by Sophia
Azure waters cooled my hot flesh, and I emerged from the surf, my tanned skin dripping with the Mediterranean's salty wash. My trip through the islands surrounding Greece led me to this beach, fairly secluded and clean, and only a few others, perhaps a dozen or more, join me in worship to the RAH, sun god.

As I walk back to my small space in the midst of those gathered on the beach, I see a dark figure lying on my towel. The god's sweat slick skin gleams in the mid-day sun, and a thong - unbelievably small - fails to cover that delicious bulge. Just the sight of him thrills me. Ares, almost naked, on the beach. Beside me. How will I last through this day until we are alone, and I can fuck him as I want to right now?

"No need to wait," he replies to my thoughts, and I am transfixed as I watch that massive cock rise and emerge from the scant cover of his thong.

"Ares!" I protest as he pulls me down on top of him. I am crushed against him and feel the hardness of his cock against my belly. I look at my neighbors who turn to watch the beautiful man and woman as they lie together on the beach - he dark and huge, she small and fair. "I can't do this here, now. All these people!"

"Whom you neither know nor will ever see again. Why do you care if they watch?"

He smiles and his dark eyes flash as his hand unties my bikini top and pulls it off me. I feel my skin bare against his chest, and a wave of desire sweeps through me. My breasts are crushed against him, but he wants to see them and orders me to lean over him so he can suck my nipples as he lies on the beach. I comply, my thighs on each side of his chest while my arms straddle his head.  I lower one full breast down to his parted lips, his pink tongue already extended to meet me. He takes my nipple and part of my breast in his mouth and I gasp as I feel his hot wet flesh sucking me. His tongue circles the nipple, his teeth close just hard enough to let me know he is the god and I his willing slave. Then he nurtures the other in this way and my cunt throbs with growing desire. Each time his lips pull on my nipple, I feel a shock of pleasure course through me to my clit and think of those lips - that tongue performing the same worship there. He pushes my breasts together and his tongue darts quickly from one nipple to another. My arms shake as I gasp above him.

His hands go to my bikini bottom and he pulls them off me and I assist, not caring now that the other beach dwellers are turned to watch us, brazen in our desire.

"Kneel over me. I want to lick you."

OH, gods! Will I comply?

Of course I do. I cannot deny him anything. I move up his body and kneel over his face. On my hands and knees now, I lower myself to his mouth and moan as his tongue caresses the wet folds of my flesh. His head raises to meet me and he finds my swollen clit and sucks it lazily. One finger then two slip inside my slick passage and he strokes me. Breath leaves me and all sense of modesty vanishes as I grind my cunt into his mouth, crying out while I cum, my head thrown back, my eyes shut against the stares of those around me.

He pushes me away and then stands up in front of me and I know without him saying it what will happen next. He says it anyway. He likes to order me around, and I love to hear that deep voice command me to do what I wanted anyway.

"Suck my cock, Sophia."

I pull down the thong, now damp with his sweat and lick the cum off his belly. My hands caress his thighs as my tongue traces the vein that bulges on his thick shaft. Up to the head I move, tease the drop of cum off onto my tongue and savor its salty taste. I take the whole head in my mouth, and look into those dark eyes as I suck him.  He likes that -  to watch me as I suck his cock. He likes to watch, knowing that I love his taste and feel such desire from this act. My hand circles him and I spread his cum and my saliva over his granite length, stroking him now more quickly as my mouth moves on him.

His hands reach down to tangle in my hair, gripping it and moving me faster on his flesh until I feel him stiffen, hear the sharp intake of his breath.  The god throws his head back and grunts with pleasure as his orgasm overtakes him.  Then he looks back down at me and I feel the hot cum spurt into my mouth, smooth and silky on my tongue. I swallow greedily and continue caressing his throbbing length, drawing out as much of him - his essence - as I can.

He remains hard and turns me around, pushing me down on my hands and knees. He leans down and licks me from behind, then parts my flesh and I feel his cock at the entrance to my cunt. I ache for him, I want him to fill me up, to fuck me until I cum once again with him inside me. He pushes into me and I cry out he is so huge, but even as he splits my eager flesh, he heals me and I feel only pleasure as he starts to thrust slowly inside me. He pulls me up against him, one hand squeezes my breast while the other snakes down between my thighs and finds my hard clit within wet flesh. He strokes it and thrusts his cock deep within me and I push back against him - grind against him. He licks my neck, nibbles my ear and then sinks his teeth into the flesh of my shoulder until I cry out, but this wound too he heals with his tongue after tasting my blood.

I can bear this no longer. The pleasure builds to such a peak that I feel faint and my whole body is seized by fire as I cum against him. My eyes meet those of a young man, his hand on his own cock, stroking vigorously, and he cums as I do, his seed spurting out in front of him onto the burning sand. Then the god shudders and yells my name as he cums once again, his hot seed filling me, his breath burns on my neck.

I fall forward, my hands support me, and he falls on top of me, one hand lingering on my wet flesh as he throbs inside.

The crowd, circling us, clap in appreciation. I barely notice them as Ares whispers to me, something only I will hear.

The End