Dark Desires
By Selursera

Pain, her body was racked with it. The nausea alone had kept her confined to bed for the past several days. Between the fever and the chills Selursera felt as if her body had reached its limits. Sel was into the fourth day of a particularly bad bout of the flu. Her head throbbed and her muscles ached.

She was home alone and the last thing she remembered was dragging herself into the kitchen. She knew her body needed something. //"Tea maybe?"// she thought. Selursera reached the kitchen and realized it was a big mistake. The room started to spin and everything glowed around her. She found herself falling, further and further like she would never hit the floor. Suddenly her body landed in a heap on the hard ground, and she groaned in pain.

Two very large, black boots stood before her. As her vision began to clear she followed them up to very long legs. "Ares?" she questioned. She followed them further up to a very well formed and muscled body, encased in very hard dark leather, he was wearing a cape. "Okay, not Ares," she muttered. Sel continued on until she came to his face. He was wearing a helmet that he quickly removed, but that face. Immediately she knew who it was. Extending his hand to her, he helped her up.

"Hades, am I dead?" Being immortal, she knew how ridiculous that question was, but she couldn't resist. Too bad her immortality didn't immune her from getting the flu.

"No my dear, Sel, I just needed to talk with you, and bringing you here was convenient."

"With me?" Sel said, totally bewildered.

"Yes, I want to ask you a favor."

Sel looked at the god before her, and she blew her nose. "This could be fruitful, a god owing me a favor. What do ya have in mind? Sniff."

The God of the Underworld looked really embarrassed. "I read your e-mail."

"Isn't that illegal, even from where you come from?" Sel said, looking at him through narrowed eyes and sounding very annoyed.

"Let's not get off track here. What you said in your e-mail...well it's true." Hades was really having a hard time telling Sel why he needed her help.

"Which part? That you are incredibly hot, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous. That I would love to fuck you for an eternity? That sex with you must be..."

"No...that's all very nice." He was getting uncomfortable. Hades started to pace back and forth. "Look I am not used to asking for help. When I did ask my nephew Hercules for help with Persephone, look where that got me. I only see her six months out of the year." His voice clearly held anguish.

"Hades just tell me. I will try to help if I can," Sel's voice was strangely comforting to him and he continued.

"It's the other thing that you said. Well it's what you said about...Ares and...me, being good together."

"You're hot for him? You devil?" Sel said, quite astonished. "Why don't you just tell him? You don't strike me as the shy type."

"I canít...the relationship between him and me has been, rather...strained. I don't want to look like a fool if he turns me down. And well that's where *you* come into the picture."

"Me? Why do you think I have any pull with Ares?

"I know you are close. He took the time to personally train you himself. I also read the stories on the list you and some of the other Immortals belong to. He seems fond of all of you, and well I thought you might do me a favor."

"Exactly how involved do I have to become in this favor?" Silently she prayed that he'd want her to be really involved, but she knew full well that her aching body wouldn't let her.

"As involved as you wish," Hades smiled, and Sel almost fainted. "I'll be forever grateful."

"Yeah, where have I heard that before."

"Are you saying no? Are you refusing a god?" Hades was beginning to sound very angry.

"No way Hon, it's a job I'm up for. Where is Ares anyway?"

"He is at his temple in Thebes; I can send you there. After you talk to him just call me with your mind, and I will come," Hades said.

Sel smiled weakly. "Well that's my plan. Letís just hope it works. There is one thing though...sniff. I don't think Ares will be very receptive to me in my robe and pink bunny slippers. And as you can see I am quite sick with the flu." She was trying her hardest not to throw up all over the God of the Underworld. It was a battle that she was starting to lose.

Hades clicked his tongue in disdain. "That's not a problem." The God of the Underworld waved his hand and all of her maladies disappeared. He also dressed her in this fantastic black leather outfit. Complete with a jewel encrusted sword. Sel withdrew the sword from its scabbard and twirled it around. "Nice weapon!" Next, she looked at her outfit. "What is it with you guys and black leather?"

