First Lesson
By Salem of Normandy

In a vast black marble bedchamber, a boyish hand reached hesitantly across a large tanned thigh toward a waiting cock.

"Go ahead. It won't bite."

The boy gave a wide-eyed glance up to the face of the man . . . the *god* who lay naked before him on the giant bed. He found nothing threatening in that face, only patient desire. Ares had told him to explore anything he wished, try anything that came to mind, and hold nothing back. He turned his attentions back to golden phallus.

He ran the tips of his fingers up and down the divine shaft, surprised at the texture. He had always thought of the War God as hard and callused, but, while he was certainly hard, his skin felt like satin. The boy likened it to the feel of silk over steel.

A soft sigh from the god brought the boy back from his musings. He closed his hand around the staff and squeezed gently as he glided his fist slowly up and down a few times. It struck him how similar this was to what he would do to himself and yet how immensely different.

He smiled slightly as he ran his thumb over the tip of the head and felt the first few drops of the god's pre-cum. Curious, he pulled his hand back to his mouth and touched it lightly to end of his tongue. He closed his eyes and sucked gently at the salty tip.

With a heavy sigh and hungry eyes, he reclaimed the leaking phallus with a firm grip and climbed between Ares' spreading legs. As he held it, the shaft grew decidedly warmer . . . and thicker. He looked up and saw that his god was taken measured breaths and smiling at him.

At the War God's nod, the boy lowered his face to the engorged cock and breathed deeply, taking in the musky fragrance of manhood. His lips parted slightly to better partake of the sultry scent and his hot breath flowed over the phallus' sensitized head. He heard a sharp hiss and pulled back fearing he had somehow pained the god. His wide, frightened eyes begged for forgiveness.

"No pain, Iphicles, only pleasure. Continue."

He nodded, but looked warily at what lie waiting for him in a think nest of black curls. He carefully set his hands on the god's hips as he calmed himself down and re-focused on his task.

Not quite ready to handle the divine shaft again, he ran his palms up to the War God's waist, caressing the iron muscle under silken skin. He moved up to the wide chest pausing to run his thumbs over the dark nipples, making them to rise into small nubs. He leaned over to take one in his mouth and suck gently, bringing a low moan from Ares.

A small smile of satisfaction appeared on the boy's lips as he moved over to suckle the other nipple. His hands continued to move upwards and curved around the god's neck so that his fingers plunged deeply into ebony curls. He lifted his head and silently prayed for a kiss.

He saw his own smile mirrored on the lips of the War God, then felt a huge hand grip the back of his neck to pull him down for his request. He closed his eyes and felt firm lips close over his own. Those lips parted and a lithe tongue made its way into his mouth, taking long, languid strokes in slow exploration.

The boy countered with his own faster strokes, trying to drink from the god's soul. He pressed his body against Ares'. Intense desire clouded his thoughts when the god's iron rod pushed against his own pulsating cock. He broke the kiss and laid his head down at the base of the god's neck as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth, rubbing his phallus into the War God's. He groaned at the ecstasy emanating from his groin and began thrusting faster, mindless of the god beneath him.

Strong arms lifted him up and over, depositing him on his back beside a War God who had propped himself up on his elbow. His face colored and he shut his eyes in mortification at what he had done. He started to turn away when the god's hand pinned his shoulder to the bed.

"Open your eyes and look at me, Iphicles."

He did so, his lower lip trembling.

"You did nothing wrong. I just didn't want you to finish so soon."

Ares' hand moved to Iphicles' face and lightly caressed his lips then moved around his head and pulled him up for another deep kiss.

The boy reached down to touch the god's nested treasure and found that it had grown even larger. He pulled back to marvel at the wonder in his hand. He unconsciously licked his swollen lips as the War God sat back on his heels, allowing for better access. Swallowing the saliva that suddenly flooded his mouth, he bent down to lick the head of the engorged cock.

He bathed the top of the phallus with slow, circular strokes, then pulled it into his mouth and sucked brutally taking more in with every pull. He tasted salt and musk and pure heady manhood: an intoxicating brew.

He moved down side, soaking the shaft along his way, and scooped up the bulging sack with his tongue. He gently suckled the god's balls, leaving them soaked.

He replaced his mouth with his left hand, massaging slowly. His other hand followed his tongue up the divine rod to the peak, which he again drew into his mouth and roughly sucked. His right hand pistoned ever faster up and down along the staff while his left continued its ministrations below and he alternately swirled his tongue around the mushroom-shaped head and pulled as much of the phallus into his heated cavern as he could.

He noticed that Ares' breathing had become labored gasps and low moans emerged between them. He knew the War God was very close to the edge and intensified his efforts.

He was soon rewarded with a creamy spray of godly cum that burst forth into his hungry throat. The boy drank in the War God's essence as he struggled to stay on top of the god's final thrusts. When Ares laid back, satiated, Iphicles continued to bathe the divine cock with his tongue.

The War God lifted the young man's head from his cock and sat up, pushing Iphicles back.

"Since you performed so well tonight, I'll give you a reward. Lie back and spread yourself out."

Iphicles obeyed immediately, but not gracefully; he still had a raging hard-on. When he was situated, he looked toward the naked War God who was sitting on a chair at the end of the bed. The young man gave him a questioning look.

"Just close your eyes and relax."

As Iphicles did so, he was lifted off the bed by what felt like a warm cushion of air. Alarmed, he tried to sit up but the War God's scolding voice caught him.

"I told you to relax."

The young man took a deep breath and did as he was told. He started to take another breath when the sensation of hands and fingers ran down his lithe body from head to toe.

They gently massaged head, caressed his face, and tickled his neck. They rubbed his shoulders, pinched his nipples, and dug lightly into his back.

He arced into the invisible hands that kneaded his supple abs and ran lightly along his hips. They squeezed and rubbed his buttocks and ran circles around his thighs and calves. Firm fingers pressed up along the souls of his feet and massaged his toes.

This onslaught of sensation intensified as his cock was swallowed by what felt like a fiery, wet mouth. That imperceptible orifice ran up and down his engorged cock and an invisible tongue bathe his length.

The hands and mouth moved faster and faster until his seed exploded out of his throbbing phallus like lava from a volcano.

Sensation vanished as he was lowered to the bed . . . his cock still dripping and his body limp.


Ares sat back in the chair and dissolved the result of his second orgasm with a thought. He regarded the unconscious Iphicles with a small smile on his lips. This was going to turn out very well. The boy obviously had great potential as a lover and already had a distinctive beauty that would only increase as years passed by.

A wave of his hand put Iphicles under the satin sheets and himself in his tight black leather. He sensed another young man approaching his temple doors and, with a blue flash, took himself to his throne to meet his young half-brother for their nightly 'lesson.'

The End