound vibrating through Iphicles' body. He moaned, again attempted to push the lion away, then gave in to his need. He turned over, one hand grasping his cock and milking it, the other tangling in Atsu's mane. The rough tongue began to bathe him, working down his tensed thighs. Letting out his own soft groan, he let the lion do as he wished, lost in the rising tide of his orgasm.

Heated, coarse tongue and breath. The touch of fangs and a deep, constant purr. That was his world right then - all those sensations - and his hand, moving on the length of his cock, stopping every few strokes to rub the head with his thumb. Shuddering and crying out, he tightened his grip on Atsu, calling out his lover's name, not knowing if he had cried for the lion on top of him or the feline god in his heart.

The tongue touched the head of his cock and he yowled, coming hard. He writhed helplessly, let Atsu lick the seed from his cock, his stomach and his thighs; then lay there, panting and shivering until his brain came down from its plateau. He hauled the lion away from his groin, burying his face in his protector's soft, thick mane and moaned softly.

"Ares," he whispered. "Why don't you come to me?" Feeling guilty and bereft, the king fought a wave of loneliness.

He was exhausted and for the first time that day, his head had stopped hurting. He curled up around Atsu's muscular body, lay his head on the lions paws and shut his eyes. Atsu licked his face briefly and purred. With the soothing sound in his ears and his arms wrapped around his lion's neck, Iphicles fell asleep.


Ares appeared in the sleeping chamber, feeling happy at what he'd accomplished that day. He'd spent three weeks or so, trying to manipulate two warlords in northern Greece to finally go at it hammer and tongs. Now the battlefield near their castles was strewn with the dead. He smirked to himself. He did good work, even if he said so himself - and now he'd heard Iphicles call his name. He anticipated some good sex - just what a god needed after a hard days warmongering.

He stopped up short as he saw his lover, curled up naked and asleep around Atsu. The lion, too, was sleeping, although one ear swivelled towards him, ever alert. Ares moved closer and looked at the sad expression on Iphicles' face. He shook his head. He'd been so involved with his war recently that he 'd been neglecting his royal fuck toy.

But he looked down, watching the king sleep, safe in Atsu's paws. The king was wrapped around the lion like he normally snuggled up to Ares when the god deigned to stayed with him, his red hair spread wildly over the sheet. Ares began to get more lustful ideas.

He remembered the time in the garden, the night of the party. That had been the hottest sex he'd had in millennia. He'd been mildly annoyed at Iphicles' firm words, that he'd never do it again. He had enjoyed seeing his haughty lover so helpless in his need, so submissive for him, willing to do anything, even pleasure a lion for Ares' gratification. He shivered at the memory. Perhaps, as it had been so long, Iphicles would be willing to do it again.

But would Atsu? Just exactly how had this animal been trained? With a smile of pure lusting evil, Ares disappeared.


Iphicles sleepily opened his eyes when he felt someone shake him slightly. He yawned and rolled over a little, feeling Atsu lick his face. He brushed the lion away and sat up.

Ares was standing there above him, arms crossed, dark gaze looking slightly amused.

"Ares? What... What are you doing here? I was thinking about you." Iphicles rubbed at his eyes, trying to get his brain into focus.

Ares said nothing, just smiled mysteriously and moved to the window, gazing out on Corinth with the air of a proud parent. The pure grace and beauty of the god Iphicles loved, made the king swallow hard and he felt his cock twitch against his thigh.


His voice was quiet, but Ares heard him. He turned and smiled, coming over to his lover.

"How do you feel? Headache any better?"

"Yes. It's better." Iphicles realised that it had in fact gone. He rubbed his head and smiled. "I must have slept it away." He wondered how Ares had known he had a headache, but then, he was a god - of course he knew.

Ares rubbed his face against Atsu's and the lion's purring got louder. A huge paw cuffed him lightly and Ares pushed back playfully. "You two looked hot, sleeping together," he said.

Iphicles blushed, wondering if Ares had realised what he'd been doing earlier. He hurriedly got up and found a pair of pants to put on. As he dressed, he grabbed a peach and ate it quickly, suddenly hungry. He was aware of the god's eyes on him the whole time. It made him nervous. He felt that Ares had something in mind, but, as always, had no idea what it was.

