Coffee Break
by Sumyco
She sits at her computer, deep in the warren of cubbies that is the Department of Health, somewhere in one of the former colonies of the Great Empire. She had been squirming all day, thinking of the king of Corinth, his golden-red locks falling softly on his shoulders, those eyes, that incredibly sexy skin. That smile. And of course, the god of war- who else occupied her mind so? The two of them, pressing against her, naked and sweaty, kissing her, licking her neck, her breasts, her ...

"Su? Su - are you okay?"

Reality, dratted reality returns, and she reluctantly turns from the image of the king on her computer wallpaper. Dispatching the co-worker with a smile and kind word, she returns to the image and squirms again. Damn! With her husband leaving for 2 weeks, what would she do? How could she last through it? She thought of the king, and imagined him standing behind her, kissing her neck, stroking her breasts through her prim navy suit, unbuttoning it so he could reach in and feel her nipples, now two hard peaks. Oh, gods and kings!

His hot breath on her neck sent a shiver of pleasure through her and she leaned back, but - it was not a dream! There he stood, in his glory, his bronze skin slick with sweat, his magnificent cock just inches away... Her mind almost short-circuited! "What are you doing HERE?!" she gasped, looking around in terror, in fear that her co-workers, or, even worse, the ministerial assistant would come back and find the naked king in her cubby, her mouth filled with him, stroking his taught buttocks, pulling him closer...pant pant pant...

Then the air seemed to blur around them and she found herself in the god's temple, lying on the stone altar, naked, her legs spread wide, her hands and feet bound. Fear shoots through her, arousing her to even greater heights.

"But I don't like bondage..." she protests weakly, and the god silences her with a kiss, his hand exploring her, sending waves of pleasure through her as he finds her clit and strokes it so deftly.

"You don't have to lie to me." he replied, his face dark and serious. "You want it. You need it. We are pleased to give it to you."

And then he is on the altar with her, straddling her chest, his glorious cock perched over her mouth, his nectar dripping so close and yet, she is unable to reach it, and struggles against her restraints. The god smiles.

She feels the king's hot tongue tease her, starting at her ankle, tracing up her calf, licking the soft spot behind her knee, the velvet skin of her inner thigh, his hot breath on her, sending her wild with desire. The king licks her slowly, deliberately, lingering on her hardness, then penetrating her, thrusting inside, returning again to her clit, circling it slowly... Her back arches in delight and then the god, seeing her distracted from him, lowers himself just enough, so she can finally taste him, take him into her mouth, feel him fill her completely, bringing tears to her eyes...

She is almost ready, and her hips move uncontrollably, she is unable to give the god his due, and he laughs softly, enjoying her in this state. He moves off the altar and stands beside her, and waits as she comes, her first orgasm sweeping over her, and she screams out, "ooooohgodohkingohgodohking..." Then the king enters her, not letting her pleasure subside, thrusting hard and fast, stroking the still-swollen clit each time with his thumb, until she nearly passes out, her face red and breath coming in ragged gasps. The king can barely hold back but does, waiting for her. The god watches her, stroking himself, enjoying this performance. He leans down and kisses her, and orders her to open her eyes. She can barely comply, and he looks into her eyes, his face just inches away, and watches her and she watches him watch her as she comes again, screaming through gritted-teeth. The king joins her in bliss, his hard cock even larger as he comes inside her, squeezed as her muscles contract around him in her pleasure.

She forgets where she is. Her eyes open as her pleasure subsides, and she sees the god and king kissing, stroking each other's beautiful bodies, the god's cock pressed into the king's groin, rubbing against him. Ares cups Iphicles face in his hands, and kisses his eyes, his neck, his shoulder. Iphicles strokes the god's broad back, grabbing his hard, firm buttocks and pulling him closer. The king kneels down and takes the god in his mouth, sucking and licking it, fondling the god's balls, feeling their heavy fullness in his cupped hand. The god groans, and takes the king's head in his hands and pulls the king towards him, and the king increases his tempo, as the god thrusts deeper and deeper down the royal throat.

The god shudders and throws back his head, staring blindly upwards as his orgasm peaks and his hot salty cum fills the king's mouth. He roars like the lion that he is, and looks down at the king, their eyes burning into each other. Then the king stands up and kisses the god. Two pairs of eyes turn to her, two mouths smile at her and she sighs.

Then she is back, back at the dreary cubby, but no longer feels the need to squirm.

Coffee break is over.

The End