Dark Desires
by Shakra
You walk into the dimly lit club, the sultry techno of Enigma's Principles of lust emanating from the jukebox beside the bar, soothing and exciting all at once. You peer into the semi-darkness looking for.....what? Still feeling compelled to come here tonight, but unsure as to why.

You are restless, hungry for something primal, instinctual, sexual. Walking over to the bar you say, "Um..screaming orgasm please." You pay, take a deep draught and begin to prowl the club, a caged jungle cat, restless fire burning in your eyes.

You draw stares of interest and lust from the other club patrons, your hunger reaching out to them. Noting their interest you stop to 'adjust' your left garter snap, pulling your skirt up to reveal a generous amount of creamy, smooth flesh and black stockings. Smiling wickedly you straighten up and continue to prowl, wondering again what has drawn you here this evening.

Finding nothing of note on the first sweep, you stalk to the bar and order another drink. Turning around you survey the crowded club, ignoring the men and women trying to catch your eye. They will not satisfy your hunger, and you have no time for singles chit chat.

Suddenly you feel a pull to go to a private booth in the back of the club and slowly begin to walk towards it.

"Come." You hear in your mind, and quicken your pace  in anticipation, but of what?

Nearing the booth, a low tenor voice says, "So nice of you to come this evening. I do hate it when my...invitations are refused. In fact I don't take no for an answer!" His voice is so erotically charged, it makes you shiver with pleasure upon hearing it.

Rounding the pillar in front of the booth, you finally see the man behind the sexy voice. Hair the color of ravens' feathers frames his gorgeous features, falling in soft curls  on his broad, muscular shoulders. A black leather vest, open  at the front exposes tangled black tendrils on a broad expanse of masculine muscle. His eyes strip you naked, assessing you intimately and you fall helplessly into their depths. He smiles languidly and says, "Let's to outside for a....breath of fresh air." He rises and  you follow him outside, mesmerized by his raw sexual energy and powerful presence.

The night air greets you with a cool kiss as you exit to the back of the club, and you take a moment to breathe deeply. Your dark companion turns to you suddenly, grasping you by your hair. Wrapping it around his fist, he pulls you towards him.

"You will learn what it is to serve Ares!" he says in a low, throaty growl. Crushing his lips to yours, he presses you into the brick wall behind you. Crying out with pain and surprise, you struggle briefly, then catch fire and melt into his savage embrace.

Pushing your legs open with his left leg, he deepens his kiss, causing your body to pulse with his Godly energies, his need to possess you. You know him now, he is Ares, the dark God you've dreamed of and prayed to. He releases your hair and rips your blouse off, revealing a black silk bra and taut, awakened nipples. You gasp, seeing your blouse hitting the pavement, then moan as he slips his hand under the bra to tease your nipples.

"Mmmmmm, kitty wants to play." Ares sultry, smug voice whispers in your ear.

"Yes, please...." You manage to gasp out as he lowers his mouth to taste each nipple, swirling his tongue around in slow, lazy circles on one then the other. He brings his face back up to yours for another probing kiss then says, "Please what?" He taunts you, his voice thick with desire.

" I want you to fuck me!!" you whisper.

"I know you do, and rest assured I WILL." Blue energy crackles around both of you, intensifying the sensations you're feeling. His hand begins working its way slowly up your thigh, setting every nerve it brushes on fire, making your face flush with heat. A soft snap, then another and your garters are unfastened. His hand reaches under your panties, stroking the hot, moist center beneath them, teasing and tormenting you to the edge of abandon. Ripping your panties off with one hand, and unfastening his leather pants with the other Ares says evilly, "Meet Captain Happy."

Hot flesh presses against you and lift your legs to bring him closer. Your hand moves downward, closing on his throbbing cock, pushing it inside you.

"Oh my God!!" you gasp as he enters you, pushing slowly upward and inward.

"Yes?" he says wryly.

"Oh, BE-have!!" you purr.

Increasing the tempo he grabs your waist, pressing you into him for maximum penetration. You both begin sweating, the smell of two jungle cats mingling together, pheromones thick in the air. The bluish energy around your steaming bodies begins to crackle audibly, fluctuating madly.

Ares begins to buck into you, out of control. Your nails dig furrows into his back, and you feel the beginnings of an orgasm. You scream, "NOW, DO IT!!"

An explosion rocks your body, wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy washes over and through you. Ares follows closely behind you shouting his release and eventually, laughing. You can't help but laugh too, you feel so good, so relaxed.

Kissing you, this time gently you disengage your shaky legs and smile up at him tremulously, your heart in your eyes.

"My Lord, if that's serving you, consider me on call!" you say shakily.

He brushes some damp tendrils of hair out of his eyes, smiles and replies, "That was very....satisfying, I'll be calling on you again. I'm sure you don't have any objections to that." With a low throaty chuckle, Ares adjusts his clothing, bows and disappears in a swirl of blue smoke.

You are startled when you look down and  realize that your clothes have been restored to their original state.

"Oh yes" you murmur languidly, "I'll be waiting."

The End