Alternate Pleasures
by Sophia
For where Love reigns, disturbing Jealousy
Doth call himself Affection's sentinel;
Gives false alarms, suggesteth mutiny,
And in a peaceful hour doth cry 'Kill, kill!'
Distempering gentle Love in his desire,
As air and water do abate the fire.

This sour informer, this bate-breeding spy,
This canker that eats up Love's tender spring,
This carry-tale, dissentious Jealousy,
That sometime true news, sometime false doth bring,
Knocks at my heat and whispers in mine ear
That if I love thee, I thy death should fear:

Stanzas 109, 110 from Venus and Adonis, by William Shakespeare


Part 1

Dark wings surround the sleeping king, dark eyes survey his smooth brow, untroubled now by the day's worries. The war god rests his head on a bended arm and drinks in Iphicles' form lying beside him, the smooth skin of his perfect body touches him here and there, exciting him once again. The god's thigh is thrown over the king possessively - the king's own bent knee is pulled up and rests between the god's spread thighs, his groin against the god's groin, the thigh pressing against his heavy sac. Everything about the mortal excites the god - Iphicles' body, his desire - his submission.

A wave brings the startled King of the alternate Corinth to the side of the bed. He shudders and opens his eyes, looking around a familiar room filled with unfamiliar furnishings. He is dressed in a long flowing blood-red robe, gilded thread traces an intricate pattern around his neck, gold jewelry shines at his throat and wrist. An ornate crown sits atop his head, his soft curls fall around the strong neck and shoulders.

"Cupid!" he yells, his voice deep, imperious. "Send me back! I'm in the middle of an important meeting, for Zeus' sake. What in Tartarus do you..." He folds his arms across the broad chest and then, he pauses as his eyes take in the god's lover, the copper curls familiar. The god lifts his massive black wing, revealing the naked form of the king himself, still asleep, undisturbed by the conversation he cannot hear.

"Who in..."

The mortal moves to the side of the bed and leans over, his hands pressing into the soft mattress as he strains to see the winged god's lover.

"How in ..."

Cupid looks up at the startled king and smiles. "I thought you might like to see him. He's incredibly beautiful, as you are, Iphicles. He is your counterpart in this alternate universe I brought you to."

The dark king shakes his head. "I don't understand."

"You don't have to. This is your other self, Iphicles. The soulful you. The you who likes submission to a more powerful lover. You could learn something from him."

The dark king sits on the bed and reaches a hand out to touch his alternate's smooth skin.

"You mean...he's really me, just my opposite?"

"Yes. He's everything you're not. Loving. Worshipful. A willing slave."

"Disgusting," the dark king sniffs. He looks the body over - it is his, the curve of his thigh and calf familiar, the sharp cheekbone and hair the same as his own, yet it is so strange to see himself from this vantage point. From behind. His back is broad, the hips lean, the buttocks full - so full! He longs to reach out and squeeze them just to see...

"Me in the flesh," he says, wonder in his voice. The war god smiles. "In the flesh, Iphicles. Care to lie down with me and ... sample yourself?"

"What?" he replies, but the thought swells his cock and he leans farther over, his hands propped inches from the alternate king's shoulders. He leans down and looks more closely at the mortal's face.

"Gods, I'm handsome," he smiles and looks into the war god's eyes.

"You're fucking magnificent, Iphicles. Want to find out why?"

The alternate king hesitates. His first response is to agree - this is too much, to fuck yourself. Or at least, fuck your replica. Still...

"Would he agree?" the king offers, his hand stroking down the other king's hip to his thigh. The man changes position, and the king lifts his hand quickly from the man's skin.

"Let's wake him and see," the smiling god replies.

Cupid leans down to the other king and licks the full lips, now slightly parted as the mortal sleeps. The sensation wakes him, and his eyes flutter as he regains consciousness. A smile curves his lips and he leans into the winged god's kiss, his mouth touching the god, opening for him as the god's wet tongue slips inside.

The war god moans into the king's mouth and his hand slides down to the mortal's thick cock, now swelling at the touch of the god's mouth on his own. The king's eyes are shut tightly as the god strokes his cock to hardness, a finger sliding over the slick wetness dripping from its bulging head.