"I want you, Iphicles," Ares said, his voice deep and husky.

The king stopped dressing and looked at the god. Just that simple statement, spoken in that smooth, deep voice was enough to make him shiver. He left his dressing and reached up to cup his lover's chin in his hand. "You can have me," he whispered, his own voice throaty. Ares just smiled again and took his hand, pulling him to the bed. Within the blink of an eye, the war god was naked, muscular body shining bronze in the lamplight. Iphicles swallowed and turned away, wanting to prolong the moment.

"Get off, Atsu," he ordered the big cat, who was still curled up on the great bed.

"No. I want him to have you too," Ares said, quietly, staying the lion with a hand.

Iphicles' first instinct was to refuse, but those hot eyes were burning into his soul and he trembled. "I told you, never again," he said.

"And you thought I'd believe you? No, Iphicles. I didn't believe you then and I don't believe you now. I want to watch you and Atsu. He's obviously been trained for it."

"I'm really going to kill Khamew't," Iphicles said, but he still felt guilty for letting the lion lick him earlier, almost as if he'd been unfaithful. He didn't want Ares to know that he'd done that. Gods, had he really been that desperate?

Ares crooked his mouth sideways. "I did some research," he said. "I found something that might come in useful for what I've got in mind."


"This." Ares held up a small vial.

Iphicles raised his eyebrows, wondering what was within, but Ares kissed him hard, sending any coherent thought out of the window. The king was instantly ready for his god, his cock responding to that feral kiss. He pressed closer and ran a long fingernail down his lover's chest, feeling the nipple harden and answer his own erection. "You know I'll do what ever you want," he whispered. "Just knowing you want me... that's enough."

Ares just grinned. "Undress and get on that bed," he said forcefully.


Iphicles swiftly let his pants fall and stepped out of the puddle of soft leather. Ares gazed at his naked body, eyes caressing the curves and muscles; once more, struck by how incredibly good looking his king was and how so temptingly familiar.

Ares pushed him down to the bed, making sure there was oil within reach. This time, he wanted more than Iphicles had ever given him, but he didn't want to hurt him - any more than usual, anyway.

Poised above Iphicles on the bed, hair mussed and messy against the white linen, Ares felt something almost akin to love in his heart. Did he really love this mortal? He didn't know, but he knew that he wanted him, wanted all of him. "Fuck, you're beautiful," he whispered, as he leaned down and brushed his lips against Iphicles' neck.

He slowly licked and nipped across his throat, making his way to those full lips he so loved to kiss. Licking at the parted softness, he tasted the peach that the king had eaten earlier. He moaned and started to gently push his tongue in between them, wanting this to be slow and easy - for now.

He needed to let Iphicles know how much he wanted him, but his lover had other ideas. The king pulled him roughly closer and opened his lips more, giving Ares' tongue complete access. Ares was lost and entered him roughly, tasting blood in his lover's mouth. He growled, wrapping his arms around the mortal, ever closer, as one, for that moment.

Iphicles' callused hands stroked up and down his ribs, making him shiver a little as the king found ticklish spots. He rolled over, pulling Iphicles on top of him and the king sat up, pushing wildly tangled copper out of his face.

Looking up at him, Ares grinned. The king's lips were swollen, a spot of smeared blood on his bronze skin. He grabbed Ares again and, again, their lips met forcefully. Ares felt teeth clash against his own and pushed Iphicles away a little, moaning into his mouth as that hot tongue twisted and twined with his own. Iphicles whimpered and pressed deeper, the heat and scent of him sending Ares further into lustful desire.

Having Iphicles on top of him was obviously giving the king ideas above his station. Ares had no wish to be dominated, at least, not right now. He was determined to make Iphicles his slave tonight, force him to do whatever he wanted. He pushed Iphicles away and off him, grappling him back down to the bed. Iphicles let out an oath and struggled playfully as Ares forced him to lay on his chest.

"Kneel up, my king," he growled. "I want you open to me."

Ares poised himself above the prone, golden body, tracing the bow of his spine then down to his ass cheeks, caressing the silken, hairless skin and tickling at the puckered entrance. Iphicles quivered under his hands and let out a soft breath. Reaching for the oil, Ares poured some into his hands, the faint scent of lemon reaching him. He rubbed his hands together briefly and then started to massage Iphicles' skin, lulling him into a false sense of security.