"Does it displease you? I can change it." Hades was so cute; he wanted to please her.

"No, it's okay, just get me to Aresí temple. And don't go too far, I have an idea and if it works you'll be in like Flynn."

"I hope you are right," Hades said, his voice sounding anxious.

Sel rolled her eyes. "Well my idea can't hurt you. It could backfire on me if Ares gets mad." Sel began to wonder if she was crazy. "Let's just go before I change my mind."


Hades and Selursera materialized just outside Aresí temple. "He's just inside those doors. Are you sure you will be able to handle him?"

"My handling him is not the problem. It's getting him to handle you," Sel giggled.

"You sound like you know my niece, Aphrodite."

"Hey, we could always ask for her help. I am sure she would be happy to..."

"That's okay. I will wait to see if you are successful." Hades interrupted Sel before she could finish. The last thing he wanted anyone to know was that he was asking for help.

"Toodles!" Sel called to Hades as he disappeared. "Imagine that the King of the Underworld, and he's shy!" Sel pushed her way through the large doors before her.


"ARRRREEEESSSS!" she called out, at the top of her lungs.

The God of War was not pleased. What mortal dared burst into his temple like this? "Guards! Seize that woman!" he yelled.

The guards ran to Ares' throne room and confronted the intruder. Sel drew her sword and smiled. "Ares, are you sure you wish to lose two of your best guards?"

Realizing who the intruder was, Ares smiled. "Selursera, my dear. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"Call off your dogs first, Ares, before I have to teach them a lesson."

"Leave us!" The guards did as they were told and quickly left the room.

Sel returned her sword to its scabbard. "That's better," she smiled. "I came here to see how you are doing, and to ask a favor."

Ares walked toward Sel and scooped her up in his arms. "You expect me to believe that this is just a return visit for the time I came in your office...I mean, came to your office." He smiled, then he kissed her, ravishing her lips and bruising them with the sheer force.

Sel suddenly felt light headed again, and wondered if it could be a side effect of the medicine she had taken earlier. Shaking the feeling off she spoke. "No M'lord, I came here as a favor, for a friend."

"This friend must be very special." Ares still was holding Sel tightly. He loosened his grip a little to caress her cheek with his hand.

She suddenly found it very hard to concentrate. "Well...a...yes they are, and...they fancy you quite a bit."

"Me...really?" Ares began to nibble at her neck.

"Ares, stop that. I need to talk to you and I can't while you're doing that!"

"So this isn't about you? Then this god must be very special."

"Who said anything about it being a god?"

"Your friend has to be a god, woman. There is no way you could have come back here on your own. You know Zeus' rules about traveling back and forth in time. Just because you are immortal, it doesn't exclude you from his rules."

"Or, maybe I asked another god to bring me here as a favor for someone else."

Ares closed both of his well-muscled arms around Sel; he squeezed her very tightly. "One of my girls asking another god for help. That's not good." He wanted her to know she still belonged to him.

"Okay, Ares, that hurts, and I tire of this game. One of the gods wants to fuck you and asked me to ask you for him." Sel felt bluntness would be her best counter move.

Ares started to laugh, he relaxed his grip on Selursera. Letting her go, she fell to the floor right on her ass. "You expect me to believe that..." The god's laughter grew louder, bouncing off of the walls of the throne room. "One of the Gods came to you..." He laughed again. "Because they want to fuck me?" Ares was now laughing so hard he was bent over holding his sides. His legs gave out, and he started rolling around on the floor. Tears were streaming from his eyes. "This is too funny, all that work and all they had to do was ask."

Sel got up off the floor. She was really annoyed that he was laughing at her. Actually she was really hurt. She stood over the God of War's body. Her arms were crossed and she tapped her foot against the heavy stone floor. He had finally regained some composure and looked up at her with puppy dog eyes. "Are you through?" she asked.

Ares could see she was getting really angry. He wasn't sure but she almost looked hurt. He really didn't want to piss her off. She was a favorite of his, after all, he did train her and she had quite a temper. He got up and apologized. "I am sorry," he giggled, not really meaning to.

