A Contest
(No Fair Play in Love and War)
by Stageira
Stageira sitting in front of her 386-20 MB hard disk-1,6 MB Ram computer (huh???). "Oh what on earth am I going to write.. I want to participate in that slash-pwp writing on the list, but how am I going to do it??" Suddenly an idea..In her friend's house: "Michael, Michael?? Where are you??"

Michael coming out of the bedroom, his hair a complete mess.


"I need your help, I want to..."

Suddenly another man bursts out of the bedroom...

"Ops sorry, did I interrupt anything??"

Michael looks at her, then just yawns, "No, nothing important.."

"So what do you need me for?"

"I want to write a fiction -slash-pwp piece."

"Huh and what do you want from me??"

"Er, you know my vocabulary is not that good and I need your lights for the slash part!!!"

"You mean you want me to tell you all the dirty parts."

"That too.."

"Okay, out with it, what else??"

"Maybe I could persuade the List Mistress just to give me BBGOW for a while and you could...."

"What??? There is absolutely no way..... No way I'm going to be a spectacle for your perverted Listsibs... No way I'm going to.. with Ares or anybody else..."

"But why not? Come on! You're my only hope.."


"Yeah yeah yeah!!!!!"

Dancing crazy along the room, until she ends spread up on the bed.. "I can't believe this, this is not happening...."

The door bell rings.

"Oh great..." [All I wanted is someone to start driving me crazy, I have to get ready], "Coming...." [Now who on earth is it?] Opens the door..  "Oh it's you, come on in.."

"What's wrong Stagie aren't  you happy to see me?" Michael asks,frustration on his face.

"Well I am, but  I have things to do for tonight."

"Don't tell me it has to do with that project(!!!!) you wanted me for. You found someone that is willing to do you the favor?"

"Why, you don't care about that? Do you? You said no, so I had to find another way."

"Did you find someone??"

"I find you very interested on the subject, what's going on?"

"You know what.."

"Don't tell me that you did open the bag that I left in your house?

You saw everything in it? That's why you are here isn't it?"

"That's was a perfectly manipulated plan you pulled on me, leaving those tapes in a place where I can see them."

"Of course I did, I know that when it comes to curiosity you're worse than I am. Well did you see the tapes?"

"Like hell I did."

"And let me guess you want to "help me" write the piece I wanted too."

"Look what are friends for, you need my help I'm your friend I'll help you."

"You know you're kind of late....."

"You found someone else...." Frustration and envy appear on Michael's face..

"Not quite, I decided to do this on my own, I'll write everything that happens to me."

"You little....."

"Yes, what?"  Stageira looking innocently at him with a wide grin on her face. "What I gave you was once in a lifetime chance and you turned it down. So I decided to do it the other way. It doesn't have to be slash, I can write het and be proud and very satisfied ( smiles to herself) of it!!!"

"Like hell you will be satisfied."

"I don't understand your problem in this. What happened after you saw the tapes?"

"You know perfectly well, what on earth happened. Especially after that "Desperate...." thing."

"You saw "Desperate Remedies"? Well now I can understand your interest in this. Kind of hooked up on the boy's charm, aren't you? What about the others?"

"I did watch some of them" he says blankly.

"Oh yeah I'll take your word on it. So what do you want now?"

"Since you've made me the offer I want to know if it still stands."

"Look Michael we have never argued about a man, lucky me, and I don't think that now is the time. If it was anybody else I would give him over to you to do anything you want, but in this one I'm afraid that I insist. Besides you have no word in it. It's entirely my business. And after all if you do want something go ahead and subscribe to the mailing list, I bet that you'll get a night with anyone you want. You'll even have a choice between Ares, Iphicles, Lawrence Hayes, Cupid, Caesar, Autolycus, Hercules....... you name it, maybe you can even be friends with the other guys on the list."

"What, they are other guys on that list?"

"From what I hear yes, let me think, yes they definitely are..."

Michael looks at her puzzled, wonders how on earth he can get a night with the God of War. "But I don't want to subscribe to the list. I'm not crazy  about the Internet thing, I know nothing about it. I don't even know where to get connected."

"Well then stay out and let me enjoyed it."
"But you offered it to me once, why not give me a second chance?"

