by Surabufix
Bound.  Naked.

The darker, more dangerous one, spread eagle on the bed.  His arms cuffed to a bar whose chain was securely fastened to the wall. His legs spread by the same type of bar, whose chain led down to the floor.  All restraints made by Hephaestus, which rendered the god powerless.

The fairer one, to a chair.  With simple ropes, designed not to hurt the skin.

Both at his mercy.

He smiled.

Dark eyes glared at him but the gag prevented him from speaking.  Ah but the eyes promised so much...Reward for release, punishment for defiance.  But Borias wasn't about to give up his power over the War God.  So much restrained anger, so much energy and so much power.  He watched those bulging muscles, becoming covered with a thin sheen of sweat from the struggle of being restrained.

Borias' eyes slid down the body, much like his tongue would soon do.  He finally focused on the god's thick cock and licked his lips.  Under his gaze, Ares' cock hardened and he knew his captive wasn't as opposed to this as he wanted Borias to think.  Borias felt his own cock hardened as his captive struggled against his bonds again. He chuckled.  "Soon."

He tore his eyes away from the perfection on the bed and marveled at the copper-haired man.  His body just as perfectly sculpted as Ares', his face less harsh but no less perfect.   Borias moved closer to the man, drinking in the perfection of his mouth, his lips.  His arms were bound behind his back yet he wasn't struggling against them.

Borias looked back at Ares.  "He's so perfect, like you.  But unlike you, he will willingly do what I ask."  He walked closer to Iphicles and ran a finger over the lush lips then leaned forward and kissed him.  His tongue thrust into Iphicles' mouth and they both moaned.  Borias pulled back, whispering in his ear, "You please me. Continue and I will let you join me in playing with Ares." He saw the lustful gleam in Iphicles' eyes and smiled again.  With quick, graceful movements, Borias removed his clothing.

He knelt in front of the man bound to the chair.  "Let's see how much control you have," he said as he admired the hard, thick cock in front of him.  The warrior grasped the king's cock in one hand. His tongue flicked out to gather the liquid that covered the tip, then ran down the underside of the King's cock and back up. He repeated those actions over and over until he finally swirled his tongue around the swollen head then he took him into his mouth.  His hand stroked Iphicles' cock while his mouth gently sucked.  Borias could feel him get harder and when the king let out a moan, he stopped.  "Don't cum until I allow it."

Iphicles swallowed hard as Borias' accent made his voice reverberate on Iphicles' cock.  The King had to maintain control; he wanted the opportunity to have Ares at their mercy.  That thought nearly made him explode.

Borias knew how close the king was but wanted to test his limits of control.  He blew softly and was rewarded when he felt the cock twitch in his hand. Again he took the glistening shaft into his mouth.  He felt Iphicles' hips thrust forward a bit and he lightly slapped the king's inner thigh.  Iphicles moaned and Borias felt his struggle for control, which fueled his own desire.  His own cock was hard now and needed relief.

Iphicles' moan of pleasure turned to disappointment as he felt Borias withdraw his mouth.  "Please don't stop."

"Patience. You've done well so far."  He walked behind the king and began undoing the ropes.  "Now how do you think this is affecting our captive?"

Iphicles looked at the god, who was helplessly bound to the bed.  He smiled slightly.  "I think he's trying not to enjoy it, but he can't help it.  It's a bit of torment for him."

The dark warrior had completely untied Iphicles and motioned for him to get up.  "Good."  He was behind him again and he couldn't help but caress Iphicles' perfect ass. "That is exactly what I wanted," he whispered in the king's ear as he pressed against the muscular form.  "Tell me Iphicles, haven't you always wanted to have the God of War at your mercy?" He reached around the man and pinched his nipples, which were already hard. "There's so much you can do with him.  Tell me, how does the sight of him, naked, chained and at your mercy make you feel?"

Iphicles moaned.

"Never mind.  Your desire is evident."  He had Iphicles' cock in his hand and his low chuckle again sent shivers through the king.   "I want to show Ares just exactly what he can expect later." He released Iphicles, turning him around, and kissed him.

Iphicles quickly caught on and he smiled.  His role had changed from tormented to tormentor and he was going to enjoy it.  "You're right."  He pulled Borias to the edge of the large bed and sat him down.  Then he sank to his knees in front of him.

"Yes, very good." Borias sighed as Iphicles' hand lightly stroked his cock.  The king's tongue flicked out and licked the underside of the darker mans cock.  His other hand fondled Borias' balls as he lightly began to suck on the swollen head.  Borias moaned as Iphicles pumped the base of the shaft and began to suck harder.  Iphicles alternated between fast and slow, stopping whenever he sensed Borias getting too close.  He continued to torment the warrior until Borias' grabbed his head and began thrusting into Iphicles' mouth. It didn't take too long before Borias gave a shout and with a final thrust, came.

