Setting the Record Straight
by King Iphicles of Corinth
Transcribed by Selursera

I am so tired of everyone getting the details of my life wrong that I'm going to set the record straight. First of all, I *am* the King...I run an entire kingdom. Okay, I admit it I had some trouble at first, but ever since that Golgoth debacle I've run it quite well. (My frame of mind at the time then was...well with Rena's death and all...anyway that's over now, and I've recovered.) Trying to please everyone, between my advisors, chief officers, and the public-- it's impossible at the best of times, but the Kingdom is prosperous and I'm finally settling a lot of old problems.

The biggest problem in my life of course was my brother. People really have our story messed up. Hercules is my twin...Yes, that's right you heard me, we are *twins.* I'm not his big brother, the failure, always trying to live up to my younger brother's legend. All I ever wanted to be known for were my *own* achievements.

Most bards have said that I'm Herc's older brother, the truth is Zeus fancied my mom, Alcmene. So he took my father Amphitryon's form and seduced her. Well only a day later Amphitryon did return from the war and of course one thing led to another and I was conceived shortly after Herc. I still don't pretend to understand it all, but we were born as twins, Herc being the eldest. One of us was the son of a God, and one the son of a man.

I guess that's where it all started for me. Born at the same time yet *he* was the one the Fates smiled upon. As we grew older the annoyances and lack of tolerance we had for each other began to grow. The resentment increased and we moved away from one another. For the most part it's getting better, we've been talking and trying to work it all out. It has been a really slow process, but as I told Herc just the other day: Resentment is a vicious thing, especially when harbored for so long, it's difficult to get out of the habit. It will take some time; I'm willing and so is he.

Even though our family was never close, I never deserted my mother or Hercules despite the fact that she *did* prefer him. As a matter of fact, when Hera sent the two serpents to kill Hercules, my mother told me it was my crying that brought help and saved the little bugger's life. He didn't kill them; we were both cowering in the corner of the crib. Bards like to take poetic license. I mean after all we were both just infants, and he didn't have that kind of strength, at least not then.

Probably the most important rumor that I would like to set straight is based on my relationship with Ares. Everyone seems to think that the God of War claimed 'me.' That it was the big bad God of War's idea to seduce the poor little lonely King. Well, let me set you straight on that one too.

Everyone remembers the story of how Ares lost his godhood when King Sisyphus stole his sword. We all know the chaos it caused, turning the gentlest of folks into raving madmen looking for any excuse to act out hidden aggressions.

You know that little bar he was in, the one where he found Xena? He was waiting for her because he needed her help in getting his godhood back. Ares had heard about the challenge and he was waiting for Xena; hoping she would be headed that way. Well I met him there a few days before she came to that little town. That's where my story begins...

You already know that my brother and I haven't always been very close, but Hercules had actually approached me to try and resolve our troubles. Much as I wanted to work things out with Herc I knew it was going to be a long and painful road. That day I needed to be by myself for a while. I had gone out riding with my royal guards, they were being their usually annoying selves, so I rode off and left them eating my dust.

I don't normally stop when I'm alone, but I was hungry and I had eaten at this small Inn before. When I entered the tavern I was drawn to the lone figure in the back corner of the room--frankly I envied his solitude. Not wanting to intrude, I made my way to an empty table next to his. Noting how his ragged brown cape partially concealed his face only added to my curiosity. I signaled to the barmaid to bring a beer and tried to covertly study my companion. Well I've never been accused of being subtle, he must have felt my eyes on him and he flashed me a look of bleary annoyance. There was no mistaking those features once you've seen them--Ares! Something was terribly wrong here.

I remembered the first time I'd ever seen him. Almost like a daydream, those images passed vividly before my eyes. I had just returned from a voyage. My mother wanted to celebrate our twenty-second birthday and while I didn't usually go for those sort of family things, I had been away for a long time and needed to be home. I'd just finished saying hello to mother when we heard quite a commotion coming from outside.

I went running and saw the God of War beating up my brother. Yes, I had seen paintings and drawings before but they didn't do him justice. I just stood there and stared as Ares literally beat the hell out of Hercules. Then he saw me and froze for an instant. That was enough time for Herc to clock him. When he got up, he was so pissed that he hurled a bolt of energy at Herc and disappeared...but not before he looked in my direction again.

From that moment on I was hooked, I burned for him. I wanted to fuck his brains out. And I did many times after that. In my dreams, our sweaty bodies pounded into one another: cocks throbbing, sweat and jism running and mingling down our bodies, over and over again. I would fantasize at night about having his struggling body beneath mine...ah the very thought of it now still sends shudders throughout my entire body. Sad thing was, I never dared do anything about it. I mean Ares had hardly even noticed I was alive. He never gave any indication that he was interested, and quite frankly I was afraid to tell him how I felt, he was after all a God. What could I do? Go to his temple at Thebes and throw myself naked on his altar!

Then there was Herc...there was always, Herc. Hercules and his damn self-righteous-better-than-you attitude. Or at least that's the way it seemed to me in those days. 'Iphicles, you should do this.' 'No Iphy it would be better if we did it this way.' I could just hear him when he found out I was hot for Ares. He'd shake his head and say... "Iphicles are you crazy? Ares will just use you to get to me!"

Well that night at the little Inn nothing, no matter who or what, was going to stand in my way. I felt the Fates had stepped in. I'd studied him so long, I knew I had to take advantage of any opportunity, even if it could get me killed. I'm not a fool, but I wasn't going to let my only chance slip away.

Still not sure of what he was doing among mortals, I approached cautiously and sat down. He looked as drunk as a Macedonian polecat, something that was supposedly impossible for a God.

"Ares?" I asked keeping my voice low.

He looked up in his drunken haze. "Do I know you?" He asked. His speech was slurred.

"It's King Iphicles. What are you doing here, Lord Ares? You look totally wasted."