Iphicles let out a sigh and relaxed visibly. Ares grinned and made him kneel up, moving his legs apart. The king wriggled into a more comfortable position and let Ares do as he wished.

"You're loving this, aren't you my king?" Ares whispered into Iphicles' ear, as he rubbed his shoulders and down his arms. He was almost hypnotised by the slow, gentle movements of oiled hands on satin skin, running up and down his back, kneading gently, whenever he hit a knot of tension. Moving downward, he slid a finger inside Iphicles' entrance, felt him jolt and groan, then withdrew it, grinning at the tease.

"Not your king, Ares, your slave.... only yours, "Iphicles moaned as Ares continued to work on his back and down his thighs, the oil dripping onto the sheets.

Ares turned to look at Atsu and reached out an oily hand to stroke the full, thick hair of the lion's mane. Atsu licked his hand briefly and Ares raised his eyebrows at the rugged touch. So this was why Iphicles had enjoyed Atsu' s company so much?

Atsu moved closer to the two lovers, his tongue swiping across the soles of Iphicles' feet.

"Atsu, stop," Iphicles chided, jerking his feet away. "That tickles. Get off the bed."

"No. I want him here, with us. I've got plans for him." Ares pulled Atsu closer and went back to working on Iphicles. Turning him over, he tipped the oil bottle and drizzled it across his chest and cock. Iphicles moaned again, quivering as Ares began to soothe the oil into his skin, taking care to linger over his sensitive nipples. He alternated rubbing in the soothing oil with light bites over the puckered nubs and his lover arched his back, reaching out to tangle clutching fingers in Atsu's mane.

Ares bent to touch the tip of Iphicles' leaking cock with his tongue. Iphicles shuddered and gasped, arching more - desperate for more.

"Oh no, my king. Not yet. I don't want you coming yet. Not for me... I want you to come for him." Ares nodded to the lion. Iphicles started to protest, but Ares cut him off with cruel lips. He reached down and with an evil grin, fitted a cock ring onto his lover. Iphicles started to curse into the kiss. Ares just laughed and pulled away. Iphicles' dark eyes grew bigger and he shook his head, his expression frantic.

"Ares, no. I can't!"

"Yes, my king. You can - and you will," Ares growled low in Iphicles 's ear. He leaned down and continued to work on his lover's nipples, teasing each one into aching hardness, pulling at them with pinching fingers.

And found that Atsu was watching raptly.

Ares moved his head aside, and made room for the big cat to take over. He admired this beast - the leashed power so apparent and noble, even within the lion's own servitude. Like Ares, he could not be broken.

As Atsu stalked closer, as if waiting to pounce, he found himself face to face with calm gold eyes and continued to move down to lick across Iphicles' stomach, down toward his straining cock. Atsu purred louder and Ares grinned.

"Go on, Atsu, take him," he said to the big cat, coaxing him as those slitted pupils surveyed him warily. Ares got the distinct impression that the lion was beginning to wonder if, in this context, he and Ares were competitors.

Iphicles opened his eyes, a faint beading of sweat on his face. "What are you doing, you bastard?"

Atsu stretched one great paw out, rested it on Iphicles' head, and began lapping at his neck as if grooming a kitten. Ares watched for a moment, as the lion ran its papery tongue over Iphicles' throat. His king was so submissive to his beasts, accepting of what they both wanted from him. The heat of arousal surged in his own body, as his lover arched his neck to give Atsu better access.

He lowered his mouth to Iphicles' cock and teased it with the tip of his tongue as he began working an oiled finger inside his lover. He wanted the king ready, more ready than he could ever be. He wanted him begging, pleading for Ares to do as he wished.

Iphicles rose up to meet his seeking fingers and Ares looked down on him, golden and beautiful in the soft lamp light, his cock imprisoned and swollen within the leather ring, the slit beading and dripping with clear fluid. Ares bent to taste again and Iphicles moaned, swearing softly under feverish breath.

"Ares, please let me come?" he begged.

