Stolen Pleasure
by Sophia
Let me confess that we two must be twain,
Although our undivided loves are one.
So shall those blots that do with me remain,
Without thy help by me be borne alone.
In our two loves there is but one respect,
Though in our lives a separable spite,
Which though it alter not love's sole effect,
Yet doth it steal sweet hours from love's delight.
I may not evermore acknowledge thee,
Lest my bewailed guilt should do thee shame;
Nor thou with public kindness honour me,
Unless thou take that honour from thy name.
But do not do so. I love thee in such sort
As, thou being mine, mine is thy good report.
Sonnet 36, by William Shakespeare

The moon is full.

Liquid, its light flows over the mortal's body - illuminating his flawless form. The soft light caresses the man, revealing his perfection, promising delights yet untasted. Now prone beneath the winged god, on bended knees, Iphicles is bathed in the moonlight - it highlights the sculpted muscles of his strong back.

The mortal's face is in profile and the god delights in his view of sharp high cheekbones, thick lashes closed tightly over the dark eyes, the wave of copper curls falling softly on the king's brow and down the back of his neck. The swell of full lush lips evoke such desire in the god - he can barely wait to bend down and take them between his own, then slip his tongue within.  The other war god caresses the bulging head of his thick cock and slides a semen-slick finger against the king's tight hole.  He smiles when the mortal's nostrils flare as anticipation (fear?) builds.

The air is still hot outside even this late at night and a sheen of sweat gleams on the mortal's golden skin, now cast in colorless hues of gray and ghostly white.  Sweat trickles down the mortal's spine, and the god leans down to lick it from the hot skin, its saltiness the promise of other tastes to savor.

"Take the manacles off. I won't fight you," the king whispers, pulling at the heavy metal binding his arms to the legs of the marble bench.

"No, you won't, will you? You're used to it, with Ares as your lover." The manacles remain. The god smiles as he hears the king sigh.

"You're a warrior, Iphicles. You can take a little pain, can't you? Besides," he says as his tongue traces back up the king's spine to the crack of his ass. "I don't want you to appear too willing, or he'd be jealous if he finds us."

The god strokes the smooth skin on the king's perfect ass, then runs his hands down the strong back to the shoulders, now tense from the position the king must maintain. His hard cock presses against the king and he rubs it slowly between the full cheeks of Iphicles' ass.

He takes the firm flesh of the king's shoulder between his teeth and sucks at it, his tongue pulling on the sweaty skin. The hot mouth moves to the king's jaw and his tongue strokes the raspy growth of beard before thrusting into the mortal's ear.

A soft exhale of breath from the man beneath him hardens the other war god's thick cock and he bites at the soft lobe and breathes in the king's ear.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he says, his voice thick with desire. "I want to bite and suck every inch of you."

He lifts back up and parts the mortal's rounded cheeks more fully, his tongue finding the tight circle of flesh and teasing it before plunging within. The king moans and moves his body back against the plundering tongue. The winged god bites each cheek softly in turn before returning to the tight hole, licking it as his finger circles the rim of flesh then slips inside, caressing the hot smooth passage.

Then one hand slips around the mortal's slim waist to grasp the impossibly thick cock. The god caresses the head, now slippery with the clear fluid that drips off the end. He smoothes it over the hard shaft and strokes its length, squeezing firmly to draw even more of the salty moisture out. He lays his head on the mortal's gleaming back and lifts the slick fingers to his mouth, tasting the king, his eyes closing with pleasure at the salty bitterness.

"Fuck, I want to suck you, taste you. But first," he says as his mouth finds the tight hole again and briefly teases it while one finger slips back inside, then two and finally three. His other hand spreads his own fluid over the head and shaft of his thick cock. The king moans and pushes back on the fingers that now fuck him. His breath comes out between gritted teeth.

"First, I'm going to fuck your perfect ass."

He grabs one of the king's lean hips and shoves the engorged head of his thick cock past the tight circle of flesh.

"FUCK," the god  gasps, and then slides the rest of his length inside the king. The king moans in response.   The god's huge black wings flutter in pleasure at the heat of his lover's passage, at the tightness of the flesh as it sheathes his aching cock.

He leans over the king and his hands slide down the king's strong shoulders to his arms, grasping the king's hands, touching the hardness of the metal manacles. He licks the back of the king's neck, smoothing the curls away.

"I could get used to this," the war god breathes in the king's ear. He moves back up and slides his hands along the king's back, his hands cupping the taut buttocks and then grasping the lean hips as he begins thrusting slowly inside the king's tight passage.

"I get you both, if I'm careful," the god whispers as he fucks the king's ass, raising his eyes to the moon as the pleasure builds in him. "The god - so fucking beautiful, so ... angry. So in need of a fight. And you," the other war  god says, leaning down to stroke the king's curls.

"You are made for pure pleasure." The light glints in his dark eyes as he looks down on the mortal kneeling beneath him.  It shines in the short curls of his ebony hair and highlights the arched brows.  The sensuous lips are now parted, his breath comes in short sharp gasps as his thrusts increase in tempo and depth.