"Ya got that right kingy ol' buddy. Drunk as harpies on bad mead," Ares said, and threw his arm around me. "You know, we are kinda like related," he giggled. "Yep, we have the same pain in the ass for a brother."

He placed his finger near his lips (Gods those lips!) and motioned for me to come closer. "," he giggled again, "no longer...a...god you see." Then he broke into a loud fit of laughter.

That was handing a strategist a perfect opportunity and I took complete advantage. "Ares, it's not safe for you to be here--not in this condition. You have too many enemies." I hoped I sounded sincere, my cock was growing hard anticipating my plan, and I felt for sure that my voice would betray me.

I was fully prepared to force Ares to come with me, his condition be damned. I could have taken him and fucked his brains out right there on the table.  Forcing him would have been no problem, but it wouldn't have been the right thing to do, at least not for me.

But still I couldn't get the thought of it out of my mind.

I decided to work on any newfound sense of insecurity his current state might have induced and offered him protection at my castle for the night. In his drunken condition he didn't need much persuasion. I had only one horse and that worked to my advantage.

I pulled him up to ride in front of me and held him close. For the most part that was due to his condition, but I wanted to be sure he could feel my cock pressing tightly against him. Slowly, I let my hands wander down the reins and rest in his lap. His smell was musky and wildly intoxicating and despite his intoxicated state he was erect. I felt my own cock twitch as I felt him and I slowed the horse's pace ever so slightly so our ride together would last a little longer.  I kept a rhythmic pressure on him the entire time.

As we rode the thought passed through my mind: Ares had all the strength and grace of the purebred animal we rode on. I pictured myself atop; riding him. I wanted to seduce him, own him, to make him mine if only for a little while. I pulled him closer to me. "Are you all right, Lord Ares?" I asked, my voice full of concern.

"Yessss," he purred and his voice was as thick as honey.

I whispered against his neck so I could brush my lips across his skin; I felt him shudder in response. "We are almost at the castle. I'll show you to your room, and you will be able to rest tonight without fear."

"Did I thank you for your kindness, Iphicles?" His voice sounded weary to me.

"No, but you will, Ares, you will." I smiled for the first time knowing my plan would work.

Even at the slow pace it didn't take long to arrive at the castle. I hurried Ares inside making sure his face was still covered. No use any rumors getting back to my darling brother. Hercules and I had only begun to touch on some of our problems but things had been looking up for our relationship, and the last thing I would want to do was to damage it now. I hated deceit, but being with Ares was too important to me. Besides - what Hercules didn't know for this short period of time wouldn't hurt him.

I didn't lead him to the guestrooms; instead, I went directly to my suite supporting him as we made our way upstairs and helped him into my bed. We were on my territory but he seemed to feel safe. As I lowered him onto the bed, he opened his eyes and giggled. Shit was he crocked! He'd be nursing quite a hangover in the morning.

 I stripped him myself. As I removed his pants, my hand softly brushed his cock. Instantly it came to life, but I just stared at him--he was flawless. He was like a fine marble statue where every line, every bulge was carved to perfection. The glow from the fire in the hearth made him glisten and I could have looked at him forever.

"You're beautiful," I whispered into his ear.

I could have had him right there. He would have given himself to me with no questions and I thought about it, but I waited. I wanted him to be fully aware of what was happening between us. He had to admit he wanted me, as much as I wanted him. I didn't expect love, not from the God of War, I just wanted acceptance. I don't know why it was important to me, but it was.

Reluctantly I covered his lower body with a soft cool sheet. I decided to make myself more comfortable and started to change. I'd removed my shirt and barely gotten on a robe when my attention turned back to Ares lying there.

I stood for a time and just watched him sleep in my bed. Newly mortal. I could almost feel each breath as his chest rose and fell. Need took me and my mind started to wander to all the delicious things I could to do to him...I didn't want to be the good King of Corinth. I wanted to fuck Ares hard and make him beg for more.

My fantasy began to get the better of me. I saw myself cutting off his clothes with the small dagger I kept under my pillow. I imagined chaining him to my bed. He'd be angry when he woke but I wouldn't care. He'd struggle against his chains, promising to kill me once he was free and I'd slide my hands all over his body taunting and teasing him. I'd play with his cock, lightly at first, he was after all mortal now and I didn't want him to come too fast and Ares in an act of total defiance would bite my lip as I bent to kiss him. The blood would run into my mouth. I would only laugh and thrust my tongue harder between his lips. He would arch his neck forward to receive it, moaning in response and I'd grab his cock and begin to work my hand back and forth. I'd know when he was ready to come, when he was going to explode, and then I'd stop. He would start to growl and swear that he was going to send me to Tartarus. It didn't matter though, this was my fantasy and I was beyond the point of caring.

Ares began to stir. That jolted me out of my fantasy and I went to his side. By the look in his eyes he didn't know where he was, and he seemed frightened.

I sat down on the bed next to him and he recoiled as my hand touched his arm. Each of my movements seemed to make him flinch. I would have to be careful, for some reason he seemed unsure of me.

"You're safe," I said, in a calming tone.

"Oh." Ares looked at me as though he was disoriented. "Iphicles!" he said, the sudden recognition shining in his eyes and he quickly tried to mask his initial fear.

I laughed, I couldn't believe how he hid his fear so fast. "Ares, you told me someone stole your godhood. Why were you in that tavern?"

"I was hoping Xena would show up. Whoever stole my mantle, sent out invitations in my name to ten warlords. One was to her, well it was actually to Callisto..." Ares looked at me and opened his mouth and sighed before continuing on exasperated. "Never mind, it doesn't matter, just that they are all supposed to meet here within the week. I guess that's when whoever it is will reveal their plans."

I moved closer to Ares again resting my hand on his arm. "I'll help you any way I can."

Ares narrowed his eyes and looked at me. "You? Why would you want to help me? I've tried to kill our brother."