"Iphicles," he whispers, his sensuous lips curved in a feral smile. "There's someone I'd like you to... fuck."

The dark eyes open wide this time and he pulls back from the god, his hand resting on the god's smooth chest.

"Who?" he asks, his voice hurt, his lips pout. The god cannot resist rubbing his semen slick finger across them - the king opens his mouth and sucks the saltiness off the god's finger. His eyes close, pleased with his own taste. The god looks up over the mortal's shoulder at the dark king and smiles. The king in his embrace rolls onto his back, and gasps in shock as he sees himself sitting on the bed next to him.

He struggles up to his elbows and looks at his double, dressed in the formal regent's robes, the jewelry and crown an unfamiliar part of the man's usual garb.


"I'm me, you are still you. We're just... opposites. I am what you're not. At least that's what the god informs me."

The dark king looks Iphicles over slowly, his eyes resting on the man's thick cock, leaning against his hard belly, fluid glistening in the slit.

"The god is my... sometime lover," he smiles, looking into Iphicles' amber eyes. "He wants us to... try ourselves out. Who can argue with a god?"  The god chuckles. The dark king ignores him and runs his finger down Iphicles' chest to his pelvic crest. Iphicles draws his breath in sharply through his teeth as his twin grasps his hard cock and runs a finger over the weeping head. Alt Iphicles lifts his finger to his mouth and samples the other king's fluid. He smiles. "I taste so good," he smiles and leans over the startled man.

Iphicles stops the dark king, his hand on the man's robed shoulder.

"Let him, Iphicles. I want this." The winged god demands, his voice soft and seductive. Iphicles looks into Cupid's black eyes. The god nods slowly and his hands move to the king's tense shoulders, kneading them to help the king relax.

"Its just so..."

"Perverse?" the alt King smiles, running his tongue over his full bottom lip.

"What are you going to do first?" the god asks the alt king. He watches the two men as they look each other over. The alt king is very willing for this intriguing duet - his hand is moving over his own swollen cock trapped under his kingly robes.  The other king, however, is hesitant. The god knows he will comply if pushed a little more.

"Oh, I think I'll suck my own cock till I cum in my own mouth. Then I want me to suck myself for a while, then I think I'll fuck my own beautiful ass."

The god laughs and rests his head against the naked king's shoulder. He can feel the tension in the mortal - Iphicles does not know if he likes the other king's bearing - it irritates him, yet is somehow familiar. Cupid  licks Iphicles' neck and breathes his hot breath into the mortal's ear.

"Do it, Iphicles. Do it for me. I want you so much, I want to see you fuck your own perfect self."

Iphicles turns his head to the god and looks in his face. The winged god can almost see the compliance flowing reluctantly through the mortal - see it in his eyes. He leans forward and licks the king's lush lips and then slips his tongue past them, touching the king's own wet flesh.

"Submit to him, Iphicles," he whispers against the mortal's parted lips. "Submit to your self."

Iphicles closes his eyes and leans his head back, his copper curls falling softly down his strong back.  The alt king leans down and laps the salty fluid from his cock. Iphicles cannot suppress a gasp of pleasured shock as the full lips, his own full lips, circle the bulging head, his own mouth tugging on it, his tongue licking the sensitive skin.

His own callused hand, a large gold signet ring with blood red ruby adorning the index finger, strokes the thick shaft.

"Ohhh, I'm so thick, so thick and hard," the alt king moans as he pulls his mouth off Iphicles' cock. He caresses the hard shaft more rapidly, knowing the stroke that most pleases his body and licks the heavy balls just the right way.  He is rewarded by a choked moan of pleasure from his other self.

"Oh, yes," the alt king smiles, "Finally. Someone who knows what I like!"

His mouth takes the other Iphicles once again and sucks noisily on the head, swallowing as much as he can, moving on the hard cock with just the right speed.   The other king begins to move his hips as he is overcome with pleasure and fucks the alt king's mouth.  His hips thrust up and down, the swollen head pressing through the slightly parted lips each time, the opening wet with his semen and the other man's saliva.