"This isn't a fair play you know, it's who gets first, and I intend to get my hands on GoW first."

"How about fighting for it?"

"What do you mean?"

"We could have some kind of contest and the winner takes the hunk...or how do you call him, the studmuffin of War!!!"

"Oh really and what exactly do you have in mind, arm wrestling?"

"Not quite..."

"Oh no, I see that twinkle in your eyes and I'm sure that troubles lay ahead."

"Ok, this is the deal, the one that gets to arouse the God of War over his limits, gets to win."

"Tell me do I look like a fool? You know very well that first it's not sure who is going to do that and second you'll get to play with him anyway. So why do I have to say yes?"

"Well then what", he says, not wanting to quit the game.

"I don't really care, you want this not me."

"Let me see. How about twist a coin.."

"Nope, I was never lucky."

"How about playing cards about it?"

"Do you really want to do this with me? Remember what happened the last time."

"Yes I almost had my first experience with a woman.."

"Well it wasn't that bad, I only spared you in the end cause you looked so miserable about the whole thing!"

"Then there's only one thing left, arm wrestling."

"I knew it would come to this. Listen Michael you are my best friend and I love you no matter what. Okay this is your last chance to win. Which I don't think it's going to happen."

"Oh, I don't think so. You cannot imagine what kind of an appeal the studmuffin may have!!"

"Yes but I have to add another rule on the this contest thing, the loser gets to watch the winner do the wild thing with Ares........"

"I don't think that you are going to like watching me do that."

"If I wasn't sure that I'm going to win I'll never would accept this contest or place this rule."
"You sound very confided."

"Yes I am, but right now we have to drop this and I'll have to get ready for my trip to Athens."

"What are you going to do in Athens?"

"Are you afraid that I might call HIM, without you being there? Not to worry I'm going to visit Hippolyta, relax will you?"

"Okay okay as long as you're fair."

"Oh but I am", inward smile, in love and in war everything is allowed, and this had to do with both. Love with the God of War.


(In Hippolyta's place, Pres of the Greek Xenite Fan Club)

"Hey Stageira, what are you up now?"

"I'm connected, trying to get that @#%$#%$^ of e-mail and read my digests."

"Hmmm, sounds really important..."

"Yeah, yeah you can laugh all you want. I find it important. So where are you going?"

"I'll have to leave you alone for a while. I must go for my practice. Are you going to be okay?"

"Yes. I'll probably watch another X:WP ep on the video."

"Go slow on that. You may have another Xenathon Addiction!"

"That will be the day."


2 hours and 3 Xena episodes later:

"Ahh, that was too much even for me, maybe I should watch a last one and then try to fix something to eat."
Forwards the tape.

"Yup that's the ep."

A very seductive music, three women in strange dark red outfit dancing in front of....."Ares God of War. Oh Gods why he has to be so... perfect??"


Slowly she slips into deep slumber. What was that she said to Michael that in war and love, all is allowed?


She is so beautiful while sleeping. Pale face, the dark red hair, the long eyelashes on her cheeks.
A blaze of blue color appears next to the sleeping Stageira. The dark leather clad figure watches her carefully. Slightly touching her hair, then her cheeks. His hands follow a trail down her arm and up again, settling on her face.


She feels so warm, so pleased. A soft murmur escapes her lips. She feels like being in a dream, not fully awake she turns to embrace the dark figure. Upon touching him, she feels his strong arms, the wide chest against her, she starts to wake. Not sure which part was her dream and which reality.  Soft curls brush against her arms and a very manly scent overcomes her senses. Completely wake now she rises to see who this man is. The lights in the room are low, she reaches out to him, but he draws back in the shadows.

"Let me see you."

"My face is of no importance. You look so peaceful and lovely when you are asleep."

His voice rings a bell in her head.

"But now that you are awake you are a lot more interesting. Now I'm able to see the fire in your eyes."

Stageira narrows her dark green eyes, trying to think. She is  sure she knows this man. That voice, that manly figure, the beard...Suddenly a question, 'how did he get in here?'

Reading her mind the man smiles. "No need to be afraid, my darling, I may want you, but I'm not going to hurt you."


A small voice escaped her lips. Her body assuming a defensive position.

