Just Another Day At Work
(Well, Almost)
By Selursera

"I can't believe it!!"

"It's true Sel they are both out today. Sorry."

"Shit!" Selursera walked away from the receptionist. "Damn, both Marissa and Rosalie are out today, I knew I should have stayed in bed. This morning started out bad, and now THIS!"

"What's up Selursera?" Abby asked. She had come out of bookkeeping to see what the commotion was about.

"Everyone in my department is out today! There is a shit load of work and I am on my own! To top it off the Sales Manager is here today and he is driving me crazy!"

"Anything I can do to help?"

 "No, it will be all right I just need to blow off some steam." Just then the Sales Manager loaded her in-box with 10 faxes that needed to be sent right away.

"No rush on these Hon, as long as they go out before ten." He smirked and walked away.

"What I would give to be a God for one day! I'd fry his ass." She mumbled.

Selursera returned to her office, and as she was sitting down at her desk she accidentally hit her computer with her elbow. The screen saver blinked off and the incredibly sexy face of the God of War was staring back at her from her desktop. Concentrating at work had become very tough. It didn't help that the leather samples that surrounded her, always brought visions of the sexy God of War to her mind. The thought of him in those tight leather pants, straining in all the right places, was too much!

She turned and glared at her computer screen. "You know, Tham, Iphenys, and all of the other listsibs talk about your visits. I know I'm new, but exactly how long do I have to wait? Ya know, I could really *use* a visit right about now!" The sarcasm in her voice was clear.

"Talking to your computer again dear?"

Selursera jumped, it was Cheryl the office manager. She was a sweet woman but there was no way she would be able to understand her obsession with the God of War. Selursera smiled. "I guess we only have to worry when it starts to answer me back."

Cheryl laughed and handed the boss' mail to Selursera. "Why don't you go and take this to his office and separate it for him. He's due back on Monday, and this will give you a chance to take a break. I'll cover for you for a while."

"Thanks, I could use a break." Taking the mail she headed to her boss' office, he was away on business traveling with some of the other salesmen. The office was really empty and quiet today. Selursera opened his door and went inside to the large mahogany table. A small light was on in the corner and she left the large overhead lights off. "Nice and quiet in here." She threw the mail on the table and began to sort through it.

"Junk, Junk, Junk, Damn! It's amazing just how much crap comes through the U.S. postal system!" She finished sorting through his papers quickly, and decided to try and relax a little.

Selursera began her Thai Chi exercises, her body moving gracefully through the routine. Closing her eyes she could imagine the incredible God of War standing before her in all his magnificence. Her breath quickened as she started into a smooth and flowing rhythm, when a deep voice came from across the room. "Not so bad for a mortal."

In the dimness she could see that someone was sitting in the boss's chair. "Justin! is that you? You scared the hell out of me."

The figure rose out of the large leather chair and started to walk toward her. "No it's not that pint-sized plant manager." The figure came closer. "Selursera, I'm surprised! Don't you know who I am? You called me earlier, and now I am here." The voice was as smooth as silk, It sounded familiar, but she couldn't be sure.

Selursera blinked her eyes the stress had finally taken control of her mind. The large man standing before her was magnificent. Surely she had seen him somewhere before. "NO! It can't be!" He was wearing a magnificent leather outfit that accentuated *every* large muscle of his body. He positively glowed as he stepped into the small area of light that came from the lamp in the corner.

This was impossible! "ARES!???"

"You seem surprised, my dear. After all you knew I would be coming. My listsibs told you I would." Ares moved forward toward Selursera. God he was beautiful, his long dark hair flowed down around his face. His lips, so often she thought of those lips and now they were right before her. Those eyes she melted right into them! Her breath started to quicken.

"Yes...but...I...just...thought...creative...writing. You know...wishful thinking."

Ares laughed. "So...you didn't believe that I would come, did you?"

He moved closer to her and gently moved a strand of her red hair from her eyes. She trembled at his touch. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire. She finally managed to gather her wits and answer him. "Honestly . . .no."

"Then why did you call for me?"

"I always talk to you when no one is around. This is the first time I've gotten an answer." She prayed silently...(Thank you list sibs!)

Then a thought came to Selursera. "Oh no! Maybe this is what I told Cheryl would happen. Maybe I've flipped, and Ares is not really here. Besides what could he possibly want with me?"

"But, I am here." He paused. "You...haven't flipped."

She looked at him puzzled. "I can read your thoughts. Remember?"

"Sorry! I forgot."

He embraced her. "To answer your last question. I am here because I want you...NOW!."He had really caught her by surprise. "Here? Now? In my bosses office? There is no way! Someone will come in...I can't." Ares face grew dark. (Oh shit I did it again.) The anger on his face was very clear.

"I came all this way to be with you. Are you denying me?"

(Is this a trick question?) "No M'lord Ares I will not deny you. I am just worried about..."

"Stop right there! When you are with me you don't need to worry. I protect all of my listsibs. As long as they listen and do what I tell them. Is that clear?"

Selursera understood but didn't like it. (Damn right I didn't. But I really didn't want to be deep fried on the spot, so I decided to answer him a little differently.)

"Yes. However I am really not use to being told what to do. I like doing things on my own."

Ares arched an eyebrow. "Really? All things?"

Selursera blushed. "I didn't mean *everything*."Ares took Selursera's chin in his hand and gently raised her head so he could easily reach her luscious lips. His kiss was forceful, his tongue probing her mouth so hard she could hardly breathe. He continued to kiss her slowly making his way down her neck to her breasts. Ares slowly caressed the outline of Selursera's body with his hand.