"Oh, FUCK," he groans as he feels the pleasure build, as his reluctance is completely discarded and he gives himself over to the intense sensation of pleasure.

"Your mouth is so... wet, so hot."

Then the king moans and draws his breath in sharply as his orgasm starts. As the mortal's thighs start to shake, the winged god jumps off the bed, black wings flapping and grabs the massive shoulders of the war god, now materialized at the end of the bed.  The winged god hooks his arms around the other god's chest to stop him, restrain him.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Ares shouts as he sees Iphicles cumming in the stranger's mouth. Iphicles muscles are tense, his eyes closed tightly and his teeth chew on his lush bottom lip as he shudders, grunting out his ejaculation. His pleasure is so intense he can barely open his eyes to see his lover's enraged face.

"ARES!" the winged god yells, shaking him, knocking his legs out from under him and holding his chin so he does not move his face away. "Look for a moment."

The alt king lifts his head from his replica's cock, and turns to face the two gods.  Iphicles' semen dribbles off his lips and his tongue slips out to clean them off. The war god stiffens in shock as he sees his own lover licking his own cum from his own lips.

"Well, this certainly isn't Ares, God of Love," the replica laughs, enjoying the shock he sees on the war god's face.

"You couldn't be more right, Iphicles," the winged god replies. His wings flap as the war god struggles in his grip.

"Ares, meet Iphicles' counterpart in the alternate universe. Iphicles, King of Corinth, meet Ares God of War."

"God of War!" the dark king laughs, rising up and moving to stand in front of the kneeling god, restrained by the winged god behind him.

"Now you look like someone I'd just love to take on," the alt king says as he strokes the war god's dark curls.

The winged god holds the war god more tightly as he feels him struggle at the mortal's challenging tone.

"All in its own time, lover," Cupid smiles.  "All in its own time."


Part 2

"What the fuck have you done, Cupid?" Ares asked, his voice choked with rage.

"Just a little ... fun for us, Ares," Cupid replied, squeezing the god tightly, while at the same time, leaning over and licking Ares behind the ear.

"When I realized there was an alternate to everyone here, in this universe, I just had to bring these two together. Such a delicious study in contrasts, don't you think? My Iphicles, all cocky and sure of himself in the sexual arena and yours, so hesitant and compliant as a lover. Two such beautiful and opposite men. I just want to see them fuck each other. Then fuck them both. Don't you?"

"Watch it, Cupid. I'm not the other one. Don't think you can just manipulate me into playing your little games!" Alt Iphicles said, his deep voice biting, his brows knit, his arms crossed over his broad chest. "This version, this other self, well, he bores me.  I'd have nothing to do with him if it wasn't for the fact that he's so damn beautiful. And as for Ares,  I'll fuck this god if I please or he'll have to rape me."

Ares relaxed slightly in the winged god's embrace. "That could be arranged," he smiled.

"Ooohh!" Alt Iphicles laughed, leaning down close to Ares, his eyes searching the war god's face. "Listen, Ares 'God of War'," he chuckled.  "I'm not your submissive little lover, ready to fuck on command. I *might* let you fuck me, if you're lucky. Your counterpart in my world just loves to suck my cock - he's my willing slave. So don't go thinking you can dominate me."

"My counterpart? Cupid is my counterpart."

"Oh, no! I mean your double, only, he's really not a double, he's so much ... softer, sensual, his mouth is so... willing... He's made for love. Your counterpart is Ares God of Love." Alt Iphicles ran his hand through Ares's dark curls. "He has these curls, but not that beard. I like it. Its so... masculine. I'll have to convince him to grow one, see if it pleases me." He stroked Ares' beard.

"I could imagine it scratching my naked ass while he licks me."

Ares took a deep breath and exhaled. He smiled a very evil smile. "Cupid, I think  you're a genius."

"I thought you'd see my ... way of thinking on this, Ares."

Cupid released the war god and they stood up. Ares' hands went to his hips and he smiled at alt Iphicles. The two stared each other in the eye. They were of equal height although Ares was somewhat heavier in build.

