University Library
by Stageira
Stageira was moaning in her sleep. Well not exactly sleep...She hated the alarm clock with all her heart. It was the most hated item in her house, considering that her beloved one was a piece of marble from Ancient Amphipolis, the Strymon river to be exact. Well one day that marble would end up on the alarm clock!

She reached out to stop it and check the hour. Who could really attend a class this early in the morning?  Teachers didn't get it and they where still wondering on the low percent of students that participated in early classes. Hell,  there was an easy explanation none would get to class that early!

However she had to attend and there is no way she could skip class.

It took her long enough to find the clothes she wanted and make up her face. When she was finally out the door, she realized that it was too late to catch a bus, she had to take a cab. Nice, in a few days her bank account would start looking like the Sahara desert, "all alone and I......"


2 Hours later (around 11 o'clock in the morning)

Well things started to look better, she was free! Now it was time for the long and painful way to the University Library.  "Why they had to build that Library so far away from the main buildings? That architect was a moron." She was just bumbling to herself until she reached the Library.

"Oh, great another day in hell." There where so many people in that place. She would have to find a quiet corner to do that translate she wanted to finish, she had promised her friend Amphipolis to finish it and uploaded in her page. This web page thing was a absolute pain. She was struggling with Amphipolis writing....

"Now lets see... How on earth am I going to translate this?  "Xenaversarian Mythology: Ares' Intervention.  Now this looks good. Ares.  Hmmm..."


She was buried to the head in those papers. Well it would be interesting to see what she was writing.

'However Ares hadn't said his last word. He gave Darfus his life back.....But when Iolaus sees Xena traveling with his friend....'

What???  What was this? Oh yeah, that little thing with Xena and Hercules. His brother had manage to 'spoil' his Warrior Princess, he still hadn't avenge that incident fully, but that was not the subject.


Stageira was muttering to herself. 'This piece was annoying. Sometimes Ares was such a big pain. I mean look at this thing with Xena, he could win her back, but he was too.... Ares God of War..'

"Is it wrong being too.. Ares, my dear???"

The voice startled her, she was nearly knocked off her chair.  "My lord. I didn' did you get in here..." her voice trailed off. "There are people watching us..."

"No, not yet. Now tell me what this is."

"Uh, this is a piece I'm doing for a friend of mine. It's called "Xenaversarian Mythology". And I'm writing the piece about your intervention in her life."

"And not just that. You also make comments."

"My lord..."

"I think you need a lesson, so that you will always know that you cannot do or say something without someone watching you."

His hands just brushed the air, the Library was so quiet now. There were about 15 people all watching her. She looked back at Ares.

"Yes my dear, this is lesson. With an audience!"

"But, I..."

Suddenly her clothes disappeared. Ares approached her without a word. His clothes were gone too.  Stageira looks nervously around her, everybody seems to watch. Gods, this was so...

"...humiliating? Just like the comments you are making my dear."

His hands reached for her nipples and pinched them, she gasped and tried to remain quiet.  His lips took hers. The kiss got deeper and deeper, she was completely lost in that sensation. His lips, his teeth grazing her mouth, she moaned loudly and tried to reach out to him and touch him.

"No, no my dear. Keep your hands away... Nowhere I should tie you? Oh, yes much better." Suddenly her hands where cuffed together and stretched over her head. "Now let's put you in a better position."

She found herself spread on the table, the cold glass underneath making her realize the surroundings. His lips started to travel all the way up to her legs and her navel. His hands slowly caressed her breasts. A small moan escaped from her lips.

His hot, wet and hungry tongue reached her clit and caress it with slow painful moves. His teeth seized the pumping nub and his fingers traced her lips. She couldn't help herself, his name escaped her mouth, "Ares..."

He slowly looked at her, "What it is that you want?"

"Please.." her voice was no more than a whisper.

"Yes.. I can not hear you."

"Please.. take me." Another soft whisper.

"What was that??" This was so much fun, he liked her like this. His fingers where still working on her clit, not letting her forget.

"Please fuck me...." her voice was louder.

"Please.. I couldn't hear the rest, my dear..."

"Please FUCK ME."

Her voice rang throughout the room.  Oh, hell with it, she didn't care. She just didn't care. She wanted him inside her, hard, strong, even harsh....

"Now that was a nice request."

His hands were stroking her clit... But suddenly she was up, standing against the table. She was facing all the people in the Library, but could not hear what they where saying. Ares was slowly caressing her back, making her bent over the table, his hand reached for her clit. She could feel his cock pressing against her thighs.... Oh Gods, she didn't care what the others where saying, she wouldn't stop this, not even if the University President was present....His cock slowly entered her from behind. She gasped at the size. She bent lower and stretched her legs, so to give him further access. His cock was completely penetrating  her. His hand circled her waist and reached for her clit. He caressed the sensitive nub with soft strokes.

He was just fucking her slow and painfully. Each time pulling his cock almost out and then entering her with long, hard thrusts. She couldn't stand this, she wanted more. She started pushing against him, faster and faster. His thrusts matched her moves, he allowed her to control the rhythm.

Stageira felt him tense and her moves became faster and pumped hard against him, his hands grabbed her waist, pulling her closer with each thrust. Her loud moans echoed through the room, she couldn't keep quiet, wouldn't. His cock was big, his size making her shout. Hearing her moans and pleas for more, Ares pumped harder in her. Coming inside her with a few quick thrusts. Stageira could feel his shot cum in her cunt and only this gave her one of the most intense orgasms in her life.

But that wasn't enough for him, he continued to pump in her now real slow, his cock remaining hard inside her.  She just couldn't stop moaning. She just couldn't stop cuming, one orgasm after the other.  Ares enjoyed his little punishment on her, now that must have been four. It should be enough.... His move become quicker and harder, shouting out loud as he shot his hot seed inside her for the second time.  Stageira was almost screaming, this was five. And she collapsed on the table...

Ares slowly pulled her up, turning her to face him. He slowly kissed her. "Now my love, would you like to hear their comments?"

Stageira look around her, looking at the students and the Library stuff. They seemed so, quiet, so mesmerized, like...

"Yes, that's was my thought. They seem to be having fun."

Stageira noticed a couple of the students in a strange position, their hands close into some body parts....

"I don't know for whom this was the best, you or them for watching it??"

Ares' grin made her burst with laughter. Well this was fun after all. She didn't care about them watching her. But masturbating while she was with Ares...Oh, Gods it was.. priceless!

"My dear I think you should focus on your condition. Or better yet on their comments." With those words he was gone, her clothes where on and the room was again filled with voices and people walking towards her.

The End