"Well, lets just say I can relate to that feeling. Herc can be such a pain in the ass at times." I reassured him, keeping to myself the fact that Herc was in the palace and we were trying to reconcile.

"So, King Iphicles, are you trying to tell me have something in common?"

"We could have more," I said, and I slowly leaned down and brushed my lips against his. Ares didn't pull back so I pressed them firmly to his, and probed his mouth with my tongue.

Ares broke the kiss suddenly and pulled himself back until he was flush against the headboard. The thin sheet that covered him slipped, exposing his body to my view. "Iphicles, wh...what are you doing?"

 "I thought that was obvious, Ares. I'm kissing you."

"Why? I can't give you anything, in the state I'm in. I've *lost* my godhood. Remember?"

Once again I moved closer to him and our hips touched. Even through the leather of my pants, I could feel the heat radiating from his body. "Ares, why would you think I want something only a God could give me?"

"Most mortals do. It's always something, 'Oh powerful God of War I want this...' 'Oh great Ares, I need to win that battle.' Do you have any idea of the amount of offers I get for a blowjob, just so some damn warlord can win a battle? It can get annoying, ya know!"

I chuckled; the God of War had a sense of humor. And I realized that he was used to being the pursuer, now that he was being chased he was uncomfortable. "I don't want anything from the God of War."

"Then why the kiss?" he asked, looking startled.

I traced his face with my fingers feeling the smoothness of his skin. His lips: I wanted to own them. I almost lost myself staring at his face. "That's not entirely true Ares I do want something from you; and you don't have to be a God to give it to me." I moved closer; there was no turning back now. "I want to fuck you."

Ares looked at me, his face filled with uncertainty. I swore I glimpsed that same look of fear in his eyes that I had seen earlier. "And what if I don't?"

I smiled at him and moving quickly I pulled Ares down roughly onto the bed. I pinned his arms above his head with my hands and I pressed my body firmly down on top of his. He tried to resist, thrashing beneath me, but with his godhood gone and the dulling after-effects of the liquor, I easily subdued him.

"It doesn't matter what you want this time Ares. This isn't about you, not at all; it's about what *I* want." His cock had grown hard at my words and was pushing into my thigh. "What I want is *you* Ares. I want to fuck your glorious body." I rubbed my leather-sheathed bulge against him and he moaned. "Let me show you," I said.

Still straddling him, I released Ares' arms long enough to remove my robe. He was still for a moment caught up in desire; then he took the brief opportunity I'd presented him with and made a break for freedom. I planted myself firmly on top of him again. "Don't be a bad boy. If you misbehave I *will* have to tie you up." I reached for my robe, pulled out the long golden cord, and wrapped it around his wrists. I pulled his arms over his head and he never seemed to notice at the time that I never attached it to anything.

Ares looked me straight in the eyes. "Damn you to Tartarus, Iphicles. When I get my godhood back you will pay for this!"

"When you get your godhood back, Ares, you won't even remember me." Ares suddenly looked away. I had hit a nerve. Once this was over I'd never see him again.

I was tired of talking and I wanted him so badly. I pulled the dagger out from under my pillow. "Be good, Ares, and don't move." I slowly got off of him. "Now remove my pants." He looked at me. "Now!" I barked. He motioned to me that his hands were still tied. "Do your best," I said. Awkwardly he fumbled with my leathers pulling them down around my ankles; I loved the feeling of his hands against my skin. I immediately toed them off kicking them to the side.

 "Suck me, Ares." I commanded. "Please your king." Ares went down to his knees. He hesitated a second, as though baffled by the order and then began to lightly tease the tip of my cock with his tongue.

His hands were still tied so he could only manage to use them as a guide to ease my swollen cock between his silken lips. The sensation of his tongue drove me insane with pleasure as he softly licked the shaft from the base to the tip. I was in complete ecstasy as he tortured me with that wonderful tongue. He circled the tip, paying careful attention to the sensitive area just behind the head. My balls tightened and I knew he could feel me tense; he began to take more and more of me into his mouth. "Yesss...ohyes," I moaned and arched my hips forcing the entire length down his throat. He adjusted quickly and took the entire measure, swallowing greedily as I came and never spilled a drop.

If anyone said that Ares wasn't enjoying this, his own manhood gave him away. He was as hard as it is humanly possibly to be. His cock twitched each time I gave him a new command. Imagine...the leader being led and relishing it.

When he looked up at me, his heavy lidded eyes were black and filled with so much need that I was startled, and there was a silence between us. Then I realized why he didn't move, or speak; he was waiting for my next order.

I removed the golden cord from his wrist; I lifted him from his knees and pushed him back onto the bed. "God, or mortal, you're beautiful." I said.

Leaning over him I found his mouth and, looking into his eyes, I kissed him deeply, careful not to use any force giving only pleasure. Ares responded by tangling his fingers through my hair and pulling me to his parted lips. I sucked on his tongue and a moan escaped from deep within his throat. His response enflamed me and I continued to plant kisses along his neck and chest as I reached down to tease his manhood with my fingers. I ran them very gently down the sides of his magnificent cock. Saying Ares was well endowed wouldn't be doing him justice. The thickness alone was amazing, and I started to quake at the thought of him ramming it inside me.

Ares arched his hips trying to increase the contact with my fingers. I pushed him back against the bed and leaned my body across his left hip. "Don't move, I'm going to give you pleasure and I'm not going to rush it."

Ares growled, a hint of his former self-coming to the surface. "You're enjoying this too much, King, watch it!"

What could I say...he was right, I was enjoying this, so much that I didn't care about future consequences. "Growl all you like, but for now you're in no position to make threats. Now lie back and shut up!"

I could feel the tension deep in his body, like an animal that was going to attack. Then, suddenly, he relaxed; I lowered my head and took his cock in my mouth.

"Yessss.." He hissed.

"Do you like that Ares?" I asked him, as I slowly slid my tongue up the length of his shaft stopping at the tip to lavish attention on the head. He arched his hips to show me how much and I took the entire length in my mouth.