"I'd love to have you as a lover, Iphicles," Ares said in his deep baritone. "If you're interested, you only have to say the word and you're mine."

Alt Iphicles laughed and moved closer, then leaned in closer to the war god, his lips just a breath away from Ares. He looked at the war god, at his lips which were curved in a small smile.  "I'll... consider your offer, Ares. I have to admit I'd love to fuck you, love to feel you suck my cock."

Ares grabbed alt Iphicles around the waist with one hand while the other gripped his buttock.  He pulled the alt king close to him, crushing their groins together so that the mortal could feel his massive erection straining against the black leather.

"I'd love to fuck you, Iphicles, love to feel your perfect mouth suck my cock. And you're so much more... fiery, than my own version. I think I'd like that in my lover for a change," he replied, a smile on his face. Alt Iphicles smiled back and looked at the war god's mouth, framed by the neatly trimmed beard and mustache.

"Ares, you haven't had a mortal lover like me," he boasted, licking his lips and smiling at the war god, his lips parted, his white teeth shining in the firelight. "But don't expect me to jump at your command like this version does. No one makes me submit. Not even Cupid, although he'd like you to think that he does."  He turned to face the alternate war god, whose wings fluttered slightly, betraying either anger or amusement.

"Well, not often, anyway," Cupid chuckled, but his black eyes were half-lidded. "Ares be warned. I get a fight more often than submission from this one. But that only makes... submission all the more... rewarding."

"Mmmmmm," the war god murmured, his deep voice rumbled. Ares rubbed his cock against the mortal one more time and then released him suddenly, turning to Cupid and putting one hand behind the winged god's neck.

"Cupid, I do believe I owe you an apology. Consider yourself ...blessed. I don't often debase myself like this, but there are some scenarios that are just too..."

"Tempting?" Cupid suggested, his hands resting on the war god's slim hips.

"Tempting," Ares replied, his lips covering the winged god's mouth in a passionate kiss, his hips grinding against the other god.

While the two gods were engrossed in their embrace, the naked king rose from the bed and pulled his tunic and leggings on without a word, lacing up his boots as he sat on the side of the bed. Iphicles' face was flushed and his jaw set as if determined.

"Where are you going," the alt king asked him quietly, grabbing Iphicles' arm as he passed the mortal on his way out the door.  "I'm not through with you."

"Yes, you are," the king replied, looking at the two gods who were running their hands over each other's bodies in a competition to see who could arouse the other more rapidly. "I'm through with the lot of you," he said quietly, pulling his arm away.

"Hey, hey , hey!" the alt king said, following the king out of the room into a small library. "I was brought here for a reason, Iphicles. Cupid wants us to fuck each other."

"I thought you weren't in the habit of complying with his demands," the king replied, his brow furrowed. He rustled distractedly through a pile of papyrus on his massive desk.

"Look," the alt king said softly, turning the king to face him, his arms resting on his double's shoulders. "I only comply with what I want. And this I want."
Iphicles looked away, his face flushed. The alt king took Iphicles' chin in his hand and turned the man back to face him. "Don't you want it just a bit? To see what all the hype is about? To find out why We're such wonderful lovers?"

Iphicles blinked several times as the idea passed through his mind.

"Come on, Ares is in love with you. I can tell. He can't stand the thought of you with anyone else, unless its under his direction, unless he's in control. He's yours. He just can't let you or himself know it." He smiled at the king. "Damn domineering gods," he laughed.

"Cupid's the same way with me, Iphicles. Wants me so bad, wants to force me to submit, he fights me all the time. Loves every minute of it," he smiled, leaning even closer to the king.  "I'll tell you a secret. Most of the time, I dominate him - yes," he said, when he saw disbelief on the king's face. "He secretly wants to be dominated sometimes - dominated by me.  We fight, we fuck each other - as equals. But sometimes I give him what he wants -  I take control. And every now and then, I let him dominate me -  just to keep him off-balance."  The alt king's hand dropped to Iphicles' strong arm and stroked down to his hand, which he took and kissed the palm. "This would really please him. And I think it would really please your Ares as well." The alt king sucked the king's thumb briefly before looking into his replica's eyes.

