by Sumyco
She took a break from writing and ran a bath - he was already in bed, and likely asleep so she lay back in the tub and sighed.  The water rose up her body, the scent calmed her and the heat soothed her tired muscles. She needed a massage - hell, she needed a good hot fuck, but he was already asleep. She could hear him snoring.

She thought of the god of war- who else? Her breath shortened and a delicious jolt of desire flashed through her, warming her. She picked up the bar of soap and lathered it up in her hands, rubbing it all over her body. Oooh, gods! Tham had promised! Where were they? Well, it was too late anyway, and besides, the kids were in the next room and he was a light sleeper. She would have to do without another night. She closed her eyes and imagined Ares standing in front of her, his curls shining in the candlelight, his eyes half-lidded, dark and brooding. His lips expressing that touch of amusement that said, "I am going to fuck you senseless". Oh, god! God of War! Her hands stroked her body - she imagine that they were his hands - oh, damn! She didn't want it this way! "Maybe I'll wake him up after all..." she thought out loud.

"I don't think so" the smoky voice replied. She gasped and opened her eyes. There he was, just as she had imagined him. His chest bare, his tight pants revealed his gorgeous cock, huge and straining within its leather prison. He stroked himself slowly, lingering on the head. She looked in his eyes finally, and he smiled. "I am going to fuck you senseless". She shivered despite the heat of the bath. "Where's Iphy?"

He furrowed his brow in mock anger. "Is the God of War not enough for you?" His pants vanished and that glorious cock sprung out and into his waiting hand. He stroked it lovingly and she could hardly wait to take him in her mouth. She hungered for the taste of him.

She rose up to get out of the bath but the god of war leaned down and pushed her back. He stepped in and sat behind her, taking the bar of soap from her and rubbing it between his hands. He then soaped her all over, stroking her breasts, pinching the nipples between his thumb and fingers, running his hands down across her stomach and to her mound. She parted her legs for him and gasped in delight as his hand found her, his fingers stroked her clit slowly and deliberately.

She leaned back against him and felt his cock pressed against her buttocks. She moved against him, and he purred with pleasure. His fingers, so skilled and knowing, brought her ever closer to orgasm, but she wanted to suck him, she wanted him to fuck her fast and furious. "You must stop!" she gasped, her voice choked with desire. "Are you ordering me to stop?" he chuckled, turning her over so that she lay facing him, her arms around his neck. She felt his cock this time pressing against her mound and she tried to part her legs so it could rub against her clit. He helped her, lifting her, and then moved her slowly up and down so his cock caressed her.

They kissed forever, it seemed, his tongue explored her hungry mouth, then he nibbled on her ear, his hot tongue darting inside, his breath sending shivers of delight down her spine. "I want to suck you!" she pleaded. "I know" he replied, kissing her again, denying her. Then he pushed her to the sitting position and stood up in front of her, his body dripping and shining in the dim light of the candles, his cock reflected a dozen times over in the folding mirrors. Gods! He was beautiful. She wanted to take him in her mouth then, but he took her hand and raised her up, pulling her with him out of the bathroom and down into the basement bedroom. "You tend to get pretty loud, if I remember" he laughed softly, pushing her down on the bed. She reached for Ares' cock, but again, he would not comply. He spread her legs wide and she gave in, closing her eyes and gasping as his tongue traced a line from her nipples to her navel and then down to her swollen clit. His tongue circled it lazily, driving her mad. He probed her with that tongue and licked her methodically, circling her clit with each sweep. "Stop!" she cried out, on the verge and wanting to feel him inside while she came. He complied - for a moment, and then began that relentless pace again. "Please! I want to suck you first. I want you inside of me" The god liked her to beg. She did so gladly.

Finally, just as she felt she losing control, he pulled away, and turned over, propping himself up on his hands so he could watch her. She sighed in relief and knelt over him, looking at him greedily, so big, so thick, so hard. She leaned close and nuzzled his balls, smelling his scent. It made her cunt throb. Placing her hands on either side of the god's slim hips, she leaned close to him and licked the skin on his belly where his fluid had spilled, lapping it up with such desire. He groaned at this small act. She licked the drop of his juices that hung off the head of his cock and then moved up to kiss him so that he could taste his own salty-sweetness. The god's eyes burned into hers.

She returned to the god's magnificent cock, taking him in her mouth greedily, sucking it and circling the head with her tongue. Her teeth scraped the head lightly as the god liked and he leaned his head back, overtaken by the pleasure of that slight bit of pain. She began to move more quickly on him, her hand stroking his shaft, her tongue tasting his juice, until he moaned and began moving his hips in unison with her own motions. He growled and almost shouted as he came in a massive orgasm, shooting his hot cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it greedily.

He recovered immediately, and pushed her onto her back, taking her hips and raising her legs up and over his shoulders. He licked her again, but she needed no more encouragement. He rose up and lay on top of her, the weight of the god's body a welcome sensation. He kissed her and rolled her over, entering her from the side, his fingers stroking her clit as he pumped slowly inside of her. She wanted him faster, harder, but he maintained this cruel pace. "Faster!" she gasped, moving against him in desperation, "please, Ares! Faster! Harder!" He smiled again and bit her shoulder just hard enough. Then, as he neared his own orgasm, he complied, his pace quickened and his thrusts become more intense. "Oh, god!" she cried, as the first waves of her orgasm overtook her, "fuck me harder!" He did, and exploded once again inside her, roaring with her as they came together.

The god of war rolled over and lay on top of her, kissing her as he looked at her, lying beneath him, her brain in a near-stupor.

"See?" he smiled,"I promised I'd fuck you senseless!"

The End