"I told you that you don't have to be afraid. Everything you hear about me, doesn't have to be the truth. I'm not a cruel animal. Although they usually  picture me like that." His voice sounded bitter
and she could sense his sorrow.  "Come sit with me. Talk to me."

Hesitantly Stageira walks to the couch and sits beside him.

"What can I talk with you about?" she asks softly.

"I may be the God of War, but I'm no animal. Surely there is something that you can talk with me."

Stageira feeling a hell bursting inside her head. Oh Gods, now what? She was never good at this God thing. What words can you say to the God of War, in an apartment in modern Athens. Maybe talk about his temple? No stupid idea. Books? To the God of War? Out of the question. How he spends his day? Silly.

Ares looks at her with a wide grin on his face. "Don't try that hard. Take it easy, we have all the time in the world."

"I don't think so. Hippolyta is coming back soon."

"Don't you think that being a God has some special aspects? Time goes by at my own will."

"How about fixing something to eat? I'm starving," she just blurred out. Nice try Stageira, yup the right thing to say to the God of War. Mentally kicking herself. The low voice responding, reached her mind.

"I'm hungry too."

Was it her imagination or he was really... noooo.


Stageira was mixing several things in a pot. Well that was the best she could do. Lamb chops with olive oil and oregano. Tomatoes and cucumber for salad and a very dry white wine. She put the plates on the table. "Well I hope that you'll like this. But I thought that the Gods only have ambrosia."

"Not necessarily my dear. Everyone has its own tastes."

She watches him take a lamb chop and dig those sharp white teeth to the flesh, she seems mesmerized. That act alone is enough to set her on fire. He finishes eating very quickly. "Are you satisfied?"

"Yes, I have to say that this is as tasty as it was hundreds of years ago."

"We can't change who we are. Some things remain the same as it was it was in Ancient Greece."

"Yes, I can see that now." he answers with a slight grin as his eyes run though her entire body.

Stageira stresses her hand to reach her glass, he is making the exact  same move. As their hands join on the glass, the wine is spilled out. Slowly he brings her hand to his mouth. Tasting every drop of the wine spilled on her, taking every finger in his mouth.  'Jesus is it hot in here or it's just me?'

She finds herself in his arms, his hands caressing her. His soft lips spreading soft kisses all over her face.  She turns, so she can look into his eyes. Her lips found his. It is a light kiss, a soft feather on his mouth. He touches her chin, bringing her close, deepening the kiss. His tongue reaches out for hers, she shyly accepts the touch,  the sensation making her murmur. He puts more pressure on her, his hungry tongue exploring her mouth. She replies with even more passion, her tongue reaching for his, exploring his mouth fully, a soft groan escapes him. She is so intoxicating, so fresh, like a light breeze of air. A small bit on her lower lip, makes her reach for the soft skin of his chest. To feel his soft curls under her hands.  Small bits on her neck and collarbone made her moan, she wants more, a lot more than this.

Suddenly a sound is heard, a key into the lock. She jumps out of his embrace a word in her mouth: "Why?"

"Don't be devastated my love, we'll have all the time in the world for us. You have my word on it."

She just stood there, in the middle of the kitchen, looking at him, her eyes filled with unspoken disappointment. "We may not, back in Patras...."

"You can trust me. After all I'm a God."

His smile made her feel safe, what a strange feeling, coming from him.

Then he was gone.


Hippolyta entered the room searching for her.

"Hey here you are. What's up?"

"Oh nothing too important. How was your practice?"

"Good I made another record, the kilos I lifted (weightlifting) today were the Greek record for this year."

"That's great."

"Uh, Stageira, why are there two plates on the table? Who else was here?"

"Oh none of that importance. Come we'll watch "The Furies" and I'll tell you all about it."


Two days later in Patras

Stageira is on the phone. "Well Michael stop nagging me with that stupid contest, okay? We'll do it sometime. I'm not sure when.  Come by this afternoon and we'll talk about it."  Slams the phone, her hands are trembling. "What if I lose. I'll have to keep my promise. He is going to get Ares and I get to watch. Gods, why all the good things come late?" That night in Athens never left her mind. Her body was aching. But the worst thing was the thought of Ares with another man, another person, whoever that was.


"Well I can tell you had a good time in Athens. Your face is shining. Did you had any interesting 'meetings'?"