"Well I guess I will have to leave and tell them you are not interested."

"Not interested! Who said I wasn't interested?"

Sel turned her back on him. "Your laughter gave you away."

Ares came up behind her and pulled her to him. "Don't be a tease. Who is it? What do they look like?" Ares sounded like a little boy in a candy store.

"They are gorgeous with a hot, firm body to die for. Can you imagine that body naked pressed against you, Ares? Sexy and well muscled, firm and hard." She pushed her body into his. Sel could feel his cock bulging from his leathers. "They have the sexiest mouth, a mouth just made to wrap around your cock. Running their tongue across the tip. Swallowing you with no effort at all." He pushed his body closer into hers. She could hear him moan softly. His hot breath against her ear. "Sucking you faster and faster until you come, swallowing everything with no effort at all. And the eyes....dreamy eyes you can get lost in. Eyes that undress you with a thought. Oh, and most importantly his cock...it's just something to dream about. Thick, firm, thrusting inside of you." He was almost where she wanted him. His breath was coming harder and faster. She pushed back even more, teasing his cock with her ass. "Making you want him, making you come...hard, just the way you like it. Do you want to meet him, Ares? Do you want him to make you come?" Sel knew one thing for sure; if Ares didn't want Hades, after all this build up she did.

Ares was overtaken by the images she had placed in his mind. He was not one to pass up the opportunity for a great fuck. For some reason her words and actions really appealed to him. "Yessss!" he struggled to get out. Ares, even though a god, was a servant to pleasure.

"Lead me to your bedchamber, Ares." The God of War did as requested, with a thought they were there.


//"His bedchamber is sparsely decorated,"// Sel thought. There were only a few pieces of furniture and a large chair spread haphazardly across the room. One thing caught her attention right away. It was located against the far wall, a magnificent four poster bed. The posts were intricately carved with very voluptuous naked women and men, locked together in an embrace. Sel wasn't surprised, she was sure Ares didn't spend much time here sleeping. She led Ares across the room toward the bed.

"I need a blindfold, Ares."

"For whom?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

"For you, you know you can trust me. I told you this would be incredible. Just leave everything to me."

Ares' eyes narrowed, but he complied with her request. The mere thought of all that was promised made Ares' cock throb. He closed his eyes, needing to feel the cock Sel promised in his ass. She blindfolded him. When she was finished, Sel kissed him and Ares moved to embrace her.

"No, Ares, I want you to listen to me. I am going to undress you."

"You don't have to do that, I can just..."

"Shhhh." Sel placed her fingers to his lips. "Quiet now, just enjoy the feeling of having your clothes removed. It can be erotic you know."

Ares mind raced. He wanted to throw Sel on the bed and...and...but no, he swallowed, he could be patient...sometimes. He would wait. //"This better be worth it,"// he thought.

Sel loosened Ares' vest. Running her hands slowly up the front of his stomach muscles she began to slip it down his arms, while she worked her tongue up the front of his chest. She held the vest in place behind him pinning his arms back as she bit into his nipple. Ares growled. Sel knew she had to be careful, she was no fool and pushing him too far might get her flung into a wall. She let the vest drop to the floor. Next, she continued down turning her attention to his pants. Using her teeth she undid the fasteners and pulled them slowly from his body down to the floor. Ares seemed pleased, his cock was now free from its confinement, he groaned. She moved Ares to the bed and made him recline across it. "Ares, listen to what I say first and don't react. I want you to bind yourself to the posts," Sel inwardly cringed, waiting for his reaction.

Ares raised himself on his elbows and swiftly removed his blindfold. "You can't be serious!" he yelled.

Sel raked her nails down the front of the God of War's chest, leaving deep red grooves in their wake. Ares gasped. "Please, Ares, for me?" she begged, hoping his desires were still enough to keep him from saying no.