Iphicles swallowed every drop of semen and he smiled.  When Borias caught his breath, the king gave him a wicked grin and said, "I have an idea."  He whispered his plan to Borias and then both the men laughed. "I think you need to be in charge more often," Borias complimented him.

Iphicles took a feather from a pot in the corner.  He moved to the bed again and Borias went to stand on the other side, content to watch for the moment.  The king took the feather and ran it lightly over the war gods' chest, teasing one nipple then the other.  Then he trailed it down his stomach and stopped before he reached Ares' cock.  He looked up to see the fire and desire blazing in the dark eyes.  "Do you remember all the times you've teased me in such a way, Ares?" The feather was lifted then brought down at Ares' feet.  "I've always wanted to return the favor." He slowly ran the feather up his leg, stopping at his upper thigh.

Borias grabbed a whip from the wall, and got on the bed, on the other side of Ares.  He was lightly stroking himself while he watched Iphicles continued to torment Ares with the feather.  Iphicles never came close to touching the war gods' cock.  Borias began to run the whip lightly over Ares' body.  Every time the god fought against the restraints, Borias would strike him, leaving faint red marks on his golden body. The feather made a path towards Ares' swollen shaft and this time he let it caress him.  Ares' cock jumped.  Iphicles climbed up on the bed and motioned Borias to move up by the god's head.  The two men's cocks were touching just above Ares' face as Iphicles gave Borias a devastating kiss.  Their tongues entwined as their cocks did their own duel, rubbing against each other, causing both men to shudder.

Iphicles pulled back quickly.  "I think it's almost time."

"Patience, not quite yet," Borias replied.  He slapped Ares' cock with the whip once.  "Suck it," he told the king.  "But don't let him come."

Iphicles gave Borias a wicked look as he quickly leaned down to comply.  He ran his tongue along the underside of the god's throbbing cock then swirled it around the swollen head.  He looked up at Ares with lust filled eyes, then took as much of the massive cock into his mouth as he could.  He made deliberate slurping noises, as his mouth bobbed up and down on the thick shaft.  Ares moaned with pleasure and thrust his hips up.  Iphicles chuckled when he realized the god was already close to coming.  He stopped then, making Ares groan in disappointment. "All good things come to those who wait."

The two men exchanged a look and then nodded.  They moved to opposite ends of the bed and then Iphicles loosened the chain at the head of the bed and Borias at the foot.  The men worked in unison to turn the god over on his stomach, which brought renewed struggles and grunts from Ares.  Once he was on his stomach, arms and legs outstretched and cock exposed to them, they made sure he was securely fastened before moving on either side of the god.

"That was fun," Iphicles commented.

Borias just laughed lowly.  "Now it is time for more fun and greater pleasure.  For us anyway."  He admired the perfect ass of the god for a moment.  Then he leaned closer to the god and ran his tongue over one golden cheek.  Ares almost jumped.

Iphicles leaned down and let his tongue run along the other cheek.  The two men continued to lave those perfect globes, their tongues moving ever closer.  Finally their tongues met.  Borias sucked the king's tongue into his mouth.  Both men moaned slightly before pulling back.

"You know Ares, there were so many times that you had me like this.  Do you remember the anticipation?" Iphicles ran his tongue over the gods' ass. "Of  wondering," he bite the god, "what was," nibble, "going to," lick,  "happen?" Then Iphicles stopped completely.  The king nodded to the warlord.  He smiled as Borias' hand came down hard on Ares' ass.  The god's body jerked in response.  Iphicles took a wooden brush from the bedside table and admired it for a moment.  "You know, a brush such as this has many uses."

Borias just grinned as Iphicles dealt a forceful blow to the god's exposed ass. Borias again took his turn, then Iphicles.  The two men alternated like this until Ares skin was red.  Iphicles could see Ares' cock was still hard and he was moving against the cool satin sheets, trying to find relief. He grinned and turned the brush over.  He ran the bristles of the brush over the underside of Ares cock.  The god moaned.  He then moved the brush up, the bristles scratching the tender skin of Ares' ass, making the god squirm to escape it.

Iphicles and Borias chuckled. "You're doing very well Ares," Iphicles complimented him.  "But like you, I  don't give pain without pleasure." He blew cool air on the god's heated cheeks.  "Borias, oil please?"

The dark warrior got the oil as requested.  Iphicles poured a little onto his hands and handed the vial back.  Then he lightly massaged it into the abused ass, occasionally letting his fingers caress the god's balls or lightly caress his cock.  The copper-haired king continued this until the god was moaning.

Not one to be left out, Borias moved behind the king.  He poured some oil into his hand and then he slipped a finger into the king.  Iphicles gasp as the warrior added another finger to the king's tight ass.

Iphicles stopped his ministrations on Ares, focusing on what was being done to him.  He turned his head and looked into the dark man's eyes before his mouth descended on the king's.  Iphicles welcomed Borias' invading tongue as the warrior thrust another finger into him.  Then Borias pulled back completely.  Iphicles moaned in disappointment.