Atsu continued to find Iphicles' left nipple fascinating. Ares could see the skin around the erect nub reddening, flushed with the abrasive licking. He added another finger to his deep probing and Atsu moved downwards.

As the animal licked at Iphicles' pubic hair, the king began to beg and try to remove the cock ring. "No... please. I don't think I can bear this... take this thing off me. It's going to hurt."

"It won't hurt... much," Ares said evilly and withdrew his fingers. He grabbed Iphicles' wrists and slammed them down on the bed, preventing him from touching himself. Iphicles groaned and went limp. "Besides," Ares said softly, "You know you like it when it hurts." As he backed off a bit, to reach for the phallus he knew he'd need, he felt Iphicles start to tremble. He stroked his chest, soothing him. Atsu moved back to Iphicles' head and bent to breathe into and lick his lover's ear. "Trust me, Iphicles. I won't hurt you any more than you want to be. Don't tell me, though, that you haven't thought about doing this with your pet?" He bent to nip at swollen lips.

His lover trembled as he shook his head. "Don't lie to me, Iphicles. I know you too well."

Atsu's tongue slid across the king's cock and Iphicles cried out, bucking into the mobile organ.

"You looked awfully close to him this afternoon, Iph. Were you thinking of him or me?" Ares ran his finger along Iphicles' cock, imitating the lion's touch.

"I was asleep. I wasn't thinking of anything," Iphicles protested. He was sweating freely now, a runnel of perspiration gathering in his navel. Ares dipped down and licked it away. He chuckled and held the phallus up in front of Iphicles' eyes. He heard a soft groan and laughed again.

"I know you, Iphicles. I know what you think, what you feel and desire. I don't condemn you for it. I left you alone, but now you're mine... do you understand what it is to be mine?" Iphicles swallowed hard and nodded. "Turn over," Ares commanded.

Again, Iphicles moved slowly to his knees. Ares saw him grimace and whimper, knowing the leather hoop was growing tighter around his lover's cock, enflaming him further. Ares could see the shaft, purpled and swollen, nudging at his navel as he spread himself again for Ares' pleasure.

Drizzling more oil over the large phallus, Ares began easing it into Iphicles' body. The king mewled softly and strained into the invader. Ares bent over so his chest was pressed against Iphicles' oily back, relishing the shuddering body beneath him. He wasn't sure whether he trembled from fear or arousal or both, but it was making it hard for him to concentrate on slowly advancing the phallus without causing pain. His eyes fell on the vial he'd put down on the small table beside the bed and he picked it up; holding it ready for the time when he knew Iphicles would be open and prepared for what Ares wanted to do.

Atsu moved his head under Iphicles' chest and licked at his face and neck. Iphicles groaned as Ares moved the phallus deeper. He pushed back and Ares held his hips still. "Easy, my king, easy," he commanded, his voice low and seductive. Iphicles cried out as Ares hit his centre and his knees buckled slightly.

Ares moved closer, rubbing his own stiff and aching cock against the silky skin of Iphicles' thighs, enjoying the tantalising shudder it inspired in his body, but he didn't want to come yet. He wanted to wait. He wanted it to be good.

Iphicles, however, had his own ideas about that.

Ares pulled back, curbing his desire. Instead, he drew a deep breath and concentrated, fucking Iphicles harder with the phallus, moving it fully into the tightly sheathing body before pulling it out and pushing back in again. He could tell from the desperate little whimpers his lover was making, the sweat running from his oiled back, that his frustration and arousal levels were about where he wanted them.

That thought was making it so hard for him to focus, that he almost didn't hear Iphicles speaking in a soft voice to Atsu. So it startled him, when he felt a hot, rough tongue trail down his own cock, now leaking its own evidence of arousal. Ares gasped and was trying to regain his composure, when he felt a gentle brush of fur against his right ass cheek, mere moments before the sharp pain of five claws dug into his flesh.

He threw his head back and roared, as the next pull of the tongue brought him to the orgasm he'd wanted to delay. He thrust up against Atsu's fierce licking, moaning as the cat left him bereft and incomplete, turning his rapt, feline attention back to Iphicles' ass cheek, where Ares had spilled his seed.

Ares knelt there, panting; the blood thudding in his ears, all thoughts of preparing Iphicles forgotten.