 Come on, Iphicles," the alt king whispered. "Come back with me and let's fuck each other - for our lover-gods."

Iphicles hesitated. The alt king's other hand slipped down the king's hip and stroked the thick erection swelling in his leggings.  "You do want it, Iphicles," he smiled. "Let's go and please our gods and each other. I know your body like... like it was my very own," he laughed. Iphicles could not keep the smile off his face and his eyes crinkled at the corners. He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment as if searching for the strength to submit once again.

"Kiss me," Iphicles whispered finally, his lips parted expectantly.

The alt king smiled at his replica and shook his head. "No, as much as I want to, let's wait and let them watch our first kiss. Cupid is always going on about my mouth, about my lips. It almost gets irritating," he laughed. "Almost!"

Alt Iphicles pulled the king into his embrace. Two pairs of identical amber eyes looked into each other. "I want to fuck you so badly," he whispered, his hands running down the king's back to his full buttocks. "When we go back, we'll ask them what they want to see done first. Let's just give them what they want. No games, no power struggles. Just the two of us, fucking and sucking each other. They'll die of desire, they both want us so badly."


The alt king undressed Iphicles slowly, ensuring that the two gods had a good view of the proceedings. The war gods lay on the bed beside the two kings and watched as the mortals performed for them. Iphicles and his alt self kneeled on the bed in front of the two reclining gods. Both divine bodies were naked, both gods stroked their own hard cocks in anticipation of watching their obsessions fuck.

When the naked alt Iphicles pulled the last piece of clothing off his other self, Ares sighed and closed his eyes - two perfect bodies facing each other, copper curls falling softly around high cheekbones, the smooth curve of full buttocks, the swell of thick hard cocks. The only way Ares could tell them apart was by a long white scar on Iphicles' hip, received in  a battle which the two fought together. That, and the wicked smile on the alt king's lips distinguished the two mortals. Ares's lover was less willing, still more hesitant, and his face showed it.

"Ares, I'll grant you the position of director for this play. What do you want to see them do first?" Cupid asked.

"Kiss," Ares whispered as he opened his eyes and saw the two staring at him. Iphicles' eyes remained on the war god's face for a moment longer than his counterpart, and so Alt Iphicles turned the mortal's face to his own and smiled at him. His voice was soft, deeply seductive.

"Gods, your mouth is perfect, Iphicles. I want to lick you, suck you." He leaned forward and did just that, his wet tongue slipping out to stroke the king's full bottom lip. Ares leaned closer, his hand moving slowly over his thick cock.

The alt king took the lush bottom lip between his and sucked it, his tongue pulling on it. Iphicles' eyes were closed as the alt king kissed him, his hands hung limp at his side. The alt king moved his hand behind Iphicles' head and pulled him closer, kissing him more passionately, his mouth covering his lover's lips. His other hand fell to Iphicles' hard cock and pulled on it, his fingers spreading the fluid over the thick head and then caressing the shaft with a firm grip. The king moaned into his mouth, his hands reached out to his other self, clasping his hips.

"Fuck." Ares said, his eyes closing for a moment. Cupid's own hand moved on his hard shaft but he watched Ares more closely than the two kings - his pleasure seemed hinged on the war god's own level of desire. He nestled behind the war god, his wings folding back, and slipped his hand around the god's slim hip.  Cupid's hand pushed the war god's own away and took over the stroke. Ares's eyes blinked for only a moment, then his hand covered the winged god's hand as it moved on the thick shaft and altered the tempo, and then he cupped his own heavy balls, stroking the tender flesh beneath his sac.

"What next, Ares?" Cupid breathed in the war god's ear.

"Suck each other's cocks," he replied, his deep voice rich with lust. "Just for a while. Then I want yours to fuck mine. And then I want my Iphicles to fuck yours."