"Oh, stop it for once. This isn't a joke you know."

"Okay, lets get on with it. What would you like to do."

"We'll do it tonight. Get it over."

"Sure, what ever you say. About 9 o'clock is that okay?"

"Yes I'll be waiting for you."


She passed the next few hours not knowing what to do. What would 'he' do. Was he going to accept any offering? His reactions.  Hell, her big mouth. She should have never gone to Michael in the first place. Now she had to suffer the consequences.


The door bell rang at 9 sharp. As she opened the door, she nearly didn't recognize Michael, he looked so well... dressed, handsome. "Well you look like coming out of an clothes addy. And you smell wonderful."

"I had to take care of myself."

"I hope that you have an alternative plan for tonight, cause you may have to leave early." she tried to smile, but nothing seemed to work. "Oh boy, you sure sound confident. You may be the one surprised."

"Will see."

She sat on the table stretching her arm. "Are you coming?"
He sat opposite, taking his jacket off. "At your mark."

They joined their hands, "Okay ready," she replied.

She didn't put all her strength, she had to save it for his last effort.  Suddenly a chill run down her spine, a weird feeling overtook her. She could see Michael sweat, but he couldn't put her hand down. She eyed a small movement, something dark in the far end of the room. Her hand had almost reached the table, she was about to lose. 'No..........' she thought. Her eyes fixed on the dark figure, 'does he want me to lose? Do I mean anything to him?' Her mind tried to focus on what Michael was saying, she turned and she found herself keeping his hand trapped on the table.

"Stageira, you can let go my arm now. You won, you don't have to break it."

"Uh... sorry." What on earth happened. How could she won?

"So where's the God of War. I think I have a show to watch." Michael's voice was bitter, but also very excited.


A dark voice came through the room. "I'm here."

They both turned.

He reached for Stageira, his hands taking hers, pulling her closer. "I think that you may want to find a nice spot, Michael."

Stageira started shaking. Her voice was low, only he could hear her. "I don't want it that way. Not after Athens...... please.."

"But you promised him. You have to let him watch."

"Yes, but love and war are not a fair play. This is the only favor I'm asking from you."

"Then I might as well granted to you, but remember no more."

With a wave of his hand Michael disappeared from the room. "Where did you sent him?"

"In some place that I bet he'll find 'entertainment'."

Stageira looked at him questioningly, but it wasn't the right time for questions. He pulled her close and his lips grabbed hers, in a deep and sweet kiss. Such tenderness was a thing she never expected, he was so sweet, his taste, his smell, the incredible sensation of his tongue in her mouth. It almost made her cry, but her senses were heating up very quickly.

She start exploring his chest, her hands ripping off his vest, founding his nipples. She pinched them and was rewarded with a groan. The bites on her neck almost make her scream, she wanted him in a bed, to be able to touch him, lick him.... The room faded and she found herself on a huge canopy bed. He was there, his clothes still on.

She tried to reach him but he brushed her hands away. Two silk scarves appeared in his hands, he tied each of her arms with them. She was tied in a huge bed, with a demanding Ares present and the only thing she wanted was to be free so she can touch him and tease him with her hands!!!

Ares smiled, her thoughts amused him. "I did you a favor earlier, that's it for today. I don't think that any of your thoughts will come true."

His smile was so seductive, she was far addicted to that. He started caressing her legs, his hands exploring the soft skin. Slowly he reached for her nipples. A sudden gasp from her lips made him smile. He circled each nipple with his lips, those full, soft, passionate lips. A heat was building rapidly inside her, she felt her lower body being on fire.

He started descending, his tongue traced a line from her nipples to her navel. He parted her silk-covered cunt, sending a soft breath on her skin. It was like a sudden wave of fresh air in the desert. Stageira moaned and lifted her lower body so that it would come in touch his tongue.

He smiled evilly, delaying just enough to kiss the soft skin in the inner of her thighs. Slowly he made his way to her clit. Caressing it with his finger first, his hungry mouth after. Ares looked at her, drinking the image of her, eyes closed, cheeks blushed and a completely satisfied grin on her face.

"PleasePleasePleaseeeeeee......" her voice trailed off, as he entered her with two fingers.

"What is it my love, what is that you're begging for?"