Ares tangled his fingers in my hair and guided my head; working it back and forth, he cried, "Damn it Iphicles...yesohgodsyes! Suck me..." He almost sounded as if he were pleading even as he manipulated me.

I wanted to suck him, to please him, and have him come down my throat but his words made my cock raging hard again; I needed to be inside that perfect ass. I quickly moved to my knees and threw his legs over my shoulders.

"Iphicles..?" Ares voice sounded uncertain, but the hunger in his eyes drove me to continue.

"I'm going to make you come Ares, but I want us to come together with me inside you."

I took the small green jar I keep near my bedside and poured the oil across his cock and let it trail down the crack of his ass. This special oil warmed, once it was exposed to the air, and I could feel the heat as I slowly inserted one finger into his tight ring. The muscles contracted around it but I took my time and waited until he relaxed. Finally I was able to insert a second and then a third, deep within him. He groaned loudly as he pushed himself back against my hand and I stroked him filling him with the warming oil. The contact of our skin was making the heat of the oil rise. I reached for Ares cock and began to stroke him slowly, almost tenderly at first; he moved his hips to meet my rhythm.

I was overcome with need at this point and poured what little oil was left on my cock. It was becoming increasingly difficult to control myself. "I need to fuck you now, Ares!" I said, my voice a hoarse whisper. Removing my fingers, I pushed the head of my cock into him so just the tip entered past the ring of hard muscle. "Do you want me inside you?" I said softly to him.

"Iphicles....yesfuckmemyking," he said, looking into my eyes.

With those words I firmly thrust my well-oiled cock inside him and Ares arched his back and pushed his hips up to meet me thrust for thrust. I moaned at the tightness. Quickly I made his rhythm match my own stroking into his hot tight ass, as I grasped his hardness in my hand. Passion overtook him, and he bucked wildly against my hips. Whatever held him back before had disappeared and we were both caught up in it. Sweat poured off of our bodies. I possessed him, I rode him, and he spilled his seed in my hand. That was all it took for me to explode deep inside him.

As my cock slipped from his ass, I collapsed on top of him; our bodies seemed to mold perfectly together and his arms encircled me tightly. I waited to see what he would do or say next. It wasn't until his hands slipped off my wet back that I realized he had fallen sound asleep, so I kissed him and, within moments, lulled by the beating of his strong heart, I had surrendered to Morpheous as well.

For me anyway, morning came all too quickly. I took Ares back to that little village with him riding in front of me. Ares suggested it; he said it would be easier for me to return to the castle with one horse. Now that I look back on it, I guess it was his way of saying he still wanted to be close.

I was having a difficult time dealing with what happened between us. Damn it! I had practically raped him! That isn't like me. Just before he left, he told me about the effect not having a seated God of War has on mortals. He felt that explained my behavior. Honestly, I could never really be sure. I knew I'd wanted him for so long that I blindly followed my desires and seduced him, even though he was slightly reluctant.

I watched from the roadside until Callisto--I mean Xena--and Gabrielle appeared. I wanted, I needed to make sure he was safe.

When I think about that now, I have to admit, at that point it, wasn't just about sex anymore. I was man in love, but my mind wasn't at ease.

The last thing that Ares said to me as I lowered him from my horse was that he had every intention of paying me back for what I had done to him. He was smiling as he said it, yet there was a wicked gleam in his eye. They say paybacks are a bitch-especially when they comes from the God of War. So one way or the other I knew I'd be seeing him again.

I returned to the castle and to my surprise, found Hercules waiting for me by the gates. He had his usual worried look on his face. Seems someone told him I had ridden off with a dangerous looking stranger. Not in the mood for a lecture I brushed passed him as he followed me down the hall with a million questions.

I stopped and turned to face him. We looked each other in the eyes. Mine burned with hatred. "Back off, Hercules, I'm not in the mood for this." He was totally surprised by my reaction.

"Look, Iphicles, I came here to finish our talk, that's all. What is with your attitude?"

Now I was faced with a real dilemma. Do I tell Herc about there being no seated God of War, and risk having to explain to him how I knew this... and that the stranger I was with was Ares. Or do I bluff?

"Sorry, brother, I have a headache and am having a problem with a village on our northern boarder." I rubbed my head. "Nothing that can't be taken care of easily, but I have a lot on my mind today." So I bluffed, he seemed to accept it and didn't question me further.

"Iphy, if you're busy I can come back at another time so we can finish our talk."

"I do have a few things to attend to, Hercules." I could see the look of disappointment on his face. "But, I would love to have dinner with you when I am finished, we can continue our talk then." He smiled, my brother always looked so different when he smiled. I guess his life wasn't as easy as I'd imagined.

"That would be great Iph, dinner it is then. I will be back in a few hours, I'm going to check on Jason."

I watched from my window as Hercules left the castle. I stood there wishing that someday he'd ask me to go with him. I knew his visiting Jason story was just a ruse; I would have liked to visit Mother's grave with him. I guess he still wasn't ready to share her and I wondered if he ever would be.

The hours passed quickly and the truth was that I was very busy. Important duties of state taken care of I made sure the cook prepared a meal Hercules would enjoy. True to his word he arrived back just in time.

We ate in one of the smaller dining halls, the one set aside for intimate social gatherings. Hercules was always nervous around any pomp and circumstance. Most of the evening we made small talk.

"How was Jason?" I asked him, breaking the silence.

Herc was looking down into his plate picking at his dinner. "Hmm? Oh Jason, he's well; he sends his regards."

"I've invited him to be an advisor for some peace talks next week, why don't you come back when he does and stay for a few days."

"I'd like that, Iphy, I really would."


"No 'but' this time. I'd love to come back. Maybe I'll ask Iolaus to come along -- if that's okay with you?"