Alt Iphicles smiled and pushed his counterpart down on his back. He then perched above the king and faced his feet, his knees on either side of the king's head. He leaned down and licked the king's belly, lapping up the king's spilled fluid before licking his balls. Finally, his mouth moved on the thick shaft until it reached the leaking head. His tongue flicked the fluid off and then his lips circled it, taking it in and sucking noisily for a few moments before assuming a slow motion on and off the king, pressing his closed lips against the bulging head then forcing the head between his tightly closed lips, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the king with each stroke.

"Oh, yes," the war god whispered. "Iphicles, lick him while he's in that position, lick his balls."

The king complied and twined his arms around the man's hips over his head, his neck straining to reach the heavy balls, his tongue snaking out to flick the sac. The alt king lowered his hips for Iphicles and the king took one ball softly in his mouth.  The alt king stopped his motions on Iphicles' cock and moaned with pleasure.

Cupid smiled. He bit the thick muscle in the other god's strong shoulder and sucked on the skin. His fingers spread more of the god's clear fluid over the head and shaft, and then his motions resumed on the god's swollen cock. He rubbed his own leaking cock against the war god's ass, his fluid lubricating the crack.

When Iphicles' thighs tensed as his orgasm neared, the alt king pulled away and then lowered his own cock to Iphicles' mouth and arched his back as the king sucked the thick cock. He sighed as Iphicles fondled the heavy balls and sucked his cock. He then leaned down and licked Iphicles' balls.

"Oh, fuck you're good," the alt king moaned, fucking Iphicles' willing mouth.

"Fuck," Ares said once again, moving his hand back to the winged god and increasing the pace of the god's strokes.

"Now I want you to fuck him," Ares commanded.

"From behind or the front?" the alt king asked, as he pulled his thick cock out of the king's mouth and pulled Iphicles up for a kiss.

"From behind," the war god replied, his deep voice thick with desire. "Lick him first," he added. The alt king complied, and turned Iphicles around and pushed him down, spreading Iphicles' cheeks wide and flicking his tongue against the star-shaped ring of flesh. Iphicles gasped and pushed back against the alt king's mouth. He then squeezed Iphicles' buttocks and pulled them apart while he licked the king's hole. Ares shifted to get a closer look and the alt king pulled back, his fingers opened Iphicles up, exposed him and then plunged inside, fucking Iphicles' ass with his wet tongue.

"Oh, fuck," Ares moaned. He stilled the god's hand and closed his eyes for a moment, breathing heavily, his nostrils flared. He opened his eyes and handed a flask of scented oil to the mortal. Iphicles was leaning down on his elbows, his head turned to face the two reclining gods. His eyes searched out Ares, and remained there.

Ares moved Cupid's hand on his cock once again as the alt king poured the oil over Iphicles' smooth cheeks and the crack of his ass. His hands spread the oil over the buttocks and then over his own hard cock. Then he loosened his lover with a finger, stroking the hot passage before thrusting his cock inside in one slow motion. Iphicles groaned with pleasure as the thick shaft filled him.

"Now fuck him fast," the war god whispered. He increased the winged god's pace on his cock, but Cupid stopped and lifted Ares up, positioning him on his knees facing the two kings. Cupid leaned over the war god as the alt king began thrusting with determination in Iphicles' ass . His hands moved around the god's waist to grasp the thick cock.

"What do you think you're doing," Ares said, his voice menacing.

"Relax, Ares. This will be ... perfect. Just let yourself go, let me lead for once..." he whispered as he kissed the war god's neck and licked his shoulder. He then straightened and the flask of oil appeared in his hand. He poured it over the war god's ass, and smoothed it over his own thick cock, slipping one slick finger slowly past the circle of tight flesh, eliciting a hiss of in-drawn breath from his lover.

"Cupid..." Ares protested, but his eyes closed with pleasure as the winged god stroked his passage.

"Just give yourself over, Ares. Give yourself over to the pleasure."

He slipped the thick head inside war god and the pressed slowly, filling him. He stopped as his body touched his lover's buttocks. Cupid lifted his eyes and watched the alt king thrusting in Iphicles, his motions becoming more erratic as his pleasure increased.

