The Guest
By Shamenka

He walked over to the body, lying prone on the cold, hard alter. Drawing one  sharp fingernail down the length of his guest's spine, he laughed,  maniacally, at the ruby red welt it left behind.

"We gonna have some fun tonight!" He whispered into the nearest ear to him.  Checking to see that the blind fold was tight enough, causing just the right amount of pressure over his guest's eyes. Then he moved on to make sure the gag was causing just enough pain across the jaw hinges. "Mmm hmm, seems like somebody jus' couldn't wait for me!" This time the fingernail dragged across  his guests shoulders, marking him with a cross.

"You look like a follower of those 'One God' idiots, well, this time, my  love, you will follow 'One God'. Me!" He leaned over and licked the welts, first up his back, then across it. He had to climb onto the alter to reach  the far side of his guest, but he didn't mind.

With a thought, all remaining clothing was removed, and two perfectly rounded buttocks revealed in all their glory. Tanned, as the rest of that glorious  body.

All ten fingernails dragged over them, leaning in to create enough pressure  as leave multiple trails, bejewelled with droplets of sweet blood. The body  arched beneath his hands, the gagged mouth tried to gasp his pain away.

"Not tonight my sweet!" He slapped the upturned ass, hitting the bleeding strips of his butt with enough force as to bruise that perfect flesh, that now less than perfect flesh.

In a thought, he was naked.

Gathering the pooling blood in one, long, slender hand he spread it over his  hard cock.

"Oh, you should see me now!" He purred, giggling again. "All ruby red with  your blood, want it back do you?" And with out either preparation or warning,  he plunged into the inviting flesh beneath him.

Then he stilled his actions.

Freezing in his movements, letting his guest wait, and wonder when he would  move again.

As he felt his guest sigh, almost relaxing, almost accommodating him, he pulled out roughly, fast, furious.

Then thrust inwards again.

"Sweetling, you aren't showing me you like it, yet. I won't move from this  joyous place until I know you're enjoying me, all of me!" And true to his  word, he lay down on top of his guest's body. Matching him, line for line, resting his head just slightly to one side of his guest's. "Are you ready  yet?" he whispered.

His guest nodded, a short, jerky movement of his stiff neck muscles.

"Learn to bend. You will, you know? You will learn to bend!" And he pulled out, almost all the way. Only to thrust deeper than ever before.

As his guest's body bucked beneath him, he laughed, a high pitched, almost  painful sound.

"Take me!" He laughed. "All of me!" He thrust so deep his guest thought his  belly would burst open.

He rode his guest to his own completion, then ripped himself free of his  still desperate to come guest. Before his guest could contemplate what, if  anything, would happen next, he was on his back, secured once more. The rough  hewn stone now caressed his ripped back and ass with its sharp jagged  fingers. He was still tied, still gagged..

The only difference being, now he could see.

His host straddled his hips, hovering over his still hard cock.

The slender form of his tormentor hovered there, challenging him. Grey eyes focused on brown. Brown lost and pleaded for release.

Grey allowed it. Didn't he?

He sank onto the rigid form below him, taking the hard cock in one stroke.  Rising and falling on that glorious form. Never breaking eye contact.  Watching every change in his guest's body; and just before he could explode into him, he ripped free of that muscular form. The denial of that warm,  enclosed release showing clearly in the eager brown eyes below him.

Grey eyes reached out, daring brown to object.

Brown eyes pleaded.

Reaching behind him, grey eyes stroked the still far too hard cock for a  minute, no more.

Then lifting his body clear over that impressive cock, he slid down, mouth  hovering over that begging flesh.

"Shall I?"  Grey eyes asked.

Brown eyes pleaded even more, if that was at all possible.

Pursing his lips, grey eyes blew cold air over his guest's over heated flesh.

Without further stimulation brown eyes came, and came hard. And fell back, limp of mind and body. As he did so, the restraints and the gag fell away.  Swallowing hard to get his mouth moist enough for speech, brown looked at grey, and smiled.

"Strife, you can be a complete bastard." He whispered, spent.

"True, but would you want me any other way?" Strife moved himself to stand  beside the alter. "Come on Ares, be honest, would you?" He dressed himself  with a thought, and with one last, long stroke from his fingernails over  Ares' sweat sheened skin, he turned and walked away.

"Fuck, no!" Ares whispered as he watched Strife's hips sway, getting hard all over again.

The End