Okay? He was actually asking me if something was okay with me. That was a first. "Sure, I'd like to see Iolaus; It's been a while," I said, trying not to sound too surprised. He seemed to be dancing around the reason why we were here, so I decided to try the direct approach. "Herc, you said you wanted to talk about our relationship."

He jumped at the opening, "Iphicles, things have been strained between us for too long. Mother would have liked us to get along better."

"This can't be for Mom, Herc. It has to be for us. We need to clear up some of the old things in the past before we can move on."

"The past? I'm more concerned with the present."

"Hercules, we've got to be honest and open with each other. Our problems come from the past. We have to face them."

"I don't agree, Iph. We need to..." Before Herc could continued we were interrupted by my chief advisor Delimicus. I was relieved; I could feel the conversation was going to erupt into a full-scale argument.

"Majesty, you are needed urgently in the throne room," Delimicus said. He had such a flair for the dramatic but I didn't argue. I knew nothing was going to be accomplished between Herc and me tonight. It looked like this was going to be more difficult then either of us ever imagined.

I took care of the little emergency but by the time I got back to the dining hall, Herc had already gone to his room, so I went to mine. There would be time to finish our conversation tomorrow.

And as soon as Ares got his godhood back the first thing he did was come to me. Before he even restored Xena 's body. And despite that glimmer of hope that there could possibly be more between us. However, I quickly realized my problems were just starting.

I was in room; my senses were on overload, I just assumed I had too much wine with dinner. I surveyed the empty room, but nothing seemed out of place. Before I knew what happened I was grabbed from behind, and rammed face first into the wall. I struggled but he leaned his body against mine, forcing me flat against the cold stone wall. Ares whispered into my ear. "Well King, I've returned as promised."

I could feel the heat of his cock through his leathers. My body betrayed me and I grew hard; Ares sensed this and pushed himself into me. "You like this don't you, Iphicles?" His hot breath set my skin on fire. "You like it rough." Ares turned me to face him. He pressed his mouth harshly onto mine bruising my lips as he pushed my head into the wall, blood poured from the back of my head where my head cracked into the hard stone. The blood trickled over his hand and he licked it off.

My thoughts were jumbled. "Ares, release me," I tried to sound calm.

He pulled back and laughed, nodding to my erection he said. "You don't really want me to stop. Do you?"

He knew I didn't but I needed to know something so I asked, "Did anyone see you come into the castle?" It was the first mistake I made. I wished I'd remained silent and just let Ares fuck me senseless.

Ares moved back slightly and tilted his head to the side. There was this awful silence as he stared at me. "Why?" He asked.

"Herc, might..." I stopped knowing immediately I had made another mistake.

"Hercules, be damned!" He bellowed. Shit! I was sure he was going to throw me through the window.

"I warned you I wasn't going to let you get away with what you did, Iphicles." Ares began to kiss me again. I could hardly breathe, and the room was starting to spin. I remember hearing my heartbeat pounding in my ears. His body pressed hard against mine, my erection straining thorough my leathers, brushing up against his.  "I said you were going pay for your treatment of me, *my* King." Ares growled.

I knew this was coming and resigned myself to my fate. Yet... "My king...Ares, did you say *my* king?"

He pulled his lips from my neck long enough to look in my eyes. "Yes, *my* King and no one else's." His eyes narrowed. "Do you understand Iphicles? Everyone else be damned! Can you accept conditions?"

"Yes, Ares, I believe I can," I said as I suddenly found myself on the bed. Both of us now naked, his body pressing brutally onto mine.

Ares smiled as he moved down to cover my lips with his. Lost in the sensation, I heard him growl as he bit into my neck and drew blood. Colors sparkled before my eyes as the searing pain turned into ultimate pleasure. His tongue slipped down my neck to my nipple, his teeth bit and pulled on one while his fingers pinched the other. Spiraling out of control, I moaned, as he pulled away from me; a gasp escaped my lips, as I feared he might stop.

"Don't worry, Iphicles, I've no intention of stopping." Ares purred, as a small bottle appeared in his hand.

 He poured the oil onto my swollen cock and down the crack of my ass. He rubbed the head of his cock against me as he grabbed mine with his other hand. He moved them both back and forth, slowly teasing me, driving me insane. "Ares, please...." I moaned, barely able to speak.

"Please? Please what my king? Tell me what do you want?" He teased.

I thrust myself into his hand. "PleaseohgodsAres, I want you to fuc...." Before I could get the rest of the words out Ares was inside of me.

He moved within me with such fierce power that I was ignited. I tried to close my eyes and focus on the feelings, but Ares made me open them and look into his. The feel of his cock inside me was too much to take. I groaned, as he slid in and out of my ass sending spasms of pleasure coursing through my entire body. His eye's glowed with fire that consumed both of us. It didn't take long, I lost all control, and I came calling his name. "Areessss."

 I felt like it was my first time. My come flowed over his hand and across my chest as though it would never stop.  My temples throbbed and my heart raced sending blood and adrenaline coursing through my veins. Ares released me, bracing himself with his arms. He grunted, and I watched his face as he drove himself so deeply into me that I screamed. I could feel his entire body tense, and begin to spasm as filled me with his seed. He moaned my name softly as he lowered his sweating body on the bed. Leaning his head into mine, he wrapped his arms around me again.

He surprised me when he did that; I expected him to leave once we were done and he was finished with me. He sensed it, and pulled me even closer into his chest.

"I told you, terms. I've claimed you." Then he added more softly. "You belong to me." Ares said, pulling me even tighter to him, I could already feel his cock, fully erect again, pulsing into my side.

I should have quit while I was ahead. I finally had what I wanted. Ares had come back to me, but I was confused. All of my life I was second best and now, of all times, I wasn't ready to settle. Hercules had come first in my mothers' eyes. Rena was initially attracted to me because she thought I *was* Hercules. Hell, Jason even offered him the Kingship before he considered me for the position. I was always in the shadows, never the center of anyone's focus. And then there was the belonging part. Did I really want to *belong* to anyone?