Borias reached for the oil again and poured it over his own cock.  He gave a low laugh when some of the oil dripped onto Ares and the gods' body twitched.  He leaned forward, pushing Iphicles so his hands were on either side of Ares head. He whispered to him, "I am going to fuck you now."

Iphicles shivered.

Borias paused to admire the view of the two perfect asses exposed to his eyes. One red from the spanking, one golden, both perfect.  He would fuck the war god later, right now, he was focused on the king.  He pushed the head of his cock into Iphicles' ass, slowly savoring that moment of resistance.  Then he was enveloped in tightness.  He couldn't tell if the groan of pleasure was from him or Iphicles.  But it didn't matter.  He grabbed the king's hips and began slowly pumping in and out of his tight ass.

Iphicles moaned loudly as Borias began to fuck him.  He was so turned on, he didn't know how long he could last. Borias reached around and began stroking his cock in time with his thrusts.  Iphicles leaned down to brace himself  as Borias pounded into him harder.  He wanted to last longer but he couldn't.  The king bit Ares shoulder as he came, his semen covering Ares' back. Moments later, he felt Borias' cock pulse as he gave one final thrust and came.

The first thing Iphicles noticed as his breathing returned to normal was Ares struggling against his bonds again.  Or more precisely, he was trying to find relief for his swollen cock.  The king grabbed the god's hips to stop him. "None of that, Ares."

Borias contemplated the situation for a moment.  He spoke quietly to the king before moving to the end of the bed. Borias quickly took the chains from the bar and attached them to the cuffs themselves, the he removed the bar and loosened the chain.  Iphicles did the same at the head of the bed. "Get on your hands and knees, Ares, and your obedience will be rewarded."

The god growled deep in his throat but didn't resist when Borias coaxed him into the desired position.

"Nice," the copper-haired king murmured.  The sight of the god prone and ready for a hard cock made him hot.

Borias covered his cock with oil as Iphicles watched, stroking his own hardness.  Borias moved behind Ares and in one stroke buried himself in his ass.  Ares grunted at the force of his entrance.  "You wanted this, didn't you, Ares?"  Borias alternated between fast, short strokes and long, slow ones.  "All the time I was fucking your King, you wanted one of us fucking you."

Iphicles saw the lust on Ares face, he had given over to the pleasure for the moment.  He then moved behind Borias and said, "You should see the lust on his face.  He loves it."

Borias grinned as he paused his strokes.  Ares moaned in disappointment. The king and warrior looked at each other for a moment before Iphicles moved behind Borias.  Borias felt his opening being stretched as Iphicles prepared him for his cock.  Borias leaned forward, making the god support him.  He grunted as the head of the kings cock pushed into his ass.  "Ares, how does it feel having my cock inside you, while your king is inside me?"

Ares only response was to moan louder and push back against Borias.

"Fuck me, Iphicles," Borias told the king in a voice darkened with lust.  He was nearly driven mad with the feel of a  thick cock inside him, while his own cock was being enveloped by Ares' tight ass.

The king needed no more urging.  He started slowly, trying to set the rhythm. As he pulled out, so did Borias.  When he pushed himself slowly into the warrior's ass, Borias did the same to Ares.  This didn't continue long before Iphicles felt Borias starting to loose control. Borias began pumping into the god's ass harder, loosing any sort of rhythm they had.  Iphicles gritted his teeth and maintained control as he felt Borias' ass contract around him.

Borias came harder than he could ever remember.  He buried himself in the god's ass as he came, alternately moaning his two lovers names.  When he was spent, he felt Iphicles still hard cock withdraw from his ass and he collapsed next to Ares on the bed.

Iphicles was rock hard. He could tell Ares was the same, as Borias had not touched him once as he pounded into him.  He regained a little control before he pushed himself into the god's ass.  Borias' seed eased the way and soon Iphicles was pumping in and out.  He wanted to focus on his own pleasure but he also wanted to feel Ares as he came.  Ares was moaning now, so Iphicles knew he was close.  "Borias, suck him until he comes," he ordered the warrior, not pausing.

Borias moved into position and started to lick the head of the Ares' cock. He knew it wouldn't take much to get him to come.  He gasped Ares' cock with one hand, trying to steady the swaying that Iphicles' hard thrusts were causing.  Then he took the good into his mouth and skillfully began sucking.

Iphicles heard Ares' grunts growing louder, and he grabbed Ares' hips, hammering his cock in and out of him.  He was close, so close but he wanted to feel Ares first.  He smacked Ares hard, once.  That sent Ares over the edge and he stiffened and came in Borias' mouth.  Iphicles moaned as he felt Ares come then he plunged himself into the god as he too came.  He came it seemed forever, as Ares' ass milked him.

Borias moved from his position to watch Iphicles as he came.  It was a beautiful sight.  Then god and king collapsed onto the bed.  The warrior kissed Iphicles deeply, tenderly.  "I hope that was all you desired."

"Oh, it was," Iphicles said contentedly.

The End