In Sickness And...
by Stageira
Her head was spinning and her bones aching like she was 100 years old.

Oh how she hated this! Being locked in with a cold, not just a simple one, her throat was starting to get nasty. And that was great, just what she needed.

"I wish that someone could take colds off the face of the earth," Stageira mumbled. This was her worst nightmare. It was weekend, all her friends were gone visiting their parents, Reena was forced to work on an office project for that obnoxious boss of hers. And on top of all that it was election weekend again, not only her friends but anyone else was out of town.  "I hate elections, everybody is leaving or is to busy to come and talk to me. And on top of all that there is nothing god on TV, except those stupid politicians, talking talking, as if someone is really hearing them!!"

Yes she was getting quite grumpy and irritated. This was one of the worst weekends in the history. She was isolated, nobody was there with her, her Listsibs where having that chatting thing and she couldn't participate, hell she even had all the X:WP and H:TLJ eps  on tapes but no video to watch them. This was the best part. What else was coming???

"I need someone in here!" she just yelled out to the thin air. Oh, she could scream all she wanted none could hear her.  "Anybody listening to me?" Oh yes sure, just the building's walls.  This was outrageous. Ok she got to get up and reach the kitchen maybe she could find something useful in there. Something to help her feel better. She rose from the bed, her hands gripping on the bed posts. "Just one small step at the time, one small step."

She started getting away from the bed, but this was starting to get bad, she felt dizzy and very unstable, she wasn't going to make it, she had to go back to the bed. Maybe she could try a few more steps, one and another......


She felt like buried in a deep dark hole, everything was dark and painful. 'I fell' she thought.....

"Oh God..." she murmured and then the dark fell again.


Ares was sitting in his throne, watching through his mirror his devoted Priestess having fun meeting each other. "Sometimes they are like children, but I like their fire and the battles they give for me."

He was just relaxing when an annoying sensation overtook him something was not going well. Someone out there was not going well.

He looked at the mirror, checked the Priestess and their friends, no they were ok. Thamiris, his beautiful high Priestess, was the leader of all this. Thiel, oh yes her talent was exciting! Arebella, always the first to fight for her lord, the "wicked Bella". He mentally started checking on the ones not present.  Poet, yes she was out of town. Reena, time difference and that stupid thing called work, that horrible man called "boss". Maybe he should pay him a visit one day. Stageira, she was also.....

"But where is she??" He was unable to reach her.  A black curtain covered her mind. "I think it's time for a visit. Maybe she is just sleeping.." His thoughts were running to her, the burst of blue light lid the room as he appeared.

The bed. She must be sleeping. No she wasn't there, but where... He had stumbled on something.  "This place is too dark." Suddenly the lights were on. He looked at what he stumbled at.


He had stumbled on her?

He hurriedly lifted her in his arms taking her to the bed. She was in a pretty bad shape. Her breathing was hard and slow and she was completely unconscious.

He just put her on the bed, covering her with the blankets. This situation was in need of some extreme measures. A cup was suddenly in his hands, "Lets hope this will work or someone will pay really handsomely for it..." He just raised her head slipping some of the fluid down her throat. Nothing happened, she wasn't reacting. He shook her, trying to wake her up, but she was just lying there. A small bottle appeared in his other hand, he opened it, bringing it close to her nose.

"Come on Stageira, react, this is pure ether," his voice was quite nervous.

Her eyes fluttered. She moved her head to avoid the smell.


Someone was talking to her, she tried to open her eyes but nothing seemed to work. Then that annoying smell, she had to get away from it. Her eyes opened suddenly. She was just trying to get her away.


"Easy, easy, my dear. Don't move, you'll get dizzy. Drink this, you'll feel better." He again lowered the chalice, trying to get the liquid through her lips, this time he made it.  She started swallowing it slowly.

Her head was starting to clear, her mind coming out of the darkness. She realized that someone was giving her something. She opened her eyes widely to see who it was.

"Ares... Ares..." was all that she managed to pure out.  "Yes.." was his reply but he soon realized that she was completely exhausted. A small wave off his hand and the chalice was gone, maybe he should give something else, even though it was forbidden. A small cup was in his hands and he started pouring a golden syrup into Stageira's mouth.  She drank it all and fell down again.

"Now sleep my dear, you will a lot better afterwards. But I'll stay here look after you. I'll even pray that none sees the nectar in your chalice, a small dose will just cure you."

He was up and with one small move his clothes were off. He quietly slipped into the coverings. He took her into his arms, making her feel comfortable. "Sleep and I'll watch for you."


She started feeling awake. Something warm was close to her. Her opened her eyes slowly, light was coming in from the windows.

"Silly," she murmured, "I don't feel dizzy and my nose is ok. What happened?"

As she tried to move she stumbled on something hard. Startled she threw the coverings off and she was speechless.. That body was in her bed all night and she...

"Are you ok, my love?"


"Yes." His eyes where filled with amusement. Her expression was priceless.

"How did you..?"

"Came here? I'm a God, it's my job to know. Are you better now?"

"I think so, yes."

"Then drink some more of this, it'll make you even better."

The small cup was in his hands again. He handed to her and rose from the bed. His clothes were automatically restored. He looked at her taking small sips from the cup.

He walked away and start fading.

"Ares! Where are you going? Are you leaving?"

"Not to worry, I'll be here for you whenever you need me, in sickness or not!!"

With those words he just disappeared in a blue flash of light.

Stageira was staring at the spot he was standing a minute ago. Then looked at the chalice in her hands, it was small and made of silver. The fluid in it was gold and like honey, but the taste! She couldn't recognize it. She just brought it to her lips and drank the last drops. She started admiring at the carvings, when the cup suddenly started to glow and puff!!!  it was gone in a flash of light!

She looked around her and then laughed. "Silly me, of course, he wouldn't leave it here." The thought was disappointing and her face looked sad. Thank the Gods her cold was gone, but he was gone also.

She reached for the glass of water, she always had right next to her bed.  Strange her glass was never....

"My God.." she gasped. The silver chalice was again there in her hands. It had took the place of her beloved glass. "Ares, you didn't have to do this," but the wide grin on her face was turning self content.

The End