So, being the diplomat that I am, I continued. "Ares, there is something I don't understand."

Ares had turned me to face him. He tried to kiss me again but I pulled back.

"What is it, Iphicles?" he said, through gritted teeth.

 He released me, I sat up and I looked into his eyes. "I need to know. Why did you come back?"

Ares laughed, and pulled me down on the bed. He straddled me and leaned down to kiss my neck. "Do you really need to ask?"

What I did next surprised us both. "I'm not a FUCK TOY! Ares," I yelled.

Ares raised himself up on his arms. He didn't say anything, but the look in his eyes was more than enough to tell me that my life was about to be over.  I knew I had nothing to lose, so I continued, "Let me up, Ares, I want to get dressed."

Ares moved aside and I got up.

It took me forever just to pull up my pants. The prospect of being sent into oblivion was in the back of my mind, and I was distracted a bit. Not to mention the vision of Ares lying there naked gave me a raging hard on. And he just lounged there in my bed, not saying anything, waiting as though it amused him to watch me fumble. Finally I stood there, my pants up and my shirt hanging open. Ares dressed himself with a thought and got up off of the bed.

"What is your fucking problem?" He asked.

I started to pace. "I can't just be a quick fuck to you Ares! I thought I could, but I can't. All my life I've settled -- where mom was concerned, Hercules, even Rena. Damn, even my life as a King...I thought it would be the opportunity to prove I was capable of doing something good on my own. It would be my turn to shine. Yet, my efforts are always have always been eclipsed. Do you know that once, while in court I, was even referred to as the * brother of Hercules * . The man was addressing * me, * the King, damn it! And he didn't even know * my * friggen name."

The words spilled from my mouth. I paused to catch my breath. "I'm finally becoming known for my deeds and actions as a ruler. I will not have people refer to me as the God of War's fuck toy...not now! "

"You mean, you can't have * Hercules * look at you that way. You want his respect?"

"I guess you could say that's a small part of it." It was more than just a small part, but I didn't want to admit it. Too late, Ares was already walking toward me. "The hell with Hercules!" He yelled, making the walls vibrate. He grabbed me and pulled me to him.

I wanted him to understand my feelings, so I tried to reason with him -- another mistake. I really wasn't doing so well, you would think I'd have learned my lesson earlier.

" We're trying to work things out. We've been at odds for too long." He actually held me in the air, my feet barely touching the ground. I started to panic, I thought then that there would never be any common ground between my lover and our brother and I was torn.

Ares' eyes burned with hatred. "Why? What has he ever done for you? He's an inconsiderate, unemotional bastard who ignores you and makes you feel like shit! Why do you care what he thinks?"

"Relationship?" I tried not to sound hopeful. Ares relaxed, put me down and stood there glowering for a very long time. It was as if he had the hardest decision of his life to make. "This isn't just about you being a quick fuck Iphicles." Ares pulled me to the bed, sat down next me and continued. "Iphicles, haven't you wondered exactly why I know about the way Hercules treats you?"

I shook my head. Things had happened so fast that I really hadn't caught that, and I was afraid to say anything; I waited for Ares to continue.

"Do you remember the day we first saw each other? " Ares smiled at the memory. "Oh I knew about you, I knew about everything in my little brother's life, but you had always been away, so you were insignificant." He paused, drawing in his breath. "That is until that day you came out of the house and I saw you." He paused again; I was shocked at what he was saying. "Ever since then I've looked in on you, followed your life, whenever I could. I know about your triumphs, your defeats, and your angers. I was even there when Rena and your child died. I appeared to her as you--so she would think..."

"You did that for her?"

"Damn it, Iphicles, I'm not good at this!" Ares got up off of the bed; he was tugging his hand s through his hair "No, well yes... it was really more for you."

"Me? But, I never even knew."

"I know, but when you mother died, Herc didn't even have the balls to tell you himself. He sent Iolaus to do it for him. I saw how it tore you apart, not being there and ...well... I felt that by making Rena believe her last moments were with you ... I could give that to you. I'm not the cold-hearted animal everyone thinks I am. I don't always show it, but I do care about and watch over all my children.

I was hoping I would get the chance to tell you about it some day. It's like I told you, I'm not good at this. I want this to be more than a passing fling between us, but I stink at this relationship stuff. Right now, this is the best I can offer you. I can't promise more. You have to take it or leave it, my King."


I just looked at the god standing before me. I got up and took him in my arms. Our lips met and parted, his honey sweet tongue flicked across mine. Everyone else be damned! I would make this work.

I was just about to say something, but before I could speak, my door opened and I heard Hercules' voice saying something about wanting to talk some more tonight. The next thing I knew, Hercules was screaming, " Get your damn hands off of my brother," as he pulled me from Ares' embrace.

"Which one of us are you talking to Hercules?" Ares asked sarcastically.

"Don't try and be funny, Ares, leave Iphicles alone," Hercules said. They were starting to scuffle

"Herc, no! Wait, you don't understand," I wedged myself between the two. Grabbing Hercules, I threw him back into the wall. The look of shock and disbelief on his face was priceless.

"Iph?" He said, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

I walked over to him and extended my arm to help him up, I didn't want to hurt him. "Herc, I want Ares here."

Herc looked at me; there was no way he didn't notice my semi state of undress and just-fucked look. "Is this your idea of honesty, Iphicles?  Hiding Ares? Was this the emergency that came up? Taking him over your own brother knowing how I feel about him?"

I couldn't stand the look of pain and rejection on his face. "It's not like that, Herc. Don't make me choose."

"You can't have us both, Iphicles, there is no way this can work."

I knew I could lose my brother, but there was so much more at stake here. "I don't want to hurt you, Hercules, but Ares stays."

"Fine, then I'm outta here!" Hercules slammed the door as he left the room.

