Caesar in Love
by Sim

Disclaimer: Lyrics from Motorhead's 'Orgasmatron'
  'I am the one, Orgasmatron
   the oustreched grasping hand
   my image is of agony
   my servants rape the land'

He stands before me. Blood from our victorious battle covers us both, a film of fury and passion.

  'Obsequious and arrogance
   Clandestine and pain
   Two thousend years of misery
   Of torture in my name'

Entranced, I stare into the glittering eyes of this beast, seeing a soul of darkness, a twin to my own. Wars rage inside as I battle emotions.

  'I twist the truth
   I rule the world
   my crown is called deceit
   I am the emperor of lies
   you grovel at my feet'

My treacherous body trembles as he rends the clothes from my body. At a flick of his beautiful head I fall to my knees willingly. I take his granite length into my mouth, reverence in my touch and turbulence in my mind.

  'I rob you and I slaughter you
   your downfall is my gain
   and still you play the sycophant
   and rebel in your pain'

Twining his fingers in my hair, he forces me to look into his eyes as I bring him to orgasm. The casual desire I see in those golden orbs strikes sorrow through my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

  'your bones will build my palaces
   your eyes will stud my crown
   for I am Mars, the God of War
   and I will cut you down'

Gods protect me. I, Gaius Julius Caesar, am in love with Ares, God of War.

The End