The King and Iolaus
By Sarah Saint Ives

Iolaus woke at the sound of soft footsteps.  He raised his head, looked around and yawned.  The campfire had gone out.  It was lonely without Hercules here with him.  Thank the gods he would be returning in two days from Athens.  Another of those big parties that he had been asked to participate in a benefit show as a gladiator.  Hercules was always willing to help out those in need.  This one was for the homeless, a good cause.

Iolaus scratched himself and turned over to go back to sleep when another sound brought him quickly to his feet, crouched in a fighting stance.  "Who's there?" he asked.

"It's me." came the muttered reply.  In the moonlight, a figure stepped close, showing himself.  Iolaus immediately recognized him as Iphicles, the King of Corinth, Hercules' brother.

"Iphicles!  What are you doing wandering around in the dark?" the blonde asked.

"Looking for my brother.  I need to talk to him."

Iolaus let his guard down, bent to start another fire.  "Hercules went to Athens.  He'll be back in a couple of days."  His skilled hands soon had the fire roaring.  "Come over and have a seat.  Tell me what's on your mind, Iphicles."

The king sighed and plopped down on the ground next to him.  "I've been so lonely.  I don't know what to do with myself lately.  Sometimes I think I'm going crazy.  I've been thinking up such abominable things about the people around me.  I miss my Rena so much."

"What kind of abominable things are you talking about?" asked Iolaus.

"In my mind, I have had sex with everybody I've met in the last several weeks.  I feel so ashamed."  He covered his face with his hands.

Iolaus gazed at him a few minutes, then reached out to take the hands away from that handsome face.  "Have you thought about me like that?" he asked quietly.

Unable to meet his eyes, Iphicles nodded.

"Maybe if you had sex, it wouldn't be foremost on your mind all the time," Iolaus reasoned.  "What do you think?

Iphicles shrugged, then stiffened as the smaller man began to remove his clothing.  "What are you...."

"Shhh."  Iolaus laid a finger across his full lips.  "Just let me help you with this, okay?"

The king finally met his eyes, then relaxed his shoulders so his royal garb slid off easily.  "Iolaus, you're such a good friend."

"Yes, I am, and I get lonely, too."  Iolaus laid him back and removed the pants and boots, fully exposing his body.  Slowly, he ran a small hand over the muscular body, gently sucked on both nipples, then kissed a path upward, over his chin to his mouth.  The first kiss was soft, but the second was fire.  Their tongues wrestled, played, explored.  Iolaus' hand slid deliberately down the smooth stomach to circle the king's enormous cock.

Iphicles gasped into his mouth as he began to pump him.  He bucked upward into the hand, tore loose from the kiss and made strange, animal sounds from the intensity of the masturbation.  His sexual depravity was too obvious.  His orgasm was ripped from him in a few seconds.  He screamed as he shot his load into the air, sprinkling his entire body with cream.

"Damn, you *were* in need." Iolaus said.  "Do you feel any better?"

Iphicles was still panting.  "Yes, I feel much better, Iolaus.  Thank you."  He struggled to sit up.  "What about you?"

"Hey, there's no hurry."  Iolaus pushed him back down.  "Just take it easy, okay?  Let's just lie here and talk a while.  We've got two days before Herc gets back.  We can have a lot of fun in two days, what do you  say?"

Iphicles smiled at him and kissed him again.  "We could do a lot in two days." he agreed, settling back and cuddling him close.  "It sounds like a plan to me."

The End