I turned to Ares who had been silent throughout the confrontation. His arms were crossed and I couldn't bring myself to say anything to him. Finally he spoke.

"Iphicles, he can't even wipe the dust off your boots as far as I'm concerned. You know my feelings on this, but you have to do what you must."

"I don't want to leave you, but as I told Hercules, I won't be forced to take sides either. Being with you is important to me, but I've come too far, trying to make amends with my brother, to lose all that now."

I could tell Ares was pissed, the muscle in his cheek was twitching and his hands were clenched at his sides. Still, he held his temper in check. "I can see how important this is to you; if you decide go to him, we can talk about it when you get back."

I hesitated, not wanting to lose my chance with him and he made the decision for me. "Go ahead, besides I do have something to take care of. Just remember King, don't be surprised it things don't turn out the way you wish."

Ares disappeared before I could say anything.

I must have been insane, chasing after Hercules like that, but I ran down the hall expecting him to be halfway out of the castle by then. Instead, he was in the hallway near his room and I wondered if he was having second thoughts too. Without a word passing between us we went inside and sat down.

Of course, Hercules had to go first. "Iphicles, are you crazy? Ares will just use you to get to me!"

I couldn't help laughing, I knew those would be his exact words. "Herc I'm old enough to pick and choose who I sleep with. This is about Ares and *me*, not about you. Our relationship has nothing to do with you. Not everything does." I paused." Still... I guess that's not entirely your fault."

"What do you mean, Iph?" I could tell from his voice that he really didn't have a clue.

"Herc, Mom thought the world revolved around you, she felt the stars in the sky shone for *you*. That's why you grew up thinking the same thing. That you're always right and the rest of us just can't compete."

"That's not fair, Mom did not favor me!"

That's my brother, totally in denial. "Hercules, Mom did always favor you. Damn it! We were twins, why should she have viewed one differently than the other. Just because our fathers were different? That's not right." I looked straight into his eyes.

"She didn't favor me, Iphicles, honest." He tried, but I could tell he didn't believe his own words.

" Yes she did! Admit it, Hercules. You have's the first step toward us becoming brothers again and you have to get past it so we can discuss my relationship with Ares. I f you can't accept it and admit it, then maybe there is no hope for us."

Herc was quiet for quite a long time. I thought I had really lost him at this point. Finally he said what I wanted to hear. " You're right, Iphicles, mother did favor me, I just didn't want to admit it. Maybe because Zeus ignored me, I actually enjoyed the extra attention. It makes me sick to think how badly you've been hurt."

"Now we can start being honest," I said.

There was a long pause, and then came the big question. "What about Ares? You know how I feel about him."

"Exactly, Herc, and those are your feelings not mine. You have to respect that."

"Damn it, Iphicles, he's tried to kill me since I was a kid! He's only using you; he is incapable of loving or caring about anything. He only wants to control you to get to me. He wants to keep us apart."

"I haven't forgotten all that, but this is not about *you*, Herc. It's about him and I. Ares could have stopped me from coming after you, but he didn't."

Herc looked me; disbelief was clear on his face. "He didn't? Why?"

"I guess he cares enough about me to want me to be happy."

"Amazing." Was all Herc could say.

"I really need to get back, Hercules. Are we okay for now?"

"Iphicles, you are my brother and I love you but I'm not happy with you being with Ares. He has been my enemy for..." Hercules waved his arms around a little before he continued. "Since forever. He just has no..." Hercules met my eyes and read something there that I hadn't realized was showing. Anger. Not toward the past, but toward his unmoving attitude where Ares was concerned.

Hercules sighed. "Just understand that I can't sit idly by and watch you get entangled with...him. I will protect you always, and will do what I feel is right."

He met my eyes again and I could see the love there, but also the shock and anger toward the situation. As king I understand and what it means to do the right thing for all those concerned. But, this was *my* life, and my brother had no right to try and intervene so drastically. Hercules was not going to get away with it. "Then we've nothing more to say. I'm not going to push Ares away because *you* don't think it's the right thing for me. "

I paused taking a few breaths before I continued. I didn't want to end the conversation so harshly. "You're my brother, and are very important to me. You always will be. You're welcome to stay here, but you have no say in what I do. Just so things are clear: I will not change my mind as far as Ares is concerned. We can talk more in the morning if it will make you feel better, or you can go. The decision is yours."

I took as step forward and offered my hand, both as an invitation and a peace offering.  Herc didn't disappoint me, he grasped my arm, His eyes full of questions, but he uttered none of them. And in a move that surprised both of us, I pulled him into a hug.  I felt we were at peace with each other, if only for a few moments. So many things had been settled even though new rifts were opening.

Herc decided to stay; he went back to his room and I went to mine.

 I hadn't gotten half-way across the floor before my clothes were gone. Ares was reclining across my bed, his hand behind his head and looking pleased to be there. He glowed with power and strength, and my breath caught in my throat at the sight of him.

Yet there was a look in his eyes that chilled me to the very core of my being.

I walked over to the bed, sat beside him and looked him straight in the eyes. I knew he came back because he wanted to and that pleased me beyond my wildest dreams.

"So, you are pleased by all this, my king?"

Damn that was annoying.

"Yes, honestly, I am pleased you came back, I wasn't sure you would."

"Iphicles, I'm not gonna lie to you. I will not be second in your life. I allowed it this time because of your kindness to me. But, make no mistake about it, it won't happen again!"

"This is not going to be a contest, Ares. I have room in my life for *both* of you but, I consider you first in my life and I've told Hercules that."

Ares smirked. "And he accepted that?"

"No. He said he would not sit idly by and watch us get entangled."

"He could be an active participant if he wants," Ares said, as an evil smile crossed his face.

 I looked at him and smiled, I was not ready to share him. Not yet. "I told him he could accept our relationship or leave."

"He decided to stay didn't he?"

"Yes, but...I know him he will not give up trying to change my mind about you." I laughed.