He sharply drew in his breath, trying to keep his anger in check. Again the thoughts of this god inside of him took control of his body. Beads of sweat appeared above his lips and his cock twitched as a painful reminder of his need for satisfaction. Damn, he wasn't one to let his imagination get the best of him. Could someone else be putting these desires in his mind? Did it matter? Ares did as he was told. The God of War now lay across the bed bound and blindfolded. It was time.

//"Hades, he is ready for you,"// Sel called to him with her mind.

Hades appeared. "You are wonderful, Sel, join us," he whispered.

Sel couldn't believe the next words were coming out of her mouth. "Would you mind if I watched?" She knew how much Hades wanted Ares. She also felt that once Ares knew it was Hades he would want him just as much. She didn't want to intrude, not yet.

She proceeded to undress Hades slowly and seductively, the same way she had taken care of Ares. Marveling at the magnificence of the body before her, like a fine marble statue. She ran her hands across his chest and down his stomach. Licking and biting his nipples, her mouth moved lower across his stomach. Her hand searched and found Hades' cock, and she began stroking it very softly, marveling at its thickness. Hades thrust his head back; eyes closed enjoying her touch. She kept stroking Hades and turned her attention to Ares. She reached across his magnificent body for his cock, and stroked it roughly to full hardness. He arched his hips, moaning his approval.

Her mind was lost in lust; again she had to shake her head to clear her thoughts. "He's all yours," she walked over to the large chair near the foot of the bed. "I need my head examined!"

Hades slowly leaned on the bed. Ares' body tensed. He bent down and kissed Ares very passionately. With a driven hunger he started to devour his mouth. Ares groaned and responded just as wantonly.

"This might not be so bad after all," Sel said softly, her lips parting awed at their animal lust and untouchable beauty.

Ares tugged at his restraints, restraints that were actually pointless. He could have removed them with a thought. He didn't though. Sel knew he loved being controlled. It was one of his many secrets. He could have also guessed who his secret lover was, but she sensed he didn't really want to know yet. //"Guess he likes being surprised,"// she thought.

Hades began to move downward across Ares' neck. Sucking, and biting his teeth only grazing the skin at first. Then biting harder and harder almost breaking the skin, sending shivers down the God of Wars' spine. Hades was an expert lover; he was a god who liked to take his time. Ares' cock twitched in response to the biting. How he loved to be bitten, and teased. Hades reached down with his hand and stroked Ares' hardness, playing with the wetness that was leaking from the tip, all the while working feverishly on his mouth, his tongue pushing deeper and deeper. Again Ares moaned, raising his hips to meet Hades' hand stroke for stroke. The God of War's cock pulsated and throbbed, demanding release.

By now Sel was sure Ares knew it was Hades above him. But if he did he didn't make it known. Ares was too lost in the pleasure he was feeling. "By the gods, yes...yes. That's it.  Stroke my cock harder...yes...oh yes...harder," he cried. His skin burned and his balls began to ache. He was sure he would not be able to last much longer. His not knowing for sure who his lover was, the blindfold, the restraints, were more than worth the pleasure he was feeling. Yet...he needed more...no he *wanted* more. He turned his head as Hades raised himself above Ares and placed his cock near the God of War's mouth. Ares opened his lips, as if by instinct, and Hades plunged his hardness deep inside.

Working himself back and forth, leaning against the wall for support, beads of sweat appeared on Hades' forehead. So long...so long he had waited for this. Sweat dripped from his skin. The pleasure was indescribable. //"So...wet...so good...It's it's more than I dreamed..."// Hades thought. His passion was about to overtake him and he didn't want to come yet; he wanted to be inside of Ares when he did. He wanted the tight muscles of Ares' ass locked around his cock. With those thoughts, he was able to stop. He finally withdrew, practically collapsing on the body of the God of War.

Ares was ready he could stand it no longer. He needed to be fucked and he needed it now. "Fuck me now......Hades. Fuckmehard!" The words came out only as a hoarse whisper, his desire caught in his throat.

Hades removed Ares' blindfold, and stared into his eyes. "Tell me what you want, Ares."

"I want you to fuck me, Hades. I want you inside me. Now!"