"Please I want to feel you inside me, please come to me..."

Ares liked watching her begging him, "What else my darling, is that all that you need?"

She looked at him, how did he know what was her innermost desire?

"Come on my love say it, just say it..."

"Please let me take you in my mouth," her voice trailed off, "let me give you the pleasure you gave me!"

Suddenly she was free, settled on top of him and he was naked! She looked at him, admiring his features. She slightly kissed him on the lips, just to take courage. She started licking his nipples, when her teeth bit them just hard enough, his moan was like the sweetest music in her ears.

She slowly reached for his cock. Lovingly touching the head and then whole shaft. When her tongue touched him and she took him fully in her mouth, the breath of relief that was heard from her beloved one, was a complete surprise. He seemed to be released, completely satisfied, finding at last his place in the world. Her tongue continued to taste him and he began moving his hips in unison. He started trembling, sweat appeared on his forehead, his features showing his effort not to give in.

"Oh my darling... stop now," he requested.

She just lifted her head, her eyes shining, "I don' think my Lord." And with those words she went back to her pleasant task.

He fought the urge to cum in her mouth. Until she stop licking him, "my Lord it will be best if you let go. Just let me please you!!" Their eyes locked together for a few moments, until he lowered his. She smiled, now she had her chance. She reached for his cock, her mouth hungry for his taste. Licking him and tasting him. He was so sweet, he tasted like honey and his scent, she was almost there..... Sensing her tongue increasing the pace, he groaned and came to a massive orgasm. Her cry was a surprise, just as he came, she seemed to feel the outmost pleasure!!! She collapsed on top of him. Feeling embarrassed she didn't look at him.

Ares looked at her. The power of her emotions made him feel powerless. She just came to an orgasm without him touching her, just with the pleasure she was giving him. He had never experienced something like that before.

He pulled her up, her face close to him and look into her eyes. He saw embarrassment and blamed himself for that.  The soft kiss on her mouth, made her squirm. "No my love, don't be ashamed. Look at me."

She just stared into his eyes, and felt the heat build up inside her again.

He turned her around so that he could be on top. "My darling, your gift was the most precious I've ever received. Your pleasure was a surprise. How can it be true?"

She looked at him puzzled. "How can you give such pleasure and feel satisfied from it alone?"

Her fingers touched his mouth, "say nothing else my Lord. I am here to please you."

"Oh no you don't, you are here because we both wanted this. This isn't an act of duty or boredom, this is an act of love and caring."

His lips grabbed hers, started grazing her mouth. She felt so much love for him, she just wanted to be his.

"Please, take me, make me completely yours."

"As you wish my love, I cannot deny you."

His cock was hard against her thighs, he just sat up and pull her body closer. Lifting her up so he could enter her.  She felt him sliding slowly inside her and thought she was going to die from the pleasure of it. She wanted him to take her harder, faster. But he maintained that cruel slow pace. She almost cried by the need.  "Please, Ares faster," her voice was sounding desperate. But he wasn't going to make her any more favors. Tears started showing on her eyes. "Please, I want you, don't deny me!"

Ares saw the tears and his heart leaped, by the Gods!!! His pace quickened, thrusting faster, harder in her. He took her lips, a hard, powerful kiss. Until he heard scream in his mouth and her cunt tightened around him. The sensation overtook him and he shot his hot semen inside her, feeling his body draining from its energy, his mind filled with nothing but joy. He collapsed on top of her and pulled her even closer, not willing to let her go.  He remained hard so he could stay inside her a little longer, reminding her of how much pleasure they shared.


After a long time, it seemed like it was an eternity in her, he laid back on the pillows and took her in his arms. She was almost asleep.  He looked at her, so peaceful, so generous, so passionate, "Yes, my love, I won't be able to forget you. You taught me enough. All others seem unsatisfactory to me now..........."


Her eyes were barely open, she looked at him, unable to believe that he was still there.

I'm breath against this fire
And I will not turn away
Watching over
Standing strong

She softly muttered as she was looking at the sleeping God beside her. She thought how handsome he was, but this was still the God of War.  But that doesn't seem to matter. She went back to sleep, nestling further in the security of his arms. Her last thought was of Michael and a smile appeared on her lips.

The End