by Sim
I close my eyes and I can feel a large hand coming to rest on my stomach, strong and warm, oddly comforting. The fingers are splayed, the thumb resting on the middle of my chest and the tip of the smallest finger reaching nearly to the edge of my leathers. I lay still, breathing deeply, and the fleshy pad of the mysterious thumb begins stroking my skin. The hand moves, then fingertips are tracing patterns on my chest. Each swirl sends shivers of pleasure down my spine and the loops grow wider, longer. Softly, the fingertips graze the line of muscle down my chest and back again. Smooth nails pass over my nipples, scraping the hard buds. My breath catches in my throat and a small whimper escapes me.

Slowly, the hand trails down my stomach, flesh quivering in its wake, to cup the rising bulge between my thighs. The breath I am holding escapes me in a small moan and then soft lips touch mine. Firm and pliant, they tease gently, coaxing until my own part slightly. Slowly, a rough, hot tongue licks across the sensitive flesh and teeth nibble at my bottom lip. A hand strokes my cheek as the tongue traces the outline of my mouth. Sensations run rampant; fear, longing, embarrassment at my own weakness melting into one raging fire in the pit of my stomach.

The hand at my groin squeezes gently just as my tongue darts between the stranger' lips and my legs instinctively part at the pleasure that shocks through me. I hear a throaty chuckle and I shiver involuntarily. My leathers are being untied as the stranger plunders my mouth, drawing low moans from me each time a finger strokes the straining leather.

Finally released from its constraints, my organ jumps as the cool night air caresses my sweating skin, and then a hand is around me, squeezing tightly. A thumb passes over the engorged tip, smearing the drops of pre-cum over my aching shaft. I can't help it, my hips arch towards the stranger. Again I hear the chuckle but my reaction is lost among sensations that rival death as the hand on my flesh begins to move. Down it went, slowly, only to reverse direction and jerk upward quickly, almost viciously. I cry out in mixed pain, surprise, and ecstacy as the reaction is repeated, over and over, stroking the soft skin at the base of my shaft with gentle fingers and teasing the veined underside.

"Say my name..." A soft voice is cooing in my ear as I near climax. I can barely choke out my answer, so strong is the pleasure.

"I... I don't know who you are."

"Yes, you do... you've always known... always..."

My eyes flicker open to confirm my suspicions, only to close a moment later as an orgasm of unbelievable strength bears down on me, consuming me, erasing all thoughts from my shattering mind.

"Say it..." The whispering voice drips sex and promise and so near am I to touching the stars, my resolve weakens and I scream out the name as my flesh spasms in the stranger's hand.

"That's all I needed to hear." The voice purrs. Just as I am about to crest the last stretch to Elysia, I realize I'm alone. Shock and disappointment erupt inside me, anger following close behind. Unfulfillment throbs dully between my thighs and I turn on my side to alleviate the unpleasant feeling, knowing there was no way I could finish what was started.

It's then that I see Hercules. My heart leaps to my throat, choking me and threatening to stop at the same time. He lay on his side, his cerulean eyes icy as they gaze into my own. Without a word, Hercules turns over and pulled the blanket close around his neck, leaving me to my bitter guilt.

Sleep comes sometime in the wee hours of the morning, but instead of a blissful reprieve from life, my dreams are haunted by a demon with sepia eyes, bronzed skin, and ebony curls.

I can never escape him. Nor do I truly want to.

The End