He was roused by Iphicles moaning softly into the pillow and remembered that he had the proud king impaled deeply on the phallus. Shaking his head to clear the last of his fuzziness, Ares gave an extra hard thrust, making his lover yowl loudly.

"You'll pay for that insolence, Iphicles," he growled, the glass vial in his left hand suddenly creeping back into his consciousness. He looked up to see Atsu carefully grooming his left paw, licking delicately between the claws that still bore traces of his blood.

Iphicles whimpered, "Ares, please. It isn't enough - the phallus. I want you."

Smiling in, what he was sure was his evillest manner, Ares put his mouth to Iphicles' ear. "Oh, my lover, you'll soon have more than enough."

He carefully unstopped the glass vial and let a few drops of pungent liquid fall into the cleft of Iphicles' ass cheeks.

The moment Ares uncapped the vial, Atsu froze, and looked up - claws still extended and paw still held in mid air. He sniffed, as if scenting something he'd longed for, for many years.

Ares eased himself around to reposition himself by Iphicles' head for the moment and Atsu followed his nose towards the enticing scent, nuzzling at pheromone coated, sensitive flesh.

The trembling king looked up at his lover, with eyes full of fear and trust and devotion. "Ares," he whispered. "What are you asking of me?"

"Nothing you know you won't give," Ares whispered, kissing him, licking his lips, tasting the salt of sweat. "Nothing at all."

As he spoke, Atsu lapped at Iphicles' cleft and the liquid still glistening within. Ares leaned over and carefully removed the phallus, dripping more of the vial contents onto Iphicles' skin. Atsu stood up on the bed, growling softly as he licked; the long tongue probing at Iphicles' relaxed entrance.

"What is that stuff?" Iphicles groaned. "It stings."

"Urine from a lioness... in heat," Ares whispered, kissing his king again. "Keep still and relax. Trust us."

 Iphicles whimpered. "Please... Ares.. please... stop this..." He began to beg in earnest.

The god just shook his head and, keeping an eye on Atsu, saw the lion's thick, long, multi-layered cock slide from its sheath. His eyes widened momentarily at the size of it and, for a moment, he had doubts, but it was too late.

The lion, in one swift movement, mounted Iphicles, plunging inside him with a feral grunt. Iphicles buckled forward barely able to stay on all fours. He yowled as Atsu penetrated him for the first time and Ares could see a look of intense pain on his face, followed by fear. "Relax, my king... Atsu would never hurt you... enjoy this, for me... for us."

Ares reached down and tugged on Iphicles' cock, releasing the ring. Iphicles screamed, bucking into the bed at the sudden release of the leather hoop.

Ares had longed to see these two together, but even he had not anticipated what an erotic sight they would make in reality. As Atsu sank into Iphicles again, the king arched and threw his head back, hair flying in a whipping arc over his shoulders - a copper haired lioness for his mate. He cried out loudly, just as Atsu roared. Iphicles yelped once more and Ares saw his come spurt onto the sheet beneath him, muscles straining, pulled taut with arousal, sweat glistening on golden skin.

For a few long seconds Ares watched as the lion thrust into his lover and he couldn't bear to blink - so mesmerised was he by the sight. He finally found his ability to breathe again and looked into his lover's eyes for any sign that Iphicles really wanted him to stop this, though one look at Atsu's bestial countenance told him that there was little chance of success, without destroying the creature.

But when he met the brown eyes, he found them already waiting for him to return the gaze. Iphicles' face begged Ares without words - begged him to watch. Then his expression grew pained and Ares roused himself from the spell the couple had cast, long enough to notice that the lion had his paws placed awkwardly on the king's back.

Atsu was continually riding Iphicles, his claws slipping around the king's shoulders. The great lion's hips thrust uncontrollably back and forth as he snarled low under his breath. Dribbles of blood began to run down Iphicles' skin, the claws digging in deeper. Iphicles pushed backwards for his ferocious lover, even as he cried out in pain.

 As Ares moved forward, Atsu growled out a warning. "Easy, Atsu," he said, using not the voice he used for mortals, but a voice of utter respect for an equal warrior. Atsu ignored him and Iphicles sobbed, flattening his body slightly. As the lion found himself dropping, the claws removed themselves from Iphicles' shoulders and his paws planted on either side of his body. Ares let out a sigh of relief, not sure that he would have been able to approach the, suddenly possessive, big cat without getting a mauling.