Suddenly he stopped. He noticed a pendant hanging from her neck. It was a large battle hatchet with a ruby mounted in the center of the handle. He could feel this meant a lot to her. He took it in his hand. "Nice Alabarda."  He whispered into her ear.

Selursera was so lost in the wonderful feelings she was having she almost didn't hear what Ares said. "MMM...Oh thank you. A friend gave it to me. They thought it would remind me of you."

"A friend?"

"Yes, someone who knows how much I admired your ass...er assets."

Ares laughed and lifted Selursera onto the large leather couch in the office.

"I want you now Selursera. Here. I want to be inside you. Tell me now is it what you wish?"

"Yes M'lord Ares" With a wave of his hand their clothing disappeared.

Ares sat back on the large sofa and looked into her eyes. An interesting thought came to him. "So you like to be in control little one? Go ahead."

She was cautious. "Are you serious?"

Ares stretched out on the soft leather. He raised his arms above his head and grinned. "Yes my dear I am all yours. Do whatever you like."

Selursera eyes took on an evil cast. "As you wish M'lord" Leisurely she began leaning over the God of War's beautiful face she began kissing him softly. Taking great care not to touch any part of his body with hers, using only her tongue to taste his warm skin she started working her way down across his neck slowly, if not cautiously. Across his chest to his nipples she began sucking harder and harder, her hand searched and found his throbbing penis, pulsating against his stomach. Ares moans showed his approval.

"Tell me M'lord do you like this?"

"Yes...Oh Yes!"

Selursera obliged, but teasingly. She began by softly running one finger gently over the skin of his cock, hardly touching it, yet setting every nerve ending on fire. Ares raised his hips to meet her hand.

Selursera stopped. "Relax! Don't move. You don't want me to stop now do you?" Her voice was firm yet teasing.

Ares rose up on his elbows, his eyes shot daggers at her. "Careful woman you don't know what you are dealing with!" He fumed.

Selursera stopped, he had given her control and she wasn't about to give it up, not yet. She looked directly in his sensuous eyes and pouted. Brushing her lips softly against his, she sweetly said. "You gave me your word." She kissed his full lips harder. "You said I can do whatever *I* want, didn't you?"

Ares narrowed his eyes. "Yes, but..."

She quickly interrupted him, while firmly grasping his cock. "Are you enjoying yourself?" She teased.

His eyes became even narrower. "Yes."

"Then keep your word, and let me finish!" She pushed Ares back against the soft leather sofa, and braced herself for the backlash. Nothing happened, she looked at him and he was smiling, a look of hunger in his eyes. He actually seemed to be enjoying this.

Selursera turned her attention back to the beautiful cock before her. Once again using only her tongue she started at the base and slowly glided it up the shaft. Taking her time she slowly took the head in her mouth. Lavishing attention on his manhood for what seemed like an eternity. Using her lips, tongue and teeth she drove him to ecstasy. Just a little at first then slowly she took on more and more, until the God of War could stand it no longer. He was thrusting between her lips until he came shouting on the top of his lungs. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS.."

"Hey! Someone will hear you!" She pleaded, looking towards the door.

"I told you not to worry. They can't hear us. I made sure they can't hear anything."

Selursera became alarmed. "Hey they are my friends!" Then she remembered her Sales Manager. (Well most of them are.) "What did you do to them?"

"Don't worry they will live, and they won't remember anything. Didn't you say something about frying your Sales Manager's ass?" Ares grin turned evil.

"You didn't. Did you?" She *almost* sounded happy.

Ares grabbed Selursera by the shoulders. "Forget about them! Now it's your turn. Time to be punished for your impudence." He flipped Selursera over on the couch and straddled her legs. "Now it's my turn to do as I wish, it's only fair."

Ares crushed Selursera's mouth hard with his kiss. He moved from her mouth leaving her gasping for air. Forcefully, he moved down her neck paying special attention to this small spot behind her ear that drove her crazy. He used his mouth and tongue to explore every part of her body setting her nerve endings of fire. He reached her clit and worked on it feverishly until she cried out for more. She wanted to pull him down to feel his weight on her body, but she knew she dare not move. The one thing she learned from her martial arts training was how to be a good student as well as a good teacher.

"Tell me what you want." He whispered his voice was like velvet.

"I want you to fuck me pleaseeeee Aressssss."

"That's what I like to hear."

Teasing her at first he slowly rubbed the head of his cock against her slit driving her insane with desire. "Please Ares fuck me now! Please!" With her final plea Ares thrust himself into her stretching her to limits she couldn't even imagine. Thrusting faster and faster she raised her hips meeting him thrust for thrust until they both came and he filled her completely with his exploding orgasm.

They lay on the couch cuddling for a long while. "So this is your idea of punishment.....Not so bad really!" She told him.

Ares laughed as he pulled her closer to him. "You watch my brother's show way too much!"

Selursera could have stayed there all day until she realized where she was. "Damn I have to get back to work!"

"No you don't the day is over it's five o'clock."

"Have we been here so long? I have work that needed to be finished before ten! There was no one in the department."

"Work's done, and no one even knew you were gone. I am a *God* remember?" Ares waved his hand and they were both dressed.

He embraced Selursera and smiled warmly. "Until later, dear one." Ares vanished in a flash of blue light.

She hoped that "till later" was a promise. For the first time in her life Selursera was at a loss for words. She put out the light in the corner and walked over to the door. A huge smile crossed her face. One thing was for sure she would never look at work, or her boss' office the same way again.

The End