The Ritual
By Steelknight
It wasn't until I arrived in Thebes yesterday that I heard of the ritual, although I later found out it had been going on for centuries. It only took a day to become an obsession. My one wish was to see this  ritual, even if the price was my life.

What is the ritual, you ask? It's as ageless as time itself, primal and savage in its very nature. It is the age-old struggle for power, for dominance, for supremacy. To the defeated, death, or mere servitude if  the victor is merciful. To the victor goes the spoils, his prize the taking of his pleasure in anyway he sees fit.

Was it worth my life to see it? Was it worth sneaking into Ares' temple? For that reason alone the war god could kill me. Gods, I hope so.  If  I'm to die, then I'll die for filling this wish of mine.  Foolish yes, brave maybe.  I'm just a mortal with an obsession.

I knew the ritual didn't start till dawn, so I made sure I had plenty of time to find a safe place to watch from.  There.  A closet.  It was  just what I was looking for.  With the door slightly ajar, the angle was perfect.  I had a full view of both the altar and the throne.

Dawn arrived, and with it the ritual started. The two gods appeared, both naked and oiled. Light and dark, they were perfect opposites, the war god Ares and the sun god Apollo.  First they circled each other,  their eyes challenging. Then at some unseen or unheard signal they flew at each other, meeting at the halfway point.

Ares grabbed Apollo's right arm and ruthlessly twisted it behind his  back, then yanked back Apollo's head with his free hand buried in the blond locks, twisting them in punishment.  "Submit, Apollo.  Save yourself  the pain and embarrassment of me forcing you this time."  He  enforced his words with a hard bite to the base of Apollo's neck but Apollo refused to surrender.

Kicking back his heel, Apollo almost landed a crippling blow. Still, it  was enough to force Ares to release him.  The war god's eyes sparked with an internal fire that I thought would scorch the entire temple, and he rushed forward in an attempt to regain control.  But Apollo vanished, only to reappear directly beside Ares, catching him by surprise.  He  quickly tripped  Ares and brought him to his knees.  Now it was Apollo who held the power, and he threw himself on top of his downed opponent, forcing Ares to use his arms to hold himself up or fall face first on  the temple floor.

Apollo sneered as he positioned his cock between the cheeks of Ares' ass.  "I'm going to enjoy this, Ares.  I waited for so long and it's payback time, brother."  With that he thrust his cock deeply into Ares.

The war god screamed in hurt and rage at being taken in his own temple, but Apollo continued his savage thrusts, grinding as deeply as he could.  He held Ares with both hands, leaving a perfectly matched set of  bruises.  I knew that Apollo had waited so long for this moment, finally to win, to have the glory and power, the victory, and his body trembled with the strength of his orgasm.

Afterward, patting Ares' ass as you would a horse after a pleasurable ride, Apollo grinned. "Better luck next time, Ares. I'm out of here."

The god of war painfully raised himself from the floor, and with a look of total disgust, waved his hand and was gone.

The ritual was over.

So now you've heard my tale, and every word of it is true. My wish was granted as I watched the whole ritual from a closet.  Who am I, you ask?  Well, if you really want to know, go to Ares' main temple in Thebes.  If you're smart, you'll get there before dawn.  Look in the very back of that closet in the throne room and you'll see my name. I carved it  there before I left the temple.

Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll see the ritual for yourself.  Then you can add your name to mine in that closet.

I wish you luck.

The End