"Aaaaahhhh," he cries as his pleasure builds to a peak and he feels the familiar tightness in his balls, the exquisite sensation taking his breath away. A deep breath and then he shouts at the sky as he starts to ejaculate.

"Fuck feel... so... FUCKING... GOOD!" He looks down at the mortal below him and grunts as his cock spasms inside the king's hot passage. Iphicles' back takes the god's weight as he collapses against the mortal.  The god sucks the king's sweaty shoulder, kisses his neck. His hands snake beneath the king and find the mortal's thick  hard cock, fluid dripping off the end and stroke it.

In a flash, the king is on his back, his shoulders pulled tightly back above his head, his hands still bound to the marble legs, the hard metal of the manacles biting his tender flesh.

"This isn't necessary," he moans as the war god strokes the soft inner flesh of the king's strong thighs. The firm hands slide down the legs to shapely calves.   The king strains to lifts his head and watches as the god's huge wings move slowly back and forth. The god smiles up at the king and the moonlight catches the glint of sharp white teeth.

"Oh, but it is,"  he replies and then takes Iphicles foot in his hand and sucks on the large toe, his mouth pulling on it, his tongue circling the end. He pulls away and licks the tender flesh of the sole, the soft skin of the ankle before his mouth moves up the calf again, stopping to lick the flesh behind the knee. He massages the strong thighs and pushes them apart, flicking his tongue on the skin just below the heavy sac.

He moves past the king's throbbing cock and lies on the king's body. Their cocks press against one another and the god grinds his hips against the king, their fluid mixing as the heads rub together.  The god's face is directly over Iphicles, and he looks into the king's dark eyes. He admires the kings lush full lips and smiles. "Your mouth is so ... perfect." He leans down and licks the top lip, then the bottom, pausing to suck it before slipping his tongue between them. He feels the hardness of the king's teeth and then when they part, the hot wetness of the king's tongue. The god moans into the king, then sucks the wet flesh.

Down the king's straining neck and shoulders the god moves, his mouth sucking and licking the king until he finds the brown nipples, teasing them to hardness with his teeth, sucking them softly after his bites send shocks of pain/pleasure down to the king's groin.

The god licks the muscled ribs down to the crest of his pelvis and traces over to the navel, circling it before plunging in. The king's muscles tense and then his belly rises and falls rapidly as the god moves lower.

Iphicles bucks his hips up against the god as he feels the hot mouth take in one ball, the wet tongue laving it before moving to the other.

"Oh, gods," he whispers, his eyes closing in pleasure. He lays his head back and surrenders to the sensations, gasping as the god's hot tongue licks the fluid off the head of his cock, then laps the pool of it which has spilled out onto his hard belly.

"You taste fucking.... good...." the god mouths against his belly.

 Another gasp as the war god takes the swollen head in his mouth and strokes the tight skin with his tongue.

"I'm going to suck you," he says as he pulls off. He smiles at the soft gasp as the king feels the warm mouth leave his aching cock. "Then I want you to fuck me."

The king's eyes open and he lifts his head and looks at the war god, looming over him on his knees. He is unable to hide his surprise. The black wings stretch out over the god, blotting out the stars above him. The moonlight catches stray fathers in the massive wings as they move slowly. He bends back down to the king's body.

"Yes, Iphicles," the war god murmurs against the king's hard belly. "I want to feel your perfect cock in my ass."

His mouth returns to the weeping cock and he takes it in, swallowing as much of the thick length as he can until he feels the bulging head against the back of his throat. He feels the king shudder with pleasure under him as he sucks and strokes the hard cock. The king moans with pleasure and thrusts his hips faster, fucking the god's willing mouth.

When he senses the king is nearing his climax, he pulls off and the manacles disappear. Iphicles is up in an instant, his arms slipping around the war god, their mouths crushed together, their tongues stroking one another.

Iphicles pushes the god back against the marble bench, the great black wings form a soft cushion against its smooth hardness. The king looks into the smiling face of the god and pushes the god's thighs up and apart. His need is great and the king pauses only briefly to spread his own fluid over his cock. He slips one finger in the god's tight hole before plunging the entire length of his aching cock into the god's hot passage.

"Oh, FUCK!" Iphicles cries out as he feels the hot flesh envelop him. His eyes close tightly and he thrusts rapidly in the god's body, his hands holding the god's thighs apart, his legs up. He then leans down over the god, his hands on either side of the god's shoulders, his fingers grasping the soft black feathers as the thrusts fast and hard, his pleasure mounting. Sweat drips off the king onto the god, onto his face and chest. The god reaches up and wipes it out of the king's eyes and licks his fingers. The smile never leaves his lips.

The king's eyes close and he bites down on his full bottom lip as the pleasure explodes inside him, the sensation flowing through his body as his cock spasms and he shoots his hot seed into the god's passage.

He collapses against the god, unable to move and the god smiles, his legs circling the king's narrow hips as his arms clasp the sweaty body against him.

Pure bliss.

The End