Enthroning the King
By Shamenka

Sitting through yet another interminable council session had never been such fun. Even his slight wriggling was so much more enjoyable these days. Iphicles sighed, deeply, satisfyingly, damn near orgasmicly.

"And so, your majesty..." The Privy Councillor droned on and on, Iphicles flexed his butt cheeks on the smooth surface of his throne, feeling the contours beneath him. Thinking about sex as always.

As always, after the council session came the open petitions from the general populous. Luckily, Iphicles had his 'lucky' throne, with its smooth surfaces, and rough textured decals. He sat, apparently listening, stroking the carved images over the side panels, and the deep finger markings over the arm rests of that beautiful throne. A work of art, he felt so safe, so secure, so satisfied sitting there, holding him safe and content, never letting him fall.

The day progressed to the official reception for whom ever Corinth was snow jobbing this time. Iphicles sat, his throne heading the ornate table, comforting him as always. Filling him with what he, at least, saw as the greatest perk to the job... After all they expected him to smile all night, and he definitely needed help so doing.

Once the room emptied and the King was finally alone, wriggling quite happily on his throne, a flash of bright light heralded a new arrival.

"Well, Iphicles, this is you last chance to know the delights of my body!" The arrogant God of War demanded Iphicles' worship, and failed to get the mortal monarch off his blessed throne. "Ya' know, I've watched you all day, and all day you've sat on that stupid seat, with that same stupid grin on your face, what gives? I offer you my body and all you do is wriggle and grin! I'm beginning to think you're as thick as that half brother of ours!" Ares stood before the King, hands on his hips, pout on lips.

Iphicles sighed deeply and slowly stood up and arranged his robes to cover his bare butt.

"What the F..?" Ares demanded as the chair moved, changed shape.

"Hi Unc!" Strife stood where that throne had been, naked, pale, almost shapeless for a God.

"Strife?" Ares screamed at his nephew, reaching for the gangling God's neck. "You! Why you?"

"Because he's not as hung up on his personal image as the rest of you. Who wants to waste their lives 'worshipping' the 'body' of a God, when they could have a God like Strife, who is so willing to bend over backwards to please a lover?" Iphicles stroked Strife's skinny hips and the God of Mischief bent over, backwards, retaking the form of Iphicles' throne.

Finally Ares saw what had kept the smile on Iphicles' face all day. The thick, well placed dick that had kept the King rooted to his throne all day.

"Isn't he wonderful?" Iphicles asked as his robes parted and he sat down again, carefully, a broad smile on his face. "I love this throne!" He whispered, stroking the carvings until the throne quivered in delight. Finally he looked at the totally stunned face of the War God. "If you excuse us, it is late and the King needs his bed!"

At his words the throne changed again, this time Strife remain in Iphicles body. He thrust a few times and came in his lovers body.

"How do you want me? The bed, the mattress, the blanket?" Strife asked, voice husky with desire.

"As you are Strife, it's payback time!" Iphicles reached back and played with the puckering that would give him access to his God's body.

They vanished leaving Ares looking at the spot where the throne had sat. Wondering if he should try becoming a lover's furnature..nah, he concluded, he had too much self respect, after all his body was perfect, why should he change an inch of it?

The throne room was finally empty, of King, Gods and throne.

In the Kings chamber Strife was on his knees, braced against the headboard, the King pounding into him, biting his shoulders.

"I love this, want this, need this!" the King chanted.

"Me.. too!" Strife gasped.

Finally replete, they eventually collapsed together, nestled down for sleep. Content in their lives.

In Ares' temple the God of War was still trying to figure out how he'd lost out to a chair!

The End