The Best Revenge
by Shakra
As I dialed my isp for the hundredth time, I prayed to Ares to smite the infidels if they failed my quest for e-mail and internet access as they had for the past three days!!  Maddeningly, the same damn message popped up on the screen again, and I clenched my fists into tight balls of raging wrath.  I sat back angrily from my computer, glad for the fact that no heavy objects were close by.

"Unable to access mail server. Too bad!! Boo-hoo for you." The computer screen taunted me, denying me access to my precious ksmithares list. Knowing I was missing some juicy Ares tales, unable to respond to recent threads I'd been a part of.

"You stupid bastards!! I was in the middle of a great discussion about Lestat and Armand!!" My face grew serious <although still red with rage> and I vowed, "Brigadoon will pay for its plebian buffoonery. Some heads are going to ROLL!!"

A soft breeze behind me signaled an arrival, and I turned with happiness peeking through my stormy expression.

"You prayed?" Ares spoke in an ironic tone, laced with the usual predatory sexuality. He folded his arms in front of his impressive pecs, and stood confidently in the middle of my craft/computer room.

His tight black leather pants appeared to be straining to contain the mass of muscle and tantalizing flesh packed with them, and I licked my lips in utter lust. Shaking my head, I came back to the request that had brought him here and offered him a seat.

"So," I began, "Are you gonna help me get these guys or what?"

He sat in my black leather computer chair and put his arms out towards me. "Come sit on my lap." He practically purred. "I want to help you smite your old isp, they are idiots to be sure. I noted the trouble you were having with them, but couldn't get involved until you asked for my help. So....I'll help you but two conditions apply. 1) You need me a little favor and  2)You have to think of how to punish them ."

I looked at his mischievous, seductive grin and smiled impishly. "I agree. Lets get to your first request." I began removing his leather vest relishing the thought of fulfilling my first task, but he stopped my downward movement, grabbing my hands.

"No, not yet. First I want you to undo my pants." He motioned downward, and I slid down into his lap. I could feel the heat radiating from him and I placed my mouth on the leather and brushed my lips against him, moving slowly to the hottest location.

"That's...that's just what I had in mind." Ares' voice was husky and distracted. His hands moved down to my head, snaking his fingers through the long blond locks. I hastened to unfasten his pants growing impatient for the appearance of captain happy.

His hardened penis sprung up, as if with a mind of it's own towards my waiting mouth. I moved my head quickly towards it, then stopped a millimeter away, my warm breath caressing the shaft. My tongue darted out of my mouth, teasing the tip of his penis. Ares moaned and tightened his grip on my hair, but allowed my to continue unhindered.

I rose slightly to get a better angle, and enclosed the tip just inside my warm, moist mouth. Circling slowly with my tongue, first clockwise then reversing I began to lower my mouth on the hot, throbbing shaft.

"Gods woman, that's a talent I appreciate!!" Ares growled. I continued using my tongue, pushing my mouth up and down and enjoying the feeling of his strong hands wrapped up in my hair. I could feel the tension in his muscles, his breathing becoming more labored by the second. I started to feel dizzy with pleasure, wave after wave washing over me, each more potent than the last.

"Get up here." Ares used his handholds in my hair to tug upwards, and I stopped my activity reluctantly. Pulling me up, he disengaged one hand to rip my bikini underwear off with a deft movement and place me directly on captain happy. I gasped in surprise when he ripped off the underwear and sighed with ecstasy as I eased him into me.

"Now earn your boon, woman!" Ares said savagely and pushed me downward, his hands now on my hips for maximum thrust.

"I live to *gasp* serve m'lord!!" I could barely think, let alone talk at this point!! His fathomless eyes were aflame with lust, and beads of sweat began to appear on his brow. We moved in rhythm, first slow to feel each erotic sensation, then faster as the need to reach the peak of pleasure began to overtake us both.

In moments, I was slick with sweat, my breathing erratic. He slowed us down, smiling wickedly.

"I wouldn't want you to....get off easy. I expect a little more service before I'm totally satisfied and grant your request." He chuckled and snapped his fingers, removing the chair from beneath us. Now on the floor, I straddled him. Feeling quite smug on the top, I began to grind my hips slowly, bending down to lick his salty neck. Opening my mouth, I moved over to his jugular and bit gently at first, then more firmly.

"Oh, you like to bite eh? I...." He stopped short, as I changed my rhythm and angled my pelvis downward slightly. Moaning, he moved his hands upward to cup my breasts, teasing the nipples and squeezing them. I continued to nip at his neck, licking the salty dew and savoring his scent and flavor. I enjoyed the feeling of his hot blood under my teeth, feeling as though I were a predator, forgetting if just for a moment who the real predator here was.

"I like to bite too. Here let me...." As he said this, he quickly flipped me over so I was suddenly on the bottom. Spreading my legs, he entered me, his dark locks dangling wetly in front of his face. He brought his mouth down on my neck, licking his way slowly to my ear driving me mad with need.

"Oh......." Was all the more coherent I could be. I was past reason, past intellect. I needed him to fuck me, to take me in whatever way he wanted. Sensing my uncontrolled state, he changed positions to him on his knees towering above me, holding my legs and bucking into me.

The sounds of our bodies colliding mingled with labored breathing, the sensations overwhelming each of us, rocking us closer to orgasm. He pulled me up with him, and with his godly strength held me in the air while he pumped furiously. Reaching the point where I could wait no longer, I let the waves of pleasure wash over me, filling me to overflow. I almost cried with the intensity of the release, grasping him around his neck. He tensed up and, in an orgasmic shockwave found his release in me as well.

Later, we moved into my garden tub, soaking in the hot, steamy water. I idly washed his back with a sponge as I thought of what to do to the clods at brigadoon.

"Beheading?" I suggested hopefully.

"Nope, to hard to get to everyone, and besides their crime was bad service not sacking your village." He smiled, knowing I hadn't been serious. Well not entirely anyway.

"O.K., well how about hitting them where they hit me?" I grinned devilishly and leaned in to tell him my plan. When I'd finished outlining it to him, he laughed uproariously and said, "Perfect!! Then it's settled."

Turning around, he took me in his arms and said, "Did I mention part 1a of my first request?"

"No, but I'm all ears....well not ALL ears!!" I said laughing, parodying one of his own sayings and moving closer.

The next morning, those found to be responsible through our investigations were welcomed with a crisis of epic proportions. Every computer screen at brigadoon was black. And when they attempted to re-start their machines, Are's face popped up smiling evilly.

"Welcome to hell!! I have wiped your harddrives and installed a nasty little virus!! It should take... quite awhile to restore your systems, especially your billing information!! <Bwah-hah-hah-hah!!!> Enjoy a taste of the frustration of your customers!! "

The End