"Our brother can be annoying when he thinks he is right." Ares told me. There was a look of admiration in his eyes when he said that. I pretended not to notice, but it *was* there.

"Um, Ares, do you really want to talk about Hercules?" I asked, thinking of his thick cock plunging into me.

Ares raised his eyebrow. "No, my King, I want to fuck you!" His tone made my cock twitch.

Ares had already pulled me down and had me firmly underneath him before he finished speaking. I loved the feeling of his supple body on top of me, his weight claiming me. His cock pulsing, wanting me. For once in my life I felt as if I were first, and it took a god to make me feel that way.

Even then, Ares knew I liked it rough. He leaned down and kissed me, biting my lip in the process, blood spilled and I moaned with pleasure as he sucked on the wound. His tongue traced a path down my neck where he bit me again. Damn! I had almost come from his foreplay alone.

"You like that my little king?" Ares teased as he reached down and bit my nipples with his teeth. I arched my body into him.

"Yesssss!" I growled. "Please Ares. I need you to suck me. I want to feel your mouth on my cock." I begged him, driven to madness with desire and no longer afraid to tell Ares what I wanted. What's the worse that could happen? He would laugh and fuck me blind? Not so bad from where I lie.

And laugh he did, as he slid his body down mine and let that wonderful mouth engulf my cock and positioned himself so that I could return the favor. My first clue was the extremely large erection pushing against my cheek. I turned slightly and welcomed him into my mouth. A moan escaped his lips as I grasped his cock with my hand and took him swallowed him completely. I loved giving him that blowjob.

Ares mouth feverishly worked on my cock; he lavished attention on it and licked and sucked so hard that I soon came. As I did, I clamped my teeth around his cock. He screamed in total pleasure and shot his seed down my throat.

Minutes went by before either of us moved. Then Ares turned to face me; he flipped me onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my knees. Holding me firmly, he leaned over my back to whisper in my ear. "You have a lovely ass, my King." He pulled me tighter, squeezing the breath from me. "Oh! Did I tell you it belongs to me now!" I nodded and he laughed, pulling and twisting my nipples with both hands while I supported the weight of both of us on my arms.

I yelped as he bit into my ear. Ares never released me but I could feel the oil sliding down the cheeks of my ass and across my thighs. My heart raced as I pushed my hips into him.

Ares growled. "Anxious are we, love?"

"By the Gods, yes! Fuckme! Ohgodsyes!" I practically screamed at him.

"With pleasure," Ares said as he placed the head of his cock against my opening. He released my chest and grasped my hips and slid deep inside me. My body raised up and I pushed myself back onto that glorious cock. Ares roughly pushed me back over and I braced myself against the wooden headboard. Suddenly, out of nowhere, golden ropes encircled my wrists holding me firmly in place.

"Remember, I told you payback can be a bitch," Ares teased as I grew harder from being bound. "I am going to finish first." He said as he thrust into me. "If you are a good boy, and don't move, then, when I am through I'll let you come." He slammed into me again.

I arched my back and pushed into him. He smacked my ass hard taking me by surprise. "I said don't move."

I swallowed hard, beads of sweat formed on my head as I tried not to move a muscle. "Ares, this is impossible." I wanted to beg, but I didn't.

He just laughed, thrusting harder and faster into me. I loved every minute of it, my body my very soul was on fire for him. He could have asked me to hang upside down, and I would have done it for the shear pleasure he was giving me.

 I could feel him building towards release and, as he filled me with his seed, he pushed himself
deeper into me moaning my name. He stayed buried inside me, not moving; I could feel him growing hard again. Then he reached to grasp my burning cock. "I want you to come for me, my King"

Hell, I practically did just from his order. He began to stroke me, his hand slicked with oil, and I moaned from his touch. Once he started to work me back and forth, I thought I would lose my mind and then he started to pump into me again matching the rhythm of his hand stroke for stroke.

It didn't take long for me to come, shooting my seed across the bed, screaming his name at the top of my lungs as he filled me once again. When he slowly pulled us apart, seed trickled down my leg and I was barely able to hold myself up.

He untied my hands, pulled me down to the bed and cradled me in his arms. He breathed in deeply and sighed. "Iphicles, are you happy?"

"Yes, Ares, very happy." Things had actually begun to look good for me. I was determined not to let him or this feeling slip away. Held firmly by the God I loved, I finally fell asleep, totally exhausted and extremely happy.

Now that a few years have passed, I'm very secure in our relationship. Ares would never say it outright, but I know he came back because I showed him I cared even when he wasn't the God of War. For the first time in his life someone accepted him as he was, with no conditions. It's something that will always bond us. As for Herc, well he still doesn't fully understand, but it doesn't matter--at least he annoys me less about it as each year passes.

They still come to blows, and that will never change, Ares enjoys it too much. These games that he plays with Hercules, the fights the arguments. And, I suspect that if I cornered Herc and made him admit it, he enjoys it too. Don't you think that if Ares really wanted to, he could send him to oblivion--Zeus' protection order be damned? The simple truth is, Ares likes the fights, likes the battle, and he gets off on it. That's what brothers do...they argue.

Well that's enough of my little tirade. I look at the God sleeping in my bed. It's been years now and Ares and I continue to stay with one another. There are times that he is cruel and unkind, but he is the God of War and I accept and understand that. Truth be told it excites me, I have become a total slave to his pleasures. I guess the frustration from all of the rumors of his "supposed" dominance of me just became too much.

I am very happy we are still together, and I have what I wanted all along...*him.*

I'm so caught up in my writing , that I never notice he's awake until I hear him call me. "Iphicles?" Shivers go down my spine. I am amazed he can do that to me with simple words.

"Yes, my love."

"What are you writing, Iph?"

"Oh, I'm finished now, lover. Just a few thoughts I needed to get down on paper before I come back to bed."

"The operative word here is come," Ares growls, his voice thick with passion.

Smiling, I put down my pen.

The End