"Iphicles," he said, as he began thrusting in the war god, "wait for me." Both kings looked up and the alt king nodded and slowed his pace, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth. He turned his head away and stopped thrusting for a moment. Sweat gleamed on his golden skin, it ran down his back to his full buttocks. He turned finally and watched the winged god thrusting in Ares. Cupid's eyes never left his own.

"I'm almost ready," the alt king moaned. "Tell me when you are too." Cupid closed his eyes and focused on his pleasure, thrusting more rapidly in the prone war god.

"Oh, fuck Ares," he gasped, "you're so tight."  He raised his eyes to the ceiling for a moment, his breath coming in short gasps.

"Now," he whispered, turning to look at the alt king, who began thrusting again. Soon, the alt king's thrusts became erratic, shorter, his cock remained deep within the king's ass. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," he gasped and shuddered as his orgasm began. He turned to look at Cupid, his teeth clamping down over his bottom lip. He pulled quickly out of the king's ass and caressed his cock, rubbing it against the crack of the king's ass. He grunted as he ejaculated, the creamy white semen spurting across Iphicles' broad back. His eyes remained on Cupid's face, his face flushed.

The sight of his mortal lover cumming on the king's back was enough to send Cupid over and he shouted and pulled out of the war god, his own hot seed shooting out over the god's back.

"FUCK!" he yelled his eyes closed tightly, his great black wings shuddering, half-opened, curving around him. He fell forward and bit the war god's shoulder, just hard enough to bruise the god.

Before he could recover, Ares turned around and pushed Cupid to his knees and oiled his ass. Ares turned to Iphicles.

"Fuck him," he commanded. Iphicles rose to his knees and pushed the alt king down, taking the flask of oil from the war god's extended hand.  "Move closer," the war god demanded and the two kings moved so that Iphicles was beside Ares, the two lovers facing each other. Iphicles then smoothed the oil over the alt king's crack and slipped a finger inside, preparing his lover for his cock. He positioned the thick head against the tight rim of flesh, now stretched from his finger's gentle motion and slipped the entire length inside as Ares did the same in the kneeling Cupid. Cupid's wings were outstretched, their wing-tips touching the bed. Ares's hands gripped the strong wings and shoved his cock deep inside Cupid's ass.

"Fuck," the war god gasped as his cock filled Cupid's tight passage. He began thrusting and watched the two Iphicles. His eyes moved slowly over the mortals, lingering on Iphicles as he thrust in the alt king kneeling below him, on his face, flushed with desire, on his hands as they gripped the other king's hips. Iphicles looked up into Ares's eyes and the two lovers fucked their partners while their eyes burned into each other.

The king was the first to reach his climax - his thrusts short and fast, his eyes closed, his teeth gritted.

"Oh, gods..." he groaned as his body tensed.

"Pull out," Ares rasped. "I want to watch you cum."

Iphicles pulled his cock out of the alt king and stroked it as he came, his semen spilling out on his double's smooth full buttocks.  Ares too was ready as he watched the king's cock spasm and he pulled out of the kneeling god flipped him around so that the god was facing him. "Suck me while I cum," he groaned. Cupid's sensuous mouth opened willingly, his tongue outstretched, ready to accept Ares's hot seed.

"Fuck," Ares moaned then stroked the swollen cock as his orgasm crested. "Oh, FUCK!" Ares shouted, grunting as his cum spurted out of his thick cock onto Cupid's tongue.  The god swallowed hungrily, lapping it up, his mouth finally closing softly around the still pulsing head. His mouth moved on the war god's thick cock, licking off every drop of Ares bitter-sweet cum.

Ares sat back and then fell onto his elbows, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. Both kings slipped beside the panting god and he pulled them down with him, an arm around each one's neck, his mouth moving from one swollen mouth to the other. Cupid slipped on top of the prone god, his knees straddling the war god's lean hips, his body propped over Ares. He leaned down to the war god and slipped his tongue out, wanting a kiss for himself. Ares leaned up, his mouth open and took his lover's tongue willingly. They kissed and then Cupid pulled away.

"IF you like that, Ares, there's someone else I want you to meet,"  Cupid chuckled.  His black wings spread out and folded down over them as his mouth moved between his three lovers.

The End