Hades had already spread a fine coating of oil over his cock. He slid it across Ares' ass pushing against the hard ring of muscle. Warmth quickly spread throughout Ares' body, and he raised his hips to meet Hades. With a swift movement Hades plunged into him, and then fully removed himself, again sliding it back with full force. Both gods were lost in the fierceness they felt for each other. Ares again pulled on his restraints making the posters on the bed strain.

Sel was sure the posts on the bed were going to break. Her eyes had been locked on the two gods. She was frozen, unable to move, unable to think clearly. Her mind was an explosion of feelings and colors. She could only watch the passion that consumed the two before her. Caught up in the feelings they were experiencing, the burning passion, the fire and the pain.

Finally she realized that one of the gods before her was sharing his emotions with her. "Oohh... incredible," she said, starting to breathe faster. He was putting his feeling in her mind. "Yes!...oh yes godsyes!!!" It was incredible, the sheer erotic sensual feelings, no thoughts...only pure physical pleasure, it was amazing. Her head was spinning. She smiled when she realized it was Ares. Was this his way of thanking her? It would seem he wanted Hades as well, and he was willing to share his pleasure with her.

Sel's body flushed and she was sweating once again. She had to grasp the armrest of the chair for support. These feeling weren't from the flu. She could actually feel every thrust, every contraction of every muscle, every nerve ending was on fire. Her body went into spasms. She came from the sheer force of the feelings Ares shared with her. Sel gasped for air, she bit her lower lip to keep from crying out from the sheer pleasure. Tears of joy formed in her eyes, as she could feel the depths of the gods' feelings for each other. Those tears quickly turned to sadness, because she knew neither one would admit to these feelings. They were not ready, but she knew in time they would be, their desires were too strong.

Hades knew it would be worth it! His jaw clenched. Even his wildest fantasies about this moment couldn't compare with thrusting his cock deep within Ares' flesh. Hades continued to thrust into Ares faster and faster. He reached for Ares' cock. It twitched as he grasped it, and Ares groaned. Hades began work his hand back and forth in rhythm with his own thrusts. He wanted them both to come at the same time. Their breathing became more ragged. Hades no longer had control as he began to come deep inside Ares. A moment later the God of War growled at the top of his lungs, as he came, shooting his seed across Hades' chest.

Ares was pleased, it had been worth waiting for, and they had only gotten started. Soon he would be the one filling Hades glorious ass. The tension in both of the gods' bodies took a while to dissipate. They were unable to relax still filled with the passion they held in for so long. After a while the bindings disappeared from Ares, and Hades held him.

"That was amazing," Sel barely managed to say. She swallowed, her throat was dry and she needed something to drink. She walked toward the bed and both gods smiled at her. Then a thought came to her; she finally realized how long she had been gone and decided to ask them if they would take her home. "This has been unbelievable. I thank you both for sharing, but I need to go home now. I have to feed my pet hamster Lil Kevin, we kind of adopted him, he's never been alone this long and..."

"Forget the little rodent," Ares growled, his eyes still glowing with desire.

Hades grabbed Sel by the arm pulling her to the bed; he sandwiched her in-between the two horny gods, who were both once again fully erect. "It seems we both owe you a favor now, Sel," Hades said, smiling his most seductive smile.

"Favor! She should be punished for her impudence. Trying to manipulate *me* the God of War!" Ares was truly trying to sound angry, but he was not very convincing.

Sel's eyes lit up. "Punishment!" Her eyes twinkled. "Punishment is good," she pouted, and traced Ares' full lips with her finger. "Now, Ares, you know, no one makes you do anything you don't *really* want to do.

"Ares cocked his head to the side and shrugged his shoulders. "True enough," Ares stripped Sel with a thought.

"So, I'll be staying a while then?" Sel's giggle was quickly cut short by Ares' mouth over hers.

"For *quite* a while, my dear. We gods do like to thoroughly repay our debts. Don't we Ares?" Hades began to nibble on her neck.

"*Very* thoroughly," Ares replied, releasing Sel's mouth for only a second.

The End