The muscles of the lion moved smoothly as he rutted into Iphicles, who was almost totally incoherent. Ares could only imagine what it must be like for him; that long length pounding into his body, stretching and filling him completely. Ares swallowed hard and touched his, once more, erect cock, shivering in arousal. He wanted Iphicles so much.

The lion snarled, thrust faster, shifted again as Iphicles writhed beneath him, his face buried in the pillow. The king shrieked, bucking into the bed, climaxing violently once more. Atsu bent his head and bit at Iphicles' neck, luckily only getting a mouthful of hair, Ares cuffed the lion off and Atsu roared again, flanks and ribs shivering, leonine orgasm approaching and breaking in savage waves inside the delirious king's body . The deep room-shaking rumble of completion faded down to panting, chuffing exhaustion and Atsu licked Iphicles' bloodied back as Ares heard his lover moan softly.

The moan went straight to Ares' cock, but he couldn't even think about bringing himself off at present and, looking at Iphicles, he knew he couldn't fuck him either. Ares was so mesmerised by the man before him. He would truly do anything Ares commanded.

Atsu moved off of Iphicles, who was laying in a boneless, panting heap. Ares watched the lion's muscles ripple as he moved to the head of the bed and curled up, resting his huge head on relaxed paws.

Ares could see his lover's sides heaving as he tried to regain his breath. The little half sobs catching in Iphicles' throat went right to Ares' heart, and he could wait no longer. With a roar of his own, Ares leapt for his lover, and pulled his body into his lap, bringing one hand to touch his cheek.

"Ssh." the king answered, as he drew Ares' hand down to his, now, flaccid cock, to make sure Ares knew that he had come. "For you, my lord. Only for you, would I do this."

Ares bent to kiss Iphicles then looked up at Atsu. "Get out," he ordered, pointing at the door. The lion snarled softly.

Iphicles rolled over and Ares noticed the blood crawling slowly down his thighs and back. "Leave him. Poor creature need to sleep," he said with a sleepy smile.

Ares gawped. "You're hurt. You're bleeding," he said. It was sometimes amazing what this mortal would do to show his devotion.

Iphicles glared at Ares "What the fuck do you expect. I've just had twelve inches of lion cock up my ass!"

Ares looked down at the blood that was collecting on the linen of the bed. The volume scared him. How come he could watch the gore of fighting all day, with pleasure, but, seeing his king bleeding like this, made him ache with shared pain?

"Don't worry," Iphicles said softly, tiredly amused by his lover's unvoiced, but obvious concern. "It looks worse than it is." Then he got a predatory gleam in his eye when he saw Ares', still aching, erection. "And you're still aroused."

Before Ares had time to object, he felt that sweet mouth engulf his cock. Ares cried out at the intensity of pleasure and tangled his hands into the king's hair.

Iphicles grabbed his lover's hips and opened his throat as deeply as he could, letting the first feline who'd come into his bed, fuck his mouth as violently as Atsu had taken his body, just moments before.

The mere thought of that experience made the hairs on the back of Ares' neck stand on end.  On the next thrust, his seed warmed the back of his lover's throat. Iphicles greedily drank and Ares cried out again and again, Holding the king's head to his cock, making sure every last spurt was taken, he relaxed and pulled away, Iphicles lost his balance on his knees and fell back.

Ares, still shaken by his own orgasm, watched for only a moment as Iphicles wavered, before registering what was happening and moved to catch him.

"Wine," Iphicles managed to mutter and his eyelids fluttered as he fell into a faint.

Ares eased the limp body to the bed, then rose and strode towards the flask. He sloshed wine into a goblet, before holding his lover's head in his arm and touching the cup to his lips. Iphicles came round enough to sip and Ares let out a sigh of relief.

Once Iphicles had drunk the wine, he fell into an exhausted sleep and Ares held him close. Showing tenderness that he would not have allowed if the king had been awake, he leaned his cheek on the top of Iphicles' head and rocked him slowly, knowing that the man in his arms was perfectly his.

But the question that now burned in his heart was, was he Iphicles' in return?

The End