by Sim
Sitting across the table, you can't help but stare at him. The way his melted chocolate eyes with their gilt sparkles twinkle as he flashes you a conspiratorial grin for no reason makes your breath catch in your throat. The black silk panties you chose "just in case" suddenly feel tight, you cross and uncross your legs to ease the pleasurable feelings building inside you. Never had any man so totally captivated and entranced you, reducing you to a sighing, swooning puddle of goo by simply casting a glance in your direction. You had to wonder at this man, this god of war. You also had to wonder if his bronzed skin would take on a flush as he reaches climax, if his pink tongue would dart out to moisten your aching nipples, if those mindmelding eyes would close right before he spills his hot seed deep inside you. So many questions, you only hope you'll get to find out the answers.

As you gaze into his mahogany eyes, wondering what secrets he harbors behind those impenetrable barriers of his, he dips a strawberry in a bowl of whipped cream and brings it to his lips. His tongue snakes out and licks at the snowy coating, batting the fruit around with parrying thrusts, then slowly he sucks it into his mouth. Your gaze is riveted on his full lips as it a drop of vermillion juice trickles its way down his full bottom lip.  Your mouth waters but not for the array of sweetened treats covering the table. You reach out a shaking hand to wipe away the droplet, relishing the heat beneath the smooth skin. The blood runs so close to the surface, throbbing as you trace the delicate contours, your own mouth aches for the pressure of his. Unexpectedly, he takes your sugary finger in his gentle grasp. His rough tongue darts out to lick away the sweet juice, circling the sensitive pad and dropping kisses on the skin as he makes his way to the moist hollow of your palm. Just the heat of his breath is enough to make you close your eyes, the heady feeling of being so carefully seduced threatens to overwhelm you. Moaning softly, you unwillingly pull away your hand as the waitress returns to refill your wine goblets.

His eyes dart a daring invitation to you as the waitress retreats. Tempted to decline, knowing what this would do to you, you hesitate, but he isn't one to accept refusals. Taking your hand, he leads you to the middle of the dance floor, where he brings you against his body in one fluid, graceful move. The sudden impact your soft breasts flattened against his muscled chest releases the breath you've been holding. His close proximity steals whatever air is left as his hands roam down your back to press you against his hard length more fully.

Willing yourself to give in to temptation this one time, you wind your arms around his broad shoulders, threading your fingers through his silky locks and losing yourself in his liquid eyes. The friction of his hard, corded thighs brushing against the burning inferno between your legs as you sway to the music is as invigorating as it is tantalizing. You ignore the gasping, shocked sounds the others in the room make, concentrating only on making this man lose his control. Tangling your fingers in his dark curls, you pull his head down to meet yours, capturing his lips with a possessiveness and fervor that matches his own.

A surprised, pleased chuckle sounds deep in his throat as his lips part to admit your seeking tongue. Tasting the honeyed essence of him, you taste his power as well and it thrills you to no end, knowing you have some small control over him. Your tongue glides over his smooth teeth, dipping into the wet cavern beyond before you pull back slightly to gaze once more into his fevered eyes.

"Let's go home," you whisper with breathless impatience, leaning forward to tug at his bottom lip and lick at the sensitive corners of his mouth. He agrees.

The End